kitmarin art post

A picture I made for a friend including a bunch of the fandoms (I assume/thought) she likes :3

  • Pokemon: Ninetails and Mew
  • Hetalia: Flag patches, France’s rose petals and hair, Poland’s skirt (sorta)
  • Doctor Who: The TARDIS, 3D glasses, and sonic screwdriver
  • MLP FiM: Cutiemark I made for her on the pocket, pony wing, friendship comment in the corner
  • Portal: Jumper boots, companion cube, Wheatley and space core in the corner
  • Supernatural: Black wing, salt shakers, backwards tie, coat
  • Sherlock: Scarf and ash tray
  • Harry Potter: Crest on the pocket
  • Avengers/Iron man: Jarvis’ headset
  • Homestuck: Green sun, Kanaya’s shirt
  • Bonus: Rainbow flag and Kota Mochi

Yay art!! :D

I drew a sketchy thing of us running around at his suggestion.

While I was in an arty mood still, I decided to color it. Also fixed a few things with our anatomy and screwed up other ones, but meh. I’m proud of the finished product one way or another.