My love [laurenohlovesyou] and I got engaged yesterday on a ferry boat headed to Seattle. We met on Tumblr nearly 3 years ago. When they came to visit me for the first time in 2012 we took a ferry ride that I’m certain changed our lives. Our magic happens on the Puget Sound, suspended between places and on our way to somewhere together. We are always on our way. 


 We looked for an opportunity to leverage a popular community event, where we could theme our efforts to match the interests of the groups we would encounter on the ferry.  There were 2 major sporting events happening in Seattle.  Staff dressed in Seattle Sounders and Seattle Mariners gear, and we colored promotional material to match the teams. Over 2 round trips and 3.5 hour time period we were able to sign up 16 new cardholders and have quality conversations with 47 people. Most were surprised to see the library on the ferry and eager to talk to us. The ferry was very supportive, giving us a place to set up and making announcements inviting people to join us. Linking into a large community event like we did played a huge role in the success of this event.

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