Sneak Peek: Call Me Kitten.

“Cats like to be assured that they’re loved, even though they don’t always act like it. Especially if they’ve been through a lot. Jimin has never been adopted, so this is a big deal for him.”

Jeongguk glances down at the small cage with the black cat lying in it, rubbing its ears with its paws.

“Please take good care of him! Have a nice day!”

Jeongguk nods politely, taking the handle to the carrier into his hand and pulling it off from the ground. Jimin jerks inside, yowling out as he looks curiously up at Jeongguk. His eyes are large and brown.

“It’s okay little guy. We’ll be great friends. I’ll take care of you.”

Jimin blinks his eyes slowly, pawing at his nose and Jeongguk swears the feline smiles.

When Jeongguk gets home he lets Jimin out, the cat pattering off somewhere into his kitchen. Jeongguk smiles, pouring the expensive cat food he got earlier into a cute little bowl set along with cold water in the other.

“There you go, cutie.”

“Thank you.”

“What the fuck?!”