1. Sanding for days. Festool sander = life saver. Also, that’s Riley in that photo. I would never wear a v-neck cut that low. 

2. Finished with danish oil using the wet sandpaper technique

3. 2 3/8" forstner bit for cable management system

4. Install day with Roman

5. Iron deets

6. The whole kit and kaboodle. Probably won’t get nicer photos anytime soon as the folks over there at Kitchensurfing are working pretty hard and I don’t want to interrupt their flow.


Rough sketch of an iron leg design for Kitchenlongboard. It’s going to be a 21’ x 4.5’ desk in 3 sections. The closer I can get it to one continuous working surface on either side, the better. This means legs of the base need to be as unobtrusive as possible. Without getting too crazy, I believe this is the best option. Crazy would mean a narrower base that is anchored to the floor. Or an extremely heavy base that lowers the center of gravity enough to be be super narrow. In any case, these solutions quickly exhausted the scope of the project and thus this is the end result.