Here are just a few planets in the Timeline, with their known moons.

The first three, Aurum, Moane, and Ashlar, are human planets. Aurum is where Ninjago is located, and is also the birthplace of Albert Overbuild and Ian Typhonus. Its moons are Agmentum and Arcturus. Moane is a water planet, and is the birthplace of Hael Storm. Ashlar is the birthplace of Duke Exeter and is also the home of the Nexo Knights.  

Kitis is where the Buggoids are located, and is one of the larger planets.

Mars is home to the Martians from Life on Mars, and its moon, Bellona, is home to the Bellarans, the aliens from Mars Mission. Mars’s atmosphere is breathable to humans, but is filled with radiation in some areas.

Gallant V was originally home to one of the largest Mythran cities, which was destroyed during the War of the Gods. Now, it is home to the Galactic Council, the central government to all of the Universe. All species converge here.

Pluuvia is a jungle planet that is not inhabited, but its moon, Imperial Throneworld, is home to the Aleai from Alien Conquest, led by Hypaxxus.

Krysto is an ice planet in the IP 2002 system, which serves as an outpost for researchers and scientists who are working on top secret rocket technology.

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I RLY need a cat because they help me calm down so much honstlly I literally talk to the cats and can feel what they’d said back to me and Its an aamazing feelign and so soosos good for me I need kity

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Rules: Bold all the things that apply to you!

I am in high school
I am in college/university
I’ve graduated college/university
I like my job
I’ve worked a job I’ve hated
I’ve never had a job
I am shorter than 5’5
I wear glasses
I have a tattoo
I have more than one tattoo
I don’t have tattoos but I want some
I’m vegetarian
I have allergies

I’m self-conscious about my body
I’m sarcastic
I’m shy
I’ve been called over-emotional
I have a strange sense of humour
I’m atheist
I have red hair
I have blonde hair
I dye my hair regularly
I wear a piece of jewellery at all times
I am an only child
I have more than three siblings
I have a niece
I have a nephew
I’ve failed a class
I couldn’t choose a favourite song
I can play an instrument
I can speak two or more languages
I’ve hugged someone in the last 24 hours
I’ve kissed someone in the last 24 hours
I have a best friend
I’ve known my best friend for more than 10 years
I have met a friend from the internet
I’ve kissed someone of the same sex
I’m in/have been in a long distance relationship
I’ve had a one night stand
I’ve had sex in the past month
I’ve been dumped more than I’ve dumped someone
I’ve cheated on someone
I’ve met someone famous
I’ve been out of my home country
I’ve broken a bone
I’ve spent more than six hours straight online
I’ve done volunteer work
I’ve won a prize at school
I have friends who are married
I have friends who have children of their own
I have been in a wedding party
I’ve ridden in a limousine
I am a morning person
I am a night owl
I like anime
I like Disney movies

I like comedies more than action films
I like action films more than comedies
I always order dessert
I hate fast food
I can’t cook
I enjoy puns

I enjoy being alone
I read for pleasure
I don’t play video games
I believe in ghosts
I believe in aliens
I enjoy conspiracy theories
I’ve been somewhere considered ‘haunted’
I’ve stayed up all night for no reason
I’ve had a Skype call with more than four people
I can’t keep secrets
I’m good with children
I’ve cheated on a test
I’ve watched an entire season of something in one day

I am wearing something green right now
I am wearing something yellow right now
I am wearing something purple right now
I’ve never tried alcohol
I’ve had alcohol while underage
I’ve played a drinking game

I’m scared of snakes
I’m scared of heights
I’m scared of spiders
I’m scared of clowns

I collect stamps
I collect comic books
I keep old bus/train tickets
I have more than three keyrings on my keys
I don’t know the words to my national anthem
I’ve been to a professional sports game
I’ve had my hair cut in the past month
I’ve cosplayed
I can’t swallow pills
I miss someone right now

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