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PROMPT: Day #7 (6/11) - Incendiary
RATING:Teens (swearing, innuendoes)
WORD COUNT: 2977 (Part II only)

Rebecca will do anything for her best friend, Riza. Tonight, she’ll do whatever it takes to give her a shot at happiness, no matter how brief it may be. If only that damn bastard Mustang would take a hint…

PART I  |  PART II  |  PART III (coming soon)

This story happens immediately after the events of Roy Mustang Observation Diary, where Falman was still a sergeant (instead of a warrant officer), and Fuery was a private, up until the end where Roy promoted him to sergeant, at least according to the English translation floating around the net.

I’ve split the fic into three parts now because I ended up adding almost 3000 words by the time I finished reading two-thirds of the original Part II. I can’t help it. I love Rebecca and Team Mustang, especially Fuery!!



Friday, 23:08 hours
Dining Room (Turned into a Club), The Verve, East City

After all the preparations had been done, everyone finally settled around the rectangular table in their VIP booth. Rebecca unfurled the curtain divider by the entrance to give their group some privacy.

Riza took note of the seating arrangement. Across her was her best friend sitting on a plush ottoman, her back to the curtain. To Rebecca’s right were Breda and Falman, both sitting on one of the three loveseats in their booth. To her left were Fuery and Havoc, the former trying to rest his head on the taller man’s arm and failing miserably. Finally, Riza shared the last loveseat with the colonel.

The booth was rather small for seven people, and the loveseats smaller still. Riza’s right leg brushed against Roy’s left every time she moved. The contact made her hyperaware of their proximity which was already challenging the limits of propriety – at least for a commanding officer and his subordinate.

The game hadn’t even started yet…

…and knowing Rebecca, nothing less than inappropriate would happen for the rest of their night if she had a say in it.

“Young and wild and free, remember?” The blonde woman muttered to herself. She released a sigh, which did not go unnoticed.

“Is there something wrong, lieutenant?” Roy whispered in her ear, startling her.

She wordlessly shook her head, then shifted her gaze to Rebecca who let out an exaggerated cough.

“Are you done whispering sweet nothings to each other?” She raised an eyebrow at the two highest-ranked officers in the booth.

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Box-Kite House - residential, 20x30

I haven’t felt like building recently, but I needed something more spacious than the Double Diamond, so this is its bigger and infinitely more boring brother (also inspired by Andrew Geller’s house). 2 double beds, 2 twin beds and a tent xD. One bathroom. Not much else.

CC used:
- Bungalow windows part 2 by mutske
- GT liberated plants by @porphyriasims (Flower03, Flower05, Flower06, Grass01, Grass02, Shrub1, GrassClump1 and Groundcover)

Available both in the Gallery (tagged with #simmingstuff) and here.

1,400 miles doesn’t have shit on us + [LISTEN] a long distance playlist for when you miss them and they miss you
beside you - 5sos // bloom - the paper kites // lego house - ed sheeran // drops of jupiter - train // if i’m james dean you’re audrey hepburn - sleeping with sirens // wonderwall - oasis // can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes // wherever you are - 5sos // the girl - city and colour // iris - sleeping with sirens // come home - onerepublic ft. sara bareilles // big jet plane - angus and julia stone // to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // for the first time - the script // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // stay - miley cyrus