Birthday Boy



“Lukey, I’ve got a surprise for you”. You shouted waiting for your brand new 21 year old boyfriend to reply.

You walked down the hallway of your apartment waiting to spot him. You checked everywhere but he couldn’t be found, you entered the kitchen and found a note on a white piece of paper written in cursive.

“Y/N, I’m out with Mike, Cal, and Ash. I should be home before 2, please don’t worry about me, if you need anything I have my cell and it’s on.

Love you, Luke.”

You were taken aback by his words, it was his 21st birthday and hoped that you could’ve spent it with him.You spent the rest of the night thinking of what to get Luke but nothing came to mind. You walked over to the bedroom that you and your boyfriend shared. It was designed by you two to make it fit your lifestyle perfectly. It had his and her closets with french doors on both, a king sized bed for you, Luke and Petunia to share, two bedside tables with a lock on each of the bottom drawers just to make sure nobody could get into them and see what was inside.

You walked over to your closet and went into your bra drawer. You picked out a pink bralette and matching panties. While you were in your panty drawer you grabbed the key to the bedside tables. The key was shaped like a heart on top for yours and on Luke’s it was just a square. Luke decided that he didn’t wish to have any sort of fancy top to the key.

You removed the t-shirt and stained sweatpants and hopped in the shower. You used the new lavender and rosemary shampoo you bought yesterday for this special occasion. You shaved everything, only because the hair was getting a bit strange from being on your period the week before and you were way too lazy to shave. You grabbed a towel and dried yourself off and ringed out your hair. You blow-dried your hair only to be fast, after that you curled a few pieces. Once everything was dry, you slipped on your pink set of underwear and pranced over to the tables again.

You took the heart shaped key and unlocked the bottom drawer. It was filled with too many sex toys and sex related objects. You kept your kitten play things in there too. You brought out a white and pink collar with a gold bell, you also got the new pink tail that you ordered last week as well as ears. You put everything on and checked yourself in the mirror. You looked stunning and were sure to impress Luke. everything was just right except for one thing, Luke bought you a name plate necklace that said “Daddy” on it. At first you thought it was stupid but Luke said that he would love you to wear it whenever you two had sex or when you were in kitten space.

You heard the door close from the front of the apartment, perfect timing.

“Y/N, I’m home and I’m not entirely tipsy. Babe where are you”?

You heard the steps getting closer and closer and were just waiting for Luke to get home.

“Seriously Babygirl, I’m not in the mo-”

He was cut off by you sitting up straight on the edge of the bed with your feed dangling off the edge.

“Holy fuck Kitten, how long have you been waiting”? H e questioned

“Only a few minutes, not very long Daddy”. You said the word on purpose, just because you loved how it made him feel.

You could definitely tell he was getting harder each second he was looking at you.

“I can’t take it any longer”. He said as he crashed his lips into yours.

You pushed yourself deeper into the kiss, He licked your bottom lip begging for an entry and of course you let him in. He pushed you onto your back and was leaning over you, he started to grind himself into your hips to show you how hard he was. You immediately thought of it as an opportunity. You began to palm his member through his tight black skinny jeans.

“If you’re going to do something just take them off kitten”.

Of course you did as you were told and climbed over to the edge of the bed and unzipped his jeans. He was wearing a pair of grey Calvin Klein boxers and you eyed him , he looked so damn good. He practically threw his shirt over his head and you could tell he was getting restless so you finally decided to pull his boxers down. As soon as you did his erection hit his stomach and appeared in front of your mouth practically begging you to touch it.

“Do you want me to suck it Daddy”? You questioned, only doing this to turn him on more.

“Please princess”. He stated, getting impatient.

You did as you were told and began to lick the tip, tasting the salty beads of precum leaking out. You wanted to tease him so you only kitten licked it for a while, he was getting mad but you loved when we was dominant.

“I swear to god Y/N, if you keep teasing Daddy will punish you and it won’t be pretty”. Luke said trying to hard not to flip you over and hit you from behind.

You didn’t want to stop and only started to suck the tip and nothing else.

“That’s it, you’ve been a naughty little slut and you made Daddy mad”. He turned you over with your butt in the air. He gripped your panties and ripped them down your legs. Your fluffy pink tail was right at the top and Luke stroked it to make sure it played with your hole.

“Now kitten be a good girl and count, and if you make any other noises then you’ll get 5 more”.

He hard hard on the first one and it almost made you yelp out from how unexpected it was.


The second was even harder and you were trying so so hard not to squeal or scream.


They went on until he reached 15, that was the limit you and him set for punishments unless you broke another rule.

“Good girl kitten, Daddy is proud of you. I know it hurts but you were being bad so I had to do what was right.” Luke said while rubbing your sore ass. “Now princess, can you be a good girl again and lie down on your back for Daddy”? You did as you were told and were unaware of what was about to happen. Luke went into his closet and grabbed his square shaped key for the bedside table. You heard rustling until Luke walked back to the bed with his hands behind his back. He brought a pink and silver leather ball gag, pink vibrator wand and 2 sets of handcuffs.

“Are you doing okay sweetheart? You’re awfully quiet”. Luke said in a concerning tone.

“Couldn’t be better”. You replied, even though you were scared of what was about to happen.

Luke took one wrist and hand-cuffed it to the bedpost, he then grabbed the other and repeated the process. He then lifted your head up and strapped on the gag.

“Just so the neighbours aren’t concerned”. He said reassuring you.

He then crawled in between your legs and turned on the pink vibrator and put it against your clit. You immediately let out a few soft moans from how good it felt. You bucked your hips up trying to lose the touch of the vibrator for just a second but as soon as you opened your eyes Luke was in between your legs and was flicking his tongue against you. You started to moan louder and were thankful for the gag so you wouldn’t have noise complaints. Luke entered a long digit inside of you and your eyes grew wide, you never wanted the feeling to end.

“Fuck kitten I can’t take it anymore”. Luke said coming up for air. He took out his fingers and you let out a whimper from the loss, Luke undid the gag and unlocked both sets of handcuffs. He flipped you over with your butt in the air again. You were barely prepared and felt Like slam into you without warning. Your moans filled the room along with the sound of his skin slapping against yours. He kept hitting your g-spot each time and you felt your climax approaching.

“Daddy I’m getting close.” You said while Luke was still thrusting into you.

“Me too kitten”. Luke replied.

Luke’s thrusts soon became sloppy and you two were so close to reaching the point.

“Cum for me princess”. You did was he told you to do and felt yourself release onto Luke’s throbbing member. He was quick after you to let go. You felt the warm liquid fill you up as you were still panting.

“I love you Y/N”. Luke said

“I love you too, Birthday Boy”.


helo. is (maeb?) louise. got new home todae. i like slepe and bieng hold by grama and mum. DO NOT like other kiten in miror. love mum and grama but NOT groul from oter side of dor. do like sownd of toy bel. i hav qwestin: what is growl and bark bork buff on oter side of dor? importnt for me. do yu no?

anonymous asked:

Meen hooman pick up smol kitten and hit. tho i do not have claws, i bite bad hooman. kiten may b smol and annoying and pouns on my tale but still do not deserve hit. good hooman give me many treets for this i have done good, but still will not let smol kitten pouns on my tail.