kitchen tips

small and easy health tips that make a lot of difference
  • wash your face every night - washcloth, warm water, and a simple cleanser will do wonders. plus, warm water helps make you all sleepy for bed
  • take a multivitamin every day - and keep an eye open for coupons for them. usually multivitamins have some pretty great coupons
  • if you can, open the windows every once in a while. fresh air does a lot of good for your body (and state of mind)!
  • keep a few cleaning supplies in the bathroom. every so often after having a shower, give things a quick wipe-down. the steam from the shower dislodges any sink guck, making the job much easier - and never underestimate the power of a clean bathroom for both physical and mental health
  • keep a water bottle by the bed and drink some water when you wake up. it’ll help you greet the day a little easier, and plus - whose mouth ISN’T as dry as the sahara when they wake up?
  • it’s not always easy, but try to make doing dishes before turning in for the night a habit. i can’t express how lovely it is to wake up and walk into a clean and tidy kitchen
  • keep snacks in the fridge that are delicious and healthy - my faves are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and grapes. i love snacks. plus, there’s not really much prep involved with those kinds of things
  • sweep! sweeping takes up a bit more physical energy, but it’s become one of my favourite things to do. i put on some nice music and visualize sweeping out not only dirt, but anything else clouding up my space - negative energy, self doubt, etc. it’s a nice, witchy little ritual for me now.
  • light a candle, specifically one that smells delicious
  • identify the things that make you feel better about yourself and your surroundings and prioritize them and only them when you’re feeling sucky. that way, you still feel accomplished, but you aren’t using up all your mental and physical energy trying to run through all your tasks/cleaning/etc
  • remember that you’re doing these things for you, and not anyone else. you deserve to feel happy and at ease!

Best kitchen tip my Grandma ever taught me

I keep veggie peelings, cuttings, herb clippings and all other veggie compost in a freezer bag in your freezer for up to a month. At the end of every month I dump this bag into my crockpot, add 6-8 cups of water and cook on low for 6 hours. I drain out the veggies and herbs, and viola! You have like 8 cups of veggie broth.

I save things from veggies like: celery, garlic, onion, carrots, kale, squash, parsnips, peppers, etc. Basically any vegetable that would go into a soup, I save.

I also save bits of herbs that don’t make it into other recipes, or veggies about to go bad I have no other intention for. It’s an amazing way to cut back on costs and food waste. This stock can make enough soup to feed a whole family, or you can freeze it if you are only feeding yourself and thaw as needed.

You can customize with herbs and spices now, or when you go to make your soups. I like to at least toss in garlic, onions, a bay leaf, pepper and rosemary to the broth itself.

I havent bought soup broth in years, and I can make sure my broth is salt free or at least low salt!

It’s such a simple thing to do, and its noticable in your food budget.


~*~*~*~*~10 Gorgeous Tarot Decks~*~*~*~*~

1.) The Luminous Spirit

2.) Dreams of Gaia 

3.) Crystal Visions

4.) Golden Thread

5.) Book of Azathoth

6.) Tarot of Transformation

7.) Silhouettes

8.) Starchild

9.) Prisma Visions

10.) Shadowscapes

Witch Tip:

Save the water you use to boil eggs!! It’s good for plants! Not only does the calcium in the shells infuse into the water making the plants stronger, but eggshells are often associated with protection. I like to charge water i use for my plants with moss agate under the waxing moon because it is associated with growth. This works especially well if the plant is associated with protection, for example, I water my fern with it.

Magickal Uses for Kisses

A kiss is a very powerful thing, even in fairytales and lore of the past the power of kisses are told of (true love’s kiss, siren/mermaid kiss, first kiss, etc). a kiss can be a powerful tool for any witch. Here are a few suggestions for using kisses and the power they hold.

  • Use a kiss to charge objects: crystals, tarot cards, charms, amulets, etc etc. Use it to send your emotions and energy into the object. Love is a good emotion, but any positive energies you wish to charge the object with can be transferred this way. Adding your love to something can really give it a boost as well! Especially if it is for another to use. (Note: do not kiss toxic stones please! Be safe and smart)
  • Spell Sealing: Use a kiss to magically seal spells such as jar and bottle spells or use it to strengthen a (cooled!) wax seal. Imagine placing the kiss its like placing an invisible seal upon it, stamping in energy to lock th spell inside. 
  • For Air and Wind spells: For all of my fellow witches who use air and wind spells, blowing a kiss after a chant or spell to summon a wind in the direction you wish it to blow is a good way to guide the wind but also show it positive reinforcement. Use it to show your gratitude for the wind’s cooperation. It is best for gentler wind spells.
  • Glamour and Beauty spells: Kiss the mirror after a beauty or glamour spell. Thank the mirror for its aid and seal any negativity into it. It also a wonderful way to reflect love back at yourself!
  • Love Spells: Kisses are great for powering up love spells! Kiss a candle before lighting it (careful if you are using essential oils be sure not to kiss where they are), kiss the written name of the one you desire, kiss a charm or amulet to help bring love into your life, and finally blow a kiss when finishing the the spell to close it.
  • Kitchen Magic: blow a kiss to finish a dish (don’t be too close though, don’t want to spread germs) to put a final charge of love into it before serving it to others. Good for with tea and coffee spells too!
  • Public Magic: Want to remain discrete while casting a spell in public? Blow a kiss! Its much subtler than pointing or hand motions, especially if it is a positive spell you are casting on another or a friend but it is also good for curses, either way its a wonderful way to send your intentions. Whisper the words or chant needed for the spell (if any) under your breath, imagine them them gathering in an orb of energy at your lips as you do so. Then do a subtle kiss motion on your lips (no hands and no ‘fish lips’, you are trying to be subtle). Then release the energy and words towards the target with a gentle blow of breath, sending the ball of energy in that direction.
  • Mourning/Remembrance Rituals: Ending such a ritual with a blown kiss to close it can help release your feelings in a positive manner and close the ritual with love and sincerity. 
  • Thanking tools: As someone who uses tarot cards and many other divination tools, I like to place gentle kisses to the sides of the decks after using them to help bond with them. To show them my gratitude for assisting me in not only readings but also in my spell work. I also before days where I know i will be doing a lot of divination work, I will kiss them to help charge them up (as said above). It is an excellent way to bond with your tools!
🌾September Magic Tips🌾

🥔Produce In Season🥔
apples, apricots, bilberries, butternut squash, blackberries, beetroot, blueberries, cabbage, clams, cod, crab, chicory, cob nut, cucumbers, figs, fennel, flounder, greengages, garlic, gray mullet, kohlrabi, leeks, lobster, new potatoes, onions, potatoes, plums, pumpkin, pears, oysters, salmon, swiss chard, sweet corn, spinach, turnips, tomatoes, watercress

🍄Wild Foods In Season🍄
 beech nuts, bilberry, black mustard, blackberry, crab apples, cherry plums, comfrey, dandelion roots, damsons, elderberries, grouse, hare, hawthorn berries, hawthorn, hazelnut, hops, horseradish, jack-by-the-hedge, juniper, mallard, poppy, rowan berries, rosehips, marsh samphire, sea beet, sea blight, teal, truffles, venison, wild rabbit, wild mushrooms, wild mint, wild plums, wild strawberry

🌰September Correspondences🌰

  • Mabon is September 22 and is the second harvest, symbols include corn dolly, bread, cornucopia, nuts, acorns, and leaves.
  • The Full Moon is September 6th and is known as the Harvest Moon but also goes by the Corn Moon and Singing Moon.
  • Sycamore and Chestnut are the symbolic trees, marigold, dahlias, and loosestrife are the flowers, chamomile and oregano are the herbs.
  • Colors for September are orange, deep red, and brown.

🔮Witchy Ways To Celebrate September🔮

  • This is a good time for protection spells, bringing security and balance in all things; returning to the Earth.
  • Decorate your home and altar with seed heads, berries, and fallen autumn leaves. Burn cinnamon and sage incenses and use orange and red flowers in your decoration. A set of scales or weights can also be used to signify the time of balance.
  • Work with trees in September(all the time). Collection acorns and make simple garlands to hang in the trees as offerings.
  • Cook with autumn berries or fruits that I listed previously! Start to make simple soups to celebrate autumn bounty and the change in season. I’ll personally be posting more recipes soon!
  • Leave offerings for the spirits of the hedgegrow or your harvest gods to thank them for their bounty.

Witchcraft and Essential oils

Essential oils are a wonderful tool for any witch, no matter the path. There are hundreds of oils and combination oils that it can overwhelming. Here is a list of some more common, beneficial oils.

Allspice: Reduces stress, calms, relaxes tight muscles, up lifts mood, improves digestion, naturally disinfects

Basil: Calms, relieves pain, relieves fatigue, improves mental clarity, purifies the body

Cardamon: Relieves pain, up lifts mood, improves digestion, improves mental clarity and memory

Catnip: Anti diarrheal, relieves indigestion, relieves anxiety, up lifts mood

Chamomile: Reduces anxiety, promotes restful sleep and relaxation, relieves pain

Cinnamon: Relieves pain, uplifts mood, relieves fatigue, naturally disinfects, improves digestion, increases appetite

Clove: Relieves pain, up lifts mood, improves mental clarity, improves digestion, naturally disinfects

Coriander: Relieves pain, relieves fatigue, improves digestion, improves mental clarity and memory

Eucalyptus: Breaks up congestion, relieves pain, naturally disinfects, vapors help with breathing

Frankincense: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, improves digestion, expectorant, sedative

Geranium: Relieves pain and tension, uplifts mood, anti-inflammatory, soothes itchy skin

Ginger: Relieves pain, uplifts mood, relieves fatigue, improves digestion, increases appetite

Juniper Berries: Relieves pain, energize, improve mental clarity and memory, anti-inflammatory, repels insects, soothes insect bites

Lavender: Relieves stress and anxiety, promotes restful sleep, uplifts mood, balances mood swings, vapors help breathing, improves digestion, naturally disinfects, breaks up congestion 

Lemon: Balances the nervous system, uplifts mood, relieves fatigue, improves mental clarity and memory, naturally disinfects

Lemon Balm: Relieves anxiety and stress, promotes restful sleep

Lemongrass: Calms, balances nervous system, uplifts mood, anti-inflammatory, vapors help with breathing, improves digestion, naturally disinfects, repels insects

Lime: Relieves fatigue, uplifts mood, naturally disinfects, improves mental clarity and memory

Mandarin: Reduces stress and tension, calms, uplifts mood

Myrrh: helpful in meditation, uplifts mood, anti-inflammatory, aids in healing skin

Neroli/Orange Blossom: Remove nervous tension, promotes restful sleep

Nutmeg: Relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, improves digestion

Palmarosa: Relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, uplifts mood, helps regenerate skin, anti-inflammatory

Peppermint: Relieves pain, uplifts mood, relieves fatigue, breaks up congestion, anti-inflammatory, vapors help with breathing, improves digestion, increases appetite, soothes itchy skin, improves mental clarity and memory

Petitgrain: Reduces anxiety and stress, promotes restful sleep, uplifts mood, improves mental clarity and memory

Pine: Lessens pain, uplifts mood, relieves fatigue, breaks up congestion, naturally disinfects, improves mental clarity and memory

Rose: Relieves pain, uplifts mood, anti-inflammatory, aids in healing skin

Rosemary: Relieves pain, stimulates nerves, relieves fatigue, vapors help with breathing, improves digestion, improves mental clarity and memory, naturally disinfects, repels insects

Spearmint: Relieves pain, uplifts mood, relieves fatigue, breaks up congestion, anti-inflammatory, vapors help with breathing, improves digestion, improves appetite, soothes itchy skin

Tea Tree: Relieves pain, naturally disinfects, aids in healing skin, vapors help with breathing (Witch Tip: Great when diluted for acne prone skin)

Thyme: Relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, uplifts mood, breaks up congestion, anti-inflammatory, improves digestion, increases appetite, improves mental clarity and memory, naturally disinfects

Ylang-ylang: Relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, promotes restful sleep, uplifts mood, naturally disinfects

**  It is extremely important to DILUTE essential oils or else they can burn the skin. Using a carrier oil or water can help dilute the oils safely. Examples of carrier oils are olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. 

** Remember to store your essential oils in dark, cool places to keep them from spoiling. 

** Do your research when using essential oils witches. Especially if you have sensitive skin, are pregnant or breastfeeding.   

Masterpost of Luck Spells ☘️

Spell List:

🍀 “Lucky Waters” Bath Spell

🍀 Luck and Money Powder

🍀 “felix felis” Drink

🍀 Vodka Luck Spell

🍀 Luck Spell Jar

🍀 The Ultimate Luck Spell Bottle

🍀 Ending Bad Luck Spell

🍀 Simple Lucky Penny Enchantment

🍀 Simple Luck Spell

🍀 Luck and Fortune Spell Jar

🍀 Prosperity and Luck Salt

🍀 A Spell for Good Luck

🍀 Lucky Tea

🍀 Luck Spell

Herb Correspondences:

  • allspice
  • angelica
  • cinnamon
  • clover
  • frankincense
  • holly
  • ivy
  • myrrh
  • nutmeg
  • olive
  • orange peel
  • rosehips
  • rosemary
  • sandalwood
  • thyme
🍒🌰July Magic Tips🌰🍒

🍄Produce In Season 🍄 
Artichokes, aubergines, apricots, broccoli, beetroot, blueberries, cherries, cucumbers, coley, fennel, garlic, green beans, kohlrabi, loganberries, nectarines, onion, radishes, plums, potatoes, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, watercress. 

🐟Seafood In Season🐟
Cod, crab, clams, dover sole, gray mullet, halibut, herring, lemon sole, monkfish, mackerel, plaice, squid, scallops, sea bass, sardines, salmon, whelks.

🍒Wild Foods In Season🍒
Crab apples, cep, chaterelles, fairy ring champignon, giant puffball, gorse flower, green walnuts, rabbit, sea purslane, wild blackberries, wild mint, wild rose flower, wild strawberry, wood pigeon.

🌿July Correspondences🌿

  • The full moon is July 9th and known as the Buck moon because this is when buck deer start growing velvety hair-covered antlers.
  • Elm is the symbolic tree. Lavender, feverfew, mint, marjoram, jasmine, honeysuckle, crane’s bill, and meadow sweet are the herbs and flowers.
  • Colors associate are deep violet, dark blue, and green.

🔮Witchy Ways To Celebrate July🔮

  • Decorate your home and altar with beautiful stalks of lavender, honeysuckle, jasmine, or mint. Light beeswax candles to honor the honey bees!
  • Eat seasonal foods outside. Have a picnic, leave some food behind(that’s safe for animals) as an offering to the earth.
  • Don something new with you magic! Work with different elements, spell ingredients, or cook a new recipe. Explore your path and yourself.
  • Do a spell for the prosperity of other countries, send healing and blessings out to the world. Alternatively, do a spell for the LGBTQA+ and POC lives in the US to help them through this troubling time. Or curse Trump.
  • Spend time outside barefoot on the earth. Make a map of what’s around you and what they can be used for magically. Learn more about your town and it’s history!
🔮 Witch tip 🔮

Wanna cleanse your space from negative energy but you can’t use smoke or incense, or don’t have any “tools”? Fear not! All you need is a clear glass and some water. Just poor some water in the glass before you go to bed, hold the glass of water close to your heart and ask whoever you believe in (univers, God, a deity, anyone) to cleanse you and the space of any negative energy holding you back, put it near your bed and go to sleep. In the morning water should not be clear. I have tiny bubbles, I heard some people’s water turned black. You should repeat this every night until the water is clear. Dispose the water IN THE TOILET. Not down the drain, not in the tub, IN THE TOILET. And that’s it. ✨✨✨🔮💜

Witch Tip

It’s okay to use the same three herbs in all your spells. It’s okay to have a simple altar. It’s okay to give the store brand as offerings. It’s okay to modify spells, chants, recipes to fit you and your practice. Being a witch doesn’t have to be expensive. 


Hello Moonlings! I thought I would share with you something SUPER easy to make that I did the other day: a purification jar. Nothing original there you’ll tell me, right? Wait! This jar is actually made for you to place what needs to be cleansed INSIDE, while the elements of the jar will cleanse it. It’s a great and simple way to cleanse your crystals for example, and you can do it at any time!

What you’ll need:

  • jar, like a mason jar, it has to be big enough to place what you want to cleanse inside
  • sea salt
  • dried sage
  • rosemary
  • clear quartz(s)

How to proceed:

🌚 Once all the ingredients gathered, place them in the jar, starting with the salt. For each ingredient, focus on what you want it to accomplish, charge it with your intent to purify whatever will be placed in the jar. 

🌚 Then, close the jar and shake it all, so that the ingredients are mixed up.

🌚 Finally, let the jar charge overnight during New Moon. And there it is! Your purification jar is up and ready to use ;)


New to witchcraft or want to expand your library? Here are two wonderful books.

The first book, The Book of Kitchen Witchery, is a very good book for anyone starting out and wanting to learn the basics. It gives you a step by step how to set up an altar, how to purify your sacred space, seasons/holidays of the year, how to make different potions, and brews with herbs you grow and cultivated.
You can buy this book here:

The second book, The Hearth Witch’s Compendium, is my personal favorite. You really can’t go wrong with adding this to the collection of books you have at home. Not only does it give the basics on witchcraft, but gives a complete guide on what herbs treat and heal certain illnesses. Many recipes on brews, tinctures, potions, and so much more! You won’t regret this book, I promise!
You can buy this book here:


Here is a recipe for Witches’ Self Care Tea; an herbal mix designed to encourage self-love, health, and wholesomeness. You will need:

- Loose leaf black tea 

- Dried jasmine blossoms (spiritual love, creativity)

- Dried lavender blossoms (love, healing, relaxation, harmony)

- Dried rose petals (divine love and self love)

- Dried lemon balm (psychic/spiritual development, happiness)

Combine in a bowl with proportions you desire, depending on both your flavor preferences and what magic properties you want to emphasize. Steep for five minutes and add honey and your favorite milk to taste.

🌻🐚June Magic Tips🐚🌻

🍄Wild Foods In Season🍄
Dandelion, daisy, elderflower, lime flowers, marsh samphire, meadowsweet, nettle, plantain, sorrel, sea beet, wild mint, wild rose flower, wild strawberry, and wood pigeon

🍓Produce In Season🍓
Artichokes, asparagus, apricots, beetroot, blueberries, black currants, broccoli, cherries, carrots, chicory, cucumbers, fennel, french beans. green beans, gooseberries, nectarines, onions, peas, rocket, radishes, runner beans, rhubarb, romaine lettuce, sorrel, spinach, strawberries, turnips, tomatoes, and watermelons

🔥June Correspondences🔥

  • The Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon is June 9th because it’s the peak of the strawberry season.
  • Oak is the symbolic tree; dog roses, ox-eyed daises, and wild orchid are the flowers; yarrow(hollaaa), fennel, and St. John’s wart are the herbs.
  • Colors associated are red, orange, gold, and yellow.

🔮Witchy Ways To Celebrate June🔮

  • Decorate your home or altart with fragrant blossoms, light candles to represent the sun, and let your crystals bathe in the sun. Be careful some crystals will fade in the sun; i.e. flourite, rose quartz, citrine, aventurine, amethyst, aquamarine, and smokey quartz are the main one’s I know of. Opal won’t fade but it can become brittle!
  • Connect with the fae by leaving offerings of milk, honey, or sweet bread. You can also spend this time with nature, fire, or sun gods!
  • Do a purification spell by creating a midsummer fire on Letha(Summer Solstice, June 21st) in a small cauldron or a campfire! Whatever floats your boat. Cast negative feelings and illness aside by throwing a pouch(or just some) herbs in the flames. Make a protective talisman of summer herbs and flowers! Oak leaves are great for protection.
  • Come together with others, either in person or online, to celebrate the longest day of the year. Try to make a connection with a friend.
  • Get out and about, find an oak or holly tree and bow in respect and thanks for all they have to offer our world and to honor them at this time of their yearly battle.
Sleeping Potion

Or as my friends call it; Lizzies cocoa for a good nights sleep!


  • Milk (almond milk tastes best with this one) 
  • 2 tbsp of raw cocoa powder
  • brown sugar
  • vanilla sugar 
  • 2 tsp lavender extract


  1. heat up the milk to about 50-60°C. DO NOT BOIL!!!
  2. add your cocoa powder till it fully dissolves
  3. add brown and vanilla sugar until you’ve reached your desired sweetness. Attention!!! Do not add too much sugar, since it may cause nightmares.
  4. add 2 tsp of lavendar extract, add one more if you usually have trouble sleeping
Diet Witch Tips!

You’re beautiful as you are. But it you’re like me, a sugar addict and a chronic comfort eater or just looking to get to a healthier weight and healthier body, here are some tips that are helping for me! 

  •  Enchant your water bottle! Encourage it not only to physically and mentally cleanse your body, but also to help give you strength to resist unhealthy food and instead crave all those lovely veggies and healthy alternatives. Thank your deities or the universe for the food you eat, and ask them to help your body use it to the best of its ability. 
  •  Grow your own veggies! Things like herbs, tomatoes, broad beans, salad leaves, purple sprouting broccoli are all pretty easy for beginners with encouraging results! Gardening is extremely relaxing and an excellent way to meditate and ground yourself and connect with the earth. Garden witchcraft is a wonderful area to investigate. You then know exactly where the food you’re eating has come from and think of all the magicky goodness you will have infused it with during the growing process! 
  •  As with any food magic, look at the magical associations and correspondences of the herbs and spices that you’re using. Your bolognese has bay leaves, garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage and salt in it? Looks like you’ve got yourself a purification spell! Your salad has tomato, apple, avocado, basil, chilli peppers, beets? Is that a love spell you’ve created? 99% of magic and being a witch in general is intent. You’d be amazed how many cohesive spells you create with your food. All you need to add is a dash of magical intent. 
  •  Sigils! Always a versatile choice. You can create any you want, be it for willpower and motivation, appreciation, energy, exercise, good sleep, nutrient absorption. And you can draw them in your meals in sauce, or etch it into your spatula, store in your cook books, or keep in your utensil drawer, your refrigerator, on your water bottle. The possibility are endless. 

 I hope these may be of help to someone else out there. It’s important to stay positive when it comes to diet or, as I know only too well, it can be easy to slip into unhealthy or even dangerous habits. I’m rooting for you! And you really are beautiful just as you are :) 🍎🍊🍌🥑🥒🍆🍇

I was working on adding the pictures I took to my next set in the L 2 Cook series (and weeping silently over how bad they are. Seriously I’m probably going to look for stock photos instead.), and then I came up with a different slide idea. A better slide idea. 

Ladies and Genltermen (and Everyone In Between), I give you: Is It Dishwasher Safe?

I hope you find it helpful! Obviously some things are not mentioned, like electric appliances. Though, I would hope everyone knows those get washed by hand. You did know that…..right?

PS. If you have any food requests you’d like to send in, now is the time! I plan to be cooking all Thanksgiving break long!


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