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  • A lot of hugs
  • backhugs
  • sidehugs
  • front hugs
  • just a lot of hugs
  • sharing earbuds
  • “Did you know we are 92.96 miles from the sun?”
  • “Do you mean 92.96 million miles?”
  • “Oh yeah you’re right”
  • Him buying you a ton of stuff when he’s on tour
  • because EVERYTHING reminds him of you
  • Slow dancing in the kitchen
  • Being hyper aware and protective of you when you go out together in public
  • Whispering sweet things to you right before you fall asleep
  • You trying to convince him not to overwork himself
  • Falling asleep waiting for him at the dance studio
  • Waking up to Lay curled around you and a blanket thrown on top because he’s too tired to walk back home
  • Buying you a lamb plushie so you can cuddle him when he’s away
  • Lazy morning cuddles
  • Teaching you guitar by placing you in his lap and putting his fingers over your to create chords
  • He forgets your anniversary one year and feels really terrible so he marks it on the calender for the next ten years
  • Always trying to make him laugh/smile just see his dimple
  • Telling you everything about China when he’s homesick
  • Video chats whenever he gets the chance if he’s on tour
  • Comfortable silence
  • Really subtle couple items
  • Like bracelets
  • Writing a really sweet love song about you
  • It’s so sweet and heartfelt you would probably cry
  • Then cry harder when you hear it fully produced on an album
  • Quiet moments when the two of you just enjoy each other’s company
  • Sharing a scarf when it’s cold
  • Sweet innocent cheek kisses
  • Just a really cute relationship full of sugar and spice and everything nice

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Hellooo can you do hc of rfa(+saeran and v) when they find out you do self harm? Only if you are comfortable. Thank you^^


  • As summer came it was hot asf
  • A little swim couldn’t hurt right?
  • You had forgotten about the new noticeable scars on your thighs..
  • Yoosung noticed right away the cuts and asked you what happened
  • Nothing… I accidentally scratched myself..’ 
  • He looked down feeling hurt and gently grabbed your hand
  • MC… you don’t have to lie to me.. do you not trust me? You know I will protect you from anything including yourself.’ 
  • Poor baby tears up
  • You eventually explain to him the reasoning behind you hurting yourself
  • He holds you close and promises that he will help you overcome whatever is making you feel the need to hurt yourself
  • He just wants his gf to be happy :c


  • He came home from practice and smelt something good from the kitchen
  • being the best gf ever you decided to make him a big fancy dinner
  • he walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist
  • you turned around in his embrace forgetting that you had your sleeves rolled up
  • He eyes immediately noticed the cuts on your wrists
  • He grabbed your wrist and bought it closer to his face so he can see them better
  • MC… why are you doing this to yourself?
  • You stood silent as tears filled your eyes.
  • Your words came out in stutters as you tried to explain why you had been doing this
  • He brings your wrist to his lips, kissing each and every one of your scars
  • MC.. You are so beautiful to me. I love all of your flaws and imperfections. It what makes you you. And I love you. Please don’t hurt the person I love anymore. Just promise me you won’t hurt yourself anymore, okay babe?
  • Makes sure you are happy and checks to see if you hurting yourself every once in awhile


  • You fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to come back from work
  • He sighed softly and cursed himself for making you stay up late
  • He goes and picks you up to carry you to the bed when he sees your shirt rise up 
  • he sees cuts all over your stomach
  • He tightens his grip on you and lays you back on the couch
  • pulls your shirt up and examines the cuts
  • you wake up with the feeling of a cold breeze on your tummy
  • you open your eyes and see Jumin
  • MC, why do you have cuts on your stomach?
  • Your eyes widen as you tired to make up an excuse
  • U-Uh… Elizabeth scratched me..’ 
  • He knows when you are lying and pulled you into his lap.
  • ‘MC please be honest with me.. What’s wrong? I want to help you in anyway possible. Please tell me.
  • It sounded almost as if he was pleading as there was sadness and concern in his eyes
  •  You sniffle and hiccup as you try to get the words out on why you’ve been cutting
  • He gets you the best therapists 
  • He tries to spend more time with you and takes time off work until he knows you are better


  • She walked into the bedroom where she accidentally walked into you getting dressed
  • A blushed spread onto her cheeks as she saw your half naked body
  • Her eyes scanned your body and they stopped once she noticed burns and cuts 
  • She felt a lump in her throat  as she walked closer to you
  •  ‘What happened here MC…’ 
  • she  sat you down on the bed and took your hands in hers
  • Is something going on? You can always come to me MC…’
  • She is so worried about you and listens carefully as you explain whats going on
  • Does a ton of research on depression and self harm and tries her best to help you


  • surprise tickle attack!!!!!!
  • He pins you down and tickles your sides
  • tons of giggles and you attempting to kick him until your shirt went up and he saw your scars
  • he backs up and goes silent
  •  you sit up and look at him wondering why he was suddenly so silent
  • you then saw that your scars were out and panicked
  • MC…Why? Why are you hurting yourself? Is… Is it because of.. Me?’ 
  • Poor bby blames himself for you feeling this way.. he knew he couldn’t keep you safe…..
  • You explain the reasons why you were doing it
  • Promises to you that he will try harder to make sure you feel loved and beautiful


  •  You came to V asking for help on your issue with self-harm.
  • You two had long talk and he tried his best to give you the best advice
  • He kept reminding you how much he loved you and hoe beautiful you are
  • He ran his fingers over your scars and held you close.
  • ‘I love you MC.. I think everything about you is perfect.. Everything. I love you and very part of you. Including your scars and your pain. I will help you through any problems you have…


  • Sees the scars on your wrist when you were cuddling on the couch
  • Poor cinnabun is hurt and angry that you kept this from him since he has told you everything about himself
  • Is confused to why you would even want to do it in the first place????
  • You explain how scared and ashamed you were of it… an d how you thought you deserved all this pain.. and how it was an escape for a little bit
  • Holds you close and tight in his arms 
  • ‘I won’t let you cause pain to yourself anymore.. You don’t deserve all this pain! All you’ve ever done is help everyone around you… and you saved me.. I can’t lose you..’

Percival Graves has a wife whose daily activities include:

  • Cleaning up Percival’s mess
  • Rolling her eyes at him
  • Stopping his from drinking
  • Hiding the alcohol everywhere
  • Fighting him because she married an idiot
  • More fighting
  • Being fierce af
  • Protecting her husband af
  • Insulting Percival in public
  • Fighting anyone who insults Percival in her presence
  • Rolling her eyes
  • Not cooking often because women do not belong in the kitchen
  • Being British af
  • No-Maj/Muggle fights
  • Did I mention rolling her eyes?
  • “Hogwarts is the best wizarding school to ever exist.” “You sure about that?”
  • Animagus af
  • Not giving up on her husband
  • Loving af
  • Best advice comes from her
  • “Merlin’s beard, Percival. We have been through this. It is MUGGLE.”
  • Whisper-fights on the topic of muggles/no-maj

But that’s just my opinion.

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Dating headcanons for eggsy please

  • Getting worried when he’s away on missions
  • Hand holding, and kisses to the wrist and the cheek and cheeky little kisses that make you laugh
  • Lazy mornings, lots of lazy mornings
  • Laughter, jokes, eye rolling and head shaking
  • He teaches you some self-defence 
  • JB is your child.
  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • Being randomly picked up or tickled
  • Making sure he has everything he needs because he can forget a lot
  • Roxy is awesome and you and her get along great and it’s awesome because you can bitch to her and she helps when your relationship hits rough patches