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How do you think the axis + Romano and Spain would react to someone accidentally slamming a car door on their s/o's shin/ankle. This just happened to me and it hurts so bad 😂

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt 

Lud is surprisingly not really angry at the person. I mean he’s irritated that they weren’t more careful, but he’s more worried about your ankle/shin. He’d immediately make sure nothing was seriously wrong, and then get ice for your injured limb. 

South Italy/Lovino Vargas

Of course he pitches a temper tantrum like no other. He’s absolutely pissed that someone would do that to you (accident or not), and will over dramatize the whole ordeal. He doesn’t mean to, it’s just that he’s worried that you’re seriously injured. Don’t be surprised if he’s a lot more affectionate and cautious after that. 

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Toni will encourage you to laugh it off, but will nonetheless check your ankle/shin area to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. He’s not really that worried or upset by it, because he knows accidents happen at times. He’ll try to make really bad puns in hopes of cheering you up. 

North Italy/Feliciano Vargas

He freaks out in the “OMG YOU’RE GOING TO DIE” type of way. He’s not even remotely angry at the person who did it, he’s more upset about the fact that you could be seriously injured or something. He’ll probably be on the verge of tears, especially if you’re crying, and will do something really dramatic like take you to the hospital, despite the fact that it’s a very minor injury. 

Japan/Kiku Honda

Kiku will immediately take to comforting you about it. He’ll check your ankle/shin area carefully, and logically say how it’s not a serious injury and that you’re fine. Surprisingly, he’ll actually be a little irritated with the person who did it, and will 110% expect a very sincere sorry. 

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So logan and I went to Edmonton expo today. It was great, though we got overwhelmed, lost track of time and missed so many panels. ;0;

I was dumb and forgot to charge my phone for some stupid reason so I only managed to nab these three pictures. Literally. @godsgamefreak have more and better ones. But we saw so many amazing cosplays. This vulpix gijinka was just adorable.. ;3;

Going back again tomorrow! Very different from the cons I’m used to, I miss working at them so much though!

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Um, could I ask for a fox spirit hux au? If not that's okay (you rock just in general too! 👍)

This was one of those moments when I read this prompt, told myself “I’m going to research this when I can get home then write!”, and then promptly got distracted with my adulting duties. And during this time, there was an explosion of Fox!Hux on my dash (coincidence?)

Anywho, I finally managed to steal some writing time today, so I sat down to read up a bit on Kitsune so I could put this together. Sorry for the wait (you are far too kind and patient with me, love)!

The Skywalker clan was the most respected, the most powerful clan in all the land, with rumors floating around that they descended from the gods themselves. And Ben, the heir apparent, is exactly what the world expected of a Skywalker: well educated, eloquent, a brave and strong warrior, and a strong leader. He was destined to lead the Skywalker clan into a glorious new dynasty.

Which was what made the matter of him running off and eloping with the mysterious Armitage all the more scandalous.

Ben knew he should have been ashamed of abandoning his clan, his responsibilities, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He loved Armitage, and Armitage loved him. All they truly needed was each other’s love. 

And for years, they make their love, their marriage, work. They made a home for themselves where the Skywalker clan would never find them, Ben took on an assumed name to find new work, and they began to raise a family together. It’s a quiet life, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

But then, one night after the children are asleep and Ben–Kylo Ren– and Armitage are enjoying one last cup of tea before turning in for the night, Kylo notices the way the candlelight catches Armitage’s face: the sharp angles of his cheeks, the fiery hair, the jade of his eyes…

And the shadow of a fox where Armitage’s should have been. Kylo can no more than recognize what he is seeing before Armitage shifts before his very eyes, and all goes dark.

When Kylo finally wakes, he’s face down in the middle of the forest, his house and family nowhere to be found, and not a trace of Armitage in sight.

Kylo knew the sensible thing for him to do would be to return to the Skywalker clan, beg for forgiveness for the dishonor he had brought upon the family and forget the whole affair with Armitage ever happened. But, deep down, Kylo knew he couldn’t go back….

Not when he knew that, somewhere in the world, there lurked a Kitsune who had stolen his heart and his family.