“Oh! So…” With that stupid ball of mistletoe still in hand, HR gestured over his shoulder and pointed to where you were stretching a line of Christmas lights throughout the cortex and asked, “You wouldn’t mind if I just head over there and-”

“No-Don’t…” Harrison tried before snapping his mouth shut and puffing out a low breath that resembled a growl. “Just… I’m not… But don’t-”

“She ain’t thirstin’ for no bae…” Cisco cut in before slapping Harrison lightly on the back. “But by all means, string bean… Knock yourself out.”

“Great…” HR beamed, making a start for you but before he got too far, he stopped and angled himself awkwardly back toward Harrison and Cisco. “By the way, will dropping the cute-cumber line and other vegetable metaphors, eggplants, for example, get me decked?”

At that, Cisco had to slam an arm in front of Harrison’s chest just to hold him back before rushing out, “I wouldn’t go there, dude…”

“I’ll log that away.” And with that, HR was turning on his heel and stalking right for you.

He was hardly out of ear shot before Cisco started chuckling which caused Harrison’s eyes to cut toward him. “What’s so funny?”

“Bruh…” Cisco said, doing nothing to stifle the grin splitting through his face. “You got it bad.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Harrison getting Riled at a Holiday Party after HR Tries Flirting with You*

@that-mischievous-kitsune​: A holiday party with Team Flash, maybe some Mistletoe fluff with HR and a jealous Harry? Cisco teasing about him be oh so obviously jealous. Please and Thank You!!!

A/N: This deviated ever so slightly from the original request but I hope you like it still!

Headcanon: Hetalia's Russia visiting Japan's house almost weekly after hearing one of his house's skaters visiting Yuuri, the guy who's a skater-turned-fiancé

Russia: Japan-kun, open up the door~ ♥️

Japan, with his body leaning on the sliding doors: Uh… I have a cold, Russia-san. Please come back in a few months—

Russia: Nonsense, Japan-kun! What possible reason could you have to have a cold? Your house is booming with tourists and your economy is good. Also, my Nikiforov is here to visit your Katsuki, da? ♥️ We could be friends, too! I want to have friends, too~

Japan, pale-faced and on the verge of tears: Uh… But they’re engaged…

Russia: All the more reason we should be friends! Haha!

Japan, sweating bullets and panicking internally:

Russia: ………….you don’t want to be friends with me, da?

Japan, internally screaming:

Russia: Kol kol kol kol kol

Japan, internally strangling himself: