Home Cooked Meal from Fox Hill Homestay, Langkawi

On our first night whilst staying at the beautiful homestay resort of Fox Hill in the centre of Langkawi, we were offered the chance to try a traditional Malaysian meal. This was without a doubt, the food highlight of our stay. We headed to the outdoor restaurant/communal area where a candlelit table had been set out for us. We had been hearing all the typical kitchen sounds of stir frying, pounding of spices and deep frying so our anticipation had risen even before we got to the table. 

When the food arrived, fresh from the kitchen we were served four different dishes, each beautifully presented; asam (tamarind) prawns which were enormous, some of the biggest prawns i’ve ever seen and were coated in a sweet/sour lacquer of caramelised sauce. There was ayam berempah (spice coated chicken)- this was amazing and I’ve since recreated it; deep fried and crispy but with an exquisite blend flavours from the spices and curry paste. To add greenery and texture there was a tasty pak choi dish stir fried in garlic and to top everything off was the best beef rendang I have had to date, cooked with local beef. It had obviously been cooking down for hours as the meat and collagen fell apart. The sauce was rich, subtly spiced, a little oily and slightly sweet. This feast of Malaysian flavours came in at just 66 MYR (about £11.30).

Many thanks to Maria and her wonderful team at Fox Hill for the stunning food.

Murasakibara Atsushi for Carla’s bday [2/2]

Alright, so I kinda wrote two things? Since I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the first thing I wrote, here’s another one! Ahaha, oops? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE! <3

Ah, the cultural festival! An incredible and entertaining opportunity for Yosen students to show off their administrative skills while also having fun.

Of course, trying to convince your boyfriend to participate had recquired a lot of begging, blackmailing and promises of snacks, kisses and cuddles - but it was worth it.

Behind the white curtain, an improvised partition between the kitchen area and the serving area, you and Atsushi work together to make the iced teas and cut the pieces of cake he’s baked.

(Why is there only the two of you working in the kitchen? Well, because your boyfriend didn’t want anyone else helping him, claiming they’d just get in the way.)

“Carla-chin, I’m tired…” The purple haired giant’s voice makes you stop cutting the lemons and look up at his pouty face, and the sight automatically brings a smile to your face.

“Oh, I know, baby. But we’re in the middle of lunch hour, so can’t you hang on just a little bit longer?” If that’s even possible, his pout gets even bigger and he sends you the dreaded kicked puppy look. You have to make a conscious effort to steel your resolve. “Just a little bit more, okay? And then we can leave on our break and eat some delicious food, alright?”

Murasakibara’s pout doesn’t leave his face, but he silently goes back to stirring the cake’s frosting - just a little more willingly when you giggle and stand on your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Jealousy (Minho Fluff REQUESTED)

Y/N rolled over in her hammock with a groan, when her hand collided with nothing but thin air she shrugged it off. It wasn’t unusual for Minho to leave her alone in the mornings, he was the Keeper of Runners after all. Stretching and yawning she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and climbed out of her hammock and left the room.

The first thing that hit Y/N was the harsh, crisp and bitter cold air despite the fact that the bright glare said that the sun was still bright making itself known in the sky. Her hand covered he face as she made her way to the kitchen where Frypan was serving up breakfast for just after the wake up. She paused and her heart shattered. There he was. Minho. Her boyfriend. With the Greenie Teresa.

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Minho, Y/N trusted him more than anyone. Its the fact that it was Teresa, the girl was drop dead gorgeous and flawless. Her voice resembled that of bells and her laughter was something else and it seemingly couldn’t keep Minho away, not this time. Teresa was Y/N’s friend, but she couldn’t help but still feel small and unwanted around the dark haired, pale skinned beauty.

Y/N took a seat next to Thomas and Newt instead of her usual spot by Minho which earned her more than a few curious glances but she waved them off, it seemed she wasn’t the only jealous one as Thomas too seemed to be glaring holes into Minhos head. “Bunch of bloody love sick puppies,” Newt grumbled as he leaned over the table to smack Thomas on the back of the head.

Y/N couldn’t stifle the small giggle that left her lips as she looked at Thomas and Newt not noticing that Minho had left the clutches of a pouting Teresa and was heading in their direction. She jumped feeling a hand on her shoulder and looked up meeting the grinning face of Minho. He leaned down for a kiss but she deliberately turned her head so he only barely caught her cheek. Minho frowned a little but chose to ignore the small action of dismissal and tightened his runners backpack. “Time to go Thomas!” He announced and waved at Y/N before jogging away with Thomas.

Y/N was rather disappointed to see that Teresa was in fact training with the runners today meaning she’d be all alone with either Minho or Thomas. She thought Thomas would be cute with Teresa and maybe they’d split off but her rational thoughts led her to believe that because Minho was in charge of the runners she’d be his shadow for the day. That thought swirled in her mind throughout the day making her snap the needle she’d been holding whilst just finished having stitched up a Glader.

“Hey Y/N you coming?” Alby called whilst he momentarily popped his head around the door to check up on her. Y/N paused and then it clicked. Bonfire night was tonight and she’d forgotten all about it. “Sure thing I’ll just clean up here,” she forced a smile and washed her hands that were bleeding from the cuts she gained after breaking the needle in her palms. Taking a deep breath she then walked outside letting her eyes adjust to see that everything was so much more lively now.

Y/N felt something shoved into her hand and was met with a jar of Gallys brew that naturally everyone got. Seeing Minho and Teresa were once again in the company of each other happy and smiling she decided she was going to keep the jar all to herself instead of sharing it This time as she huffed and sat at the far corner of the bonfire on the logs by the fire swirling the horrid yet satisfying drink in her mouth.

Y/N was drunk, there was no denying that. She’d gone past the point of caring that even though Minho was her boyfriend he was having fun with another girl. She rose slowly from the ground, giggling at something Jeff had said before turning to stumble through the buzzing Gladers deciding it was time for bed until she stumbled and face planted the floor. At Minhos feet if course.

Minho laughed at his tipsy girlfriend Y/N who looked to be eating the dirt (not literally of course) and gently he reached his hands out to haul her up. Excusing himself he lead her to the hammock they shared. Y/N grumbled and tried to scramble out of his grasp. “Go be with Teresa since she is so much more fun than me!” She snapped in a haze as she slumped into her hammock. She wasn’t really angry, only jealous that Minho had gone straight to Teresa when he’d usually greet Y/N first when he got back from the maze.

Now it made sense to Minho, how Y/N had been so quiet and distant from him, how she’d avoided his affections and stayed away. She was jealous. He crossed his tan, buff arms as a smirk made its way to his face. “You’re jealous!” He state knowingly. Y/N scoffed, “Of You, no. Of Teresa yes. She’s so pretty and does everything right and make a everyone laugh and you were with her for most of the day,” she pointed out.

Minho nodded, “She is pretty,” he agreed. Y/N felt her heart plummet deep into her chest. She was positive that even Minho could hear the sound of it breaking as he shakes his head quickly grabbing Y/N gently by the hands. “Teresa is pretty, but you are gorgeous. She is fun, you are hilarious. She is nothing, you are my everything,” he added, leaning in for a kiss. And this time? Well Y/N let him as her cheeks flushed red.

undertheoceandepths asked:

hEY where do u place Arata in Future Fish verse? Like i guess the obvious choice would be like... idk workin w Haru or smthn buT I don't see Arata as a waiter tbh bUT I DON'T KNOW BC HE UR BABY but i as curious?? so yeh

oH I –

Ive never actually put much thought into it. I know Arata becomes a bartender when he’s older in my main verse, but the first & last time I RPed in the Future Fish verse was on skype, and I didn’t bother trying to change Arata’s occupation as a bartender cuz at the time i couldn’t think of one –

but i do have a nurse Arata verse, and I wonder if that should be what he is in the Future Fish verse. CUZ NURSE ARA IS MY FUCKIN JAM AND IMAGINE THAT.

I am home after being in New Jersey the last few days. As you guys probably saw, my girlfriend’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer. He is going in sometime in the next couple weeks to get his first surgery to see how far along it is. So Veronica left shortly after coming back, packed more, and left again to be with him and the family. She’s going to be there for at least two weeks. And I miss her so fucking much. I never realized I’d miss her this damn much. 

I start working at my new job on Monday morning. She’s the strength that gets me through every single day. As for the job… I have to shave my beard completely. And I think it’s going to be just learning how to be a manager, seeing as the position is called “manager trainee”.

I have to clean down here a lot over the next few days. The rat cage is disgusting, the clothes need to be sorted and washed, the kitchen area we set up needs to be revamped. I have to get a lot done. 

I have to also start losing weight again and becoming healthier. After tonight, I will. More water, less servings and serving sizes… And very little going out to eat. 

I should see my family more while babe is gone, but I’ve changed so much and they have and a lot of their homes make me feel claustrophobic. 

I have to find an apartment for us. I hope we can get one very soon. 

hartwin questions answered for harttwin!

harry’s the big spoon and he sleeps closest to the door.
eggsy would win fist fights if only he takes damage a lot better, but harry has more technique and sneaky tricks and experience so he pins eggsy 9/10.
harry always strives for nothing less than michelin so on his side of the fridge is where you’d find imported gourmet delicacies, but also more dishes and utensils piled up for washing in the sink. his culinary masterpieces also take forever. if they’re both starving eggsy mans the kitchen and serves delicious sandwiches.
harry is tidier with things that actually count (suits undies ties socks) and eggsy tidies up jb and daisy’s toys and that’s about it.
eggsy drives. harry would sooner die than admit he’s also a bit of a speed junkie.
harry holds the umbrella because he’s taller.
harry is also the one who sleeps with socks and a silk sleep mask on.
eggsy hogs all the blankets but harry puts up a good fight when it’s chilly.
eggsy’s got a bit of a ridiculously adorable nasally snuffle in his sleep.
harry gets the morning paper because he’s a traditional man like that, even though eggsy tries to tell him “we have ipads for news now”.
to everybody’s amazement, both of them are the kind of morning people who get up at 6:30 for brisk daybreak jogs. in winter they opt for relaxing yoga exercises in the living room instead.
eggsy’s faster with showers. he’s young and can afford to go without moisturiser for extended periods of time. once, he timed harry’s shower at a staggering 50 mins. harry has more grooming products than guns.

The #Harmandir #Sahib, also #Darbar Sahib and informally referred to as the #Golden #Temple is a prominent #Sikh #Gurdwara located in the city of #Amritsar, #Punjab, India. The Gurdwara is surrounded by a large #lake or holy tank, known as the #Sarovar and is fed by Ravi #river. The Harimandir Sahib runs one of the largest free #kitchens in the world, serving 100,000 people on average daily. #amazing #awesome #beautiful #cute #evening #happy #india #love #netgeoindia #orange #pretty #sky #sunset