HXH translation meta: “Since it means nothing to you” 「関係ないからっ」

Howdy folks, I’d like to talk about this scene a little bit as I’ve recently seen some meta and analyzation going around that I think was based too heavily on Crunchyroll’s translation — which is a little misleading, in my opinion.

It’s not wrong per se, and I actually like this translation in how it really packs an emotional punch. But the problem with it is that Gon isn’t really criticizing Killua here. He is ostracizing him.

What Gon is more closely saying here is, “Since it’s none of your business” (関係ないから / kankei nai kara). Specifically, Gon is telling Killua that there is no connection between him and Kite, making Killua an outsider to Gon’s conflict and quest for vengeance. (Why this affects Killua so profoundly warrants an entire post on its own so I won’t go into too much here, but essentially Gon just drew a metaphorical line in the sand between them with this comment.)

Additionally, Killua references this line a couple times after but you wouldn’t know it because the translation was inconsistent:

  1. (In the hospital with Gon, inner-monologuing) “I get it, Kite saved your life, and he has no connection to me.”

  2. (Before parting with Gon at the World Tree) “Well, after you told me you would defeat Pitou alone and that it was none of my business, I was pretty depressed!”

I have a feeling that Crunchyroll interpreted Gon’s line as “since this doesn’t concern you” and then from there warped it into “since it means nothing to you”. They probably realized they couldn’t use “since this means nothing to you” in these other situations and just adjusted the translation accordingly, but I digress. The main reason I wanted to bring attention to this translation was for three main reasons:

  • This scene was NOT about Gon accusing Killua of not caring enough. It was a scene about Gon creating a distance, both emotionally and physically, between himself and Killua.
  • What Gon is saying (or at least, how Killua interprets it) is that they are not close enough to warrant Killua involving himself in Gon’s affairs, and that is what causes Killua’s breakdown in front of Palm.
  • This line is referenced by Killua later with additional context surrounding his feelings on the matter, and that was somewhat lost in translation.

Anyway, I’d love to write straight-up meta analyzing the Killugon aspect of this, as well as a round-up of Japanese fan opinions on this scene, but I think I’ll save those for another day. (If I write them, I’ll link to them in this post, FYI.)

Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out — I love discussing these things with people!

EDIT: Killugon follow-up meta


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CALRON + flying a kite

• so Callum never really dared to try and fly a kite since he couldn’t very well run fast enough
• actually he tried once but he fell down and the other children at the park stared at him
•which was worse than laughing at him
• so when Aaron gave Call a kite he had made
•with that famous Stewart smile
•Callum simply accepted it and thanked him
•but every time Aaron invited him to go to the park to fly the kite
• Call just kept giving excuses
• at first Aaron thought it was because Call was embarrassed of the kite he had made
•but when he apologized to Call for making the kite
•Call basically shouted at him that it wasn’t the kite
•because Call didn’t mean to offend Aaron
•he loved the kite
•Call’s bright red face when he confessed he never flew a kite
•Aaron staring at Call before laughing so sheepishly
•because he had worked so hard on an apology speech
•Aaron made Call promise him to meet at the park that
•Callum actually showed up
•"oh don’t worry, Call. It isn’t a very windy day"
•"It took me a week to learn too, Call.“
•"That one flew! That one counted!”
•Call felt bad at first
•But couldn’t help but laugh with Aaron

•Next summer, Call, Aaron and Tamara went to fly kites everyday.




•Call fell on Aaron and they both sort of laid there not moving
•staring at each other

Batch Request: Blue Skies

“The sky looks great today. Perfect for an outing.”

“This is picnic weather and I’ll be damned if I don’t make the most of it.”

“Not a single cloud in sight. After weeks of rain, this is a welcome change.”

“I don’t care what you do, I’m going to soak in the sun.”

“How could it be so sunny, but so cold?”

“I know this isn’t your preferred weather, but I’d love it if you came on a walk with me.”

“It’s been ages since I’ve attempted to fly a kite.”

“Make the most it; I can feel the storms coming.”

I had some kind of twewy/tenipuri crossover dream a while back that, as it goes with dreams, i remember absolutely nothing about, BUT it did make me really wanna try my hand at immitating the twewy art style, so naturally I did the 100% predictable zee thing to do…. and drew a Kite! 

It’s very different from what I usually do, expecially in terms of stylisation so it took some uh, interesting experimenting, but I think it came out a decent match to the style i was going for. (and, i mean, lbr, kite would make an excellent twewy reaper officer, he even has the weird artist thing down already ahead of time :v)


Ah, I’ve been meaning to do a mini tutorial on how I made Tweek for a while now, but never really got around to it. 

What you’re gonna need in order to do a Wonder Tweek firsthand is two extra SP Kidrobot figures if you don’t want to take the time to paint. Otherwise you’ll just need one. 

Butters and Paladin Butters have so far been the main ones that I’ve seen people use to customize other South Park characters with due to his head not being obscured by a hat like the others, otherwise you’d have to very carefully carve off bits to get a clean-ish surface. Another good head figure is the Human Kite’s head (I used my extra Kite to make a as-of-yet unfinished Tupperwear)

What you’re gonna need to create Tweek’s hair is some sort of baking clay. My go-to clay is Sculpey because it’s easy to work with in my opinion. There are other clays that people use that might be better, but I’ve never had a problem with Sculpey. 

Now there are colored clays for Sculpey and other clay brands, but I normally use the white and paint on it myself since I can get better details in.

I used an extra Paladin Butters that I had and carefully carved the jewel off and then began by covering the hairline with a thin layer of flattened clay to work off of. Reference pics are a good key, especially with Tweek, but the main meat of his hair is that it’s spiky. Keep that in mind as you work with the clay and make tiny little spikes to add to the clay on the head. Think of the shape of an ice cream cone but way smaller. 

You’ll want to use a tool to smooth out the clay cones to the rest of the clay on top. I actually have a similar tutorial about how to do this and also his bangs when I made a Gamzee

Once you have his head done, set the oven to preheat using the directions on the clay box, but since you do have a vinyl part too, I just turned down the heat by 25 degrees. Now, the clay I use does have a pretty ick smell to it as well as some weird chemicals in it and you’ll need to air out your oven and wait a few hours before cooking in it if you don’t have an actual clay oven like some professionals do.

I kept Tweek’s head in there for the allotted time that it told me based on the thickness of my clay, but I actually left him in the oven, just turning it off, until he and the oven cooled. 

Painting is pretty straightforward if you didn’t use a colored clay and since I did use a Paladin Butters, I just painted the leftover band blue that wasn’t obscured by hair and very carefully painted on the lettering with a tiny tiny brush.

Now comes the body. I had an extra SuperCraig (since I did get a full box of figures) 

I just used Craig’s body and painted his hands brown and mixed up blue paint to as close the color of Craig’s jacket as I could to make the square piece of paper into a circle. Painted over the S and carefully painted over it with the WT.

Otherwise, if you only have just the one figure’s body, you’ll have to paint the entire body to have Tweek’s costume. 

With my method, I did have extra pieces left over (Craig’s head and the PButters body, but since I also had an extra Warrior Stan, I created a Barbarian Tweek and Feldspar the Thief with the same methods. I do have a backshot of Tweek’s hair here for how I did that.

Hope this helps! 

love for the world

an upbeat acoustic playlist for lance mcclain!!

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