It goes without saying that you can be inspired by any cosplayer regardless of their appearance, and at the end of the day, cosplayers shouldn’t be categorized by body type. However, representation and body positivity in cosplay is also very important, and it can be very motivating to follow the work of someone who shares a similar body type to yours! This is especially helpful in terms of costume construction, too. (Because for example, as I’ve mentioned, crossplay binding for an A/B cup is very different than binding for an EE+ cup!)

So after getting a number of requests for recommendations on cosplay role models who rock their curves and confidence in this hobby, I’ve compiled a list of inspiring cosplayers’ blogs and pages! Thanks to everyone on my Facebook page who gave suggestions for their favorite curvy cosplayers – everyone on this list does amazing cosplay work so please check them out!

In no particular order…

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