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Witch Tip

Remember that witchcraft has no defined style. It can look like anything. It can look like elegant altars to gods and goddesses. It can be a messy kitchen full of drying herbs and fresh vegetables. It can be shelves brimming with books and journals. Or witchcraft can be small windowsills with crystals and plants. It can sigils hidden under furniture. It can be pockets overflowing with shells and stones. Witchcraft is personal and beautiful. Don’t let anyone or anything belittle your craft.


Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon

Words: 1436

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: none

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When you woke up that Wednesday morning you knew something was off. You weren’t feeling quite yourself. Yet, you decided to go to work at STAR Labs. On your way there you were coughing from time to time and shivering but you were in the middle of the winter so you guessed you were just cold.

“Morning guys” you greeted everyone as you walked into the cortex.

“Wow, what happened?” Cisco asked the moment he saw you.

“Nothing, why?” You replied sitting on a chair.

“You look awful” he pointed out.

“Thank you?” You chuckled. “I think I might be catching a cold, but don’t worry, it will be over in a couple of days” you shrugged it off as you turned on the laptops.

Your work at the labs was your passion. You were a robotic engineer hired by Harrison Wells. Of course, that was before the particle accelerator exploded and created all those metahumans, before you al found out Wells wasn’t exactly Wells and…basically, before life turned complicated for everyone.

When the accelerator exploded those who didn’t die just left the place. All except Cisco, Caitlin and you. They were like a family to you, they took you in the moment you put a feet into the facility just a few days after arriving all alone to Central City. You were from San Francisco but working for Harrison Wells was something you couldn’t say no to, so there you were. Four years later.

“Sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic” Caitlin said walking into the cortex with a cup of coffee from Jitters on her hand. “Wow, (Y/N), are you ok?” She asked when she saw your face, causing Cisco’s laugh.

“C’mon! Do I look that bad?” You asked frowning.

“I think you should go home and rest” was Caitlin reply.

“It’s just a cold, I’m sure” you sighed.

But it wasn’t. By the middle of the day you have been told to go home by everyone who came to the labs: Wells, Jesse, Cisco, Caitlin…everyone. It was frustrating. Even Barry sent you a text from Star City telling you to go home. Of course you didn’t listen to them since you didn’t feel that bad, but when it was already dark outside you forced yourself to go home after Caitlin told you had fever.

When you woke up the next day, you had to call Caitlin to tell her you wouldn’t be going to work today. You felt even worse than the day before.

“Don’t worry, we have everything covered here, I promise” she assured you before hanging up.

Still you felt bad for staying at home. Not just because you wouldn’t be able to help if something came up, but also because today Barry would be coming back from Star City after five days and you wouldn’t see him after how much you had missed him. That wasn’t strange since you had spent every single day with him since the moment he came in still in a coma. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that you had the courage to tell how you felt about him, just to find out he felt the same way all along.

Ever since, you were dating, which had turned out to be the biggest adventure of your life. He was fun, smart, sweet and loving, but he was also so protective and stubborn that it got to your nerves. You understood he was The Flash, a hero, but he didn’t understand you could make your own choices. Still, you loved him like you never loved anyone before and you couldn’t wait to see him again.

By noon you finally got a text from him saying he was back at STAR labs:

Back at the labs, how are you feeling? – Barry

You smiled a little at the text and sighing, wishing you had been there to hug him and kiss him, ignoring Cisco’s complains.

Feverish and missing you L - (Y/N)

I missed you too. I’ll go visit asap. Love you, xx – Barry

You smiled even more when you read he would visit. You imagined he would go eventually but sometimes he was too busy to do it, so you were so happy to know you would be seeing him that day after all. Putting your phone down, you covered yourself up and sighed looking up at the ceiling. You coughed a little and closed your eyes, falling asleep almost immediately.

A couple of hours later you were woken up by the sound of your door closing. You rolled around in bed trying to get your phone but it was too far so you just gave up and hide your head under the covers.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” a very familiar voice said.

Immediately, you popped your head out and there he was. Barry Allen was standing at the end of your bed with a bag on his hand and a smile on his face. A smile that you returned but soon you were back under the covers.

“Go away! I look awful!” You exclaimed remembering how you must be looking like at the moment.

His laugh echoed the room and soon you felt the bed sinking by your side, letting you know he was just there, so you stuck your head back out.

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend in five days, I think she looks gorgeous no matter what” he said.

“You really know what a girl wants to hear, Allen” you smiled.

He chuckled while you sat up on the bed and pulled your hair into a bun. Despite what he said, you knew your aspect wasn’t the best. When you were done, you looked at him just to see that he had been staring the whole time which made you blush.

“I missed you” you said, making him smile.

“I missed you too” he replied before leaning in and wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.

“I’m all sweaty” you chuckled.            

“I don’t care” he smiled into your neck as he squeezed you. “How many times have you hug me and kiss me after being running around the city for hours?” He added.

“True” you smiled before closing your eyes.

You had missed him so much, his hugs, his smell, his embrace. All of him. He pulled away and placed a strand of hair behind your ear before leaning towards your lips but you placed a hand over his mouth, earning a confused look from him.

“I’m sick!” You explained. He took your hand off his mouth and kissed it softly.

“Then it’s a good thing I can’t get sick, right?” He smirked. You narrowed your eyes at him but didn’t have time for a comeback before he kissed you.

If you thought you missed him was because you hadn’t kissed him yet. Finally you felt like home again, like you were complete when his lips met yours.

“It’s a really good thing” you smiled when you pulled away. “How was Star City?” You asked with a frown.

“Complicated” he sighed. “They were all devastated after…Laurel” he said as he played with your hand. “She was amazing” he added.

“I know…I’m sorry” you whispered.

You never had the chance to meet Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, but you had heard Cisco and Barry talk about her and you had an idea about the amazing woman she was and how much she had done to protect Star City along with Oliver and the Team Arrow.

“Anyway, I brought something” Barry said looking up at you, smiling again. “But you can’t tell Caitlin or she would kill me”

“What is it?” You asked narrowing your eyes.

He smiled and took the plastic bag he had placed down on the floor. First, he took out some water and chicken soup. You raised an eyebrow: why would Caitlin kill him for that? Then he took out a chocolate ice-cream pack.

“Oh god…is it with cookies?” You asked with your eyes wide opened.

“My girl deserves the best” he winked.

“Oh my, I love you so much!” You exclaimed taking the ice-cream from his hands. “Oh, I need a sp-“ before you could finish the sentence, Barry was back from the kitchen with a spoon. “I’ll never get used to that” you laughed. Immediately you started eating it. “You want some?” You finally asked.

“I thought you’d never ask” he said taking a spoon out of his pocket and laying down next to you, sinking the spoon into the ice-cream.

Being sick wasn’t so bad if it was like this.

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Could you do a blurb of edging with niall? Like him denying your orgasm multiple times until you can't take it anymore. Love your writing!!

Inspired by this

There really is no way to apologize for falling asleep during sex.  No words to even start the sentence to segway into an apology for that.  And being that Niall prided himself on being an above average lover in every sense of the word, that made it even worse.

When Annie tried to start talking all she heard was the grumbly, testy voice Irish accent as he ranted about it.

“Niall, It’s been a rough week.”

“A rough week?!?!?”  He asked as his mouth fell open, “Rough enough that ya fell asleep underneath me?  Seriously?”


He turned on his heel, walking out of the room with his finger pointed in the air,

“Like I’m boring or some shit…I’ll show ya how goddamn boring I am.”  He grumbled as he walked out of the room.  He turned around with his finger in the air, “I’ll have ya know that every woman I ever been with says I’m the best they ever had.  EVERY woman.  EVER been with.”  He turned to leave the room again shaking his head, “Unbelievable.”  He turned around again, this time with his finger pointed into his chest, “I’m a good…no great.  I’m a GREAT lover.  And you’re over here fallin’ asleep like you’re in fuckin’ math class.”  He turned back around, “You wait…we’ll see who’s fuckin’ boring.  Better start prayin’ to some God…cuz your ass will be sore for a goddamn month when I’m done.”

And that was that.  He left Annie staring at him as he walked upstairs to their bedroom, never to be heard from again.  Or at least, not to be heard from for another week.

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A/N: Happy fucking birthday to my lovely @siriusly-random. You ooooooooooooooold. Heheheheh. Nah, but seriously, thank you for putting up with my crazy-ass all the time and I hope you have a good day today.

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Pairing: NaLu
Rating: K+ - swearing

Summary: Lucy’s not having a good day. Natsu tries to help. Period comfort fic. NaLu.

She knew she’d forgotten something during their last mission.

Years she’d been taking something to help with regulating her body’s hormones. Years. And ever since, yeah, she had cramps once in awhile, but they were few and far in between.

How the hell had she forgotten to bring them?

A week. That’s all it took. Missing a week was all it took for her to slide right back down to where she’d been before.

Her head was killing her.

She’d nearly snapped the string out of her blinds when she went to close them. The light’d made her head pound and stomach roll. Hurt like hell.

More than she already hurt, with the whole being stabbed by a twisting dagger thing going on.

If she had painkillers, she wouldn’t’ve been able to get up and get them anyway. She couldn’t move from her bed, and the migraine kept her from sleeping.

She just needed to get past the first day. She could do that, right?


Apparently not.

There was a whish of her window sliding open, and she pulled the covers up over her head as soon as the light from outside streamed in. She always remembered to lock it. 

What the hell was wrong with her?

“Heya, Luce.” Natsu was chipper. Why was he chipper. Why the fuck was he so happy right now. “You weren’t at the guild so—” he trailed off.

She felt him climb in, onto her bed, and heard the blinds fall back into place. Natsu shifted until his weight was gone and her death grip on the comforter loosened as it was pulled from her face. The room was dark, sure, but still light enough to make out the worried expression on his face from his spot on the floor.

“Luce, you okay?”

No. She wasn’t okay. She felt like absolute shit. She didn’t want to deal with this right now. She didn’t need Natsu prying around in her business today. She’d be fine tomorrow.

“I’ll be fine,” she whispered, covering her eyes with a free hand. 

“Should I get Wendy?” he asked, a little too loud for comfort. Lucy winced at that and placed a finger to his lips, her mouth pursed for him to ‘shh.’

She shook her head and wrapped herself back up. “Not something Wendy can fix.”

He looked more worried and cocked his head to one side as she moved, sniffing slightly. Lucy tensed at the sound and closed her eyes. This was not something she wanted to talk to Natsu about.

“Alright,” he said, voice soft. His clothes rustled as he stood and his footsteps faded. It didn’t really register until she was falling asleep that he’d actually used her front door.


When she woke up later, it was to the smell of chicken.


Her head was still killing her, but not to the same extent. She could open her eyes to look around and see Natsu in her kitchen, spoon in hand in front of a pot.

“What’re you doing?” she asked, voice raspy.

Natsu’s head snapped around, a small smile appearing at the sight of her as he grabbed a large mug from the counter beside him and ladled something into it. He grabbed something from a plastic bag on her table, along with a bottle of water and came to sit on the floor at the head of her bed.

He offered her the water and a white plastic bottle first. 

She blinked at the label.

“Works for both headaches, and cramps,” Natsu offered, and Lucy blinked.

“Yeah, I know,” she twisted the cap off and broke the seal with her thumbnail. She shook two into the palm of her hand before handing the bottle to Natsu and twisting the water open. She gulped them down gratefully and sighed in relief when her stomach seemed to accept it. She looked back to him, “How did you?”

Natsu shrugged, “Erza. She gets really angry sometimes and once or twice Gray or I have to run to get somethin’ for her when she can’t.” He looked back to the table. “There are a few other things in there, just in case.”

Lucy eyed the mug in his hands, and upon seeing her do so, Natsu handed it to her.

“Broth always helps,” he smiled, and she moaned gratefully at the flavour sliding over her tongue. “Gives your body enough nutrients until you can stomach something solid.”

She gulped it down gratefully. “Why didn’t you just use your fire?”

Natsu smirked, “I love messin’ with ya, Luce, but today’s not a day to burn your house down, don’t ya think?”

Lucy laughed at that, “Any day is not that day.”

He shrugged, “I beg to differ.”


Lucy’s breath hitched in her throat and she let out a groan, fingers curling painfully around the handle of the mug. She felt his hands pry it from her grip as she buried her face in a pillow and gritted her teeth, hard.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

She curled into a ball—bad, she knew, you were supposed to stretch out, not curl up—and bit her lip. Why had she forgotten? If she’d just remembered, then this wouldn’t be happening right now and she could be at the guild reading with Levy or something.

Her eyes flew open at the feeling of Natsu climbing in bed with her.

“Hey, what’re you doing?!” She tried to pull the blanket back, but failed. Natsu was fast when he wanted to be, much to her current chagrin.

“Helping,” he said simply, “turn over.”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed, “Like hell I’m turning over. Get out.”

Natsu sighed and just looked at her annoyed, “Lucy, turn over, alright? Just trust me.”

Lucy crossed her arms.

“Don’t you trust me?” he asked, softly.

She didn’t say anything.

“If you really want me to, I’ll leave,” he started, propped up on his forearm now, “because I know you like your space and don’t like it being invaded. But if you trust me, then turn over.”

Lucy eyed him wearily, before hesitantly turning over.

What was he gunna do anyway that could help her with—

Warm hands circled her torso and settled on her bare lower stomach. 

Really warm hands.

Heat radiated from where Natsu’s fingers were splayed, just above the band of her sweatpants. She could feel him finding that boundary and staying above it, oddly respectful for someone who’d often end up in situations where he was feeling her up.

Her eyes fluttered closed at the warmth.

His breath tickled the back of her neck as she burrowed into her pillow, and her free hand came to rest over his, pressing them deeper into her skin. Natsu took that as incentive to turn up the heat a little more. She was still cramping a little, sure, but Natsu’s magic…

Damn did it feel good.

“Thanks, Natsu,” she mumbled, once again on the edge of sleep.

She felt his forehead against her nape in silent reply.

Asking you to move in with him was no doubt one of the best decisions Harry had ever made. He got to wake up to have you snuggled up to him while letting out soft snores, he got to make breakfast for you, and not to mention, being in the privacy of your guys’ own home meant you could be as loud as you wanted when.. You know. Besides the whole privacy thing, something else that Harry absolutely adored was being able to come home being greeted by the sound of your twinkling voice. 

“Y/N, I’m-” 

“In the kitchen!” Harry looked towards the kitchen door as he was interrupted, a small smile playing at his face at the sound of music echoing around the house. 

“Hello, you.” Harry let a full blown grin appear on his face as he saw you bopping around the kitchen, using a wooden spoon as a makeshift guitar. He couldn’t help but laugh as you pranced around him, singing (or, screaming) the lyrics out loud before accidentally knocking into the fridge. You had always been terribly clumsy, but that was something Harry found so very endearing about you.

“Nearly knocked myself out there.” You breathed out, holding a hand to your chest as you panted lightly. You got a bit out of control when it came to lip-syncing to one of your favourite songs. Lately, you had been playing Just Hold On on repeat - Even Louis was getting a little sick of it whenever he came over to hear his song blasting out from the speakers. 

“Wouldn’t want tha’ t’ happen. C’mere and gimme a kiss.” Harry cooed, walking over to yank the spatula out of your hand before placing it on the counter. His arms slinked around your waist, Harry leaning down to give you a sweet kiss. “How was your day, love?” 

“Oh, you know. Woke up. Made breakfast.” You shrugged, turning back to glance at the boiling pot of soup on the stove. “Watched Netflix - Apparently season 2 of Stranger Things isn’t comin’ out until Halloween! I can’t wait that long!” You whined lightly, giggling as Harry nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. “Missed you all day.” You hummed, your fingers looping around some smaller curls at the back of his head. 

“Missed you to-” 

Wish that you could build a time machine..” You immediately pulled away when Just Hold On began playing, a grin growing on your face before you tugged Harry to the middle of the kitchen floor. 

“Dance with me!” You laughed, Harry twirling you around in a circle before you began hopping up and down while singing along. 

Harry really hit the jackpot with you, didn’t he? 


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such great heights — part three

“Oh.” Harry pressed his lips together. “Was just thinking that maybe we should have a party.”

Kimber raised a brow. “A party?”

“Yeah.” Harry nodded. “Like, a proper celebration for you moving in and all.”

read on 1dff when it returns // read on tumblr below // story page

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Fresh-Baked Bread

Okieriete Onaodowan (Oak) x Reader

Summary: It’s just sex. Sex, guys. Also Oak makes bread and dances to jazz music!

Warnings: SMUT. A couple swears.

A/N: @hamiltonwrotetheother51 helped me with dialogue so much and I owe them my life.

You awoke to the sound of rain and the yeasty smell of rising bread. Your bed was cooler than normal, so you figured your fiancé, Okieriete was the one moving around in the kitchen. Stretching luxuriously, you hauled yourself out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen.
Leaning quietly in the doorframe, you watched Oak dance and shimmy to some kind of slinky jazz music. In an amazing display of masculine grace, he pirouetted to face you.

“(Y/N)! The sleeper awakes! Welcome to the world of the living!” He samba-ed over to you, wooden spoon in hand, and scooped you into a tango. Shrieking with laughter, you let him dance you around your small kitchen. He had the spoon between his teeth like a rose.
When the song ended he dipped you down and tossed the wooden spoon off to the side.
Before you could react, Oaks lips brushed against yours. He pulled back for a fraction of a second. His eyes met yours and you knew exactly what he meant to do.

In one swift motion Oak pulled your thighs up and around his hips. Leaning you back over the counter he checked the timer on the oven.
“23 minutes until this is ready baby. You think you can last that long?”
He dipped his head down and gently sank his teeth into your exposed neck. You’re entire body tingled.
“Yes…” you gasped.
He scooped you up.
“Lets go.”

He held you close to him and started walking down the hall towards the bedroom. Kicking the door open, he tossed you on the bed.
“You know the drill, honeybee.” He said, voice low, leaning against the closed door.
“Get those damned clothes off and let me see what I’m up against!”
You started to obey instantly, pulling you shirt off and then your pyjama pant. You were left standing in your panties, which you dropped a moment later. Oak had started to slowly pace towards you, eyes full of lust, a half smile on his full lips.
“Lie back, babygirl…Knees up. Let me look at you…”. His voice was low and quiet and full of promise. You lay back on the edge of the bed, knees bent and legs falling open, shivering as you felt a shock of cool air between your legs. The sensation was fleeting though, because a second later Oaks’ hand was sliding between your folds, up your cleft, stopping with his thumb gently pressing on your clit. He didn’t move. Just kept his thumb there. He leaned over you, hooking your right leg over his shoulder. The tip of his tongue trailed along the outer shell of your ear.
“So wet… You just can’t control yourself around me, can you?” He panted into your ear, pressing his hardening cock against your thigh.
“Goddamit Oak! Get your fucking pants off and give me attention. I deserve it!” You whined. He pulled away from you sharply and you gasped.
Looking up, you saw him stripping his shorts, boxers, and shirt off. When he was finished he ran his hand up your leg, looked at you for a moment before jerking his chin towards the head of the bed.
“Up there. Lie back on the pillows. Gotta make sure you’re comfortable.”
You smiled at how concerned he was for you, moving yourself up as he had asked. He checked his phone.
“We got 12 minutes left (Y/N). Think you can last that long?” He was poised over you. Arms on either side of your head, holding himself above you. You could feel his hips resting between hour legs, the head of his cock nudging against your clit. It was antagonizing.
“Oak I can last forever. Please just give me what I want!” Your hands found his shoulders, ran over his smooth brown skin and pressed at the small of his back. “Oak…”
he smiled.
“I want you to look at me. The whole time. I want to see every expression.”
You needed him so bad right now. A growled “yes sir” left your lips.
He shifted over you and you could feel the head of his cock press into you. You hummed in satisfaction as he slowly pushed his hips forward until his cock was fully snuggled inside you, filling you up completely.
He rested his weight onto his forearms on either side of your head. You felt him start moving in minuscule increments at first, tapping against your g-spot with every movement. Before long he was picking up speed and grunting with every thrust.
You could feel him hitting you hard and deep. Heat began to pool in your belly, your entire body tensing with expectation. You looped your legs around his waist and over his hips, giving him a better angle. You were gasping quietly, gazing at Oak in wonder. The beautiful, chocolate-brown boy that was panting above you.
“Oh…my god… you… do things to… me that… I can’t even… describe!” He huffed. His hips were pushing up and against you frantically. All you could do in response was whimper.
“Oak! I…” he dipped his head down and kissed you hard.
“Come. Now. You’re beautiful when you’re like this. Coming undone under me.” His voice was thick and deep and husky and it sent you over the edge.
The fire inside you erupted, sending tendrils of liquid bliss throughout your entire body. Your body moved involuntarily, back arching into Oaks’ chest, eyes squeezing shut as you held onto him and let your climax shake you. A moment later he groaned and you felt heat rush inside you.
Oak pressed deep into you, panting, arms shaking, before pulling out of you and collapsing on the bed by your side. His dark skin was slick with sweat and his ribs were heaving. You reached over and rubbed his woolly black hair. His eyes fluttered open and he turned to you, gently resting his fingertips against your lips.
“You make me feel things..” he murmured
You laughed and kissed his palm.
He was still looking at you in wonder.
“I’m so in love with you, (Y/N).”
You smiled. “Oak, I love you too, honey.”
He closed his eyes for a second, a smile still playing on those beautiful brown lips.
“Shit!!! I forgot about breakfast!” He threw his clothes back on and sprinted to the kitchen.
You giggled and put your own clothes back on, wandering out when you were finished. The rain was still drumming on the windows but Oak had made an incredible array of breakfast goodies. Including a loaf of fresh-baked bread.


Works in progress for ! A stitch witch spoon and a trad kitchen Witch spoon! 🥄 Each wand/spoon I have created with a specific intent or type of witch in mind. These are still a work in progress :)

These spoons are great to use as a magic wand, to focus and release your energy in spells, or can be used as a protection ward for your home, hearth, or magical area!

Some ideas on Warding -
When you walk the boundary of what you wish to protect, use your wand or magic spoon to draw an energy barrier. Ward as you would normally and then hang the spoon and use it as a “key” for your protections. Display it over your altar and activate - maybe by a motion or just by touching it. It will look like decoration but you will know that it it’s magic!

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don't suppose you have any nb!alex headcanons to hand? mebbe with a touch of director sanvers cuddling and affirmation and general "you're valid"ness if possible please?

not a headcanon haha but it’s definitely touching on the ‘you’re valid’ness you asked for. enjoy :) 

it’s been a long day of

/yes ma’am/


/right away ma’am/


/can you show us how you flipped supergirl again, ma’am/

alex gets home and they’re wrecked. training deo recruits is something they, as a rule, enjoy doing.  they like having a hand in shaping the future of the organization, as well as being able to keep an eye out for anyone particularly promising. it’s just the /ma’am/ and the /she/ and the /her/ that makes alex feel a little bit ill. that makes them fight back a cringe every time some unsuspecting recruit talks.

so alex gets home and before they’re even inside the apartment, music is filtering from under the door, lucy’s laugh and the smells of maggie cooking fill the hallway, and alex aches. they ache because once upon a time this was a dream they never dared to have, a dream they didn’t even know they had.

until it happened.

until they’re opening their front door and catch sight of maggie with her back pressed against the counter and lucy pressed flush against her, kissing and kissing and kiss. they part as the movement in the doorway catches their attention and it’s almost in sync when they break into smiles. both broad, both so genuinely happy that they’re home.

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A Simple Jar to Aid in Divination

As I’ve grown as a witch, I’ve started to get interested in different forms of magic. Divination is something I’ve always been very interested in, however, I haven’t practiced it much. I’ve been mostly doing some herbal magic, making stuff like sachets and jars and bottles. However, I’ve been wanting to get into divination much more lately, and decided to do a little something to help me!

This jar isn’t used as a divination tool, to clear that up. It’s simply here to help strengthen your energies, provide clearer results, and keep malicious/mischievous spirits from meddling with your results!

What You’ll Need

  • A jar/bottle. (Really, any bottle or jar will do, as long as you can place a candle inside of it.)
  • A Purple or White Candle, or any color candle that has a color you associate with divination.
  • Jasmine
  • Willow
  • Mugwort
  • Either: An oil of your choice (which has protective properties), or a marker (preferably permanent) with black or purple ink.

How To Do It

  1. Do anything you normally do before you work with magic, and cleanse what you need to cleanse. Then, take your tools out, and lay them before you.
  2. On the bottom of the jar, before you do anything else, take your oil/marker, and draw a sigil to keep malicious/mischievous spirits from meddling with your results. If you don’t know what to do, here’s a simple “Spirits Stay Out (of my work)” sigil you can easily use. (Excuse how sloppy it looks, I drew it up during passing period in school.)
  3. Take your candle, and dress it with sigils and oils as you deem appropriate if you would like. Charge, then stick your candle on in there! You’re going to want to make sure you can keep it standing up, so I strongly recommend investing on some sticky candle wax.
  4. Once you make sure your candle is stuck firmly to the bottom of your jar, pour in your willow, jasmine, and mugwort! If you wish to add anything else to make it stronger, be my guest.
  5. Charge those herbs with your intent, and give it a few shakes!
  6. If there’s anything else you’d like to do, go for it. Otherwise, you’re done! Light the candle whenever you work with divination, to draw forth power from the jar. 

Make sure that when the candle starts to get low, you replace it. Wouldn’t want to burn up all those herbs! If you can’t reach in there with your hand, I recommend grabbing it with a pair of kitchen tongs, or a spoon. Bury the stub in your backyard, or throw it away, then replace the candle.

Ice Cream and Pie

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 870

Warnings: mostly fluff with a bit of tiny smut at the end

Note: Dedicated to @faith-in-dean !!! I wrote this because I always ship her with Dean. And we had a little imagine thing going on a while back and I decided to write a drabble about it! Enjoy!

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People weren’t kidding when they called it ‘April showers’. It was cold, gray and wet for the last week and you wondered if you would ever get some sun anytime soon. Rain is not ideal for hunting, so Sam got vetoed out three to one. Netflix binging and huddling around the fireplace was the only thing everyone could agree on for passing the time.

A big bowl of chips sat on Castiel’s lap and Sam hugged a bag of plain popcorn. You sat next to Dean, tucked in comfortably with his arm around, resting his hand on your hip. He was hot like a furnace and normally, you’d be kicking him off you in bed from the overheating. But it was a cold night and his heated body kept you at a comfortable temperature. The blanket that covered you both was just for kicks and to cover the occasional hand that secretly glided over to each other’s crotch.

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