Burning Bush Magnet

Commemorate the first time Moses hallucinated off of the lord’s divine herbs with the burning bush magnet. The iconic religious image of Moses standing before the burning bush receives a modern day twist that reflects our society’s unique brand of humor.


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Can you do "Explain yourself." with Louis please? Thank you so much :)

“Explain yourself.”

He commanded at the puppy who had just knocked over one of the lamps as he tried to get away. 

You stood behind him, putting your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter. “Louis I don’t think he understands.” You walked up to the new pup and picked him up in your arms. “Don’t be mad at me daddy, it was an accident?” you mimicked, holding the puppy up to Louis’ eye level.

Peeking out from behind the animal, you too gave puppy eyes.

“If you guys weren’t so goddamn cute…” he grumbled, taking the happy, unaware pup from your arms. “Yes you are, you’re very cute.”

Another giggle left your mouth as you turned to head into the kitchen. “You two have fun!”


Gluten Free Communion Bread

My friend Chelsea helped me practice baking gluten free communion bread. It turned out very well! I hope to make it for my church or for my seminary eucharist some time. Tastes good, doesn’t crumble. I got the idea from a recently graduated seminarian friend named Tami who said she has spent four years perfecting this gluten free recipe.

Here’s the link if you want to try this allergen friendly recipe for yourself.  It was really easy to make. It does have some unique ingredients. 

Kitchen Fun || Erica & Isaac

Stiles wasn’t feeling well. He had a migraine and was all out of adderall. That’s what Erica had read while trolling ‘Tumblr’. She had nothing better to do as her mother and brother were still away, and she cared about her Batman, so she offered to go over there with snuggles, to which he accepted.

It seemed like Isaac had the same idea, so she shot him a few text messages, asking whether he thought they should take Stiles some cookies as Stiles was always baking cookies and other scrumptious (scrumptious? Since when did Erica start using posh words like scrumptious?) treats, to which he agreed.

That’s what brought her here now, standing at Derek’s apartment door, supplies in hand to bake awesome cookies (or Break and Bake cookies, rather than supplies), that she had found in the back of their pantry. 

Derek wasn’t home by the feel of things, and when she opened the door (because, really, what was the point in knocking? Isaac knew she was coming, he wouldn’t care whether she knocked or not), she found that she was right.

“Isaac?” she called out, manoeuvring her way through the apartment and into the kitchen. “Hey, lazy, get out of bed! We have baking to do!”

Chenonceau part 2: Kitchens!

You kids are going to start hating castles…sorry not sorry. 

But anyhoodles, let’s get down to business! (to defeat the huns…) 

After we explored the ground floor, we decided to venture down into the kitchens of Chenonceau, which I was irrationally geeked about. The other chateaux I’ve been in haven’t let us see kitchens and the like, and I enjoy seeing the really lived in parts. 

Though I will say, my first glimpse of the kitchen was a little alarming…

Yeah, we might have speculated that it was a dungeon at first. Those knives! Those sinister looking hooks! 

The first part of the kitchen that you come into, is the pantry. It has a lot of pots and pans displayed, and those bells you see off to the side are the original bells to the chateau, but they aren’t attached to anything anymore. The neat thing about the bells is that when they would have been operational, each bell has a slightly different tone and ring to it. So even without looking, the servants would have been able to tell which room was ringing for service just based on the sound. 

This is the bread oven they used. I like how there is a basket of bread in the oven…where it would have burned to a crisp. 

I’m not entirely sure what this wheel was used for, but I think it was for pulling up water from the river? Or grinding flour? Not a clue. 

After leaving the pantry, we made our way into the room we had glimpsed earlier. Apparently it’s where they used to butcher game and prepare all the meats. The hooks were for hanging game and whatnot. The table underneath the knives even has special grooves and denting in it to drain the blood and what not. 


To the side of the pantry is the food storage/kitchen staff dining room. I loved the way they have it staged, with all of the fresh flowers and stuff. With the light streaming in the windows, it was lovely. 

The actual kitchen itself, where the cooking took place in down another small staircase. The stove and ovens are not original to the castle, as they were brought in during World War I, to enable the castle to be able to feed and take care of the soldiers who were recovering from their injuries. 

So many cake/jello molds! 

I love the stove/ovens though. There is just something about the look of them, black with the copper cookware that I think is beautiful. 

This fireplace is huge! It’s the largest one in the castle. It doesnt have th fancy chimney like the rest, but it definitely would have been awesome all lit up. 

Tucked off to the side of the kitchen is another dining room, also lovely. This one, if I remember correctly, was used for the higher up servants, such as ladies maids, butlers, and the like. 

It’s not as grand as the crazy rooms in the upstairs of the castle, but the staging and fresh flowers really gave it a calm and simple charm…minus these flowers…

What did they do? Why are they locked behind bars? Did they misbehave, try to sell some black market fertilizer to the other plants? 

The world will never know! 


kitchen fun | ethan & lena

Ethan was actually pretty excited to have Lena come over. As modest as he was, the boy was proud of his cooking skills. Of course, he wasn’t a chef, but he thought he did well for himself. And having Lena’s company was a big plus. Ethan loved food and wanted to share it with as many people as he could.

For their dinner, Ethan was making lobster macaroni and cheese. That didn’t really sound like too much, but it wasn’t boxed food, which he was proud of. He figured when Lena came over, he could finish up the dish, so that it wouldn’t get cold and dried out before she arrived. His eyes glanced at the digital clock on his stove. Lena should be at his apartment soon. The boy checked on the lobster, which was still cooking away. Vegetables and dip were out, in case either of them was hungry before dinner was ready.

After a few more minutes, Ethan could smell the lobster, which only added to his excitement. He saw his phone light up, tat signaled a text from Lena, saying she was here. Ethan went to the door and swung it open, a bright smile on his lips. “Hey,” he said quietly with a wave.

Butcher Block made from Cherry End Table offcuts

What do with all these offcuts leftover from octagonal end tables I made? Scroll down for a creative end use that is visually stunning and unique!

Step 1: Glue and clamp pieces together with Titebond 3 wood glue for water submerged applications. 

(Okay, so the pieces shown below are not from the photo above, but they ARE leftover from the octagon end tables. More specifically, they were from the first cuts off the square blocks using a 22.5 degree angle cross-cut jig)

Step 2: Trim off excess and square edges by cutting on the table saw with a cross-cut jig. Add two more pieces, glue, and clamp to begin framing the composition of smaller triangles. 

Step 3: Trim and square again using the cross-cut jig on the table saw.

Step 4: Two more pieces, glue and clamp.

Step 5: Trim and square on table saw once more. 

Step 6: Take down a clean, level surface using a surface planer and/or belt sander. Then move to an orbital sander working down to a smooth 220 grit. Finish by hand sanding all the sharp corners and edges with 220 grit sandpaper. 

Step 7: Finish with your favorite food safe mineral oil/wax or even use varnish for more durable applications. 

Step 8: Admire! 

Notice how at an angle the alternating directions of the wood grain creates a shimmering effect that changes color.