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Learn New Japanese Vocabularies!

か is for からす (karasu): crow
is for きつね (kitsune): fox
is for くま (kuma): bear
is for けしごむ (keshigou): rubber eraser
こ is for こうもり (koumori): bat

Happy learning °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  


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I visited Shinsekai (translation: New World) in Osaka, Japan in October and the unique history of the city was very fascinating. It was built in 1912 and modeled after New York and Paris, but the place quickly fell into extreme poverty during WWII. In recent years it has seen a comeback with lots of shops and restaurants as tourist attractions. Nevertheless it had a slightly eerie feel to it, and reminded me of the amusement themed ghost town in Spirited away.

I used a photo base for the background (still working on tutorials), and drew in the characters. After drawing so many masks, now I want to make them :p


Matcha Latte, CAFE KITSUNÉ by TokyoViews
Via Flickr: