Henry is the heart and soul of the show. He’s the true believer. Our show is for believers. We wanted to make this show about hope and not be cynical—which is tough in today’s world when usually anything that is cool is cynical. We wanted people once a week to feel the way I felt when I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the boy got the golden ticket. For me that personally was important. I like that feeling and it’s important. Henry embodies that.
—  Eddie Kitsis, co-creator of ‘Once Upon a Time’ from Neil Landau’s 'The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap’
  • Adam:Alright. Season 5 and we're doing Merlin. You know what that means.
  • Eddy:Yup! Got my list of former Lost actors right here. What do you think about Josh Holloway?
  • Adam:Too rugged. Daniel Dae Kim?
  • Eddy:Hawaii 5-0. Alan Dale?
  • Adam:We used him in Season One already, remember?
  • Eddy:Oh right. Cusick, Emerson, Rodriguez?
  • Adam:The 100, Person of Interest, and interesting choice but she's probably filming Fast and the Furious 8 or something.
  • Eddy:Damn.
  • Adam:We need ideas for how to conclude this author story in the finale, so it gives us something interesting to write about next season
  • Writer:How about we have Emma sacrifice herself for Regina because Regina’s worked so hard to redeem herself, and then Rumple will get his dark heart cleaned because, like, he’s totally earned that too with, you know, all his “good deeds”.
  • Eddy:That’s awesome, let’s do it
  • Writer:Oh, wait…. this isn’t the Saturday Night Live writer’s room, I’m in the wrong place! Ignore what I just said, it was meant to be a joke.
  • Adam:Hmm, what? I can’t hear you over Eddy typing up this totally logical season finale

anonymous asked:

Your theory on Regina turning evil again is based on the assumption that Regina's basic character trait is her being selfish/never satisfied. But the first time we meet her (the Stable Boy) she's very selfless (risks life for a stranger) and only wants love (doesn't want to be queen/simple life is enough). Everything that happened afterwards was bc love was taken away from her. As long as she has love and a support system, I don't see her turning evil again, let alone hurting Henry.

There are a couple of things to this.

Firstly, I think there’s a misunderstanding happening here with regards to Regina’s basic character traits. When I refer to Regina’s basic character traits, I’m not actually talking about Regina. I’m talking about the character Regina was based on—the Evil Queen from the Snow White fairytales. The original fairytale characters are always where a character’s basic character traits come from. Regina, Rumple, Snow, Charming, Hook—all of their basic character traits come from the original fairytales. Snow’s basic character traits come from an amalgamation of all the fairytale Snow Whites of the past, from Disney’s to Grimm’s and even older. Hook’s basic character traits come straight from JM Barrie’s book and his character of Captain Hook (JM Barrie’s Hook was radically different from Disney’s Hook). Regina’s basic character traits come from the Evil Queen character in all the Snow White fairytales of the past. Does that make sense? So when I refer to Regina’s basic character traits of selfish, envious, insecure, etc., I’m referring back to her actual character in the fairytales. Because it’s that fairytale character that serves as a basis for not only Regina’s character, but almost the entire show as well.

Back before the premier of OUAT, Adam and Eddy gave an interview to one of the news outlets talking about the show and how they came up with the concept and everything. Two incredibly useful pieces of information came out of that interview, and I’ve used those two pieces of helpful info to really help me make my predictions and do these analyses. The first useful piece of information about A&E is their writing motto: Character trumps mythology. What that basically means is that a redemption arc is secondary to consistent characterization throughout the series. That says that Adam and Eddy would rather a character remain true to their basic characterization than ruin that basic characterization in favor of a redemption arc. Which tells me Regina is doomed to revert soon. The second important piece of information from that interview: when asked about what sparked their idea for the show, they asked themselves a single question: “What if the Evil Queen won? What if Snow White and Prince Charming lost?”

And that’s what sparked the show.

Notice how they said, “Evil Queen”. Adam and Eddy didn’t call her Regina (at least, not when they were brainstorming the show ten years prior). Regina wasn’t even a concept in their minds when they were crafting this show. It was always the Evil Queen. What if the Evil Queen won? So it was the idea of the Evil Queen winning that sparked the premise of this show, and it’ll be the defeat of the Evil Queen that’ll end the show. Regina was just the name they ended up going with, and her sympathetic backstory with Daniel and Cora is what served as the explanation for Regina’s basic characterization. However, the characterization itself—Regina’s basic qualities of selfish, envious, insecure, obsessive, etc.—come straight from the Evil Queen, and they are never going to change (A&E’s writing motto: “Character trumps mythology”).

So the source of Regina’s basic characterization is one misunderstanding here.

There are two additional misunderstandings between me and this asker (regarding the true source of my predictions), and they are expanded on under the cut because it got long. Click on the date in the top-left corner if you’re on my blog. CONTINUE FROM HERE \/\/\/

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I just watched Emilie’s RegalCon interview for the second time...

…Still not bovvered (as someone might say), but a few different things stood out for me.

1. The improvved rose scene in SD was on the first or second day of shooting. It is amazing to me that she and Bobby had the instant rapport/chemistry that they could do that scene almost “cold.”

2. She talks a little about the Will/Belle thing being organic and growing naturally out of friendship, and not being because Belle “needs a man”–which shows me that she hasn’t spoken much to Eddy Kitsis about it, LOL. But a friendship becoming a “relationship” so quickly, IMO, isn’t natural for either Belle or Will (we’ve seen both of them have friends of the opposite sex that stay completely platonic, and we’ve seen how they react to horrific breakups, which is not to run out and rebound with someone new). She also says that what Belle likes about Will is that it’s easy (she calls it an “entree” to a real relationship). IMO, while Belle doesn’t need a man, she needs to think she can have an uncomplicated relationship if she wants, one where she doesn’t have to give much of herself. And that’s possibly why she picked someone who also isn’t going to give much of himself. (She and the interviewer both talk about how much fun Will is as a person–so I am assuming some scenes were cut in which poor Will actually had some enjoyment of their relationship.)

3. Emilie has started talking about Belle in the third person, where before I think she almost always used the first person. She has a little more distance from the character than she used to (which isn’t bad for an actor; Bobby has always recognized Rumple as someone very different from himself). It makes me think that there were some things Belle did this season that made Emilie step back and try to analyze Belle a  little.

4. I still love the things she says about Belle being an intellectual person, and taking being an icon seriously, and that Belle’s happy ending is being true to herself.

5. And that she says Belle is having lots of therapy, that includes puppy cuddling, LOL. #GetTheGoldsADog2015

Adaptation Episode #125: Once Upon a Soap Opera

The gang gets out some pretty intense rants about the storylines in Once Upon a Time season 4 in this episode. They admire the best character arcs, despair over the worst and make predictions about season 5.


Previous episodes:

#124: Avengers, Age of Cameos

#123: Right in the Middle of the Madding Crowd (novel by Thomas Hardy)

Commentary #5: Jurassic Park (1993)

*gets home from work and settles in to watch Utapri*

Ahhhh, Ran-chan, this better be good to make me wait another week before Tokiya’s ep.

Oh god, should I be counting how many times they use the word ‘Rock’?











Reiji…. Reiji plz. They are so setting you up for massive shock value in your ep if they keep you true to character, you massive troll.

Ran-chan, I’m pretty sure that debuting you new song at an unofficial performance  is some kind of major contract violation. BUT WHO CARES? ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, where is the music coming from; you’re not playing your bass.

Also, always amused that the boys apparently improve lyrics on the spot, these days. 

OHhhh, shades of Orion De Shout-Out



SO HAPPY (too bad your friends totally missed out on performing with you tho)

I’m really pleased with how consistent quality the art has been this season. Hopefully they will keep up that trend. Though some of the dancing is still cringe-worthy. A character like Ranmaru should never be posed with his knees pointing inward. No. Just no.

Fic: Battling the Darkness (7/?)

Title: Battling the Darkness
Summary: A confrontation on the docks with the remaining Queens of Darkness had not at all been on the agenda for the evening … and then, before either Killian or Emma had the chance to react, Maleficent and Cruella had taken advantage of their good fortune.
Spoilers: Up through 4x15, “Poor Unfortunate Soul.”
Rating/Warning: T, mostly for safety, language, and possible later hints/descriptions of child abuse. Charming Family and Captain Swan angst/fluff, as per usual.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. They left the toys out, I’m just getting my playtime in before they put them away.
Author’s Note: This chapter ran away from me a bit. Oops?


At and below.


Drifting in and out of terrible, painful memories had clearly shaken Charming’s baby girl to her core. She was putting up a brave front for Henry’s sake – and really, she was doing a decent job of it – but Charming could see the fear just behind her eyes and he could feel her hand trembling in his.

Gods, this was the worst feeling in the world. He wanted to do something – anything – to help her but without knowing exactly what was happening beyond the spell still somehow working on her despite the antidote and her wakefulness, the task was impossible. So he did the only thing he knew was helping even a little bit, and that was hold his daughter’s hand tightly.

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Writing meme

I’ll post the names of all the files in my WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Pick out the title that most intrigues you, appeals to you, or whatever, and I’ll post a snippet or tell you something about it!

See under cut:

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lilyevenspotter asked:

Hi. I actually was at the end of episode 19 of the fourth season of Once when I saw your post... Do you think I can/should continue to watch it? After reading about the amount of anti-Semitism in the Marvel universe, I decided to stop and not watch any more of those movies. I will never see Age of Ultron. The reason why I am unsure about Once is b/c Kitsis and Horwitz are (obvs) Jewish. So what do you think? Is it okay for me as a Jewish girl to watch and enjoy the show? If it's not, I won't.

I don’t think you should have to apologize for the things you like, so long as you can view and discuss them critically when needed. There are plenty of things I like in spite of antisemitism (The Great Gatsby, Degas paintings, even the football club I support). If I tried to distance myself from everything that had a connection to antisemitism, I wouldn’t have many entertainment options. Sometimes things cross a line, and ought to be protested or avoided, but more often than not, being critical and advocating for change is the most we can do. If I stop watching OUAT it won’t be because of Isaac Heller; it will be because the show’s characters have long been caricatures of themselves, and Adam and Eddy don’t know how to write a villain who isn’t related to a main character and out for revenge over something mind-numbingly trivial. Watch what you enjoy; just do it with a critical mind.