kite flier

Emma Carstairs

Sometimes, she thought, it was as if she were a kite, and Julian the flier: she soared above the ground, and he kept her tethered to earth. Without him she would be lost among the clouds.

mmakehappy  asked:

heres a corny prompt for ya: jarrich day at the beach :-)

Thank you, thank you! This prompt really made me laugh. Richard would just be SO BAD at enjoying a trip to the beach, wouldn’t he?

The sun is hot, but the water is freezing.

Richard stews under a large umbrella, a stripe of sunscreen across his nose, wondering how he ever let himself be dragged along to this. So what if it’s Erlich’s birthday. Why should that mean Richard has to go to the beach?

Only Erlich ventures into the ocean. Flops straight into a wave and is immediately sucked under. He washes up moments later at the edge of the waterline, his skin gone blue, sputtering and gasping, like a gigantic, buffoonish, beached whale. Dinesh and Gilfoyle hang out around the picnic tables, never far from their illicit cooler of beer. And Jared – Richard watches, cringing a little at at the large straw hat he’s worn – walks along the sand, amassing a collection of particularly nice seashells.

Jared is odd, Richard thinks. And then, does it make me odd, too? How much I like him?

“You’re not going to go swimming, are you?” Richard had asked, by the Aviato van that morning, as Jared loaded in their supplies.

“I don’t believe so. The ocean here isn’t particularly hospitable.”

“Good,” said Richard, out the side of his mouth, as if it was a secret. “I mean, this whole thing is a stupid idea. It’s not going to be fun, I tried to tell Erlich – “

“It’ll be fun,” said Jared, nodding his head, serious and resolute. 

It almost doesn’t matter that it was a lie; Richard knows Jared is trying his best to believe it. And Richard thinks of it, then, watching Jared gingerly join Erlich in a game of horseshoes, as if fun is something he’s not sure he’s entitled to, but tries valiantly to experience all the same. It’s one of things, Richard thinks, that he likes most about him.

“Richard,” Jared says, later, a little out of breath after jogging across the sand. He reaches up to tug thoughtfully on his earlobe. His mouth turns down into a familiar, contemplative frown. “Are you going to stay under there all day?”

“Mmhmm.” Richard gestures vaguely toward the sky above them. “Sunburn.”

“You can borrow my hat if you want to,” Jared offers, immediately taking it off his head and holding it in an outstretched arm toward Richard. “It provides excellent protection. We can climb up on one of the cliffs. The weather’s ideal for kite-flying – “

“No, Jared,” Richard says, stopping him before he can get to what Richard senses is a long list of alternative suggestions. “But thanks.”

“Okay.” Jared turns away with barely any indication that he’s disappointed. He looks back like he’s about to say something very important, but says “be sure to stay hydrated” instead. 

Jared is odd, thinks Richard.

He hides under his umbrella til sunset. Fucks around with his phone for awhile. Reads a chapter or so of Pattern Recognition, for what must be the twentieth time. He squints into the distance at the kite-fliers up on the hill, at Jared’s slender, long-limbed, unmistakable silhouette. His kite, Richard sees, flies the highest of anyone’s.

“Did you have fun?” Richard asks, later, when Jared comes to sit next to him. So close their arms nearly touch.

“Yes,” says Jared. “And you?”

“Not really.”

They both laugh. Jared removes his hat and sits it in the sand beside him.

The fog rolls in then, around and between them, thick and almost viscous, descending languidly from the cliffs.

“Cat feet,” Jared murmurs.

“What?” Richard asks.

“Carl Sandburg?” Jared says, one hand thrown over his chest, incredulous. “The poet? Fog? Really? No?”

Richard shakes his head. He adds it to the lists he keeps, in secret. Ways Jared Is Odd. Things Richard Likes About Him. The lists, he thinks, have become increasingly confusing. There’s a lot of crossover. A lot he doesn’t know how to classify or name. He’s not quite sure what it means, exactly, when he thinks that he likes Jared. But as they sit together, silent, and watch the sun sink out of view, he thinks, Jared is patient. Jared will wait for me to figure it out.

“I’d sooner challenge a hoard of faceless solo than lose my life ‘nobly’ for the king. Please, allow me to join Lord/Lady Kamui’s cause. If you ever find me a threat to their safety, just drive your dagger in my back and be done with me.”

-Hoshido path recruitment

(Remember the Unit Recruitment Meme for FE13? Decided to get an early start with FE14′s, aha– There’s no template as of yet, so I’m adding in whatever extras I know are in Fates. Warning for character (names, generally), mechanic and misc spoilers, there shouldn’t be plot spoilers since I don’t know much. I’ll come back and edit this when the game’s released since some things could be off and others are just blank. Text heavier than Awakening’s meme, that’s for certain.)

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