kite flyers

“Look,” she said as she pointed to the kites flying high in the sky, “beautiful, is it not?”

He looked up from his reading and the sight of the kites decorating the sky took his breath away.

“Somehow, they are like us, like you and I.” He said eventually.

“How so?”

Feeling the weight of her head on his shoulder, he began to explain,

“The kite is like you and the flyer; me. The string represents our bond. We may seem far from each other at sight, but we never go astray. If you happen to get stuck along the way, I will do all I can to bring you back to the sky.”

He paused for a short while to plant a kiss on her head,

“Because the higher you fly, the bigger my victory will be.“

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #126 // The Kite And Its Flyer

Random thought of a Dan Vs story plot. I call it “Dan vs Kites.”

Basically a Kite Flying festival is ruining Dan’s day in the park. Of course he swears vengeance. Somehow this leads to him getting along with the parks local geese and basically being taken in by the flock.

Elise: This makes some sense. Both Dan and the geese are filthy and mean.

Dan: (hisses at Elise.)

Chris: Dan, you can’t use a flock of geese to ruin the kite flying festival!

Chris ends up chased into the lake by geese.

This all leads up to a huge flock of geese flying over the festival ( “flight of the Valkyries” playing) and well.. i think you can guess what gets dropped on the kite flyers.

In the chaos, with Dan laughing at it all, animal control shows up. Dan is picked up by animal control. Later Elise and Chris show up at animal control to pick up Dan.

Elise: yes, he’s ours. I’m confused though. Don’t you pick up only animals?

Animal control officer: Wait, he’s human? I thought he was an over sized possum with mange!

Dan: You could have showed up BEFORE the vet exam!

The whole thing ends with Dan wearing an cone and Chris eating animal treats he got from the office.