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~*~Bath Time!~*~

Here is my list of tips and tricks for of bathy goodness. This is just what I like to do and have done in the past. Keep in mind it can all be taken with a grain of salt [literally!!]

Preparing the Bath

🛀🏻 HOT water. I find it super cleansing and sweating is really good for you. I like to sit in the bath and my face sweats and im like YEAH lets cleanse this bod inside and out. pls dont burn yourself though peeps.

🛀🏼 Oils! My go-tos are lavender + coconut oil. I do 7-10 drops of lavender and one or two spoonfuls of coconut oil. Lavender for smell and relaxation and heavenly goodness, coconut for super smoothness of skin. If you are going to use other essential oils please do your research and make sure they are skin-safe! I also generally tie up my hair to keep it out of the oiliness.

🛀🏽 Epsom salts if you got em!

🛀🏾 Candles + crystals can line the tub as desired. I usually have all the bathroom lights out + 4 candles going at the foot of the tub. dont light your towel on fire.

🛀🏿 Cup of tea on the side! I like this for the added internal + external cleanse of the bath. Hot + nourishing on the outisde and hot + nourishing on the inside.

This is what I do and think about in the bath!

💧 oh my gosh water how healing you are, how cleansing, how warming.

💧 the water and oils im sitting in are literally soaking into my skin right now. the essence of this tub is entering my body

💧 touch your body. you’re naked right? perfect. time for some self body love. tell yourself you love your legs, while touching them. “i love my little toes.” “look at how nice my hands are.” “i love my pretty/handsome face.” “my brain is so smart and quick and calm.” “i love every little hair on my body.” “i have the coolest belly button” tell yourself things that you dont instinctually believe. go after the parts that you’re self conscious about “i love my tummy” “my bum is amazing” “my arms are the perfect size” “this is my favourite flabby bit” etc.

💧 drinking the tea if you have it- the heat and intent of that tea is permeating through all your internal organs. feel the heat through your mouth, esophagus, stomach, feel it blend in with the heat from the water entering your skin. full body heaty hot heatness

💧 the other day when i was in the bath i put my forehead/third eye on the faucet and pictured the vast network of pipes around the city supplying water to everyone. I thanked the water source and sent my energy throughout the pipes to hope that everyone was using it for good and healing and nourishing ways

💧 deep deep breathing. this is cool if your chest is below the water because when you exhale it sinks down and when you inhale it rises up. you can sync this motion with a prayer, mantra, chant, intention, whatever you wish!

💧 meditation. feel the heat, listen to your heartbeat, imagine all the little water molecules full of heat energy, vibrating, sending you their little blobs of heat energy into your skin, fueling your own little internal fire

💧 my FAVOURITE thing is the end of the bath. I sit in it, sometimes cross legged or curled up in a ball with my head on my knees and unplug the drain and stay like that while the whole tub drains. I picture the water whisking away all the negative in me and draining away. It’s like a re-birth! you can slowly feel your body get heavier and heavier as the water gets lower. Keep picturing the water taking away the bad and keep thanking it for cleaning you and nourishing you and healing you. seriously, how generous of the water to not only GIVE YOU it’s nutrients and warmth and thirst quenchy goodness, but to also take away all your badness, all your negativity, all your dirt and grime and leave you revitalized. water is so selfless. water is the best. thank you water.

💧 now that you are reborn as a new human (or otherwise) you can breathe and feel the differences in your body and just marvel in the smoothness of your skin and warmth of your body and heavenly bathy feelings that just soaked into you.

💧 another thing that might be cool is to weigh yourself before and after the bath. Your weight will go up like 2 or 3 pounds after you get out of the bath, which i find super cool. PROOF that the water is literally entering your body through your skin and staying there to heal you up real nice.

The most important thing IMO:

Do what comes to you naturally. all of this stuff just came into my head at different points in bath time and felt right for me to do. meditation might help you connect with that intuitive part of you that tells you what you need. if you get an urge, follow it. if your brain/body/soul tells you to stand up and sit down a bunch of times, or to dunk your head in or to blow bubbles or to splash with your feet, DO IT! just be safe and don’t hurt yourself or light anything on fire.

🐳The End🐳

OK sorry this post got out of hand but as you can tell i really like baths and water and bath meditation. This is something i’ve been doing for a while and it all came to me kind of naturally so forgive me if it is not specifically inclined toward a perspectives or approaches that you normally adhere to. I’m open to questions n things <3



Metamorphosis bath bomb.  I love the smell, it’s got a little spice to it and you can tell it will be very warming. 

 I was so excited to use this bath bomb but wish the black was a little deeper.  Now, I think I ruined it slightly by putting it in the bath as the water was running (I wanted to get some good photos) so by the time the bath had finished running it was a muddy brown colour :(   One thing I do love about this is how it you get surprise colours suddenly shoot out.  Next time It will be best to chuck it in once the bath has ran! 

Vegan?: Yes

Ingredients: Black Pepper Oi,l Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Myrrh Resinoid, Silver And Black Lustre

**Check online for full ingredient list**

Photos taken by me 

Abitwitchy’s Bath Bag


-1 coffee filter

- string or a rubber band

- basil




-sea salts or bath salts


1. Flatten out coffee filter

2. Put herbs and salts in the center of the coffee filter. For salts, I used pink Himalayan sea salt, but as it said in the materials list, I sometimes use actual bath salts. Here’s a picture because it’s a really aesthetically pleasing step.

3. Carefully pull up the edges, try to keep everything inside the filter, and make it into a little bundle around the ingredients, binding it at the top with the string or rubber band. String looks prettier, but it’s easier to bind it with a rubber band and there’s less of a chance of stuff slipping out while it’s in the bath. 

Here’s a picture of the final product.

Now just stick this baby in the bath and relax! It’s kind of like a tea bag for a bath. It helps bring luck, strength, and beauty, as well as cleanses/purifies and drives away negative energy. Hope you enjoy!

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I’m experiencing a deep infatuation with all the gorgeous lilacs frolicking in my back yard.  As a token of affection to the spell they’ve cast over me, I’ve started a batch of flower and stone infused salt featuring a cheerful obsidian and lots of lilacs of course!

  The salt has a myriad of magickal and culinary uses.  Stay tuned and either later on this week or early next week, I’ll post a nifty instructional on how to make your own :)

Bath Spell for Transmasculinity:

You Will Need:

-Sea Salt





-White Candle

Gather your supplies. While running a hot bath, add your ingredients, focusing on the properties of each. Focus especially on the masculine qualities of chamomile. Light the candle and soak in the water. Meditate on the gender you wish people to perceive. Feel the spell cleansing you of dysphoria and protecting you from the vitriol of cissexism and transphobia. Feel it healing you and drawing in luck, change, and strength. When you are ready, step out of the bath and blow out the candle.


Okay, my witchy (or crafty) friends, I’m here to tell you how I made some cute little floral soaps to go in my new(ish) bathroom. They are incredibly simple and quite cheap. These pictures suck because I took them, instead of my very talented wife, but bear with me.

You’ll Need:
Assorted herbs (dried or fresh)
Bar soap of your choice (unscented is best, also look for the fewest ingredients)
Small glass dishes that won’t be used for food (I got a four pack for a dollar at Dollar Tree)
A grater that won’t be used for food
A microwave
A fridge

Here we goooooo!
1. So you wanna grate up the bar of soap, and then pack a medium layer into the bottom of the glass bowl.
2. Sprinkle some herbs in there. If they are dried, you don’t have to do much. If they are fresh, grind them a little with a mortar and pestle or just roll them around between your fingers to get the smells out. I also ground my hibiscus up with a tiny bit of pure lemon extract to get a lemony smell.
3. Add another layer of grated soap, pack that shit down.
4. Repeat until you have as many herbs as you want, but leave a little room for your soap to expand when you heat it.
5. When your happy with the amount you have, put your little bowl in the microwave. Set it for one minute and (THIS IS IMPORTANT) make sure you’re watching. Stop the microwave every time the soap starts to puff up. Pull it out, pack it down, repeat. When all the soap feels warm to the touch, scoop it out with your fingers and flip it over in the bowl. Pack it down good and tight. Start the microwave again, wait for it to puff up just once. Pull it out for good. Pack it down.
6. Stick the bowl in the fridge to cool.
7. When it’s completely cool (15ish minutes), you should be able to push it out of the bowl.
8. Set out to be used or store in a plastic baggie in a cool place. You can even keep it in the fridge if you want to be sure it won’t melt.
9. Clean up is easy, because you’re just cleaning up soap!

Combinations I used:
Lavender chamomile (for protection, healing, and luck, plus to calm nerves.)
Hibiscus and lemon (for purification and self-love, plus energizing smells.)
Peppermint (for healing, plus good for headaches.)

I got my glass bowls for a dollar, an 8 pack of Jergens bar soap for $4, and the herbs for a few cents each in bulk. Making this a project that costs under $10 to make 4 soaps, plus only takes a few minutes. Have fun with the herbs and smells you use! You can add intent to them, like I did, or just make them smell nice.