remembering when we were a two-piece. michael and i had known each other and been best friends since i (andy) was born. when high school started we both started getting into music (thanks to our best bud seb) and playing guitar and stuff together. we spent years trying to start a band but to be honest we were horseshit and played crappy senses fail and bullet for my valentine covers, hoping we’d become the next biggest thing. but beyond that i think we both longed to express ourselves, i think a lot of people do, in fact all people. and i am so glad that we have eventually come to have the experiences we’ve had together, hating and loving each other at the same time, loving for the most part. we’ve hurt each other a lot, but people do their best to heal and we did and we have licked each other’s wounds clean and he’s helped me clean out my lungs and heart all my life and i will always be grateful for ex-drummer and now guitarist (much more talented than me) michael potter. we have loved and we are loved and we have been small and we have been large together all our lives. i have a lot more to say but whatever nobody wants to hear it and i don’t necessarily want to talk about it too much. memories will always be here with me and i am forever thankful for that

the oldest and most relevant thing i own is our kindergarten photo which says on the back ‘my best friend is michael’