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Akane Owari

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • becomes the star chaser of the quidditch team
  • loves quidditch practice, but doesn’t care so much about her classes
  • manages to get by just through nidai’s coaxing
  • makes a new school record for “most visits to the hospital wing”

Byakuya Twogami

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • no one knows what he really looks like, since he’s a metamorphmagus 
  • excels at transfiguration and has top grades
  • does his best as head boy (prefect) and looks out for everyone

Chiaki Nanami

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • works with souda to create the first ever magic-resistant electronic devices just so she can continue to play games at school, although he ends up doing most of the inventing
  • she’s amazing at charms, not so much in history of magic
  • she becomes close friends with hinata when she saves him from being crushed by the weeping willow during their first year, and becomes close friends with komaeda through knowing hinata
  • acts as komaeda’s wingman
  • is beloved and respected by pretty much all of her classmates

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • is kinda shocked because he thought he’d be in slytherin but pekoyama’s in gryffindor too so he won’t complain
  • becomes a beater on the quidditch team
  • he’s great at potions and transfiguration
  • hates divination
  • will hex anyone who has beef with pekoyama

Gundam Tanaka

  • sorted into gryffindor and is constantly mistaken for a slytherin
  • is the top student in “care of magical creatures” and the professor’s favorite
  • is very good at study of ancient runes and astronomy as well
  • gets special permission from the school to have multiple pets (some of which are hamsters)
  • is rumored to have become best friends with the giant squid which is true
  • becomes a chaser on the gryffindor quidditch team

Hajime Hinata

  • sorted into slytherin
  • is a muggleborn and new to magic
  • is offered some fainting fancies on the hogwarts express and eats them because he doesn’t know any better
  • is revived by komaeda, who just happened to spot him passed-out before exiting the train
  • becomes fast friends with komaeda, and promises to stay friends with them even though they’re sorted into different houses
  • average in most of his classes
  • lowkey feels like he doesn’t belong at hogwarts
  • but komaeda and nanami always assure him that this is where he belongs

Hiyoko Saionji

  • sorted into slytherin
  • everyone is lowkey scared of her
  • if you get on her bad side, she’ll curse some part of your appearance
  • proficient in charms and flying
  • but calls almost all of her classes stupid
  • acts much more docile when she’s with koizumi
  • becomes seeker on the slytherin quidditch team

Ibuki Mioda

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • joins the frog choir, music, and muggle music classes as soon as she possibly can
  • founds a band that plays during the yule ball
  • is more than anyone can handle while visiting hogsmeade
  • becomes a chaser on the hufflepuff quidditch team

Kazuichi Souda

  • sorted into ravenclaw
  • gains worldwide recognition from his magic-resistant electronics
  • refuses to set foot anywhere near the forbidden forest or shrieking shack
  • is the constant victim of many pranks because he’s so easily scared
  • doesn’t do so hot in most of his classes
  • but he’s good at arithmancy, at least

Mahiru Koizumi

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • convinces Nanami and Souda to create a camera she can use on school grounds
  • dedicates herself to creating the first ever hogwarts yearbook, filled with the smiling faces of her friends and classmates
  • will hex anyone talking too loudly in the library
  • will keep saionji in check when they’re together

Mikan Tsumiki

  • sorted into ravenclaw
  • spends her free time helping out at the infirmary
  • dreams of joining St. Mungo’s as a nurse
  • does very well at potions and arithmancy
  • sucks at defense against the dark arts

Nagito Komaeda

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • is a rich, orphaned pureblood 
  • is constantly ostracized by his peers so he is overwhelmed by how much consideration hinata shows him
  • does not take long to fall head over heels in love
  • asked hinata to the yule ball, only because he had just gone through the bad luck of losing the bones in his left hand
  • excels at charms, transfiguration, and history of magic
  • doesn’t do too well in potions & care of magical creatures, since his luck always messes things up. his grades still turn out very high, though
  • abysmal at defense against the dark arts

Nekomaru Nidai

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • is the gryffindor coach and keeper
  • becomes an unofficial tutor to his other students and motivates everyone to finish their classes
  • earns a crapton of house points for his house since he’s always doing good things for others and helping out however he can

Pekoyama Peko

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • star beater of the quidditch team
  • is a defense against the dark arts prodigy
  • is always by kuzuryuu’s side, and will hex anyone who tries to touch him

Sonia Nevermind

  • sorted into ravenclaw
  • becomes the second student in the history of the school to obtain a time turner just for the sake of attending more classes
  • her favorite classes include the frog choir, charms, potions, arithmancy, history of magic, care of magical creatures, herbology, divination, and study of ancient runes.
  • becomes a chaser on the ravenclaw quidditch team
  • everyone thinks she’s a half/quarter veela

Teruteru Hanamura

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • loves herbology and care of magical creatures, because there’s a bunch of possible ingredients for new foods
  • if you need to find him he’s either in the great hall trying to hit on everyone in the vicinity or in the kitchens, learning cooking techniques from the house elves

Let me know if you think I should expand on this or add the DR1/DRV3 kids!

Things This INTP Likes

- Times when you’re speaking out loud and you suddenly connect two disparate ideas … Thanks, Ne!

- One absolutely perfect moment of music in a song

- Snowfall at night, where you can sense the flakes hitting the ground

- Anytime a mathematical concept clicks in your head

- Battles of wit with a good friend

- Making obscure foods using difficult kitchen techniques

- Reading a sentence perfectly crafted

- The first sip of coffee in the morning

- Looking out the window and seeing a deer in the backyard

- Walking into a room and catching a whiff of some wonderful candle scent

- Learning a new grammatical concept

- Thinking in another language without thinking about it

- That moment when you wake up and realize it’s your day off

- When a baby reaches its arms out to you

- Laughing until your lungs are weak

There are more, but these are just a few of the things that make me happy. And don’t we all need a bit of happiness right now?
DIY Miniature Stones (made with egg cartons!)
Learn how to make a realistic stone pavement for your miniatures! Enjoy :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...

Tutorial Tuesdays!

Miniature stones made from egg cartons by The Square to Spare on Youtube

Cath shows you a method for creating textured stone flooring for you diorama, dollhouse, and room box need. From stone paths to stone kitchen tile, this technique utilizes egg cartons for a beginner-friendly DIY. Let us know if you try it!

-Admin Minish

Always the same

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Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings: Tenth Doctor x reader, Eleventh Doctor x reader
Genres: mild angst, regeneration, platonic fluff
Words: 1.640
Summary: Reader forms a friendship with Tenth Doctor after he visits her bakery a few times. After a while of not seeing him, an oddly familiar-looking man appears, which she later finds out it’s Eleventh Doctor - requested by Anonymous

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marauder era headcannons
  • On cold and rainy saturdays, the marauders would lock themselves in their dorm and make a giant fort using all their beds and which Remus would hold up with magic. They would sit in their cosy lil fort and talk about their next pranks and eat food Peter got from the kitchens.
  • When Sirius first started developing feelings for Remus he told James straight away because he knew out of everyone he knew, James would be the one who wouldn’t laugh but help him figure out if Remus feels the same.
  • Peter would learn from James and his kitchen stealing techniques. Whenever there was a marauders meeting, Peter would go to the kitchens and bring them all loads of snacks.
  • Remus would have a tendency to say inappropriate things at inappropriate times and every time the marauders would go into fits of laughter while Remus would just smirk.
  •  If anyoene was every bullying Peter, the other three boys would defend him straight up, no questions asked. One time in potions Snape made some crude remard about Peter and Sirius, Remus and James stood up so fast that Snape knocked over his cauldron from fright.
  • When Sirius ran away from home he literally had no money so Remus started a ‘fund jar’ for Sirius where they would each take turns to split pocket money and put half of it in the jar for Sirius. Sirius totally teared up when they told him this but we don’t talk about that

Your name is ARASHI SELACS. From a young age, your lusus has trained you to be a SKILLED HUNTER and helped you hone your speed and strength. Your THREE SWORD STYLE, while not wholly original, is nearly unmatched, and you would aspire to join the ranks of Alternia’s most feared bounty hunters, the KATANANNIHILATORS, if it weren’t for their lame stipulation about using one sword. Thanks to hunting with your custodian, you have acquired a taste for MALE TROLL MEAT, especially those of a higher blood caste than yourself. While eating others vindicates your strength and skill as a hunter and proves your worth despite your low blood, is also affords you plenty of practice in the CULINARY PREPARATION OF YOUR PREY. You are sort of a wiz in the kitchen, with several cooking techniques all but mastered, but oven roasting is your specialty. But of course you’d never cook your friends, that’s just not your style, but you will joke about it now and then. To you, battles are a gamble of life and death where if you win, you EAT THE LOSER… and while your own thoughts have often strayed to writhing in the oven yourself, only someone who truly dominates you can claim you as their dinner. Of course, if that did happen, you would be safe, since your INNATE ABILITY allows you to escape your dying body and regenerate a new one, within the span of your natural Longevity, extended as it may be due to your diet.

Despite all the hunting and cannibalism, as a low blood, you can be very FRIENDLY AND SOCIABLE. You have made some pretty good friends as of late, and you would help or defend them to the death if you had to. You also have alot of greatly varying interests, including ACTION BASED ORIENTAL ANIMATION, usually pertaining to SEA FAIRING ADVENTURERS SAILING UNDER THEIR WICKER-HATTED LEADER, TEENAGE FEUDAL ASSASSINS, REPLACEMENT FARRIERS OF THE AFTERLIFE and the like. You also participate in quite alot of TEXTUAL ROLEPLAY, but a bad past experience has caused you to lose all interest in the more EXTREME VARIETY. You are normally pretty mellow, if a bit snarky, and while even you have your boiling point, you usually bottle things up and block them out using the SWEET TUNES you always carry around with you on your APPLEBERRY iCOMB. You’re also not very good at reading other’s emotions, which causes you to ineptly blurt out things that may offend someone without thinking.

Your trolltag is gourmetOtaku and your use of punns and half-baked vernnacular cann brinng ovenn the most steadfast troll to their boilinng poinnt at times.

Never say Never

For @hashtag-eruri because I think your heart deserves a break from all the angst -  Here’s some fluff (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Erwin doesn’t cook. Even before he lost his arm seeing him in the kitchen was as rare a sight as a Titan reciting poetry.

He was always much more at home sat at his desk than in front of a hot stove, more suited to commanding a legion of soldiers than whisking egg yolks or sautéing vegetables.

Levi was never much of a cook either. Food was simply vital for survival. Things like taste, presentation or quality ingredients weren’t important when you hadn’t eaten for three days.

But now that they’re no longer in the Survey Corps, the war having been won years ago, they were forced to learn to cook or live off bread and cheese for the rest of their lives.



Erwin now has a lifelong exemption from cooking duty. The vast majority of kitchen tools and techniques require two hands, after all. As much as Levi likes to complain, he really doesn’t mind too much that he is the one who cooks every evening. Not when he is rewarded with a gentle smile every time Erwin has the first taste, even for something as simple as vegetable soup.

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Guiding you through why the Great British Bake Off is great

Nom nom nom

Thursday night. 8pm. Lights off. Dinner eaten. TV on. The familiar sound of a melodramatic string section oozes through the speakers. It is time and you are ready for contestant meltdowns, amusing narrative and unparalleled baking magnificence.

I’m sure anyone who doesn’t watch this show probably doesn’t understand why it is so revered. Nor just how it keeps going season after season with the fuck-with-me-and-you-die baking goddess that is Mary Berry, and the starving-artist mentality of bread Fuehrer, Paul Hollywood.

Well, I’m here to shed light on this for you. I’m going to break down the 10 reasons why Mary & Paul and, of course, hosts Mel and Sue are still raising their bake-off game 6 seasons in.

1. It’s about food

Obviously, food porn is the best. Who doesn’t love salivating over the most glorious Victoria sponge or perfectly formed quiche (minus soggy bottoms). It’s all very exciting. Who knew watching a cake LITERALLY RISE would make such good television.  

2. The sheer skillz

Don’t deny it. Whenever you’ve watched a contestant make a 10-foot tall croquembouche or has multi-tasked several incredibly difficult kitchen techniques at once, you are deeply impressed.

3. Sue and Mel’s hosting prowess

They are one of television’s ultimate comedy duos. So funny, never taking themselves seriously and are always on the side of the contestant.

4. The passion

When a pie falls flat or Paul Hollywood spits venom at whoever ‘forced’ him to eat their monstrosity of a bake you can tell that their pain is real. Have you ever seen a grown man cry over cake? No? Neither had I til I watched bake-off.

5. Mary Berry

She’s the original home-baker. Mary was Delia Smith BEFORE Delia. She’s spent years perfecting her egg custard tarts and mince pies. She’s fair, firm and absolutely fucking delighted when a contestant puts alcohol in ANYTHING.

6. Paul Hollywood

Paul is the Simon Cowell of the baking world. Piss this man off and he will hold it against you forever. There’s always that dreaded scene in every season when he accosts the meekest contestant with “what do you mean you didn’t follow my recipe!?” You can actually feel his rage radiate through the screen.

7. Sue’s one-liners

Hilarious and relevant to the episode’s technical challenge? Yes and yes.

8. The occasional and bizarre miming

Sort of a cross between window cleaning and a boob grope. You can see they’re trying to sell it to the audience, i’m not sure if it’s working.

9.  The Hipster rage

External image

When it all goes to shit and the contestant has either arty facial hair or wears a hat, the results are not pretty.

10. The LURVE

It’s so mad that even after all these years, there’s a nice competitive streak. The contestants all seem genuinely upset if one of their number leaves. It’s a contest but it’s a very British contest, where a bunch of people can express their unashamed enthusiasm for different types of baked good without losing sight of the real goal…….to get off their faces on sugar.

A lesson for us all.