We occasionally get these private tour requests that come in to the building, and sometimes they’re fun, but usually they’re just a bunch of obnoxious, business group, swinging-dick types.

Well, one of those came in today, and guess who drew the lucky card to guide them: this motherfucker.

How’d it go? You ever try talking to some jowlsy born-and-raised Chicagoan about Minnie fuckin’ Pearl? That’s how it went.

Go Indians.

finally got the item I ordered way back in July from an artist on here…so mad tho because there is absolutely no way to idk rate someone’s service on here or even in general besides making a public post and of course I would just get backlash for “calling someone out”…but I shouldn’t have had to wait almost four months for an item when everyone else got theirs in less than half the time…


I get beat up a lot in this show…                                                                                                                           and I do not like it one bit"