anonymous asked:

Do you have all the episodes that are going to be aired yet like I forgot them and i know that there is like 9 known

According to TV Guide, these are the episodes from the upcoming bomb:

Lion 4: Alternate Ending (May 8th)
Doug Out (May 9th)
The Good Lars (May 10th)
Are You My Dad? (May 11th)
I Am My Mom (May 11th)

And Zap2It lists four episodes:

Stuck Together (May 31st)
The Trial (May 31st)
Off Colors (June 1st)
Lars’ Head (June 1st)

I’m not quite sure what to make of that since Zap2It sometimes lists shorts as episodes, and the episodes airing like that looks like a Stevenbomb but the 31st is a Wednesday and so a weird place to start a bomb. So I think if those are full episodes and not shorts, the air date will probably change