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  • Helpless
  • Poindexter
  • Kitsuné America (Deluxe Edition)

Kitsune: America

Year after year, French indie label Kitsune never fail to bring out the most wonderful compilations, normally full of barely known but incredibly talented up and coming French electro and indie artists. As a label, they are constantly evolving and progressing, and their latest output, ‘Kitsune America’, proves just that.  For the first time, Kitsuné has compiled a quirky, eclectic selection of new US artists, from experimental house, to electro-pop, to indie bands.

Each track is immediately listenable and loveable, and each listen will restore your faith  in the future of music.

From the compilation, this is Poindexter’s 'Helpless’, my current fave, and reminiscent of Phoenix in a poppier and more current form. 

I would strongly recommend A. Getting this album, and B. Looking up all previous Kitsune compilations. They are all, without exception, brilliant.

1000 cool points, every single year, probably forever.

The French fashion and music fiends from Kitsuné have just opened their new store in New York City, offering both their clothing and music to an American audience. Timed with this release is their first compilation, Kitsuné AMERICA, which offers a lively snapshot of what is cooking up for 2012 in the US - good songs and big talents yet to be discovered, from indie bands to dance producers and whatever can fit in between!

Get it here first exclusively on Spotify and be sure to check out the Kitsune Soundrop room where you can listen to all their great compilations.


Heartbeat by Childish Gambino (Them Jeans remix)


Kitsune America