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-The Calendar by Panic! At the disco
-Gasoline by Troye Sivan
-Trade Mistakes by Panic! At the Disco
-Evolution of Daft Punk by pentatonix
-We Don’t Believe What’s on TV by Twenty øne Piløts
-The Pheonix by Fall Out Boy
-All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carrey
-Dental Care by Owl City (I went through I crazy Owl City phase in middle school don’t ask)
-Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
-Hello Seattle by Owl City
-Stressed Out by 21p
-Love Story by Taylor Swift
-I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
-Miss Jackson by Panic! At the Disco
-Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco
-Fireflies by Owl City
-The Best Day by Taylor Swift
-Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
-Stall Me by Panic! At the Disco
-Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

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Make Hello Kitty Red Velvet Cake

heterod0x asked:

Tosta menkkapostauksesta tuli mieleen, että minipillerit auttaa tosi paljon jos on kipuja. Lisäksi mahollisuus, että menkat jää kokonaan pois (täysin normaalia). 10000/5 would recommend. Tää on helvetin random mutta oh well :D

Jännää, mulle sanottiin lekurilla juurikin että minipillerit ei vaikuta kipuun. Sen takia mulle niitä ei ees ehdotettu koska ne ois mulle kuulemma helvetin turhia koska ne ei varmuudella auta ajotuksissa, kivuissa eikä vuodoissa ja mä en tartte pitkäaikasta ehkäsyä.

Ts. pelkästään ehkäsyyn toimivia kyseisen hoitajan mukaan.

(Toisaalta mun usko kyseisen hoitajan osaamiseen lähti käveleen siinä vaiheessa kun se oli kuulemma erityisosaava transsukupuolisien kanssa koska se oli käynyt kuuntelemassa yhden puheen transsukupuolisuudesta.)

Top 10 Bias Tag

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1. Jimin: tbh it was hard for me to actually chose a bias in BTS in the beginning but Jimin always came back as first and eventually he became number 1 in my bias list. The reason is because his personality and his voice and just ughhh.

2. Zico: yes he is sooo cute… at least that is what I think. He can be sexy but most of the time I see a cute person in him.

3. G-Dragon: personally he stood out the most when I first saw something related to Big Bang. Ofcourse the others stood out to but gd just grabbed my attention.

4. Jackson: when I first saw him the only word that came up in my mind was handsome and he is also very cute and just yes.

5. Daehyun: when I first listen to bap his voice just hit like a truck… like I really didn’t expect such a voice to come out of him. I really miss him tho…

6. Woohyun: there is no way to describe my feelings for him like jdsfjkakj he’s just… yes. 

7. Jay Park: even tho he is not in a group he just has to be in my bias list. His voice…and his dancing…

8. Jungkook: yeah he just ruined me with his cuteness and his voice

9. Mino: deep voice. Overall… just yeahh 

10. Chanyeol: He just had to be in this because well he was my first bias in kpop. He still is my bias in Exo.

tbh this was really hard for me because I really didn’t know who was on which ranking you know.

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Ewa Imielska-Hebda is a Polish artist who felt in love with horses at the early age of three years old. “When - as a teenager - I got my first camera my eyes were caught by horses of course through the lens. On my photos I try to show prettiness and grace of these wonderful animals as well as to catch and perpetuate the beauty of short-lived magic moments with their attend. My inspiration, at the beginning of my adventure with horse photography, were Zofia Raczkowska`s wonderful photos.” 



Hello Kitty Cafe in Tokyo

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1) Why did you choose your URL? I love Juvia 

2) What is your middle name? Raeann

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? Three headed hound 

4) Favourite color?  Sky blue 

5) Favourite song? Amsterdam, imagine dragons 

6) What are your top five fandoms?  Fairy tail, Tokyo Ghoul,Haikyu!! , yona of the dawn, and attack on titan 

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr? ALL THE AMAZING ART 

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Derrubastes as muralhas do meu coração
Chegou de mansinho, entrou sem permissão
Quando me dei conta, já habitavas dentro de mim
Iluminou meus dias, com lindos e doces sorrisos
Coloriu meu céu, encantou, levou-me ao paraíso
Tocou meus lábios, embriagou o corpo de desejos
… Encheu-me de carinho, ensinou-me a te amar
… Viciou-me em doses homeopáticas de paixão
Fizeste-me submissa deliberada do teu coração.

Kity Araújo.

Music Tag

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Put your music on shuffle to answer the questions. Tag 10 people

1. Title of the first song is how you die: Big Bang - She Can’t Get Enough ( Welllll… okay then)

2. The second song describes your love life: Exo - Miracles In December (I think that fits…)

3. The third song plays at your wedding: BTS - Cypher PT.3: KILLER ft. Supreme Boi (YESSSSS THIS WOULD BE AMAZING)

4. Add “in my pants” to the fourth song: Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips “in my pants” (UHmmm no thanks)

5. The song that plays at your funeral: f(x) - Electric Shock ( HAHA that woulf be awesome)

6. Your theme song: B.A.P - Warrior (yesss)

7. The song that comes when you think about something you love: Teen Top - Ah Ah ( okidoki thannn)

8. Add “with a shovel and screwdriver”: WINNER - Empty “with a shovel and screwdriver” (how can you be empty with a shovel and screwdriver though?)

9. The song that describes your week: G-Dragon - One Of A Kind (it was one of a kind actually)

10. Song that plays when you miss someone: Got7 - Bad Behaviour (it probably tries to tell me that I shouldn’t miss that person…)

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Mes nesusimąstome, kad iš tiesų mes visi esame sudaužyti, vėjo blaškyti, visi mes skendome, visi mes ėjome per ugnį, tik ne visi apie tai kalbame garsiai ir kai kurie moka slėpti dalykus geriau nei kiti.
—  V., (175/365)