[Setlist] Hello! Project Summer 2015 ~DISCOVERY~ (2015.07.11)
01. Renai Hunter : All members
02. Busu ni naranai tetsugaku : All members
03. Crying : Hello Pro Kenshuusei, Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory
04. 17 sai : Tsubaki Factory
05. Ramen daisuki Koizumi-san no uta : Kobushi Factory
06. Wakatteiru no ni gomenne : Country Girls
07. Akai Nikkichou : Tsugunaga Momoko, Oda Sakura, Nakanishi Kana, Hirose Ayaya
08. Umaretate no Baby Love : Juice=Juice
09. Otome no Gyakushuu : Angerme
10. Oh my wish! : Morning Musume. ‘15 (Listen here)
11. The Middle Management ~Josei chuukan kanrishoku~ : C-ute
12. Date janai yo uchi no jinsei wa : Juice=Juice
13. Nana korobi ya oki : Angerme
14. Seishun kozou ga naiteiru : Morning Musume. '15
15. Gamusha LIFE : ℃-ute
16. Dance de bakoon! : All members
17. Jiriri kiteru : Tsubaki Factory
18. Nen ni wa nen : Kobushi Factory
19. Tamerai Summertime : Country Girls
20. Medley:
- Ookina ai de motenashite : Fukuda Kanon with ℃-ute
- Anshinkan : Fukuda Kanon with Tsugunaga Momoko
- Yume miru 15 : Fukuda Kanon with Wada Ayaka
21. Watashi choito kawai urabanchou : Angerme with Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory, Kenshuusei
22. Sukatto My Heart : Morning Musume. '15
23. CHOICE & CHANCE : Juice=Juice
24. The Treasure Box : ℃-ute
25. Romance no Tochuu : Juice=Juice
26. Taiki Bansei : Angerme
27. Kiss me Aishiteru : ℃-ute
28. What is LOVE? : Morning Musume. '15
29. Wonderful World : All members

PS. From the fan report, the main vocals of Oh my wish! are Kanon and Haruka.

Source: mmthailand & ハロー!プロジェクトの夏公演が開幕。「ステージに全員のりきれるかな?って心配になるくらい人数が多いです!」(2015-07-11)

My Theory of Bewear’s Identity

A pair of new Pokemon for Sun and Moon, Mimikyu and Bewear, were released to the public some time ago as seen below.

While people have been giving Mimikyu a lot of attention (Including me, how can you not love the little ghost?), I haven’t seen a whole lot on Bewear. This is kind of a shame since I think there is more to this Pokemon than meets the eye.

What do I think about Bewear?

Originally posted by cheatsykoopa98

I do think that this Pokemon is in fact a giant teddy bear and this is why I think so.

  1. Bewear’s ears look more like a headband than a set of ears
  2. Both Bewear’s Japanese and English names have a sort of costume theme (English: Bewear = Bear + Wear + Beware; Japanese: Kiteruguma = Kiteru [Wearing] + Kigurumi [Costume] + Kuma [Bear])
  3. Its mouth doesn’t actually connect to the muzzle like with the other bear Pokemon
  4. Why would a Pokemon have a random desire to hug everything? I bet it was built that way.
  5. It’s got to be more than a coincidence that Bewear was revealed alongside Mimikyu (Another Pokemon wearing something), right?
  6. It’s Ability, Fluffy, reduces damage taken by physical attacks but also doubles damage taken by Fire-type attacks, sounds a lot like the stuffing of a teddy bear…

With these 6 pieces of evidence, I’m pretty sure Bewear is meant to be a giant teddy bear.