Wedding at Johnny’s|| Piotr & Kitty

Given the fact that all everyone could talk about was Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s “Wedding of the ages” he figured he might as well pay it some attention and head to Johnny’s with some of the other X-Men or people at the institute, but those plans didn’t go through as well as everyone had hope. One by one each member of their little party came up with an excuse not to go until it dwindled down to just Piotr and Kitty, which by all means not a bad thing.

The way to the bar Piotr had his fair share of silences along the way, although not too unexpected. Given Piotr’s strong silent type persona they were very common occurrences with him, which he was entirely comfortable with, and he was enjoying himself fairly well along the way. He straightened his denim jacket over his black V-Neck as they were within only a few more blocks. “Not much longer now.” He said offering a friendly smirk to Kitty half inspecting how she was feeling after all the walking.

Behind the Scenes // Kitty & Fitz

His lab was a cluttered mess, some of it piled up to the ceiling through various shelves- other pieces of tech were spread out across his counters, blinking, buzzing, or being scanned for various purposes. Coulson had gifted this space to him personally, he was going to make good use of it. 

It was probably because he was so used to having people pop in for a question or to bark an order that he didn’t immediately turn around when his door slid open. Without skipping a beat, Fitz continued to tighten the bolts on his holographic machine and called out behind him. “One sec- jus’ finishin’ up.” He chewed on his lower lip as the final screw was twisted into place, finally placing it aside to look at who had just come by. 

“Hey there…” He greeted, offering the woman a confused grin as he looked her up and down. “What can I help ya with?” Leo slid his magnifying glasses off and placed them on the counter beside him, standing to offer her a hand instead. “You’re… um, K-Kitty, right?”

School reunion

Pete got one of the magic users in his employ to teleport him and a steaming flask of chicken soup to the front doors of the Xavier Institute. He entered, nodding at the various young mutants milling around, and flashed his ID at an older one, who asked him who he was. “Kitty’s friend.” He said, gruffly, before asking where she was.

After being directed to her room, he walked up the stairs to the girls dorms. Why on earth she’d suddenly decided to forgive him, he had no idea, but he wasn’t going to argue with it, or question it while she was sick. He was just going to appreciate the time he got with the first girl he’d ever really loved.

He reached her door, raising a hand to knock. “Kit? Kit, petal, I brought the soup.” He called through the wood.