kitchen utensils in art


Japanese Chin Matchbox Label 1890s by Blue Ruin 1

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />A Japanese Chin Dog pulling two Sika Deer in a cart.

All the Disney Princesses as kitchen utensils, Together at last.

Ariel as a fork because it’s a serious fish issue of forks.

-Pocahontas as a whisk. I did days of extensive research and whisks were, in fact*, invented by Native Americans known as the Red Skins.

*not a fact.

Elsa as an Ice Cream scooper - I wonder who’ll get the scoop on this?

Snow White as an apple corer - Getting to the core of the problem. 

Belle as a fancy spoon - There werent a lot of utensils in that movie, it was very hard to find reference. 

-Mulan took many hours to make, there’s very little reference out there for such arduous task

Rapunzel as a frying pan. I didnt see this one coming at all. Such obscure reference.

Anastasia as a trash can. What do you mean she’s not a disney princess? I watched the movie you cant fool me

I put a lot of heart and effort into this original project. Take my cereal effort serious. I am a serious artist. Buzzfeed and Upworthy-san should be knocking on my door any time now!