Kiton SS15 Pitti Uomo 86 

I was told about a suit that retails for € 40,000 a few years ago. This particularly suit would be completely handmade and it would take 50 hours of labor to craft.This suit is called K-50 and is the most expensive suit in the world.

The mastermind behind these suits is called Enzo D’Oris. Enzo is a master tailor over at Kiton is the only one who crafts these beautiful suits. He travels all over the world to take measurements for a very few selected customers who wants these suits. The K-50 suit uses wool from merino sheep reared in Australia and New Zealand, where the climate and grass-quality are known to be the best in the world and produces therefor one of the finest wool. Typically one of these suits will use wool whose fibers are less than 14 microns in diameter, with some reaching superfine 11.5 micron fabric. A lower value of the micron means a smoother and lighter feel of the fabric, and of course a higher cost.

Kiton was actually founded in 1956 by Cico Paone and Antonio Carola but were first called CIPA. In 1968 they launched under the new name, Kiton, whose name has it roots from the Greek chicton (later known as a tunic). The company itself is still run by the Paone family with Anotonio De Matteis as the CEO and Antonio Paone as president of Kiton USA (nephews to Ciro Paone).

The company itself produce only 20,000 suits every year and this are one of the main pillars in the company. It’s about the exclusivity, that only 20,000 persons of the worlds 7,1 billion population has one in their wardrobe.

The second pillar is the choice of material for the tailoring. Only the finest materials are used and Antonio said this in the perfect way himself  “In terms of quality, our fabric collection starts where all the others finish”.

The last one is about quality and craftsmanship behind the product. Most suits takes at least 25 hours to finish and everything are completely handmade without any help from automated machines or computers. 

Kiton is and will always be one of the best suit-makers out there and their reputation tells the same story over and over again. The prices are outrageous but it can’t get much better than this. I’ll let the last words be a quote from Antonio himself, “Kiton is the best. You don’t have to look right or left, that would only be a distraction”.