K I T S U N E    B L E N D

Honeysuckle and jasmine combined with mischievous Genmaicha. A warm and playful blend of florals and sweet “popcorn” tea, Kitsune Blend makes for a perfect cup of tea regardless the time of day.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Nutty, sweet, with light florals.

To brew a perfect cup, steep 2.5 teaspoons in 8 oz of water for 5 minutes. Add honey or sweetener as desired.


Kitsunes are interesting creatures hailing from the Japanese tradition. Kitsunes are foxes or, more accurately, fox spirits. They are humans with fox spirits, tricksters that are one with elements. These creatures are generally playful in nature and range from wise to mischievous. Malevolence, however, is not unheard of.


Some original pieces that are up for sale at Dragon*Con this weekend!  

My panel will have some originals from Floral Frolic up for sale (yes- those are the original paintings!), as well as some of my inked drawings.  storyofthedoor and I worked really hard to do nice frame jobs on these.  It took a really long time to get it all done, but I think they came out nicely.  

The first and second images are two of my favorite pieces; they are both precious to me for different reasons, so I hope they find a good home!  

These Kitsura will be available this Sunday at or DM me now to reserve one (only 2 left). Glow in the dark vinyl painted with Monster Kolor and gouache with a super sparkly clear coat. $150 each plus shipping @monsterkolor #monsterkolor #maxtoyco #kitsura #キツラ #kitsune #fox #sofubi #designertoy #vinyltoy #arttoy #candiebolton

kitsune-kira asked:

It's kind of hard to disagree with Sunny, especially if you don't know what he's saying is bad things! Yeesh, it's like there's a waterfall of pure poison gushing out of his mouth for eternity

Aaaaaand that’s what makes him dangerous.