Spiderboy And The Invisible Girl

Pairing: Peter Parker x Inhuman!reader

Summary: You’re the invisible Avenger, both figuratively and literally, as an accident when you were a little kid caused you to gain the power to turn invisible. Even when you’re not invisible you manage to blend in, until Peter Parker joins the team.

Warnings: Language (goddammit Tony)

A/N: Tagging @skymundane477@takenbymyfandoms​ and @pattypotterpevensie​ bc I know you guys love Peter as much as I do xx

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Torendi Kitchen (Restaurant)

Download .7z

From high above the Fashion District Torendi Kitchen serves up the finest experimental cuisine in San Myshuno.

A restaurant for The Sims 4. Four bathrooms, a bar, two chef stations, indoor and outdoor seating, a kareoke machine, two bubble machines, a dancefloor, and a pool. Lot traits: chef’s kitchen, party place, romantic aura. §156590 on a 40x30 lot.

CC free. Contains resized objects and objects placed with the moveobjects cheat.

Requires the following packs or expansions:
Outdoor Retreat | Get To Work | Perfect Patio Stuff | Spa Day | Cool Kitchen Stuff | Get Together | Movie Hangout Stuff | Romantic Garden Stuff | Dine Out | Kids Room Stuff | Backyard Stuff | City Living


Lumber Baron House by loveofhouses
Via Flickr:
The Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens was named after John Mouat, a Scottish immigrant who amassed a fortune in lumber back in 1890. Mouat was instrumental in Denver’s growth. He worked with top architects to build this 8.500 square foot home for his family in Highlands – geographically and morally above Denver, a town of the wild west. His home featured cherry, oak, poplar, sycamore, maple and walnut – all adorned with distinct carvings and ornate detail. The dining room woodwork boasts individually carved rosettes of a variety of trees. Just as it does today, the third floor ballroom hosted social events under the elegant pyramid ceiling and on top of the beautiful maple floor. And on the main floor, Amelia Mouat’s original kitchen has been updated into a full catering kitchen capable of serving our overnight visitors and event guests Walter Keller and his family lovingly poured their heart and soul into restoring the Lumber Baron to its original glory. Working night and day, they did much of the work themselves. The building was a condemned apartment building when Walter bought it – major renovations were required. They literally gutted the building and rebuilt much of it – and they didn’t stop there. The uniquely detailed interior and themed Victorian rooms and furnishings took a lot of time, patience and care to put into place.


I know it’s considered pretty paternalist by some to give people stuff rather than money that they could spend on what they desire, but I think free food, free housing, and free healthcare should just be a thing. It really wouldn’t even be very disruptive to integrate all that into an existing capitalist society. Turn restaurants into people’s kitchens where food is served buffet style, for free, to all. Socialize housing and build some skyscrapers where the poor can live for free. And most rich and semi-rich countries already have that free healthcare thing down already. Only barbarian nations like the US are easily able to pay for it but don’t have it.

Free healthcare might be the easiest part of that actually, as barring a few pathological cases people generally don’t enjoy spending more time in hospital.

Free food incentivizes ways to exploit it in a way that just giving people money to buy food does not, and makes it harder for other food production services to compete by offering better products or service.

Some level of socialised housing may be necessary, but if you overdo it you end up creating crime ridden ghettos that no one actually wants to live in, bringing you back to square one.

  • the bane of chef Ramsay:
  • Microwaves
  • grease
  • unclean kitchens
  • frozen foods
  • shouty 'Mericans
  • bizarre food concoctions
  • weird food that's been forgotten in the walkin refrigerator
  • bagged food
  • owners that take servers tips
  • incompetent people
  • RAAW
Fire Roasted Chipotle Tomato Soup with Cilantro Lime Crema & Black Beans.

Confession: I want Mexican food almost all the time. There is nary a moment at which I am not 100% down for a plate of nachos and a frozen margarita. It’s as though my rosewater-drinking foodie self’s alter-ego is a wild Tex-Mex diva living la vida loca 24/7.

This soup has the rich, spicy, and tangy flavor profile of a plate of nachos, and even comes with a deeply satisfying hit of black beans, cilantro, and sour cream.

And when I want a hyper-flavorful tomato experience in the middle of winter, I have the luxury of opening a fragrant can of Muir Glen’s Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes. These babies have saved me more than once in a kitchen pinch, serving as the quintessence of everything tomato, distilled at its peak for year-round concocting.

Recipe and more here!

DAREDEVIL is what got me really in to comic books. This piece was super fun to make.

Instagram : @Davis.Rider

So, I work in a retirement home. I’m a dishwasher in the kitchen (we serve the residents food in a dining hall. It’s basically for the wealthy old people.) Anywho, so I was delivering breakfast room service this morning, and this old lady who’s fucking 92 years old is just casually watching SpongeBob SquarePants. She was just like, “I love Saturday morning cartoons. I especially love this show because it’s just so darn silly.”

This was so pure and we had a very brief conversation about how great the pre-movie SpongeBob is. You’re never too old to watch cartoons - a 19 year old and 92 year old can both love the same shows. :D



airi had tried her best with the miso soup. since the other was sick , a good and warm miso soup was key to their well being. however instead of salt she put sugar and she also added vinegar as well. but she had just mixed things in the kitchen. yet she served it with confidence. “here eat and enjoy.” she took her burrito wrap to eat it in front of him. she had no mercy for the unlucky man.

` 최⁹¹ . Minho leaned up when she came over with the soup, having smelt it during the time that she was making it for him; it had been a while since he tasted the feminine touch in food, not since he had visited his mother. Being an idol demanded a lot of his time, so being taken care of like this, it was a lovely feeling. “ Oh, thank you so much, “ he coughed a bit behind his hand, giving the other a sheepish smile. “ This must be so bothersome, I’m really sorry. “

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Can we discuss how she avoided all his questions? The Black Panthers were NOT a terrorist group. It was a organization to protect the Black community from not only the KKK but also from police brutality. Lets not forget that the Black Panthers helped their local communities with soup kitchens. Tomi got served!

Do not go to a restaurant on Valentine's Day.

Just don’t. Do not. Don’t go. Especially if you live in a large city, especially if it’s a “romantic” restaurant. It is chaos. 

You’re eating overpriced food prepared by a panicked kitchen and served by pissed-off waiters who are silently placing bets on whether or not you and your dinner partner will make it to April. Everyone working at the restaurant is drunk. They’re all thinking about their ex who just dumped them, their partner who’s mad they can’t grab dinner, or desperately swiping through Tinder looking for a warm body to bounce on after their shift ends. We’ve worked in restaurants, so we speak from experience.

Here’s something that occurred in my previous job working at a big sexy steakhouse in the Village. I think I was the last obnoxious waitress who completely broke the chef:

WAITRESS: Hi there! Table 14 has a vegetarian guest. She wants to know if you have any meat-free substitutions for the entree course.
CHEF: (finishes chugging a plastic pint Chinese food container of alcohol) Yeah. Tell her I’ll give her a plate of vegetables.
WAITRESS: Ha ha, yeah okay! But really, do we have anything?
CHEF: I just told you. 
WAITRESS: A plate of vegetables? You’re serious?
CHEF: Yeah. Tell her I’ll give her a plate of vegetables.
WAITRESS: It’s just that-
CHEF: What? It’s what? (picks up a new, full container of alcohol)
WAITRESS: It’s a… it’s just that it’s a $200 pre-fixe meal.
CHEF: She’s a vegetarian. She loves vegetables. So I’ll give her a plate of vegetables.

(Waitress goes over to table)

WAITRESS: Hi there. So our chef can prepare for you a… plate of veg-… a steamed garden plate… of vegetables, seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices, and served with a… you could… it comes on… you could also order some wine.
GUEST: That’s ridiculous. Can I speak to the chef?

(Waitress looks over to kitchen. Chef is now drinking two beers at the same time.)

WAITRESS: He’s busy.
GUEST: That’s really too bad. I’m a Yelp super reviewer.
GUEST’S BOYFRIEND: Babe. Come on. It’s a steakhouse. They serve steak.
GUEST: (looks at him with murderful eyes, then back to me) Steak is fine, I guess. 

(I quit soon after.)

My aunt used to live in this long wavey building during the GDR. I spent the night there sometimes. I remember her flat was so small (1 room). In the livingroom, which served as bedroom too, there was the typical “serving hatch” from the kitchen. She placed her double bed right below it as she had to use all space and dead corners possible. I felt crammed in when laying in her bed, because to the left and to the right there was literally no space left and the only way to get into bed was from the foot end. When one night I stayed over I felt sick, auntie wanted to get me some tea. So she opened the yellow-ish/orange-ish glass-covers of the serving hatch, “Peekaboo!” and handed me the tea through it. Had a little heartattack and started laughing. The irony is that although almost every Plattenbau kitchen had these serving hatches in the living room, I cannot think of any other moment we ever used them than this once my auntie did! I remember though that the windows of her flat had no curtains, so when I was laying in her bed I could watch all the fascinating lights outside, lights in the windows of other people, cars passing by and such, as she was living on the 1st floor.