Have you got tree stumps lying around outside? why not paint the tops of them and you’ve got yourself some pretty handy side tables.

On a similar theme to the stump side tables what about using birch off cuts to create shelving units.

Have you got some salad servers that are looking a bit bland? Head to the hardware store and choose some colourful wood stain and dip the ends of the servers into the stain. The longer you hold the servers in the stain the deeper the colour will be so to create an ombre effect hold it on the stain less each time.

Not a fan of ugly electrical cords? no neither am I wrap your cords in some twine rope. Much more pleasant!

Another great DIY shelving idea. Use old crate boxes or even dresser drawers, paint and add wallpaper to the inside and hang at different levels.

In need of some bookends? Here’s a few suggestions. Find some rocks outside and good quality spray paint and you’ve got yourself some organic looking bookends. Have a piece of wood cut and paint sections of the wood. Get a cement mix kit from your hardware store choose a mould (a plastic container from home in a shape you like is perfect) wait for your concrete to set (this can take 24 hours) knock it out of the mould and you’ve got yourself some pretty cool industrial looking book ends.

Concrete candleholders

Choose a container to be the mould for your candleholder this can be anything sturdy and that you like the shape of. Pour in your concrete wait for it to set (approx 24 hours) and after it’s set but before it’s gone hard drill a hole for your candlestick. Gorgeous!

I’m a big fan of washi tape it has so many awesome uses! and here’s another! Cover your washer and dryer in it to make doing the laundry more fun!

Make your own art

Find a gorgeous frame you can spray it a particular colour if you like, head outside and find some skinny tree branches arrange them on your frame and secure either using a staple gun or hot glue gun.

Hang some barn doors to add a  touch of country to your entrance.

Want a new set of coffee mugs? How about spraying your old ones!

Similar to the wooden salad servers this time paint your set of utensils in different shades. 

Hopefully these DIY projects will keep you busy and give your home a fresh new look without the expensive price tag!

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Baby Food Jars
These hanging jars are perfect in your office, kitchen, or bedroom. Use them to organize seasonings, office supplies, craft supplies, or even jewelery. You can use labels to keep them extra organized!

Superglue flat magnets to the lids of empty baby food jars (or similar jars). Next, attach a metal plate or other magnets to the bottom of a shelf. You can then hang the jars from the shelf to keep your supplies organized.


Smeg: Your Soon-to-be Dream Fridge

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll know my love for Smeg appliances goes way back. No one’s modernized the retro fridge quite like they have. It looks clean and sleek but never too cool and contemporary. It also blends seamlessly with so many design styles. I particularly love how the matte black one in the first photo pops against the white tile and how the buttery tone pairs perfectly with navy cabinets in the sixth photo. I didn’t even know matte was an option since you typically see the glossy models everywhere so I’m very pleased with this little discovery. 

Photos via Pinterest, My Scandinavian Home Blog, Varrell

Silver Tray Message Board | Poppy Talk

I found a fantastic silver tray in a second hand store and though I loved it I couldn’t think of a way I would actually use it - which is probably the reason it ended up in the second hand store! But this is perfect, such a pretty way to hold messages, and would look great in a kitchen. Another project to add to the pile for the makeover!