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Steve Rogers/Captain America - Loose Fitting

As an agent of SHIELD, you would think that you would wear tight bodysuits just like everyone else, but not you. You preferred to wear loose clothing, everything from your jeans, to your pjs, and even your uniform was loose fitting. You have worked with Steve Rogers and the Avengers for some time now, you’ve always harbored feelings for the Captain, but never told him. What was the point, right? Steve has never seen you in anything but your loose clothing, so when he walks into the kitchen one morning to find you making coffee in your yoga pants and a tight fitting tank top all he can do is stare. Not in a disrespectful manner, but more so in shock and awe. When you turn around and catch him staring he gets quite nervous and flustered and blurts out something that shocks you.

Steve x Fem!Reader, Natasha x Fem!Reader (platonic), Wanda x Fem!Reader (platonic)

Requested by the lovely @theoneandonlysaucymo

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Please fire me. I work in a restaurant and the kitchen staff complained to the manager that it was 113 degrees in the kitchen and it was unbearable to work in. His response? “Some people pay good money to go somewhere for that hot.”

The One

Prompt 50: K & P are roommates and best friends. Both are frustrated with their non-existent love lives. K convinces P they should sleep together to release tension. It’s mind-blowing and amazing, but they agree it was just a one-time thing because it was just “desperate measures”, but neither can stop thinking about the other. Make it a happy fic? Submitted by Anonymous.

By @burkygirl

Rated M for future parts, mild language warning

Part 1 of ?

The minute Katniss stepped out of her car and into the driveway of the little house she shared with Peeta, she frowned. The tantalizingly tangy scent of Peeta’s homemade marinara sauce was drifting through the kitchen window to her nose. As a teacher at a nearby school, Peeta usually arrived home before she did and started dinner. He made everything from scratch with fresh ingredients and it was always incredibly delicious. But if he was cooking comfort food, something was bothering him. As she got closer to the door, she caught the yeasty and unmistakable odour of her favourite treat- cheese buns. When she heard him switch on his Kitchen Aid mixer, Katniss realized he was making the pasta by hand and a cloud passed over her heart. Peeta, it seemed, was having a very bad day. However, her stomach, the miserable traitor, was tap dancing.

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