“The second half will be some good Captain Swanage.”

aTVFest Panel, February 2, 2017

ATVfest - Ouat Panel
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy (x)
  • Jen said it was really hard not to laugh during the scenes with “Old Crazy Drunk Hook” (x)
  • Old Drunk Hook “thinks he’s awesome. He doesn’t know he’s old and fat.” - Colin (x)
  • Jen’s talking about the fight with Gideon (x)
  • Colin wants a sitcom with Old Hook (x)
  • “There’s good Captain Swan-age” in upcoming episodes (x)
  • Jen suggests “Dark Swan with Old Hook. It’s a lot of black leather.” (x)
  • hasn’t been shot yet but will be soon (x)    
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show” (x)
  • “oh true love” Colin on Emma leaving Hook at the beanstalk (x)        
  • They’ve made Jen a red leather jacket that’s warm for this season (x)
  • They said “black fairy backstory” and the crowd ooh'ed and Jen and Colin had the cutest reactions “I didn’t know people ooh’!” - Jen (x)      
  • “Be kind. It’s a tv show.” - eddy on social media (x)
  • “I’m picturing Emma with the Dustin Hoffman version [of Hook]. That’s a whole different story.” - Jen (x)
  • Colin wants Maui from Moana on the show. Adam doesn’t think they can get The Rock (x)     

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Jennifer Morrison & Colin O'Donoghue at  the Once Upon a Time panel at aTV Festival 2017 

The cast of Once Upon a Time (Jennifer Morrison & Colin O'Donoghue) talk to TV Guide Magazine’s Jim Halterman at aTV Fest 2017.

Presumably all of the characters that we’ve come to know and love are in the wish realm, so what might that meeting of Emma and whatever version of Hook this is look like?
KITSIS: What I can tell you is that is 100 percent my favorite moment of the spring premiere and that’s all I’ll say. And it’s one of my top ten favorite moments of the series.

As you mentioned in the preview story, the threat of the prophecy coming true is still looming. How is that going to affect Emma and Hook (from Storybrooke) in the back half of the season?
HOROWITZ: Well, the actual Hook back in Storybrooke, I would say, is extremely activated and motivated to help Emma and do everything humanly possible from where he is. It’s fun to see him and Charming working together, and we would love putting David and Hook together and think the two of them have great chemistry together when they’re teamed up. There is no greater thing to team them up than David, whose daughter is in danger, and Hook, whose love is in danger. (x)

Once Upon a Time: The hooded figure is revealed!

[…] As for Emma and Regina, the faux-Enchanted Forest version of Rumple delivers the magic bean that will open a portal back to Storybrooke, but before the pair can jump through, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) appears with plans to rob them. With Regina distracted, the portal closes, trapping the duo in the wish realm. What does this mean for the duo? And who else will be returning to help them? EW turned to executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to get the scoop.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Gideon is revealed to be the man under the hood. How did you decide on him?
ADAM HOROWITZ: Well, that was the plan from the get-go. It wasn’t a decision like, “Who are we going to put under the hood?” It was about designing the season to reach that point. And there’s more to the reveal than everything you see in the winter finale. It’s a story that is only just beginning, and becomes an important part of the second half of the season.

Why would Gideon want to kill the Savior?  
HOROWITZ: That’s a great question and that’s exactly the question that we hope the audience is asking, is “Why would he want to kill the Savior?” And that becomes a launching off point for a lot of the storytelling in the second half.

Rumple reunites with Belle and mentions that there’s this dark realm, where the Black Fairy has taken their son. Time doesn’t work right there. What can you tease of this realm and are we going there in the back half of the season?
HOROWITZ: I think that what you just described is the tease for the realm. It sounds like it’s a dark place, it sounds like things work in a screwy way there, and it has the Black Fairy there.
EDWARD KITSIS: Any land where the Black Fairy, the Dark Fairy, the darkest soul we’ve been teasing for six years, runs can’t be fun.
HOROWITZ: We intend to explore what that realm is, and see a little bit more of it, and learn more about Black Fairy as we go forward. Without giving away too much, it’s a safe bet to say we will be seeing more of the Black Fairy, and more of where she came from, and why she is doing the things that she is doing.

Will working together bring Rumple and Belle closer, maybe lead to some understanding between them?
KITSIS: Yeah, I think the path for Rumple and Belle has been rocky, it has been tortuous, but sometimes things bring us together in unexpected ways. I’ve always rooted for those two and I hope for the best.
HOROWITZ: I’ll say this: In the episode that aired this past week, before the winter finale, I think you saw Rumple go right up to the line. And when he had the ability to speed up her pregnancy and do one of the worst things possible to Belle, he didn’t do it. He got to the line and he turned back from it, even though Belle doesn’t know that at the end of episode 9. But he did, and I think that was a really important moment and a really telling moment, which is that despite all of his love for power and addiction to magic, there is a deep abiding love for Belle in there as well, and he’s always in conflict because of that. That’s the glimmer of hope that has not died out and is kind of the root of that relationship.

Emma and Regina are now stuck in this alternate universe. What are we meant to call this land?
HOROWITZ: It’s the wish realm. It’s the realm that was created by the wish, so it’s an actual place that exists now. The wish has created it, so it’s not an alternate realm in the sense that it’s just imaginary and not real; this place actually now exists and is real.

Who will they turn to for help?
KITSIS: Well, they will be looking wherever they can.
HOROWITZ: Yeah, I mean, maybe a formerly wooden friend might be useful.
KITSIS: Yeah, he helped in season 1, so if I were Emma, I might go to Pinocchio.

So is August returning then?
KITSIS: August has returned.
HOROWITZ: We’ll be seeing some Eion Bailey coming up.

Talk about the decision to have Robin Hood return in this way and tease how Regina is going to deal with being around him again in the coming episodes?
KITSIS: This was a story that we’ve been excited about for a while. We love Sean and we thought that this is a fun way to continue to tell the story of Robin Hood, but from a slightly different angle, because this character that we’re meeting isn’t the same Robin Hood who we know. But because he also is sort of a version of that Robin Hood, it clearly has a deep impact on Regina. In the spring premiere, you’ll see that that becomes a huge part of her story, and in effect, Emma and everyone else as well. I don’t think we want to say too much about what happens, but it certainly allows us to explore the wounds that Regina has in regards to Robin, and it allows us to also explore this sort of new character in a fun way.
KITSIS: Since Robin died last year, she’s really kind of questioning. She cut the darkness from her self, only to have it come back. She is figuring some things out deeper than just, “Will I be good today or bad?” We’ve seen Regina have the ability to love and love other people, but somebody that she really actually needs to explore is herself.

Regina killed Snow and Charming in the wish realm. What danger does that pose for them being stuck there now? Will people like Henry be hunting them?
KITSIS: Oh, 100 percent.
HOROWITZ: One of our favorite shots cinematically on the show in a long time is something you get in the spring premiere of Henry on a horse in deep pursuit.
KITSIS: They are going to be on the run because everyone thinks that the Evil Queen has killed Snow and Charming and kidnapped Emma, so I would say that like The Warriors, she has make her way back to Coney before she gets killed.
HOROWITZ: That Warriors reference was a little old.
KITSIS: The millennials should love that. The Warriors is a reference from Stranger Things! [Laughs.]
HOROWITZ: It’s a Walter Hill movie.

Presumably all of the characters that we’ve come to know and love are in the wish realm, so what might that meeting of Emma and whatever version of Hook this is look like?
KITSIS: What I can tell you is that is 100 percent my favorite moment of the spring premiere and that’s all I’ll say. And it’s one of my top ten favorite moments of the series.

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Spill on Robin Hood's Return, Captain Swan's Domestic Bliss, Proposal Plans and More!
Let's just cut to the chase: You have questions and we have answers.

@LizaLaRumbelle: Anything to look forward for Rumbelle? Their story is so painful so far.
Agreed, it really has been, but we might finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “I would say that [Belle] and Rumple have had a really, really, really difficult path,” Kitsis said. “And what I can tell you is, deep down, Rumple loves her. It’s just very messy, it’s very confusing, but hopefully it will be fun to watch. And they’re going to have a baby and that puts everything into perspective.”

Horowitz added sweetly, “They have a deep connection and a deep love between them, so yeah, it’s constantly tested, but at the core of it, there is love.”

OUAT  Eyes Musical Episode for Spring — Who Will Sing?

By Matt Webb Mitovich / January 22 2017, 12:16 PM PST

Will Grumpy and the rest of Once Upon a Time‘s dwarfs finally sing about whistling while they work? Will erstwhile cricket Dr. Archie Hopper let loose with a tune about wishing upon a star?

“Be prepared” (as Scar might croon), because such melodic mysteries might be addressed during Season 6. TVLine hears that the fantastical, fairy tale-themed ABC series is currently planning a musical episode, to air sometime this spring. And to that end, some cast members are actively brushing up on their vocal skills.

An ABC spokesperson had no comment on TVLine’s story.

Having weaved in characters from Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and other musical Disney features over the years, talk of Once cuing up a musical episode has always brewed, with series cocreator Eddy Kitsis saying as recently as the 2015 Comic-Con, “It would be great to do a musical episode, [but] I don’t know even know where to begin.”

Well, it would seem that the show bosses figured that one out.

As for who all would step up to the proverbial mic, “We all sing,” Once lead Jennifer Morrison told E! Online back in 2011 when asked about the possibility of a musical outing. “Josh Dallas, Ginny Goodwin, me…. I don’t know if Robert Carlyle sings; he probably does. I feel like we have a lot of musically inclined people in the cast. We’ll see!” Indeed.
Tweets with replies by mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh) | Twitter
The latest Tweets and replies from mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh). a meme ma'am? what are you talking about?. mrs. dark one
  • Wish realm belle is dead
  • Ep ends w a rumbelle scene @ wishing well
  • We see Belle’s bones
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy 
  • They asked if their were any rumbelle fans and I cheered and eddy stared at me LMAO BYE
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show”
  • This is random but at one point Belle was wearing BLUE EYELINER in the episode I was  so hard
  • rumple won’t help Regina bc he went to look for Belle and found her bones due to the EQ starving her
  • he’s like “here’s what I found of her” and dumps her bones on the ground the audience gasped
  • Gideon hates Rumple ATM, they have a heated talk and Rumple tells him to take his anger out on him and not Emma, but Gideon won’t hit him 
  • Charming and Hook wanted to take Gideon out, Belle said nobody needed to be hurt and wanted to work with them 
  • When Emma defeats Gideon, he disappears. Belle and Rumple walk away in different directions
  • The black fairy wanted gideon to turned dark and it seems like she hurt him. He never went fully dark bc he remembered Belle 
  • He wants to kill Emma to become savior himself, so he can kill Black Fairy and become a hero
  • Rumple says something about being addicted to bad decisions, but he doesn’t want that for Gideon. He doesn’t want him to kill Emma 
  • Belle says it’s easy to rationalize the bad decision so it seems okay. She makes a wish in the well at the end of the scene despite saying she shouldn’t before because nothing she wants works out :(
  • Belle thinks she can talk Gideon out of it but we never got a scene w just them so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you know I like him as a character. but he does say it’s his fault Gideon’s the way he is rn
  • Rumple does know Gideon’s name he yells it at him
  • Before fighting, Gideon says “My name is Gideon” and Emma kinda turns and goes “I only know one Gideon and he’s a lot smaller”
  • also rumbelle fam he has his hand on her back in their first scene together in the shop
Once Upon a Time Scoop: iZombie's Rose McIver to Return as Tinker Bell
ABC’s Once Upon a Time will get a visit from a most uncommon “common fairy,” when iZombie’s Rose McIver reprises her role as Tinker Bell, TVLine has learned.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

January 9, 2017

Rose McIver casting announcement for 6.14

The thing that I find interesting, from watching this one, is you see that Gideon seems to be bringing Rumple and Belle together. […] When we realize that Rumple may have made some bad choices in his life, but he doesn’t want his child to, and Belle sees that, I think that was a real thawing moment. I’m excited to see that family dynamic play out.
—  Eddy Kitsis at aTVfest (x)
The Once Upon a Time 'Reset' Plan: How Do These New Characters Fit In?

By Matt Webb Mitovich / February 16 2017, 10:52 AM PST

Once Upon a Time could look a bit different if renewed for Season 7.

As ABC ponders a possible renewal, the numbers for Season 6 thus far tell this story: averaging 3.5 million weekly viewers and a 1.1 demo rating (in Live+Same Day numbers), Once is down 30 percent from this time last year, and currently ranks sixth among the network’s dozen dramas. As such — and with contracts expiring for Jennifer Morrison and other key cast members — there has been evidence that a “reset” of sorts is on the drawing board, should the show get renewed.

Having heard from series creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis some “interesting” potential ideas for the future, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey recently told our sister site Deadline, “Regardless of what we decide to do … I think [Adam and Eddy] would put a little bit of a bow here” — what she later called “closure in this particular narrative” — “and then there is a ‘next piece’ that comes after that. So they are trying to figure out what that [next piece] is and how that works.”

Dungey similalry suggested that Season 7 could offer “a springboard in a new direction from a narrative standpoint,” in a talk with “[That] doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back, it’s just: How do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?”

Along those lines, TVLine now has a first bit of intel on how the series’ current run (resuming Sunday, March 5) will end, and in doing so tee up any possible Season 7. Namely, the May finale will introduce a pair of guest stars, both of whom have the potential to be series regulars if the show moves forward. First up, the fantasy drama is casting a “strong yet vulnerable” leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. That said, he still possesses a dormant, deep-seated speak of hope that waits for the right person to reignite it.

The other role being cast is a precocious 10-year-old with a “constant twinkle of mischief in her eye.” And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens “everything she holds dear.” And while the character breakdown notes that this lass “never lets the hard knocks of life get her down,” you would be wrong to guess that she is a certain little orphan named Annie.

'Once Upon a Time': ABC Boss on 'New Direction' in Potential Season 7
Though Once Upon a Time has not yet been renewed for a seventh season, a potential season 7 could see big changes coming to Storybrooke. At the Television Critics Association’s press tour on …

Though Once Upon a Time has not yet been renewed for a seventh season, a potential season 7 could see big changes coming to Storybrooke.

At the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Tuesday, EW sat down with ABC Chief Channing Dungey to expand on her earlier comments about the future of Once, particularly whether fans should expect any radical changes to the show in a potential seventh season.

“[Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis] would be looking for the seventh season to be a springboard in a new direction from a narrative standpoint,” Dungey tells EW, “which doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back, it’s just how do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?”

However, it’s hard to imagine that every character would survive the season if OUAT truly is heading for a big shake-up. In a recent Hot Seat with the OUAT bosses, the duo played coy to a fan question asking whether an important character will die without coming back this season. (Though Robin Hood perished last season, Sean Maguire is reprising his role for a multi-episode arc.)

“Whenever there’s change, there’s always transition,” Dungey hedges in regards to whether she expects any cast exits. “It’s just too hard to really say more of anything. Until they really get their pitch finalized, it’s hard to really be more specific.”

Earlier Tuesday, EW posted an extensive interview with Dungey, where she addressed the future of Once Upon a Time, among other shows. The OUAT bosses, “as veterans of Lost, are fully conscious of all these things,” Dungey said of possibly setting an end date for the long-running fairy tale drama. “They came in and sat with us recently to talk about what their ideas would be for a season 7 and we’re in conversations about that right now. But I think this is absolutely a show that is beloved to us and if and when we decide to end it, we want to do it the right way and really give the fans the ending that they deserve. But I will say that Eddy and Adam have some really good ideas for future seasons.”

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 3, episode 1 : The Girl in the Fireplace

present : Memories have returned to the people of Storybrooke. Mr. Gold’s term as mayor is called into question now that the people of Storybrooke fully realize who he is, and Evelyn Oxford steps up as a potential new candidate. The seven plumbers test the town line and find that when Sleepy crosses it, he forgets his fairy tale past, left with only his memories as Walter Stanton. With Henry safe and sound, Emma finds herself growing increasingly paranoid about the presence of magic in their lives, but is in for a shock when she finds powers of magic within herself. When a mob of furious citizens go after Regina, Emma’s instinctive reaction to raise her hand results in a powerful blast of magic and when he sees the Savior magic that the Curse has given her, Gold offers his services. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret reunites with an old friend named Ashleigh Boyd, who was trapped as a single – and very pregnant – housekeeper by the Curse. Ashleigh voices concerns that she has not seen her former husband since they left the Land of Ever, and Mary Margaret agrees to help find him.

past : Immediately following Charming’s escape from Castle Misthaven and after he kisses Snow White and ends the Sleeping Curse, the legendary pair take refuge with Snow White’s paternal grandfather, King Hubert of Dewbury. They learn that the king’s eldest son, Snow White’s uncle Maximilian, has recently died, leaving Hubert’s grandson, the free-spirited Prince William, as the heir to the throne. Concerned about continuing the family line, King Hubert is forcing his grandson’s hand: if he does not find a wife by the upcoming masquerade ball, he must marry a princess of the king’s choosing. Meanwhile, a young woman named Cinderella chases a thief who attempts to steal her father’s horse. Just when she recognizes the man as Prince William, they are ambushed by Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and the Merry Men, who are amused by Cinderella’s outrage and agree to release her with anything she can carry. When she picks up the prince and begins to walk away, the Merry Men laugh and offer them a horse and their freedom.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Cinderella/Ashleigh Boyd, Tom Hiddleston as Prince William/Timothy Rupert, Tony Amendola as Geppetto/Marco Collodi

guest stars include : Derek Jacobi as King Hubert, Rose Leslie as Robin Hood/Ivy Langland, Antonia Thomas as Maid Marian/Matilda Fitzwalter

[ previously on once upon a time ]