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Idk the dichotomy between the two The Wild Party musicals is interesting to me because neither is perfect, but they seem to have the opposite problems?

  • LaChiusa’s struggles to adequately flesh out and give arcs to too many characters while Lippa’s fails to adequately integrate or characterize the other party guests
  • LaChiusa’s score can be unpalatable to untrained ears while Lippa’s score can be boring to savvy listeners
  • LaChiusa’s score was “too period” while Lippa’s score was “too modern”
  • LaChiusa’s is a lot (too much?) to take in in a single viewing while in LIppa’s there’s not much action, all of which is unnecessarily dragged out
  • LaChiusa’s characters are flawed and unpleasant while Lippa’s overly sanitized for the story
  • LaChiusa’s is cold and dark while Lippa’s is overly sentimental

RAPTUS is the latin word for seized. in roman law the term covered many crimes of property, and women were considered property. 

  • warnings: NSFW/SMUT/EXPLICITJumin’s daddy kink makes an appearance.
  • word count: 2,458 

She leans into his touch, and Jumin bares his teeth again. He looks at her hungrily, and whispers, “If I could, I would split the ground beneath your feet to trap you within the earth. I would keep you forever. I would look upon you for centuries.”

Have I tasted the fruit of the land of the dead?

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dianics  asked:

azalea, moonflower, poppy, snapdragon

azalea : what’s one word that describes you ?

moonflower : who inspires you ?
eartha kitt, Rihanna, Oscar Wilde, and Katherine moennig

poppy : what’s your online persona ?
The same as my everyday persona I guess

snapdragon : what are your goals ?
to live in a nice house, be financially stable,have an amazing wife who loves me,and own atleast 10 pets!
also to travel a shit ton with my sis!!