Context:  the party (a were-cat rogue named Socks, a tiefling fighter named Tinawamach, a half-dragon half-ghaele named Nik, an aasimar wizard named Hypatia, a cat-spirit named Kitsume, and a wild elf wizard named Aramil) is in a battle against 2 human zombies, a troglodyte, a wolf skeleton, and an owlbear skeleton.  One of the human zombies has already died, and each of our wizards have used one offensive spell.

Tinawamach (OOC): [to Hypatia (OOC)] You should seduce the human zombie!

Hypatia (OOC): I need to save my spells so I might!

It reaches Hypatia’s turn.

Hypatia: I seduce the zombie!

DM: Roll a charisma check

Hypatia: [succeeds] Well hi there, sugar!  I’m sure you don’t wanna be attackin’ us! [bats eyelashes]

DM:  It moves closer to your face but it is not trying to attack you

Hypatia:  Well don’t you have a pretty…eye

DM:  Roll to see if you are sickened

Hypatia: [fails, vomits] It’s not you sugar…it’s…it’s me…

A round or so passes and Hypatia is no longer sickened.

DM:  Hypatia, the zombie’s jaw falls off but it is still looking at you with one bedroom eye

Hypatia (OOC): [starts playing Careless Whisper]

Kitsume: I try to get the zombie away from Hypatia [succeeds]

Hypatia: [pulls out her dagger] I am gonna stab my beau! [misses]

Socks: I am going to convince the zombie that if it dies, Hypatia will love it [29 with bonuses]

Hypatia: we’ll do this Romeo and Juliet way!  You go first

Zombie: [shoves its head into the dagger]


(Adventures in Wano story 3- part 1 of 2)

Another story here for the 10 Days of LawLu~

. ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚.

“What a pleasure to see you again, Law-dono,” their informant known as Anaguma gushed from between the two other samurai he’d brought with him. They were both silent and more stern-faced than Zoro, though they carried just two swords each. They seemed like they would be fun to fight, but Luffy had promised to hold off fighting anyone until the time was right.

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Sterek and Dennifer and Stalia

Let’s try and pick up the pieces here and make sense of what we’re seeing, okay?

Now, literally the first comment I saw after the episode, which I fully agreed with was ‘I take back everything that I said about Dennifer being rushed.“ Now, that’s funny, but it proves my point: The Stiles/Malia scene parallels the Derek/Jennifer scene. 

And that’s no accident.

Point 1: Both our heros were not in their right minds- Derek was being mojo'ed by Jennifer after suffering a traumatic injury and Stiles has a Nogitsume bending everything he sees and is seriously sleep deprived. 

Point 2: Both scenes play in tone like a typical love scene- the soft music, the lighting, the camera angles- and yet, the actual content of what’s going on is ALL WRONG! Derek was fading in and out of consciousness and had open wounds all over his body. Where as Stiles was in a filthy basement where he had been tortured, with a girl who seems to hate him (I’m ignoring the age thing for a moment), while he’s on the run from the hospital staff.

This feeling of discontinuity is actually the best proof I have that Stiles didn’t do this of his own free will. The show is perfectly capable of showing a healthy, consenting love scene- Scott/Allison, Lydia/Jackson, Hell, they can even do a healthy, consenting horny teenagers having sex scene- Lydia/that guy in her bed in 3.1, Lydia and Scott, even Heather/Stiles. 

This wasn’t clumsy writing. This was a big loud siren, telling us something’s wrong.

Point 3: Both our guys were seriously out of character. Derek trusting Jennifer so easily was a huge red flag, and Stiles just going along with Malia- also a red flag. Yes, sure, Stiles is a horny 17 yr old. Granted. And Derek had been so lonely for so long. Also granted. But these are smoke screens, to get the victims (and us) to believe this really happened of their own free will. Derek would never have trusted Jennifer like that. And Stiles is always the first one to say, "Wait, this isn’t right.”


Side note: I truly believe that Stiles was in the padded room the whole night, and what happened in the basement was an hallucination. But it doesn’t matter, because Stiles did experience it, even if it was only in his mind, and so to him, it’s real.

Stiles and Derek have been two sides to the same coin for a long time. THey are both Scott’s number 2/Yoda. They are both survivors of family tragedies, and they both have guilt for those tragedies. They both see and understand things others don’t. (Derek realized that Peter was the Alpha, Stiles realized Derek deliberately took Scott’s phone. Stiles worked out that the Alpha pack weren’t committing the sacrifices, Derek knew that Kira’s a kitsume, etc)

And now they have something more, a fucked up first time. (and here’s where I start to cry) Derek’s story is heartbreaking in So. Many. Ways. Yet the one thing that’s always ripped me up is that for him, sex has always been linked to loss and death, instead of joy and pleasure. Yes, I am fully aware that for so many people, that is the truth they live, (adult survivor of abuse here) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want better for Derek, who is so good and so selfless. 

Stiles will now share that experience. Because even if he didn’t actually have sex with Malia (and man, the show really wants you to think he did) he thinks he did. First Stiles almost hooked up with Heather, who died that same night (shades of Paige) and then he does actually (maybe) get it on with Malia, who is so clearly a bad guy it takes my breath away. 

Even if Malia is innocent as the day is long (and she’s not) Stiles when he gets back in his head, is still going to have to deal with the fact his first time was in a basement where he’d been tortured, with a girl who he believes has been a wild animal for the last 8 years. 

Plus the fact that it’s pretty clear that someone (Malia and/or the Nogitsume) supernaturally roofied him, so yeah, let’s call it- sex while being unable to give consent? There’s a word for that and it’s rape. (more crying. Sorry)

So, yeah, Derek and Stiles, more alike than different. Now the question is why? What’s the point? Because there is a point. There is an endgame. It might take two more seasons for the payoff, but it’s there. 

Jeff has said again and again that he loves romances. (Not romantic aspects of stories, he flat out said 'romances’) And it’s pretty clear that Stiles is his favorite character- just look how he writes him. Stiles gets all the best lines, and his stories tend to be more interesting than any one else, even Scott. 

So, for me, this means that Stiles is going to have a happily ever after. He’s not some whipping boy/Pinata, like Isaac. Stiles as a character is cherished. This kind of build up can only be paid out with a hell of an incredible love story. So, who’s it going to be? Lydia or Derek? 

(Do I really have to answer this?) Yes, Lydia’s growing into a more dynamic character and she’s going through some hardships that are forcing her to mature in new ways. But its nothing on the kind of level that Stiles is enduring. Isaac and Allison have both had closer levels of suffering, but neither have even the slightest chemistry with Stiles.

No, the only one close to him in suffering. The only one who can understand him. The only one who can help heal him- is Derek. 

One of the problems with Sterek has been the differences in maturities between Derek and Stiles. What we saw last night is all part of this half-season’s crash course in bring Stiles up to Derek’s level through pain and loss. (Whoopee) 

Every time I step back and look at this, it just becomes clearer and clearer that Sterek will be the endgame. Sadly, my friends, we’re going to pay for this. It will be so sweet when it happens, but it’s going to be so emotionally expensive- after all, the best stories always are.

It was dark by the time Loki was returning to his forested home from going to shop for food and other things he needed. He wore his large hoodie he used to cover his face somewhat so he could move around and do what he pleases without getting spotted by any members of Shield. Besides he does like the white hoodie.

He froze when he saw a very pale young boy on the ground near his home, within sight of it, covered in bruises and cuts from what looks like a beating. Loki spelled his things to his home and knelt down besides the poor child after pulling down his hood letting his black hair spill forward as he leaned over the boy to look him over.

The poor child had pure white hair but black wolf ears with a black tail to match and he wore broken sun glasses that must of been broken during the beating. Loki could sense the poor thing wasn’t human but still very much a young child. Too young to have been beaten. The boy barely looked older then 12. He knew of wolf demons, they were much like their kitsume cousins but much more park oriented and were rarely abandoned or beaten like this by their own kind. Pups like this boy were often extremely protected by his parents. Something was very wrong for this to have happened.

Loki gently took the unconscious child into his arms and carried the boy to his home. The magical ward around it would protect both himself and the boy while he was within the cabin.


anonymous asked:

Does Mystery stay in his kitsune form at all times now or revert back to a small dog for public/social meetings with normal folk?

Well you’re underestimating me if you think  can only stay in one form anon. I am kitsume, I can be in any form as I please.

Well it would be great if you could taking my shirts and leggings without my permision Mystery.

Please, I wear them better than you. Admit it, I’ve seen you staring~

Yes, because they’re my clothes! You’re stretching them!