kite flyers

“Look,” she said as she pointed to the kites flying high in the sky, “beautiful, is it not?”

He looked up from his reading and the sight of the kites decorating the sky took his breath away.

“Somehow, they are like us, like you and I.” He said eventually.

“How so?”

Feeling the weight of her head on his shoulder, he began to explain,

“The kite is like you and the flyer; me. The string represents our bond. We may seem far from each other at sight, but we never go astray. If you happen to get stuck along the way, I will do all I can to bring you back to the sky.”

He paused for a short while to plant a kiss on her head,

“Because the higher you fly, the bigger my victory will be.“

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #126 // The Kite And Its Flyer
How many?

lie in wait within

there’s the fella said hello

to the postman

not the same as said hi

to the neighbor

or the one

hanging out with the writers

poets, bikers, beekeepers

teachers, lecturers, crammers, tutors

jam makers, gardeners

counselors, therapists, the rapists

cyclists, drivers, fathers

bank robbers, kite flyers, lean over men

brothers, uncles, nephews

second storey men, grifters, flim flam’ers

sons, grandsons

droppers, floppers, copiers, dips

archers, canoeists, walkers

tweakers, freakers, acid heads, 420’s

hikers, climbers, sit downers

stoners, tokers, boners, late night groaners

drinkers, imbibers, drunks, tramps

criers into beer, no fear speed freaks

thieves, disabled, abled, other

surfers, beach bums, café ghosts

gays, bisexuals, trysexuals

transvestites, hermaphrodites

potters, sculptors, builders

transgender, agenders, zhe others

flaneurs, loafers, laters’, chronic masturbators

alt left, alt right, fence sitters

pole sitters, shitters on all/anything

libtards, fucktards, pepe freaks

meme lords, shit post lords

whovians, trekkies, starians

browncoats, clankies,


& the steam goes out on this

how many lie within?

the only answer

must always be

as ever

how much time do you have

& how well do you spend it?

neil benbow

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love u!! 😘 Also Can I get headcanons where there's kite flyer!Jungkook and birdHybrid!Jimin is the first Hybrid Jungkook sees? Jimin could be a seagull Jungkook might like him more 😂 lol Thank you and have a great day!! :))

Love you too >3<

+ The world is divided by two, Hybrids and Hy’s. Hybrid’s are the main species on earth, in the thousand light era people would call them Half Human’s Half Animals. They’re the main species after radiation fuse animal and human cells alike. Then there is Hy, when a Hybrid gives birth to a non-Hybrid off spring. It’s when the baby is comes out with full “Human” or “Animal” genetics. When a Hybrid gives birth to a Hy, they abandon them so now there is a forrest where Hy children are left.

+ Jungkook was born to Leopard Hybrid parents and he was the only one in the 3 cubs to be a Hy. So his Father left him in the forrest (after kissing him many times) but stayed till another Hy found him. 

+ Jungkook grew up around other Hy’s and that’s all he knew. It wasn’t like he didn’t know about Hybrids (Hy’s do only take up about 15% of the world population) but Hybrids don’t really come by unless it’s to drop off a baby and Jungkook wasn’t old enough to be on patrol (18 years old, have to be 20.)

+ So one day Jungkook was in the open field where he frequent a lot with his kite he made. Jungkook is very smart and can create stuff. It was very windy which was a good for him. Jungkook flew his kite and watch it get higher and higher with a smile.

+ Jungkook’s smile drop when a figure in the sky collided with his kite and both came crashing down. Jungkook yelp before running over to the landing spot (Jungkook is very fast for a Hy, the only thing he got from his parents.)

+ “Are you ok?” Jungkook asks leaning over. Jungkook look over the figure laying on his stomach. The figure was a little smaller then his frame and over in feathers. It’s breathing still which is good. Jungkook swallows as he slowly kneels down. 

+ Jungkook has seen pictures of Hybrids but has never seen one in real life.

+ “What are you?” Jungkook asks curiously as he runs a hand over the other’s feathers. They’re soft white on the back but his wings is a dark gray while it’s tail is black. Jungkook touching made the Hybrid move while squawking. Jungkook let out a scream and fell back as the Hybrids flapped it’s wings but was tied up in the kite strings. “He-hey calm down! Let me help you.”

+ “What did you do to me!?” The Hybrid snap flipping around to glare at Jungkook. Jungkook stare in awe. Some of the feathers rounded his face but he had bangs of hair while also had Hy ears. His face was Hy along with his neck and torso but his lower body was cover with what seem like a feather skirt but then his leg’s looked Hy’s with feathers coming out from his ankles.

+ “You flew into my kite.” Jungkook stated getting back on his knees, “and you’re going to get more tangled and ruin my kite if you don’t let me help you!”  The Hybrid wiggle around more but more tangle before letting out a huff.

+ “Fine, but any funny business I’ll grow my beak and poke your eyes out.” “Ok…” Jungkook pause as he reach for the kite string but look at the Hybrid. he Hybrid sigh, “Jimin.” Jungkook smiles “Jungkook. Why are you flying over Hy forrest anyways? I thought Hybrids didn’t travel here.”

+ “We don’t.” Jimin flinches when one of the strings yanks on a feather. “I got mixed up. I don’t travel away from the Ocean much but my mom wanted me to fetch my cousin. Which is on the other side of this forrest. I was meant to go around but must of flown through.” Jungkook nods in understanding as he gets the last of his string.

+ “The Ocean huh?” Jungkook smiles, “I wish I could see it. But I’m not allowed to step out of the forrest.” Jimin frowns. “Why?” “Cause thats what we’re all told.” “That sucks. I guess its for you’re safety. Hybrids can be very aggressive.” Jimin says flapping his wings a bit and Jungkook is left in awe as Jimin hovers.

+ “Anyways, nice meeting you Jungkook.” Jimin smiles flapping higher. “Maybe some day you can visit me at the ocean. You don’t seem to bad for a Hy.”

chimes of the sea, the knocking shells

of soul on the reef

the sound unset by golden wreath

relief! relief! they echo outward

outward toward the haggard sea

into the wind the sails rip and cables

shift— here we are again my friend

come below the deck

never look back Orpheus taught

hold on tight, the word of the kite flyer

and into the night we sail

into the chimes of the sea chiming

sounds that are written in brail

on the rocks, the soul across the reef

and the fool wearing the wreath of gold

a siren on its own, its song the song of

slaves that never want to run away

that live to play in the silent thrum of waves,

the swing set sunk beneath the bay

that slip away beneath the stream

that won’t return by light of day

so into the night we sail, we hold onto the shifting cables

with a song that Orpheus sung, our backs

ever turned toward the sun

until the chimes will chime no more

and bits of soul returned to shore

drifting on the rocky beach

all water logged and torn

Looking back, looking onward

Thank you all for the caring words and understanding on my last post. I might not be able reply to each and every comment, but I did read all of them and they helped me a lot. It’s somehow very calming to know that despite being strangers on the internet, we are all capable of empathy, and that connection despite the distance is one of the many beauties of life. Thank you all again for being there when I’ve lost myself.

With the new year looming, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about everything that has happened, where my priorities are, and how to live a more balanced life. A lot has happened. Successes and failures.

A year ago in 2014, at this time, I was frantically trying to resolve the Axent Wear manufacturing issue. For those who missed the updates, I had designed these cat ear headphones many years ago, and with the amazing help of the backers, raised 3.4 million on Indiegogo to make them into a reality. My best friend at the time, and co-founder of Axent Wear (Victoria Hu), had promised to provide manufacturing for the headphones but when I actually visited the factory she had set up, I found out it was a horrendous sweatshop with workers breathing lead. I told her that was not acceptable and that she needed to provide a humane and environmental alternative. She initially agreed, but ended up ignoring me while I was stuck in China waiting for her replies. Communication completely broke down and we never recovered even after I returned to America to speak with her in person.

For the next half a year was a painful legal battle between her and I, that I honestly did not understand the purpose of. I wanted to just make the headphones in good quality for the backers, and she claimed the same, yet somehow nothing was agreed upon, and nothing was accomplished. For months she did not even allow me to make any official updates for the backers, threatening to sue me if I did (the company is 50/50 between her and I, so nothing can be done unless we both agree to it. It’s a terrible business setup in retrospect, though at the time I thought it seemed fair despite the headphones being 100% my idea).

The backers, many of which have been my fans and followers, felt so disappointed and betrayed by the silence and delays. I read their comments about how they lost trust in me, and I couldn’t even respond to them in fear of Victoria dragging on the legal battle. I could have taken her to court and let the justice system handle everything because I honestly believe she is in the wrong, but any lawsuit would drag on for years, and in that time none of the backers would be getting their headphones. So I sucked up my pride and just went along with whatever compromise she allowed that would still produce headphones. The final result is less than what I wanted, and less than what I think the backers deserve. I did everything I could, including spending tens of thousands of my own money on legal and consulting fees in hopes of making a difference, but it didn’t.

In the end I felt like a failure. I had put most of my art and my graphic novels on hold to work on Axent Wear, but somehow through the extreme highs of a successful crowdfunding, and the extreme stress of manufacturing, I lost my best friend, and lost the trust of a lot of my fans. Now that the headphones are finally out, I want to get back to my roots. I want to get back to just drawing and making comics about kite flyers and hackers. I still have to face the reality that my hands are not what they used to be, that I can’t just draw for hours and hours all day everyday without suffering constant pain. I had known this for years, and I had hoped that the money from the headphones would afford me helpers to speed up the comic making process, but that was a painful venture that caused more loss than gain in every way.

More recently, I discovered something that is more painful than losing my best friend, than all of the failure of Axent Wear combined. It’s a pain that I can’t put into words. I feel like I can never trust again, even though I know that’s not true, I can’t help but shrink away from people. I’m not trying to be vague, I just can’t bring myself to write more details. Right after my last post, I vomited repeatedly until I passed out. I’m not sure if it’s from the emotional pain and stress or just coincidental food poisoning, but I was not in a good place.

That was two weeks ago. I’m in a better place now. I haven’t been checking my e-mails or messages, but I will soon. I haven’t been posting art or tutorials, but I will soon. The pain is still here but the worst is gone and I will recover.

Looking onward to 2016, I have learned a lot from my past mistakes, and I will continue with my original goal of creating art and comics. I will create a Patreon account, and with enough support, I hope to speed up updates for Fisheye Placebo, and a remastered version of Knite too. I will continue to make art tutorials, more of the captioned speedpaints I’m already doing, and new voice over videos on specific techniques and topics. I will continue to go to as many conventions as I can, to hang out with old friends and to meet new friends as well. I will take responsibility for the mistakes I’ve made, be more cautious, and not give away my trust as easily; not to be cynical, just to be realistic. I will not be naive, I will not trust freely, I will trust responsibly. I will make the most of all the lessons life have given me, and face each day with new determination.

Thank you all again for everything. From being here to share the fun times, to learning and experiencing art together, to being caring, understanding, and always so supportive. I look forward to a 2016 with you all, sunshine and rain. Thank you!

dr--einstein-von-brainstorm  asked:

Hey, can you write a fanfic where Sheldon is really torn after his breakup and makes a time machine to go in the future to see if they get back together, and what happens in the future is up to you. Thank you... :)

Hello.  Thank you for the prompt!  I’m popping back in for some happy Sheldon family time.  Yes?  Okay.  I hope you guys are doing well.  

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