I keep thinking about what Eddie Kitsis said, about how some people are right for you, others are wrong and then there are those you just choose. Because that’s it, isn’t it?

The big secret?

Look at Regina. In theory Robin was right for her. But she never chose him.

The first time around she chose anger, vengeance and solitude over him.

The second time she tried to choose him, but when he left and came back, she chose Emma.

I think Robin tried to be for Regina what she needed, but in the end he never quite managed it, because he wasn’t what, or rather who, Regina truly wanted.

Even while being with him she continued to choose Emma. She’s still choosing Emma.

Emma is trying to choose Hook. She has chosen him. And just like with Robin for Regina, Hook is trying to be for Emma what he thinks she needs, only just like with Regina and Robin, he’s failing. Because he’s not who Emma truly wants, no matter how hard they both try to make it so.

Emma’s heart chose Regina a long time ago. And it’s not a decision it’s willing to come back on.

But making the choices we think we should make, the ones that are expected from us from our partners, our families, society, over the ones we actually want to make is a common occurrence. How many people live a life they don’t actually want out of a sense of obligation and for fear of disappointing others or being rejected when they show their true colors, share their true dreams, follow their hearts?

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"Endings usually suck. Let's enjoy the middle, the journey together" Really ? After all the no homo, racism, sexism, after all those years running after their happy endings, we're supposed to favor this "journey" above the ending they had planned ?

Yeah. They think they’re so clever, don’t they? Sending us, the audience that message–which yeah, I bet Kitsis is patting himself on the back. You know, knowing it can be read subtextually as well, so even those they’ve shunned and queerbaited at the same time can find a glimmer of hope in it, too? (Which, scoff.) Don’t know about you, but I would’ve respected him more if he’d been less of a dick and had the balls to be honest, even if it meant losing that part of the audience he’s constantly (cowardly and indirectly) been shunning in each and every interview/panel since that blasted SDCC. Rather than ‘not giving false hope’ (or whatnot) by ignoring the pink elephant, while persistently denying us any semblance of closure and yet at the same time enforcing homophobia, sexism and misogyny with their storytelling?

So you’re right, friend. Sorry, dudes. Nothing in the middle has been enjoyable, apart from OUR headcanons/fixits that righted all the wrongs you’ve done in the writing–trying to keep our hope and interest in your crappy product. Because that’s all that matters in the end–the critical mass you can sell your drivel to?

Well up yours, you aren’t getting anything else from me anymore.

“Happily ever after” has never been further out of reach. When Once Upon a Time—ABC’s fantasy series about fairy-tale characters—unveils its marketing campaign for Season 5 at Comic-Con, viewers’ worst fear will be confirmed: Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), aka the Savior, is poised to become the show’s scariest baddie yet. “As formidable as Emma was as a hero, she’s going to be exponentially more dangerous as a villain,” promises executive producer Adam Horowitz. Fellow executive producer Edward Kitsis adds with a laugh, “I hope our fanbase reacts well—it seems like a large segment is very worried!”

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Eddy Kitsis: […] One of my [favorite moments of the episode], was the quiet moment she took in her vault where you just see her smile because she won. The whole thing started because the Evil Queen never felt like she could win. She never won against Snow White, she could never win – evil never wins, villains don’t get happy endings, and in that moment, we just saw a really private, quiet moment, where you see how far she came and I think for us, as writers, to get to spend 64 episodes, I think it was great because it was earned. [x]

Once Upon a Time exclusive: Get your first look at Greg Germann's hot-and-heavy Hades

For Once Upon a Time’s 100th episode, the series’ heroes and villains are going to hell. Literally. Waiting for them in the underworld, which resembles a twisted version of Storybrooke, is a new big bad played by Greg Germann — and EW has an exclusive first look!

“Hades is such a fun, endlessly creative challenge,” Germann says of his flame-licked fiend. “Anything goes. The creators bring him to life on the page with the same out-of-the-box unpredictability that they bring to the rest of the show. They strike the perfect balance between keeping things grounded and letting things fly — sometimes literally.”

Adds executive producer Edward Kitsis: “Hades is a very dangerous fellow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun being the Devil.” Fun for Hades, not so much for the denizens of hell, including Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), whom our heroes have come to rescue after he sacrificed himself in the midseason finale.

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Can we talk about this scene for a second? THIS is character development. THIS is how you write a ship. I don’t think you understand what this means. He would DIE for her. And obviously if he is dead they can’t be together. He doesn’t care if he lives or dies, he cares that she lives and is allowed to enjoy the rest of her life. This is SELFLESSNESS. This is true character development. He went from wanting to kill Rumple and doing anything he had to to be able to do that, to a) completely forgetting his vengeance because he knew that Emma would not want Rumple dead, b) realizing that vengeance would not bring back Milah, and c) RISKING HIS LIFE FOR A WOMAN HE LOVES. DO YOU SEE THE ANGER IN HIS VOICE?!! THAT IS LOVE! He will not allow anyone to even touch her! Remember the Killian that locked Emma in a cell to get to Storybrooke to kill Rumple??? THIS IS NOT THE SAME KILLIAN. This is a Killian who has understood the error of his ways, and thus undergone character development. You did well Kitsis and Horowitz. You did well.

it all began with

They have a very interesting dynamic between the two of them,” Colin tells E! Online. “Emma is obviously a strong character, strong-willed, and Hook is Captain Hook, you know? So they have an interesting kind of back and forth. That’s all I’m going to say at the minute!

- Colin O'donoghue 10/20/12 [x]

after 2x05 The Doctor and 2x06 Tallahassee aired, we got

I am told the eyeliner-lovin’ swashbuckler might also develop a soft spot for a certain blonde in a leather jacket.

- TVline 11/1/12 [x]

a few more hints about a possible romance between Killian and Emma

I think we’re going to see some romantic inklings between Emma and Hook for sure. We saw that last week and I’m sure that will continue.

- Meghan Ory 11/9/12 [x]

and then dearest Jmo spoke about it

Yeah, it’s been really fun working with Colin and having Emma interact with that character because they’re definitely kindred spirits. They’re both thieves, and they’ve come from troubled pasts, and they’ve both lost a true love, and so I think that there’s a lot that they recognize in each other. So there’s that camaraderie and also that combativeness with that right away.

- Jennifer Morrison 11/25/12 [x]

and Eddy and Adam start talking about it too

Emma is going to find herself with a few choices this season, and I think that, [like] in all life, there are people that are right for you, and there are the people that are wrong for you, and then there are the people that you just choose, and I think Emma’s going to face all of those things,”

- Eddy Kitsis ½/13 [x]


[x] 1/3/13


then we have Colin’s point of view

I think their relationship is a funny one. I think they both enjoy the banter that they have with each other. Even though she pretends not to, he definitely does. I think there are very few women in Hook’s life who’ve ever gone, “Nope, not interested.” For him, that’s like, “Whoa.” The challenge has sort of been set.

- Colin O'donoghue ¼/13 [x]

and god bless the ONCE magazine cuz

I think, ultimately, she is the product of true love, so genetically her makeup is going to want to find her own true love. What I’ve tried to maintain within her is that there is always this flame of hope, even if it’s the tiniest flame. Even though she is so guarded and protected, there is this little flame, and you see glimpses of it at times with the Sheriff and with Hook(Colin O’Donoghue).”

- Jennifer Morrison 2/25/13 [x]

we got that and then

He could be right for her. We’ll have to see.

- Adam Horowitz tweet 3/14/13 [x]

Adam’s wonderful tweet(s) and who remembers these words?

they’re undeniably attracted to each other

- JMo 5/5/13 [x]

they’re definitely attracted to eachother

- Colin 5/10/13 [x]

that BOTH captains of our ship said?

Though I won’t say Captain Swan shippers will be completely satisfied, Hook definitely doesn’t hide his interest in a certain blonde on the show.

- TVFanatic 9/25/13 [x]

yeah, we were completely satisfied for sure and then

You’ve got Hook, who realized that revenge is not all it was cracked up to be, so maybe he’s thinking there’s a future for him and Emma.

- Eddy Kitsis 9/27/13 [x]

Eddy revealed that, then after that AMAZING KISS SCENE between Killian and Emma happened

I think there was always something there between the characters. So it’s definitely something that was in the background, and I’m sure it’s something some of the fans have wanted to see since my first episode.”

- Colin O'donoghue 10/8/13 [x]

*ugly sobbing* now here’s Adam teasing some captain swan

Emma’s a tough cookie. I’d say, to try to romance Emma, you’d need a hook of steel.

- Adam Horowitz 3/9/14 [x]

after the Neverland arc, their relationship progressed and

Hook is definitely becoming a part of her life

- Jennifer Morrison 4/11/14 [x]

we died when JMo said this (god bless her) and now we have 

They are going to be put in a lot of danger this week and we’ll see if romance can even rear its head…. But I’d be depressed if it didn’t.

- Eddy Kitsis 5/8/14 [x]

our dear writers teasing us…but then

Did you always intended to have Hook in love with Emma? Was that something you planned out or was it something that developed because of the actor’s chemistry onscreen?

Eddy: Always

AdamAlways. I mean, listen… You go into these things with the best intentions. That is to say we loved the idea that Hook and Emma would be kindred spirits and that is why we kind of wrote that in the beanstalk episode of season 2. But of course, you know, there’s always the chance that there isn’t any chemistry. We were very lucky that we feel that Hook and Emma have an enormous amount of chemistry so that kind of allowed us to stick to the plan that we wanted. 

TVFanatic 5/9/14 [x]


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