(guess who was lazy again)

(me man, i was)

i cant help but use old pictures bc they’re so ripe for use and i’ve never uploaded them anywhere so i might as well???? i dont even know what the story to this is that’s up to y’all this was just some vent art that turned out really shitty but still makes me sad to think about.

@daveweek day 4: sad/hurt

(listen to this to enhance maximum feels)

@davekatweek day 2: cheesy aus

that one soulmates au where u draw on yoself and it ends up on your soulmate too yeah im a sucker for just about any soulmate au 

dave and karkat get bored as shit in class, seemingly (same, u two, same.)


hes my fav tbh @polyglotplatypus​ pls give us more of the nerd in underpants (which i conveniently did not draw)


she was staring wistfully @ jamie all along