kite house

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Felix climbed up Kite's tree house, standing at the door. He puffed up his chest, determined. He knocked on the door, but felt all confidence leave him. (that-wonderful-cat)

The ‘door’ being the side of the window, Kite saw him from his seat reading comics.
“Oh, hi Felix..! Please jump in. Unless you wanna hang out by the window.“
He closed the comic and got up from his seat.


Box-Kite House - residential, 20x30

I haven’t felt like building recently, but I needed something more spacious than the Double Diamond, so this is its bigger and infinitely more boring brother (also inspired by Andrew Geller’s house). 2 double beds, 2 twin beds and a tent xD. One bathroom. Not much else.

CC used:
- Bungalow windows part 2 by mutske
- GT liberated plants by @porphyriasims (Flower03, Flower05, Flower06, Grass01, Grass02, Shrub1, GrassClump1 and Groundcover)

Available both in the Gallery (tagged with #simmingstuff) and here.

1,400 miles doesn’t have shit on us + [LISTEN] a long distance playlist for when you miss them and they miss you
beside you - 5sos // bloom - the paper kites // lego house - ed sheeran // drops of jupiter - train // if i’m james dean you’re audrey hepburn - sleeping with sirens // wonderwall - oasis // can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes // wherever you are - 5sos // the girl - city and colour // iris - sleeping with sirens // come home - onerepublic ft. sara bareilles // big jet plane - angus and julia stone // to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // for the first time - the script // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // stay - miley cyrus