What's In A Name?||KittCedes
  • Local clothing department store, Sunday afternoon:
  • Mercedes:*coming out of the dressing room, frowns as she puts some of the clothes back on the hanger. Stops as she makes the mistake of bumping into someone* Oh! Sorry about that. I wasn't looking- *stops as her eyes land on Kitty*...Oh. It's you...

xcountryboysamx asked:

Text: I feel so stupid.. I was going to ask Hunter to homecoming but he already did some big gesture for Quinn... Why do I always go for the wrong guys?

Text: Don’t feel stupid. While I don’t think he and Quinn have something going on, he’s her best shot at winning Homecoming and vice versa so of course he asked her. Every guy right now is going to be the wrong guy. That night with a Hunter opened the floodgates and now you are going through what I like to call Parched Virgin Syndrome. Hunter is a fresh, cool lake with breathtaking waterfall mirage on your journey through the desert of celibacy. He’s good to look at, good to fantasize about, his smile will do sinful things to your body, and if you let him so will his other parts.