kitchiki draws shit

While exploring unknown territory, you come across a feline figure sitting on a rock not too far from your position-she carries a faint glow from both the sunlight against her bright fur and the thin band of light suspended above her head. and seems to smile before jumping down and out of sight. You wonder if you were just imagining things.


whooo this was fun! I was inspired for the background by a Horizon Zero Dawn screenshot I took! That game has the prettiest scenes! I always find myself imagining my OC’s there when I play it haha!

Here’s a close up: 


I have TONS of these little personal comics that I do when I’m venting. They sort of tell a story because I started them before I was ‘out’ and a lot of it is about that. But I like to vent in the form of humor haha!

But yeah I just have so many of these comics that never see the light of day. Here have a few! Maybe I should host them somewhere! It always feels weird to share them because theyre just me getting my thoughts down somewhere or making myself feel better about things.


One of my new years resolutions this year is to try a more painterly approach to background painting, relying on less brushes and more on colour and shapes to get the point across! Also to be a bit braver with new compositions! So I hope to do a lot more of these practices!

I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out! ^^