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Tragedy!!  Our boys were pipped in the semi-final and I’m only now coming out of the pits of despair :-(.  I think they should have won, but I am somewhat biased.

I’m slowly coming to terms that there will be no more Kyle/Sandor on my screen to salivate over.  No more lovely baker arms.  No more beard.  No more wide, wide, shoulders….

They need their own cooking show!  I think I need to start a petition.

I’m proud of Kyle/Sandor and Tim/Beric.  They are an awesome, talented team and they did so well.

I’ll now go back under my doona cover and wallow a while longer…

“This isn’t my kitchen, is it?”

Based on the prompt: 38. “This isn’t my kitchen, is it?from this post.

At first, she thinks she’s left the TV on in the living room. It wouldn’t be the first. It mostly happens when she’s too tired or too lost in her thoughts before going to bed. But the noise is solid, like a humming; so it is quite possible that maybe the fridge is living his own life again. That wouldn’t be a first either. Perceval is not exactly new.

But no. She can also hear pans clapping together so it has to be the TV. See, ever since they are on good terms with her neighbour, Food Network is her favourite. He suggested it, which she dismissed at first, but well… She refused because he made a stupid comment once when her smoke detector went off and the firemen vacated the building. But, it’s been months. It’s history.

Frankly, Food Network is her go-to channel before going to bed. Or when she has a particularly bad day. Watching how the star chef of the month is turning a few raw ingredients into something delicious is just… relaxing. As an upside, her cooking skills (and affinity to cook) has significantly improved. Months later, she willingly invites “the” neighbour and her friends for the themed dinner parties she regularly hosts.

But then she hears a curse word and a loud bang, and the noise shakes her out of her reverie, prompting her to jump out of bed. She grabs for her trusted baseball bat from under a pile of clothes. It’s made of hardwood, with a soft baby blue tape grip. The baseball bat is a leftover from the times Raven had dated a guy (then dumped within a week) for being generally too controlling. So she knows well how to intimidate; technically she also knows how to swing it.

She tiptoes to the door, her fingers curling around the knob and slowly, very slowly she slips out to the living room.

He’s standing there in a pair of slacks and a white top which is showing off way too much arms. Nothing she hasn’t seen before, but it had been a hot summer night a month ago when they hosted a barbeque for a small circle of friends. So. So – she is not complaining but the view of him is so domestic that she has to pinch herself to make sure it’s not just a dream.

“Bellamy?” her voice is a little raspy with sleep still and there is a quasi-intruder in her apartment whom she was prepared to kick in the nuts first and ask questions later.

“Oh shit,” he mumbles, visibly deflating a bit. “This isn’t my kitchen, is it?”

She can’t help the smile that stretches across her face, or her teeth biting on her bottom lip.

So when she gave Bellamy, her super built and super hot and super adorable neighbour a spare key, - after they’d been over the initial rocky phase of their relationship - she didn’t know that he would keep said key on his keychain twenty-four seven. (Or that he’d do late surprise visits to her apartment.)

Okay, their apartments are right next to each other. Same sturdy, dark oak door and doorframe gracing the entrance. They even own identical white kitchen furniture. (Which is completely by accident.)

It’s no wonder he didn’t recognise that he had entered the wrong apartment.

He’s a frequent guest in her kitchen during the daylight - being the better cook and a great person/friend to spend time with. And if she dreams of snuggling into him, who can blame her?

The view of him, in her apartment, is really not that unusual lately. And seeing him dressed like that, standing at the stove, in the middle of the night, is - quite honestly - rather comforting.

She sighs.

Maybe she should think about the reasons behind this feeling, but it’s not the right time for groundbreaking revelations.

“Shit Clarke, just … Just let me clean this up and I’m out.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” she says as she walks closer to him. Since she’s already up, she can keep him company. It’s only polite. “You need nutrition. And by that I mean proper food.” She opens the cupboard for a bowl. “Since I am already up, and a great host, I can help you.”

He ducks his head bashfully, but not before she can catch a small smile blooming on his face as turns his attention back to the eggs he’s already lined up on the countertop.

She hands him a small bowl and a fork.

Truth is, he’s reorganised her pans and plates and kitchen supplies the way he thinks is the most practical for cooking. At the time, she made a fuss about it because it’s her kitchen and in her kitchen her rules should apply, but. In reality, she really doesn’t mind. Raven thinks it’s a sign.

Mark my words, Griffin, you are gonna marry this guy, she had said.

At the time she had thought it had been just a passing joke, because – well, Raven is always like that. She teases. She wanted to marry her to her ex, and see how that turned out.

But months later, and her teasing remarks hasn’t ebbed but intensified.

Promise me, Griffin, you are going to kiss him, she said just yesterday, planting her hands on Clarke’s shoulders with a firm grip.

She hasn’t kissed him, not yet, but he hasn’t tried to kiss her either; despite that she feels that he might. Maybe not tonight, but someday he might.


She clears her throat.

“You’re overworking yourself,” she adds. “You finished later tonight than you normally do on Wednesdays.”

He makes a funny face, one that she adores, but maybe it’s just her imagination. It is late and she’s not completely sobered up from sleep yet.

They chat as he cooks and it’s well after 2 am when they finish cleaning the dishes and he’s ready to leave.

Sadly, he put on his t-shirt sometime between switching the stove off and piling his omelette on a plate. It’s an odd thing to remember but again, she’s not going to analyse it right now.

He turns to look at her standing in the doorway, keys dangling in one hand, and the shy smile he gives her causes her heart to swell a little more.

“Thanks for not kicking me out, Clarke.”

Bellamy looking at her like that reminds her how much she actually likes him. Stupid amounts.

“See you on Friday, Bell,” she says, lips curling into a smile.

He kisses her temple before he leaves and the feel of his lips is just enough to make her dreams sweet.

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If You Keep It Quiet You Serve Everyones Needs - QUIET IS THE RULE

i patiently waited for 35 mins for this scene when i rewatched this ep with judgeisonvinyl and it may have taken me an hour to find this gif but it was honestly the best 3 seconds in reality show television of all time.