kite flier

Emma Carstairs

Sometimes, she thought, it was as if she were a kite, and Julian the flier: she soared above the ground, and he kept her tethered to earth. Without him she would be lost among the clouds.

“I’d sooner challenge a hoard of faceless solo than lose my life ‘nobly’ for the king. Please, allow me to join Lord/Lady Kamui’s cause. If you ever find me a threat to their safety, just drive your dagger in my back and be done with me.”

-Hoshido path recruitment

(Remember the Unit Recruitment Meme for FE13? Decided to get an early start with FE14′s, aha– There’s no template as of yet, so I’m adding in whatever extras I know are in Fates. Warning for character (names, generally), mechanic and misc spoilers, there shouldn’t be plot spoilers since I don’t know much. I’ll come back and edit this when the game’s released since some things could be off and others are just blank. Text heavier than Awakening’s meme, that’s for certain.)

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