kitchen note

the signs as shit gordon ramsay says in kitchen nightmares
  • aries: you fucking donut
  • taurus: i would like to pray before i eat this
  • gemini: you stuck up precious little bitch
  • cancer: bland as fuck
  • leo: have you ever sat at a table and watched 6 customers with its fucking donkey dick swinging in front of its face? it's hilarious
  • virgo: no, don't eat that, i don't want to be responsible for putting you back in the hospital
  • libra: it's not a crab cake... it's a crap cake
  • scorpio: that baby was fucking ugly
  • sagittarius: *gags and spits out food*
  • capricorn: looks like a fucking flip-flop
  • aquarius: stuffed clams. looks like a dog shat in the shells
  • pisces: i need the toilet, excuse me, i knew it would come out faster than it went in
the Alton Brown alignment chart

lawful good: Welch’s grape juice commercial 
neutral good: large scale easy bake oven 
chaotic good: Good Eats 

lawful neutral: Umami burger 
true neutral: Welch’s grape jam commercial 
chaotic neutral: Food Network Star 

lawful evil: Iron Chef America 
neutral evil: reviewing bad kitchen appliances 
chaotic evil: Cutthroat Kitchen 

Taken for Granted (pt 2)

A/N: I’ll go back to texts in the next part, it just didn’t fit with this part. Want part 3?? LET ME KNOW!

P.s. probably won’t be too active till like next week.

Part 1

You had always been close to the guys…well at least six of them. You had worked as an intern at BigHit when the guys were trainees and eventually debuted. However, you moved onto a bigger and better job, but still managed to stay good friends with the group. You somehow ended up at JYP in hopes of being a manager one day. But you were still one of their treasured friends, and they valued your input towards the group.

You don’t know when the feelings started. Well to be completely honest, you didn’t even realize you had these feelings for Namjoon. But what Hoseok said was true. You were always shy around him, but somehow making him happy became important to you. You noticed all the subtle things about him and studied him like a book unconsciously. Before you knew it, you knew all the things he loved and all the things he resented.

But he became increasingly cold towards you. He never really treated you like the other boys, who were always open and friendly with you. And maybe that’s why you fell for him. Because you had to figure him out and he was always on your mind. He became your favorite puzzle to solve and once it was solved, it became your hobby making sure the puzzle stayed whole and beautiful.

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Birthday Girl (NSFW/Smut)

Originally posted by dailytomholland

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 2965

Warnings: Cursing/Sex

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Type: Fluff, Smut

Note: Virgin reader and Peter :) 

Requested: nope



Peter covers my eyes with a blindfold and helps me stand up.

“This is kinky, Parker, what are you planning?”

Peter laughs nervously and I feel him getting more timid with his actions.

“Will you stop, Y/N? It’s just to keep the surprise a surprise.”

I giggle at his obviously flustered state from my sex joke.

I let him lead me out of the room to the unknown destination, one hand holding mine and the other on my waist as he gently pushes me along.

“Peterrrrrrr it’s taking so loooooong,” I whine, just to annoy him.

“Just a little farther, Y/N, bear with me here.”

My foot brushes against something soft.

“Is that another gym sock?”

“Uhhhhh… No it isn’t…” There’s a loud shuffle as he tries to kick the offending article away discreetly.

Oh, he’s so adorable when he’s lying.

He stops and lets go of my hand and waist. There’s a soft scrape to my left as he pulls out a chair.

Heh. Pulls out.

“Here ya go, love.” He takes my hand and gently guides me into the seat. He slips and I miss the seat, landing on the soft, carpeted floor instead. There’s a solid thunk as what sounds like Peter’s head collides with the wall.

“OH MY GOD PETER ARE YOU OKAY?” I tear off the blindfold and see the poor boy rubbing his head, where there’s bound to be a bump forming.

“I’ll live.”

“Oh you poor man-child, let me get you some ice.”

I rush towards the kitchen, noting the very nicely set-up dinner table for two.

He must be devastated that he couldn’t properly surprise me.

I stop as I enter the kitchen, trying to process the scene before me.

He hobbles up behind me, trying to stop me.

“Wait, Y/N, don’t go into the- ah shit you’ve seen it.”

I look around to see the room decorated with strings of lights and roses.

“Oh, Peter. You shouldn-” Peter kisses me before I could finish my sentence.

“You like it?” He asks as he pulls me closer for another kiss, deeper than the last.

I pull away before nodding, “Yes, Peter, I love it. Thank you.”

He beams at me before leading me to the table and pulling out a chair for me.

“My princess,” he jokes, gesturing for me to take a seat.

I sarcastically bow, “My knight.”


After dinner, I stand up to help clean up the dishes.

Peter shoos me away and tells me to sit down while he takes care of it.

I don’t bother arguing with him, because I know fighting with him would be pointless with his stubbornness.

I stay seated while he collects the dishes and kisses my nose before leaving to wash them.

I watch him walk away and smile to myself as I take a rose from the vase on dining table and twirl it in my hands.

I giggle to myself as I think about our past two years together.

How sweet Peter was with his cute pickup lines and our weekly movie dates.

How shy he is when we kiss and how much of a gentleman he is.

I continue to reminisce until I see Peter standing in the doorway.

His cheeks are red and his hands are shaking a little.

He’s nervous.

“Peter, love, are you alright?” I ask.

He gives me a half smile and he walks over slowly, his body language screaming nervousness.


“I, uh, I have one more gift for you,” he says.

“Peter! This is already so much, please that’s enough,” I laugh and I stand up to hug him.

He hesitates before hugging me back and now I see how nervous he really is.

“Peter? What’s wrong?” I ask, noticing that his legs are shaking.

He looks away from me as he reaches into his pocket and gives me a small index card with the letter V written on it.


I look up at him questionably and he rubs the back of his neck, his face slowly acquiring the color of the roses on the table.

“It’s um. I-I, uh,” Peter stumbles.

“I get it Peter, V-Card,” I look up at him and smile before kissing his chin and then his nose.

“It’s a very unique present, Peter,” I say as I lean closer to Peter and kiss him again. He places his hands gently on my hips.

I lean back and smile, “So I can cash this in anytime I want?” I ask.

His face reddens a little before he nods.

“How about right now?” I ask slowly, hoping he would get a hint and suggest something.

He looks at me in the eye for a few moments before breaking contact and looks down at his feet.

“I’ve got another surprise for you, love,” Peter says, reaching over to the counter and giving me the blindfold again.

I look at him suspiciously before putting the blindfold on again.

“Just trust me, Y/N,” Peter says softly. I relax a little and reach out to hold his hand as he leads the way.

I am assaulted with a barrage of smells as we turn into a room, where everything sounds slightly muffled, as if it’s filled with soft furniture. My feet brush against… rose petals? I smell my favorite scented candles as well as… Febreze. Lots of Febreze.

Dammit Parker why don’t you clean this house more often?

His hands leave my shoulders for a few seconds and I hear some shuffling around me, no doubt he’s cleaning up whatever’s been left strewn around his ro-

The blindfold falls off suddenly and I’m left shocked at the scene in front of me.

Though I’ve been in his room a million times before, I’ve never seen it this clea-

Romantic. It’s never been this romantic.

Everything’s been swapped or covered with a red velvet and the lights are off, leaving only the candles to light the room. A gasp  escapes my lips. Peter, who is in the process of furiously trying to shove what looks to be a red and blue suit into the closet, whips his head around, eyes wide open.

“It fell off? Shit, now I can’t badmouth the baddies anymore about their lousy knots… Anyways, surprise?” he tries with a tight smile.

God, he’s so adorable when stuff goes wrong.

“Peter… just ask me…”

“Well, I mean you don’t have to, but… I…” Peter tries to start but fails to finish his sentence as I

lean closer, until our noses are almost touching. We stay that way, looking into each other's’ eyes for a while.

“Hi,” Peter greets me.

“Are you going to kiss me yet?” I ask, slightly impatiently. Face redder, than the cushions, he does just that.

He makes the first move, turning his head and closing the space between us. My lips meet his, agonizingly slowly. His hands cup my face and pull me closer, and I return the kiss with a passion I didn’t know I had. Our lips locked, he pulls us down onto the bed. One of his hands finds its way into my hair while the other one grasps my neck. My own hands find their way under his shirt and around the back of his head. He bites my lip, accidentally, and I jerk back, not expecting the bite.

“Oh my god Y/N I’m so sorry oh my god are you okay oh my god are you bleeding?” he babbles, moving his head around to check my lips.

I quickly run my tongue over my lips to check for blood

“I’m okay, Peter.””

“Hi, okay, Peter, I’m Peter,” he quips back,not missing a beat.

I laugh at Peter lightly before pulling down his pants.

“W-Wait, Y/N, are- are- are you sure ab-”

I cut him off with a finger pressed to his lips.

“Shhhhhh. Yes, Peter. I am sure. Now shut up and let me make you happy,” I say, kissing his nose to reassure him.

“But, I want to make you feel good fir-” Peter tries to object but lets out a moan instead as I palm his member through his boxers.

I smile as I gently squeeze tighter and watch him throw his head back and moan a little louder. I then pull down his boxers as I eagerly snake down his body and watch as his member is freed from its restraints. I wrap my hand around it and give it a small pump, a little intimidated by his size, even though it’s not fully hard yet. I watch as small beads of precum leak from his head and roll down his shaft. Without a second thought, I lick along the underside of his cock, starting from the base all the way to the tip. I swirl my tongue around the head, lapping up the droplets of precum.

I hear Peter groan as I pull him into my mouth, inch by inch, using my tongue to lick him slowly and hollowing my cheeks to suck him deeper.

I smile to myself as I hear Peter curse and moan above me, I feel his hands in my hair as he caresses my face, urging me to continue.

I lean back and pump him a little more before sucking the head of his cock again.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Peter moans as I start to slowly take in as much of him as possible and pull back. The tip of his cock hits the back of my throat as I take him deeper and deeper. I pump his shaft at the base with my free hand as I begin to feel my panties dampening.

“Y/N, please slow down, I don’t want to cum yet,” Peter practically begs.

I look up at him and smile to myself as I let him go with a pop.

He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to calm himself down.

I take this opportunity to turn my back to him and take off my pants slowly. I bend over more than I have to so that I give him a good view of my ass. I can see his jaw drop in the mirror.

Pffft. He ain’t seen nothing yet.

My jeans join the not-so-well-hidden pile of dirty laundry in the corner. I lift my shirt slowly, especially around my chest, since I want him to see that I’ve “forgotten” my bra at home. I hear a sharp intake of breath as he realizes this. The shirt joins my pants and I’m left Stark™-naked except for my panties. I turn around to face him.

Are human even supposed to be that red?

He has a dumbfounded expression on his face that I’ve never seen before.

I laugh a little as I climb back onto the bed and kiss him.

He kisses me back after recovering from his shock. He flips me over so that I’m on my back.

He attacks my neck before traveling downward, past my exposed breasts leaving a trail of kisses past my stomach.

I moan loudly as he reaches my hips. He kisses all along the band of my panties and kisses my nether lips through the thin fabric.

I whimper as he hooks a finger into the elastic of my panties and pulls them down slowly. He leaves small bites on the inside of my thighs as he passes them. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the sodden article of clothing sail across the room in the general direction of the rest of my clothes. He works his way back up my legs, fingers ghosting the insides of my legs before parting them gently. His left hand grip the top of my right thigh as he uses his hand to spread my lips. I clutch the sheets as he dips a finger into my wet and aroused center. He smiles to me before scooting closer to my crotch, all the while making a “come hither” motion with his finger. His lips meet my other lips as his head comes down.

Within moments, his tongue finds my clit.

Has he done this before?

“I pay attention in sex ed, Y/N,” Peter jokes as my cheeks redden in the realization that I had said it out loud.

He chuckles a little bit before leaning in and kissing my thighs before sucking my clit again.

I moan loudly and clutch the sheets harder. I feel another finger join the first and his other hand moves up to hold my hips in place. I squirm and whimper as his tongue runs over my clit, lapping at the sensitive bundle of nerves. His fingers spread my opening  to give his tongue to my core. I shiver as his tongue moves in and out of my entrance.

“Ohh, fuck Peter…” I moan, willing him to go faster. He pulls his tongue out of me and he moves his two fingers again, thrusting faster than before.

His tongue moves back up to my clit and begins attacking the small nub at the top of my folds.

My moans become more incoherent as he continues to lick, suck, and lap at every single part of my most private area, leaving me a babbling mess.

As my walls begin to clench around his fingers, Peter speeds up his thrusting and ravages my clit harder as he feels me gets closer to the edge until he brings me over the edge. My back arches and my toes curl almost painfully as the immense pleasure of the orgasm wracks my body completely. I see stars as my eyes roll back into my head and a loud, breathy moan escapes my lips.

Peter sucks gently on my clit and slows his thrusting as the waves of euphoria roll over me, further intensifying the pleasure and prolonging my orgasm.

As the pleasure gently fades away, Peter kisses my clit, then kisses a trail up my stomach, stopping at my breasts. He licks each nipple, gently sucking on each one before moving on. He stops at my neck, planting a kiss there before moving his head up so that his eyes are level with mine.

“Do you want to go further?”

“No, Peter, I wanted to stop and talk about multi-variable calculus,” I deadpan, lacing as much sarcasm into my voice as possible.

He smiled devilishly and deadpanned right back, “It just so happened that I needed a little help with my calculus homework, can you help me integrate my natural log?”

I whack him softly with one of the red heart pillows on the bed. “I HATE YOU”

“No you don’t,”

He leans down to kiss me again before reaching over and grabbing a condom from the nightstand.

I laugh as he fails to open it before offering to help. He smiles at me gratefully as I put it on for him. I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer and kiss him.

I pull him down to the bed.

“I love you,” he whispers.

“I love you too, Peter,” I say as I guide his cock to my entrance.

I always thought I would be really nervous during my first time. But Peter made it comfortable. Peter slowly moved his hips forward and I gasped, not used to his size.

He’s bigger than I thought.

“Are you okay? Am I hurting you?” Peter asked nervously.

“No, it just feels kinda tight,” I say, trying to ease his nerves.

Peter continues to insert himself carefully. The pain fades away and it begins to feel pleasurable.

I moan a little and clutch Peter’s back as I quietly beg him to go faster.

Peter starts to thrust his hips at a moderately faster speed and I throw my head back and moan loudly, enjoying this new feeling beyond words.

Peter leans forward to kiss my neck making me mewl in pleasure as I move my arms around the back of his neck to pull his hair.

I kiss his neck and Peter groans loudly.

“Keep doing that and I am not going to last much longer,” Peter says as he leaves another hickey on my collar bone. He hastens his movements and starts thrusting harder.

“Maybe I don’t want you to,” I whisper breathily.

Peter straightens up and moves a hand down to my clit and rubs his thumb over it in quick, small circles, pushing me over the edge.

“Peter,” I moan before I see stars for the second time that night. As my walls clenched around his member, I felt Peter also reach his release, groaning loudly and burying his cock deep in my tunnel. His cock twitches and I feel the condom fill up as he releases his seed into me. He lies down, burying his face into the crook of my neck as he tries to slow his breathing. We lay like that for a while, both panting hard and coming down from our orgasms. After a few minutes, he pulls out slowly and kisses my face. I moan as he slides out, and I feel empty when he pulls out completely.

“You okay?” Peter asks.

“Mmm,” I respond, exhausted.

Peter laughs and goes to the bathroom to get rid of his condom. I whine, not wanting him to leave, but am too tired to go after him.

Peter comes back a few minutes later with a warm washcloth. He gently moves my legs to clean then before handing me one of his shirts and to wear.

I smile and put it on before lying back down on the bed and drifting off, murmuring, “I love you,” to Peter.

“Happy birthday, Y/N” is the last thing I hear before my reality fades into pleasant nothingness.


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Hitman AU ideas?

  • “Oh crap! I made a mistake! You’re the wrong person! Oh man, my guy, I am so sorry let me just crawl back out this window and let’s forget that this ever happened.” AU
  • Character A has heard of some pretty bizarre ways to make cash fast, but being a hit man wasn’t something that Character A had ever considered. After accidentally killing somebody, Character A finds a wad of cash on their kitchen table with a note that reads: “Good work. More information coming soon.”
  • “It’s nothing personal. You’ve obviously done something bad enough to get killed, so I’m just here to carry out the will of the universe.” AU
  • Character A is a hit man that works for a large, corrupt company. Whenever any other businesses start to encroach on the business’ turf, Character A is paid to take them out. Character B is the heir to an up-and-coming rival company.
  • In order to carry on their business, Character A has decided to bring on Character B as an extra pair of eyes. While staking out a target one night ,Character B taps Character A’s shoulder and quietly lets them know that the two of them are being watched by another person.
  • “Shh! Listen, you don’t deserve to die, but I’m the third hit man that’s been hired to take you out and we need to make you disappear. We need to fake your death.” AU
  • Character A is a hit man that has planned on getting close to Character B, their latest target, by inviting Character B out onto a date. While out on this date though, Character A is actually really impressed by Character B and isn’t sure if they’re okay with going through with the job.
Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 4

Characters: Derek Hale, Werewolf!Stiles, Isaac Lahey, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Originally posted by thewritingbanshee

Derek and Isaac had moved in and you were up to your eyeballs in testosterone. Isaac was sleeping on the couch, Derek in the guest room. You miss your privacy.

You came home late one evening, you had errands to run. You went upstairs, wanting to crash in bed. You opened your door to find Derek in your bed.

“Oh, really?” You crossed your arms and looked at him.

“Isaac’s in my room. I had nowhere to go.”

“Why is Isaac in your room?” You raise an eyebrow.

“He brought some girl home, I don’t know.”

“Derek! Oh my God!” You slipped out the door and swung Derek’s door open. You walked in and leaned on the wall. Isaac looked up at you and groaned.

The girl looked at you blankly. “Can I help you?” She smarted off.

“You can actually. Get out.” You point to the door.

She nudges Isaac. “You’re going to let her talk to me like that?” He shrugs and she pouts.

“I said out. Now.” You slammed the door closed when she left and you looked at Isaac.

“What the hell?” He got off the bed and put his shirt back on.

“Don’t what the hell me, Lahey. Bringing a girl home? To my house?”

“We didn’t even do anything! We were just making out!”

“I don’t care. You still brought her here.”

Derek opened the door and stood behind you.

“This isn’t fair! Scott didn’t care about this stuff!”

You scoff, “Was Scott becoming your legal guardian? No? Then I don’t want to hear it. My house, my rules.”

Isaac huffs and pushes past you, storming down the stairs.

Derek high fives you. “That was good pack-parenting.”

You laugh. “I cannot believe you let him in here with a girl.”

“Sorry. That was bad pack-parenting. He’s done it before so I didn’t really think much of it.”

“He’s done it before? In your room? Derek…he needs his own room.” You sigh.

“I can sleep on the couch.” He shrugs.

“No, stay with me. It’ll be 100% nonsexual. You can handle that right?”

Derek smirks. “Of course I can.”

That day he moved all of his stuff in, you were now sharing a closet with a man who you’d just met. You’d kissed for maybe fifteen seconds, but you just met. “What side of the bed do you sleep on?” He turned and looked at you.

“In the middle…so pick whichever side you want.” You say, moving your clothes over in the closet.

Stiles has been in and out of the house all day. He’s decided that you and Derek are the only ones that can calm him down.

“Why is Jackson such a huge idiot?” He stormed in and sat on your bed.

“All right then..” You muttered before sitting beside him. “What’d he do now?”

“He said that I’ll never be as good of a werewolf as him, so when I got angry he laughed at me. He’s showing off for Lydia.” He grunts.

You roll your eyes. “I just talked to him about this..Stiles don’t let it get to you. If I’m being honest I think that he’s a little worried about you and Lydia. You’re stepping in on his lady, Stiles.” You nudge him and he laughs.

“I don’t mean to…I just can’t help it. She’s just..” He lays back on the bed and groans. “She’s so pretty and she’s got the greatest personality. I just don’t know how she can stand to be with him. He’s a dumb jock, that’s all he is. She’s too smart to be with him. I get her, I get her sense of humor and I get her smart little fun facts. I just really like her, y'know? I do everything I can not to screw up around her and Jackson always makes me look stupid.” He sighs.

Derek joins the two of you on the bed. “I know what you mean. Pretty girls are hard to get over.” He flicked his eyes over to you and smirked.

“Let me give you some advice. If you’re having trouble with Lydia just try being her friend. Don’t try to impress her, or show off, just be her friend. Go out on friend dates with her and Jackson, no matter how much it hurts because that’s going to show that you aren’t around just to get in her pants. It’ll show her you’re trustworthy.” Derek smiles at him.

“I never really have tried being her friend…” Stiles says quietly. He jumped off the bed quickly.

“So, quick question…”

“What?” You look up at him.

“When’s the next full moon?”

“Monday, why? Do you need us?”

Stiles nods, “Okay, thanks guys. I have to go be Lydia’s friend now.” He jogs out of the room and you look at Derek.

“Such a spaz.” He says under his breath and you smack his arm.

“Leave him alone.” You defend the younger boy.

“Fine. Sorry.” Derek throws his hands up on defense, a smile playing on his lips. “Let’s go out tonight.” He looks at you.

“I uh..where?” You stand up, pulling the hoodie you were wearing down.

“Let’s go to a club. You know, where we can drink and not have to worry about teenaged werewolves.” He laughs.

You snort, “That’d be great.”

“It’s a plan?” He asks you.

“It’s a plan.” You repeat, high fiving the much taller werewolf in front of you. You glance at the clock. “That means I should start getting ready. Can you call Isaac and talk to him? He probably won’t answer if I call. Just tell him what’s going on and that he gets his own room now.” You grab your makeup bag as Derek nods. You go to the bathroom, turning music on loudly. You go back to your room to pick a dress out before retreating back to the bathroom.

You finish getting ready and you head downstairs. You find Derek in a tight white button down shirt and dress pants. You feel your breath hitch when you see him. He smirks at you. “I talked to Isaac…are you ready?”

You nod, the both of you going out to his car. You arrive at the club, the line surprisingly short.

“You look drop dead gorgeous. I just thought I’d let you know.” He smirks down at you and you blush.

“You don’t look too bad either.”

You’re standing in line talking when you’re approached by a young girl. “Derek? You’re Derek Hale right?”

Derek turns and looks at her, nodding. “Can I help you?”

“You’re an alpha, right? You know what to do.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking me.”

“I-I’m pregnant. I think my water just broke. I need help.”

Your eyes go wide and Derek turns to look at you.

“I’m not Derek Hale but I can help you.” You say, stepping out of line. You take the young girls arm.

“I can’t go to the hospital. My mom doesn’t know I’m pregnant. I can’t go.”

Derek takes her other arm. “Let’s get her in the car.”

You help her into the backseat and sit with her. “Derek, take her back to the house.” You arrive at the house and you help her inside, setting her up in Isaac’s room. You take all the sheets off the bed and put a towel down over the mattress protector. You cover her up and sit beside her. Derek stands in the doorway, watching.

“How old are you, sweetie?” You press a cool rag to her head.

She groans, you can see her contracting. You take her hand and let her squeeze. She’s not talking through the contraction so you figure she must be close.

You stand at the edge of the bed. “Is it okay if I look?” She nods.

“I’m fourteen, by the way. I’m pretty sure the baby’s a werewolf too.”

You nod and look under her dress. “Derek, she’s crowning already.” Can you come in here and take her hand.

He nods and comes in, making conversation with the girl.

“Honey, what’s your name?”

“My name’s Brittany.”

“Okay, Brittany..I’m going to need you to push. Can you do that? I’m going to count down from ten and I need you to push while I count.”

She nods and squeezes Derek’s hand.

“1..2..3..push.” She begins pushing and you count down. This goes on for about twenty minutes. “Derek can you get me the blanket on the couch?” He nods and jogs downstairs.

“One more push, Brittany.” She pushes and you hold the baby as it comes out. “It’s a boy.” You smile.

Derek returns and you wrap the baby up. “I need scissors.” He grabs them from the bedside table and you cut the cord, careful not to cut too close.

You hand the boy to Brittany. She cries as she takes him. “Thank you so much. Thank you.”

“Can I get you anything?” You smile at her and she shakes her head.

“I’m okay. Thank you.”

“We’ll leave you be. We’re going to be downstairs if you need us.” She nods and you and Derek leave the rooms.

“So much for going out.” You look at him and he smirks.

“I still got to see you in this hot dress. I found it painstakingly sexy watching you deliver a baby in heels. You’re so badass.” He gives you a once over.

You push him playfully. “Shut up. I’m just doing what I have to.”

Isaac walks in the door and starts to go upstairs. “Ah..wait.” You holler.

“What?” He turns and looks at you.

“You don’t want to go in there. I’m not giving details just don’t go in there. You can sleep down here tonight.”

He groans and flops down on the couch. “Okay..”

You go to the kitchen and sit a bottle of wine on the counter, Derek smirking. “Yeah?” He asks.

“Oh yeah.” You nod and pour you both a glass. You hop up on the counter. “I just delivered a baby. I don’t how these things just casually happen to me.”

Derek laughs. “You get used to it. I was hoping we’d hang out more tonight but…”

“We’re hanging out now aren’t we?” You and give him a sly look.

You spend the rest of the night talking and laughing. You got to know each other better. You’d checked in on Brittany before going to bed but she was asleep.

You’re awoken at 6 a.m by screeching. You groan and get up. Is there a baby in the house? There’s a baby in the house. You walk across the hall to Isaac’s room to check on Brittany and the baby. When you open the door you only see the baby. You pick him up and cradle him. You yawn as he begins to calm down. You carry him to the bathroom to see if Brittany’s there. Nope. You go down to the kitchen to find a note. You read it and you panic. “Derek! Derek, come here!” You heard him get out of bed and come downstairs quickly. You must’ve woken Isaac too because he came shuffling into the kitchen.

Derek comes in looking like an adorable mess. He has no shirt on, just pajama pants and his hair’s sticking up everywhere. “What’s going on?”

You hand him the note. “Brittany left. She left the baby here. She said she doesn’t care what we do with him.” Derek’s eyes meet yours and you can smell the anxiety on him, the baby beginning to scream.

“I for one hate the kid already.”

“Isaac, shut up.” You and Derek say in unison. No one speaks for awhile. You and Derek just stare at each other, having a silent conversation.

“My parents are in love” - Bruce Wayne x Reader (x batfam)

Hi ! I see you all the time in my notifications, liking my stuff, so thank you very much for that @xsxaxjxax, and thank you for the compliment as well !! Here’s your request, I don’t know if it’s any good but hope you’ll like it ! (Oh also, #3.being sickeningly affectionate with each other SOMEWHAT A BIT NSFW) : 


You heard them coming in, but you couldn’t care less. And given the fact that your Bruce was still kissing you, he obviously didn’t give a damn either. 

It was too perfect to stop. You rarely had time where things could be like that. 

Your husband had a day off, and you called in sick just to stay with him, the occasion too good to pass on. You had a wonderful morning together, staying in bed late, enjoying each other’s presence, talking about anything and everything, making love a lot. When you finally got out of bed, you didn’t bother to dress nicely as usual. You both just put on sweat pants and a hoodie, and, hands in hands, went to get your late breakfast. 

Your sons were there, and when they saw the both of you coming in, giggling like idiots because their father was tickling your sides lovingly, they all sighed. Oh, that was one of those days uh ? One of those very rare days where you and Bruce didn’t have to worry about anything because things for once went alright, one of those very rare days where you’d almost turn into conjoined twins because you wouldn’t let go of each other for a seconds. One of those days where you grossed out your children on a regular basis. 

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I didn’t become a great cook/baker overnight… I spent the first two years that my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived together studying cookbooks, recipes, watching tutorials and Food Network every chance I got. I became so good that I began baking for parties and catering events, all from my own kitchen!

All of this drive came from the central theme of wanting to do my best to please my man ❤️

Hi Daddy!

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 365
Parings: Dean x Reader
Warnings:  fluff
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated. For @beckawinchester ’s

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Dean/ Jensen tags only:

Three weeks you had been contemplating how to tell Dean you were pregnant. You had wracked your brain on a cute way to tell him. He preferred pie so a cake with a message was out. You lived in an underground bunker so a decorated yard was out as well.
Finally you had an idea. You sent him out for groceries and got to work. Starting in the kitchen you left a note. Running all around the bunker you hid notes. It was a scavenger hunt if you will.
You were excited and nervous at the same time waiting for him to come home. You both had always wanted children, but your lifestyle wasn’t conducive. Hopefully Dean would want you and the baby you were growing in your womb.  
When Dean came home he found the first note leading him to the war room, then a second to Sams room. So on and so forth until he made it to the library. It was dark as he called out.
“(Y/N)? (Y/N/N)?” He flicks on the light finding a box on the table saying open me. Warily he walked over and opened it, a hint of fear that you were gone rolling through his body. Inside was a picture of you. It was you he knew that belly anywhere. On your stomach was painted “Hi Daddy!” and little footprints as well as a tiny bow tied there.
He couldn’t believe his eyes as he kept staring at the picture, you were pregnant. So many emotions swirled around in him the biggest being joy. You were pregnant with his baby.
“(Y/N)!!!!” he shouts and runs to find you. Which was easy you were in the kitchen putting stuff away after he left for his ‘hunt’.
He picks you up twirling you, “I’m gonna be a a dad?!” he asks excitedly?
You nod giggling, “Surprise!”
He kisses you hard, “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.”
He kneels pushing up your shirt, kissing your belly. You smile running your fingers through his hair.
“Hi Baby I’m your daddy.”
Smiling you watched him murmur to the life growing inside you, knowing he’d make the best daddy.

The simplest symphony

It was raining outside but not the cold miserable downpour London was famous for. It was summer rain, a bit warm and for a change welcome after the hot spell they had suffered.

Molly had entered the kitchen to put on the kettle but instead of joining him in the living room, she now stood by her kitchen window. The same spot where he had once seen her sad and weighted down. But now she had a small smile on her face as she reverently held the tea mug, sighing with pleasure as a few drops of rain splattered and dropped on her face.

Sherlock wished he had his violin with him right then. There was a tune playing through him at the site of the quietly content woman by her kitchen window. The notes were swirling around him, taking him on a light-hearted journey, weaving around him patterns that felt personal and resonated with his heartbeats. He felt as if these notes were emitted from the Molly herself.

There was joy on her face as she took enjoyment in the simple act of having a hot drink indoors as it rained outside. There was a glow on her face that reflected her inner contentment and happiness.

Sherlock felt he would do anything to protect that, to ensure that the emotion continued.

He approached her, ignoring the look of protest on her face as he took the mug from her hand and kept it on the counter. Taking her hand in his and placing his other around her waist, he slowly but deftly moved about the small space. Molly looked surprised but followed his lead. They moved to the silent tune being played in the detective’s head, upping their tempo as the notes seemed to flow fast and with certainty until they reached a crescendo and slowly seemed to fall as leaves in autumn, leaving a wonderful silence in their wake.

“There’s no silence when I’m around you. Its music. And its beautiful.”

She translated his words, filed them away. He was still not able to say it easily, but found new and different ways to convey the emotion. She was always happy to receive them.

“I love you too,” was her simple response.


Word Count: 1577 

Pairing: Tyler x Reader

My hands were shaking so bad when I got off of the airplane this morning. I kept drinking water and by the time I saw Mark in front of the airport, I had around ten empty bottles stuffed inside of my backpack. However, when I saw him a wide smile enveloped my face and I ran as fast as I could to give him a hug. Now we were outside of his house and I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown because I would be meeting all of his friends. He looked at me as we were grabbing my bags out of the back an put his hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, they’re going to love you.”

His words were comforting but they didn’t stop my chest from tightening when I took a step inside. As soon as I walked in I saw four people sitting on the sectional. 

“Y/N, this is everyone, everyone this is my friend, Y/N.”

The smaller guy with blue hair widened his eyes and looked up at Mark.

“Oh no Mark, are you replacing us?”

“Shut up Ethan.”

A giggle escaped my lips and a girl, who I remembered was Amy, got up and gave me a hug. 

“It’s so nice to finally meet you!”

“You too! Mark’s told me so much about you.” It was true, when they first started dating she was all he talked about. He called me after their first date and we talked like we were in high school again. I was just glad that he had found someone that made him so happy. Amy grinned and walked over to Mark and hugged his torso. I looked down at the other two that were sitting down and tried to remember their names. The girl’s name started with a K and for a second I thought that maybe it was Katelyn.

“Hi, I’m Kathryn.” So close.

“Nice to meet you.”

The other guy had yet to say anything but he hadn’t taken his eyes off of me. It made me kind of uncomfortable and I worried that my make up was smeared from when I fell asleep on the plane. 

“Um, Y/N, this is Tyler.” Tyler seemed to shake out of his trance and smiled widely at me, holding out his hand.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Mark’s talked a lot about you.” A shy smile made it’s way to my face as I shook his hand. We stayed like that for a while until Mark cleared his throat.

“Ok well we’re having a movie night tonight so Y/N, unpack your stuff, I’ll show you to your room,” he turned to Tyler “and you order the pizzas.” I was already walking down the hallway he pointed me towards, so I didn’t see the devious grin that he sent Tyler, or the worried glare he received in return.

“Y/N!! Are you ready yet?” I had just taken a shower and was getting dressed in something more comfortable when Mark’s booming voice echoed throughout the halls. 

“Yea! I’ll be down in a minute!”

I was wearing my Led Zepplin shirt, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of fuzzy panda socks that I had gotten for Christmas last year. When I got to the bottom of the steps I could smell pizza and popcorn. Amy walked out of the kitchen with three giant bowels of popcorn balanced on her arms and I offered to carry some for her. She thanked me and we made our way into the living room.

The scene I saw before me sent a wave of anxiety up my spine, for two reasons. One Amy and Mark were both sitting on the love seat and Kathryn was sitting in the chair, leaving the only other place to sit, in between Ethan and Tyler on the couch. Ethan wasn’t the problem, Tyler was. I felt so nervous around him and I couldn’t tell if it was because he was so handsome and muscular that it was intimidating, or if it was that he was so handsome and muscular that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. The other part was that the movie they had picked out was a horror movie. 

“Oh my God, Mark, no. I hate horror movies!”

Mark smirked and motioned towards Tyler. “Don’t worry, Y/N, Goliath, here is scarier than anything in this movie.

I pouted but didn’t say anything else as I sat down between the two guys. We watched the movie in silence until halfway through Mark got up to use the bathroom. When he came back it was in the middle of a particularly scary and tense part and right at the jump scare he screamed and shook my shoulders. I screamed so loud my throat felt raw. I shoved my head into Tyler’s shoulder and grabbed his upper arm as my whole body shook while Mark just stood back, laughing. 

It would have been the stereotypical cutesy, romance scene, except Mark ended up scaring Ethan too, so he was hiding in my shoulder, probably shaking even more than I was. 

"What the fuck, Mark?”

“God, Ethan, you sounded like you started puberty all over again, just more violently!”

“Well I wouldn’t have screamed if you didn’t fucking scare us!”

They continued to bicker and I completely forgot about the position I was currently in until Tyler moved his arm. I looked at him, mortified, and began to apologize profusely until he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. The mortified look remained on my face but now it was directed at the floor instead of Tyler, who kept his eyes locked on the movie. He didn’t look at you but you were grateful for that because you had entered full tomato-mode. 

Eventually Ethan and Mark ceased the bickering and you all continued to watch the movie until everyone fell asleep. When you wake up you keep your eyes closed and try to snuggle in closer to the warmth that was pressed against you. It responded by pulling you closer and you opened your eyes to see Tyler just a few inches from your face. You gasped and got up carefully as not to wake him, and looked around to see that everyone was gone. 

You walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter.


Sorry to leave you and Tyler alone but Ethan and Kat had to get groceries and 

I promised to take Amy on a coffee date. We’ll all be back soon, don’t break anything ;)


“What the fuck.”

Tyler was still asleep and you didn’t want to wake him up but your stomach was growling like your uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, so you decide to make pancakes. You played some music softly from your phone and swung your hips lightly to the beat. Not paying much attention to anything else other than the task at hand, you didn’t notice when Tyler walked into the kitchen and sat at the island. After you but the first batch on the skillet you turned around to get a plate but nearly screamed when you saw him watching you. 

“Oh please, don’t stop because of me. I just came in to see what smelled so good.”

Your face had gotten brick-red and you tried not to stutter. “I was just making pancakes, I woke up and was hungry so I decided to make up breakfast. The others went out somewhere.” Tyler looked at the note Mark had left and gave it a weird look but didn’t say anything else.

He watched you as you continued to make the pancakes, occasionally offering to help, to which you shut him down.

“But you’re the guest, I should be making YOU breakfast.” He got up from his seat and made his way over to you. 

“Really, I don’t mind.” He kept walked closer until you were backed up against the counter and you could feel his breath on your cheek. Both of you started to lean in and you were just a few centimeters apart when you heard the door slam open.


Tyler took a step back and huffed, “Dammit Ethan.”


Tyler had moved to the other end of the kitchen by the time Ethan and Kat had gotten to the kitchen, several bags of food in their hands. They looked at our red faces and smirked at each other but didn’t say anything as they began putting the groceries away. The door opened again and this time Mark and 

Amy walked in and grinned at the two of you.

“Soooo, what did you guys do while we were gone?”

“Um, I made pancakes.”

“Mhm.” Mark squinted his eyes at Tyler and everyone got a plate full of pancakes and took them into the living room, but Tyler stayed back. I was turned away as I got my own plate of food but was interrupted when He spun me around and pressed his lips to my own. It was quick and sweet, and when he pulled away he rested his forehead on mine.

“I think Mark planned this.”

“Me too.” We laughed and were smiling like goofs at each other when Mark slid back into the kitchen.

​​​​​​​"I did!“

Princess of Themyscira: Part 7

Prompt: When the world is invaded and your world is turned upside down, you’re forced to make a choice that will rule your future

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four. Part Five, Part Six

There’s something about the room full of men that makes you uncomfortable. You chalk it up to being on an island with only women for several years. Still, you’re grateful Tim and Jason are there with you.

   You sit through hours of meetings, detailing everything that needs to be done to elevate Wayne Enterprises to its former level. Parts of Gotham are still destroyed, but things seemed to be getting back to normal. Especially in concerns to Gotham’s scum.

   There had been a rise in crime. There had been plenty of pillaging and mugging. But Gotham’s more notorious villains had continued to lay low. You were grateful for small blessings.

   It’s nearly nine o’clock when the three of you finally stumble back to the Manor. And as the sound of bickering hits your ears, you can’t help but smile because it sounds like home. How it used to be.

   Your childhood home had remained standing. The interior had remained in perfect condition but the outside had needed some work. So, together your family had tackled that.

   Slipping your shoes off the details of the arguments begin to hit your ears, “We are here for a mission, to help OUR princess save man’s world.”

   “It would be too suspicious. Five Amazons show up at the same time my sister returns from nowhere. Not to mention there’s the fact that we have yet to come up with an explanation as to who you are and where you came from.”

   “Then hand them the truth. I see no reasons to keep secrets. Our princess is strong, a leader, she will fix man’s world.”

   You groan, “There’s no fixing anything Io.” Heads snap towards you, and you continue, “There’s healing, and helping. But there’s no ultimate fix.”

   “You’re saying our battle is futile?”

   You smile at Hellene, “No. I’m saying it’s a lifelong mission. One that never ends, simply passes.”

   Out of the corner of your eye you watch Dick slip out of the kitchen. You note that for later, before focusing on your sisters. “Where do we start?”

   You meet Euboea’s gaze with a smile, “We start with Gotham. The crime rate is on the rise. There’s too much for just my brothers to handle. From there we reform the League and start again.”

   They smile at you, and Calyce asks, “And in the meantime?”

   Tim takes that one, “We get you up to date on man’s world. We’ll need all the help we can get in the company too. Wayne Enterprises allows us to do a lot of good, and we need to get it up and running.”

With a sigh Artemis asks, “What do you propose?”

You watch as Tim wheels out of the room leading the girls out of the room and down the hall towards his office. You note how easily he controls the wheelchair. With a smile you turn towards Jason, “I’m guessing that he’s in the cave.”

Jason nods, “He’s always in the cave these days. Rarely comes out. Alfred has to force him to eat. I thought it would be better once we got you back.”

“I’ll talk to him.”

Jason lays his hand on your shoulder, “He’s broken kid. He’s lost his whole world.”

“Haven’t we all?”

Jason nods, “Yeah, but Dick’s lost his world too many times to count. Eventually that breaks a man.”

Going up on your tiptoes you kiss your brother’s cheek. “Maybe, but now he’s trying to be something he isn’t. If this is going to succeed we need Dick back. We need Nightwing back.”

Without another word you make your way to the cave. You find Dick crouched over the monitor. Silently you slide on to the arm of his chair and wait for him to acknowledge you. His voice is weary, “What do you need?”

“My brother back.”

“Y/N …”

“This isn’t who you are, Dick. You’re not my dad. You’re not brash power and intimidation. You’re free and flowy. You bend and you twist but you don’t break.”

“This is who the world needs.”

You wrap an arm around his shoulder, “Even if it means losing yourself in the process?”

The explosion comes a minute later, “YES. Because the world needs Batman! It needs the detective who is willing to sacrifice everything, and can make the tough calls and be prepared for every situation.”

You keep your voice soft, “It also needs Nightwing. The hero with so much integrity that he was trusted above everyone else. The guy who stood behind his morals and convictions. The man who wasn’t afraid to fall.”

You watch the tears stream down his face, “Then who should be the Batman? Jason doesn’t want it. Tim can’t …and I …I don’t want to be either but… he’s needed.”

“Damian could do it.”

“We don’t know where he is.”

“So we find him.”

“It’s a lot to ask, but he is the blood son.”

You roll your eyes, “You were his son. A son he chose. He loved us all, and you know it. Just because you guys fought on certain issues didn’t mean anything. That’s normal family stuff. You were the first one he turned to when he had a problem. I’m simply saying that he’s more appropriate for the role. His mother literally bred him for it.”

Dick’s lips quirk up into a smile, “You’re not going to let me have my pity party are you?”

You shake your head, “Nope. We have too much to do to have pity parties.”

Dick nods, “So where do we start?”

You purse your lips, “Well, getting you presentable would be a start. A hair cut. A shower. Some sunlight. Seriously, you’re paler than Tim. Also I need you back at Wayne Enterprises.”

He groans, “I hate corporate stuff.”

“We all do but this lets us pursue our passion, and you’re great with numbers and all that stuff.”

“Lucius and Alfred talked you into this, didn’t they?”

You just laugh.


a/n: I love this concept so much and write about it so much <3 (read the bottom note for a super fun thing)

You groaned as you felt Shawn get out of the bed, and press a kiss to your forehead. “Text me when you get up, babe. I’ll be in the studio.” He whispered, leaving you alone in the apartment.

It was another two hours before you rolled out of bed, and glanced at the time, but something caught your eye. You peeled the pastel pink Post-It from your alarm clock, reading the note. The way you always sleep in until 10, even on weekdays.

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could you maybe write another tyler imagine were you are montgomary’s sister and you and tyler date secretly but monty finds out

Secrets, we all have them. Some of us have more than others. My secret is dating Tyler Down. No one can know, especially my brother. Montgomery, if he finds out he’ll kill me. He’s always hated Tyler, for no reason. Tyler doesn’t do anything to Monty, to deserve this. So let’s do the math, if my brother doesn’t allow me to date, and I’m dating someone he hates I can assure you if he finds out it will be horrifying.

Right now you were walking over to his house, you had told Montgomery that you were going for a walk. You knocked on Tyler’s door, which soon enough he opened.

“Hey babe!” He said hugging you while kissing your cheek. Both of you walked over to his room where you sat down on one of his chairs and he sat on his bed. You stood up and walked over to him sitting on his lap,

“I’ve missed you,” you said while connecting your lips to his.

“I’ve missed you too,” he said while frowning, you pecked his lips once more. You and Tyler could basically only hang out in his house, you guys could never go on public dates like going to the park or going to the movies. You guys couldn’t take that risk.

“Why does my brother have to hate you?” You asked burying your head into the crook of his neck.

“Don’t know,” he sighed, you breathed in his cologne,

“Want to watch a movie?” You asked he nodded, you went to his closet taking out soft blankets and he went to the kitchen to get snacks. He came back with lots of chocolates, you smiled,

“My favorite!” You exclaimed and he just smiled at you. He went on Netflix and found a movie, White Chicks. You’re favorite movie. Your phone started vibrating and you checked to see who it was, the contact name read, ‘Monty💓’ he wanted to FaceTime. You just looked at your phone wide eyed,

“WHAT DO I DO?!” You asked,

“Don’t answer it!” Tyler said, you shook your head,

“He will kill me if I don’t answer this!” Soon enough your phone stopped vibrating, but then he spammed you with messages,

“Where are you?”
“Why didn’t you answer my call?”
“You’re gonna be in trouble if you don’t answer!”
“Why aren’t you answering?”

You called him, Tyler just stared at you wide eyed,

“Sorry I didn’t answer your FaceTime um my phones about to die!” You told him,

“Get home then,” He said

“What why?” You asked worriedly,

“You’re phones going to die it’s not safe!” He exclaimed you sighed,

“I’ll be fine out here, just a little bit more time please?” You pleaded, Monty sighed and nodded. He hung up and Tyler exhaled.

“That was close!” You both said in unison, you two went back to cuddling. Soon enough the movie was over and you frowned, it was time for you to go home.

“I don’t want to go,” you looked at Tyler and frowned. You two sat up and you got on his lap and he stated kissing you. He kissed your neck and lowered down to your collarbone. You let out a soft moan and he continued sucking, you gasped and got off of him,

“NONONONONO,” you said walking to his mirror,

“What’s wrong babe?” Tyler asked worriedly, you turned around and pointed to the forming hickey, you went into your book bag and took out some makeup.

“Please work,” you said as you tried covering it up, luckily it did. You sighed in relief, Tyler apologized and you kept telling him it was fine.

“I have to go, bye babe.” You said, you pecked his lips and walked out his front door. You walked back home and went inside, Monty being the first person you saw,

“How was your walk?” He asked,

“Fine, stress relieving.” You lied, although it made you feel guilty it was the right thing.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” You said as you walked into your room, you got out some joggers and a sports bra.

You got out of the shower drying your body and putting your hair into a towel. You walked downstairs to go get a snack, you walked into the kitchen where Monty just stared at you, he looked pissed.

“Why so serious?” You asked,

“Who the fuck gave you a hickey?” You froze, you were so stupid how did you forget. You stumbled with your words,

“Y/N who gave you a fucking hickey!” He stated, a little bit louder this time.

“You know what, never mind don’t tell me. I’ll guess instead.” He said clenching his fist.

“Was it your boyfriend Tyler?” He asked, how did he know. He threw your phone on the table, it was unlocked to reveal your messages with Tyler.

“Why the fuck were you going through my phone?!” You yelled,

“Why are you going behind my back and dating someone who you know I hate!” He yelled back.

“WHY DO YOU HATE HIM? HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!” You yelled, he stood up, grabbed his keys and went out. Oh no, please don’t let him be going to Tyler’s house. You ran to your room putting on a shirt and sliding your shoes in. You jogged to Tyler’s house, it was too late. Montgomery’s car was already there and Tyler’s front door was open. You ran in,

“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DATING MY SISTER?!” You heard Montgomery yell, you ran to Tyler’s room.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” You yelled, Tyler looked at you, he seemed petrified.

“Y/N leave!” Montgomery said while walking closer to Tyler with his fists clenched. He was about to swing when you pushed him away,

“Leave him alone!” You yelled hugging Tyler, Monty grabbed you and moved you to the side. He punched Tyler, you started crying. Monty turned and saw you on the floor crying, he stoped punching Tyler and walked over to you.

“Get away from me!” You yelled at him, Tyler walked over to you and hugged you.


“Just leave!” You yelled at Monty burying your head into Tyler’s chest. You turned to see Monty, with a frown on his face. You looked up and saw Tyler’s face with blood, you let go of him and walked to his bathroom where his first aid kit was. You walked back into the room,

“Just leave Montgomery.” You told him, he left with his head laid low. You started cleaning off al the blood,

“I’m sorry,” you said while sniffling,

“It’s okay babe,” he said while wiping off the tears from your cheeks.

“I don’t want to go home, can I stay here?” You asked, he nodded hugging you. You were done cleaning his face, so you walked to the bathroom were you washed off your makeup. You went back to his room and the two of you got ready for bed, you were both extremely tired. As soon as you laid on his bed you knocked out cold.

You woke up on the bed alone and confused, you frowned remembering the memories from yesterday. You walked into Tyler’s kitchen to see him eating cereal alone, you sat down next to him.

“Want cereal?” He asked you shook your head,

“No thanks I should be going home my parents will worry.” You kissed his cheek, he nodded and you both said your goodbyes. You began walking home, you imagined what Monty was going to tell you as soon as you walked inside. You opened the door and walked in, you saw Monty sitting in the couch just staring out into the window, you ignored him and walked to the kitchen. There was a note on the counter,

“We have to go for an emergency business trip! Take care love mom and dad!” You sighed, great they left you alone with the person you least wanted to see. You served yourself cereal,

“I’m sorry,” Monty said walking into the kitchen sitting on the chair across from you. You ignored him and continued eating your cereal,

“Can you please look at me,” you shot him a glare,

“Look I’m sorry okay, I just don’t want you dating anyone because I’m scared they’ll hurt you—”

“You hurt me.” You simply stated, a hurt expression was written on his face.

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Every Me And Every You - Five

“Guys, finish your paperwork asap and then you can leave. Get some rest, this was a tough one,” Agent Hotchner instructed everyone as you set foot back in headquarters.

Nine days you’d been out of town on a case. Nine long, tiring and stressful days.

A case involving kids, they were always the worst. Luckily the abductees had been found and returned to their parents. How mentally scarred they’d be by the incident was a different issue. One you always tried to push to the back of your mind.

You set up at your at desk opposite Spencer’s and began completing the paperwork you started on the plane ride home.

Reid placed a cup of coffee down next to you before taking up his seat opposite you and pulling out his own files. You smiled a thanks at him before going back to the files in front of you.

It had been easier than you’d imagined, working with him after what you’d done together. You really had been able to completely separate your personal life from your professional one, although you weren’t sure if it was simply because you’d been too busy to think about it.

When you’d woken up the next morning, he had indeed been gone. But he’d warned you he needed to, so it wasn’t like he was running out on you. He’d left you a note, telling you that there was a fresh pot of coffee on and to help yourself to whatever you could find to eat in his kitchen. His note went on to say that he hoped you were still feeling okay, and that he’d be around later if you wanted to talk about anything.

You hadn’t…. wanted to talk that was. You retrieved your clothes from where he’d folded them neatly and wrote him a reply before leaving. Your own note thanked him for last night, assured him that you were definitely okay and that you’d text him later.

Heading home. you did some chores and caught up on some shows before running a hot bath, inspecting your wrists and ankles as you undressed.

Only the faintest line remained around your ankle, from where you’d kicked out when he’d used the Wartenberg Wheel. You had no other markings which made you feel both relieved and strangely disappointed. Even your nipples no longer felt sore. You’d expected to be able to look at your body and tell that something out of your ordinary had happened, but you couldn’t.

You settled into the bath and closed your eyes, relaxing into the water. Your phone buzzed signalling a text.

“I’m sorry for running out on you this morning. How are you feeling?” Spencer, checking up on you again. It was kinda sweet how concerned he was.

“Like I said in my note, I’m all good. I promise. I do have some questions though.”

You’d been doing some more reading online this afternoon.

“Okay shoot,“ he replied almost instantly.

“Just….Where do I go from here if I want to pursue this?”

Because you did. You definitely did.

“You decide who you want to pursue this with. And what you want to pursue exactly. I can point you in the right direction.”

“I want to try having someone order me around. Being told what to do.”

“In a sexual scenario or not.”

“I think I’d want it to end in sex. And possibly, try the spanking thing.”

Thing… You really need to think of better words, you were coming across as a total novice here.

But then again, you were. And Spencer knew it.

“Okay, well I’m part of an online community. I could put you in touch with some guys that I can vouch for.”


Had he changed his mind about doing this with you?

A second text came through.

“Or if you don’t find it too weird, I’m still willing. Providing it doesn’t effect work.”

“That’s what I’d prefer. I trust you Spencer.”

“Okay. Let’s see how work goes this week and we can assess the situation.”

“Cool. Thank you.” He didn’t reply again and you finished your bath and climbed into bed, having an early night.

It hadn’t been mentioned again and when you’d arrived at work Monday morning, you’d been pulled into a meeting almost immediately and told you’d had a case.

You’d barely had chance to speak to Reid at all on a personal level over the last nine days as you’d pretty much fallen asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow each night when you’d all been dismissed.

The mark around your ankle had now completely vanished, although you inspected it everyday. You weren’t sure why though. You knew once it had faded the only way it would reappear would be if he marked you again.

Or if you let someone else mark you. Which you didn’t think would happen.

It wasn’t like you were only interested in this because of Spencer. You’d been interested long before you’d met him. But you genuinely couldn’t see yourself approaching this ife style as a novice with anyone else. If Reid changed his mind and said he couldn’t do this with you, your little foray into this would be over. You wouldn’t be able to have the same level of trust with someone else, you didn’t think.

You wondered what it would be like to have him mark you again. He’d said that your skin was so pale that the contrast would be extraordinary, and his voice had held a definite hint of desire when he’d said that. It was true that your skin was pale, and against your almost black hair you sometimes looked very Snow Whiteesque. You’d collected your fair share of bruises during your time at the BAU and had always been fascinated by the way they showed on your body, poking and prodding them when you should have been letting them lie. Did that have anything to do with your interest in BDSM? Did seeing your own skin marked mean you actually wanted it to be marked?


Too many thoughts and too many things to consider. Stop profiling yourself Y/N.

You glanced up at Spencer seeing him engrossed in his files, his hand moving quickly as he wrote and his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth.

For the first time since that night, you let your mind wander. Thinking about those lips which had been wrapped around your nipple, sucking and biting it hard. Those fingers that were gripping his pen loosely, pulling and pinching you to the point that you were gasping in pain, before working your clit and making you feel the most intense pleasure.

Or his voice…. The same voice that had so calmly talked the unsub down today and convinced him to lower his weapons and surrender. You imagined it commanding you to get on your knees, or bend over whilst he reared his hand back.

“Everything okay?”


He’d seen you looking at him. You looked away quickly feeling heat rushing to your cheeks and busying yourself in your files.

“Stop over thinking things Y/N,” he said quietly, an almost sing song cadence to his voice.

You finished your paperwork quickly, dropping it into Hotch’s office and bidding him adeiu for the next 48 hours. You’d all been out in the field for nine days, you were entitled to two consecutive days off.

When you left his office Spencer was outside the door, his own paperwork in hand and his jacket and bag on, ready to leave.

“Can I get a ride with you today?”

He normally didn’t ask, it was just a given unless either of you had other plans.

“Sure. I’ll just grab my things and then we can head off.”

You retreated back to your desk gathering your things and a few minutes later, he appeared at your side again.

“Ready?” you asked. He nodded.

You walked to your car in silence, suddenly feeling awkward around him. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed or ashamed of what you’d done. But… had seemed easier afterwards to text him and ask him things rather than talk to him on a personal level face to face.

As you got in the car, and buckled up, you felt his hand on yours.

“Y/N relax okay. I’m not going to start anything just because we’re suddenly alone together.”

You laughed. He’d picked up on the tension but misinterpreted it. You started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, making your way home.

“I’m not worried about that Spencer. I was trying to work out how to…. how to ask what your plans are for the next two days.”

“You ask me the same way you’d ask at the end of every case or working week. First and foremost Y/N, we’re friends and colleagues. What happened shouldn’t change that. And I’m pleased to see that, out in the field at least, it didn’t.”

“So does that mean you’re willing to continue?”

“If you want to, yes.”

“Okay.” You let out a breath as you navigated the roads.

“Does that mean you want to, Y/N?”

You bit your lower lip and nodded.

“Alright. I’m free tomorrow night if you want to come over. You mentioned in your text you wanted to try having someone take charge? And possibly some impact play ?”

Impact play … You knew now that that mean spanking, or whipping.

“Light impact play, yes.”

“That’s fine. I’ll tell you what, we’ll go out for a quick dinner first.”

“Like a date?” you were surprised.

“Not really, Y/N. But if you’re going to be my sub then there’s times when we will be out in public together and I may command you to do something. Plus, I’d like to slip into character gradually with you and being away from my apartment will help that transition. If we’re alone straight away, then the temptation for me to command you to strip and kneel, and put my cock in your mouth, might be too much.”

You had to break so harshly to avoid running the red light in front of you. You glanced around sheepishly, and Spencer chuckled.

“You’re aware that, that’s the type of thing that will happen? If we go ahead with this together. If we go out, on our own time away from work, I will presume that I can give you orders and expect you to follow them. And if you don’t, then you’d be punished when we get home.”

“I don’t really see how giving you a blow job would be punishment.”

“You might not see it as punishment, but for me having you knelt naked, in front of me whilst I pull you hair and grip your head just inside my apartment door, before bending you over and branding your buttocks with my hand print…. Not only is that punishment in my book, but it’s also making me hard just thinking about having you do it.”

Jesus fucking christ.

“Pick your jaw up Y/N. Unless you want to pull over now and I’ll give you something to put inside it?“

“I’m sorry. It’s just…. I never thought I’d hear YOU, say these things to me.”

He shrugged. “Does it bother you?”

“No… And that’s what’s weird. It’s hot as hell Spencer.”

You pulled up outside his apartment building.

“Good. So tomorrow? I’ll pick you up at seven. I’ll text you tomorrow and tell you how I want you dressed. And from when I pick you up, you will do what I tell you okay.”


“One thing I just thought I’d clarify here. Whilst we’re doing this, I won’t take any other partners. I expect the same from you.”

“Of course.”

“Excellent. Well I must say, my plans for my rest days just got a lot more exciting. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.”

He smiled at you and exited the car.

Yes, your plans had just got a lot more interesting too.

Late Night Invasion

You were trying to sleep. Getting visited by your boyfriend’s younger brother was not part of the plan at two in the morning.

It was 2am, not really an ideal time for visitors. But you’d gotten used to Jason coming home at all hours of the night, usually with Roy hanging off of him. Usually a little closer to day light. They tried to be quiet- you had a morning job, after all. But still, you didn’t think much of the noise coming from your living room at this ungodly hour that you had been trying to sleep.

Even so, you got up, pulled on one of Jason’s hoodies, and grabbed the baseball bat he’d convinced you to keep by the bed when you told him no to the pistol. You weren’t overly concerned, but, well.. This is Gotham, and your boyfriend was a vigilante with a history as a dirty crime lord. Better safe than sorry, or so Jason kept telling you.

It wasn’t Jason in your apartment. There was no red headed archer stretched out on the couch fiddling with the remote, no smell of smoke or leather that always followed Jason back, and the voices that came from the kitchen were far too young. But you did know one of them.

In your kitchen, standing in the light of the open fridge, was one Damian Wayne. Ten year old assassin, current Robin, and Jason’s youngest, most combative brother. Who happened to love your cookies and treated you with a vague semblance of respect- he’d never tried to stab you, at least. You didn’t know if that meant he didn’t see you as family, or if he liked you- it was hard to say. But you’d never expected him to show up in your apartment.

Didn’t even know he knew where it was.

You flicked on the kitchen light, and took note of the scrawny red head that stood by the fridge. He was thin, small and freckled with clothes that were too big. In the sudden burst of light he squinted. You did too, who thought making lights so bright was a good idea?

Damian showed no reaction. Just turned his masked face to you, staring through the white lenses, expression smug. “[Y/Barton], I expected a better reaction time. I could have killed you long before you found us.”

“Damian…” the red headed boy spoke, his tone chastising. Damian did not look chastised.

Giving a tired sigh, and wishing you’d stayed in bed, you set the bat aside, “What are you doing here, Damian? Does your dad know where you are?”

It was a school night, so you knew Damian should be at home by now. Though you’d heard he’d taken to disappearing during patrols a lot recently, coming home cery late at night.

Your eyes slid over to the scrawny red head, and you wondered if he was the reason. The way he stood, beside Damian, not hiding behind him despite the timidness of his voice made you think he might be.

“Father is busy, and I have need of your… Accommodations.” Damian looked around the small kitchen like he thought something might try to bit him. It was a safe bet, Roy did leave weird gadgets laying around.


“Colin needs a place to stay the night.” Damian motioned to the boy behind him, “He doesn’t feel comfortable at my home, so I thought Todd’s dismal home might be a compromise.”

You found yourself staring at the two, confused. For his part, Colin looked surprised too. He wasn’t as readable as a kid should be, but having grown up in the narrows yourself, you knew how to read the tiny signs. The way his brow furrowed and how he looked at Damian. This wasn’t a thing they’d discussed. You felt at least a little better knowing the kid was just as much in the dark as you were.

“Damian, you can’t break into my apartment-”

“Todd is always breaking into Father’s home.”

This was very true. Jason had taken to slipping into Wayne Manor whenever he so chose- but mostly because he liked to test the security and Alfred would frequently meet him in the kitchen. It would be a lie to say you did not benefit from those meetings- hell you had a drawer full of tupperware and currently a jar full of oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies that Jason and Roy were slowly working their way through as benefit from those break ins. But it was the principle of the matter. Just because Jason needed to break in to pretend to be a nuisance just to spend time with Alfred and check the mansions security so he could sleep at night did not mean you wanted Damian breaking into your apartment at all hours of the night- unless someone was dying. The lack of blood told you no one was dying.

“Be that as it may-” You started, only to be cut off again.

“And it is very cold tonight.”

Your eyes narrowed, a tight feeling forming in your chest. You knew he was right, it was very cold at night in Gotham still, the heat of summer was a long way off. That didn’t mean you were particularly okay with this anyway.

“Did you ask Colin what he wants to do?” You let your eyes flicker to the red headed boy. He looked so small in his too big clothes, scrawny in a way you knew most kids in Gotham were if they weren’t rich.

“It’s too cold to sleep outside.” Damian had that tone that said he wouldn’t bend on this. It was the same tone you’d heard Jason use on Roy sometimes, you’d even heard Bruce use it once. It was the Stubborn Bat Voice that allowed no room for argument. “He can’t get back into the Orphanage tonight.”

Rubbing between your eyes, you gave a soft sigh. It was far too late for this and you really hadn’t signed up for it. You were wishing you’d stayed in bed. What was Jason going to say when he got home? You needed coffee.

“I don’t think I should stay here, Damian…” Colin spoke up, drawing your eye. He ducked a bit, eyes darting around, “I mean, I can find somewhere safe, it’s okay.”

Damian opened his mouth to say something, and you beat him to it.

“You can stay the night here, Colin.” You offered him a tired smile, and he didn’t seem inclined to trust you, “You both can stay here tonight. It’s late, and the bed is big enough for you both.”

You expected Damian to disagree, you knew he didn’t share well. But he didn’t, instead he looked smug, like he’d planned it exactly. He probably had. You had fallen into his trap, and it was just too late to deal with this kind of crap. You’d let Jason deal with it in the morning. “Get a snack, clean up any mess then go to bed in the guest room. I’ll wake you both in the morning.”

If Jason didn’t beat you to it.

With that said, you picked up your baseball bat, turned and went back to your room. Dropping the bat with a heavy thud, you flopped on the bed and pulled Jason’s pillow closer. You’d deal with everything else in the morning. Maybe.

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i LOVE your writing, and honestly its the only thing getting me through this hiatus. anyways, i was hoping you could do an engagement?

I’ve been waiting to do one of these! No time like the present! I’ll give it a go!

“Oh honey. I’m homeeee” Jughead sang loudly from his place at the front door, his girlfriend should be home by now but she was always staying late at work, she couldn’t leave unless everything was done and accounted for it was one of the traits Jughead had fallen in love with.

When he didn’t hear a response he moved to the kitchen spotting a note on the fridge scrawled prettily in Betty’s flawless cursive

“Your dad called, needs some help with his bike! seems like that motor just won’t stick, I’ll pick up pizza on the way home. Don’t miss me too much. Love Betty”

He scanned the note and smiled, Jughead was beginning to think his father just wanted to spend time with Betty, the amount of times he called her over for help, he didn’t mind though, he couldn’t really deny the warm feeling he got when he saw two of the most important people in his life getting along so well. Speaking of people he loved.. placed on the living room table was a gift bag, propped on top of it was an envelope labeled “Jellybean” that’s right! It was his little sisters 18th birthday tommorow, they were all heading to his moms house for her family party.

He found himself once again sending a silent thanks to his incredibly organized girlfriend. He had so much to thank her for he could probably write a whole novel on just that.

She was kind and supportive, she never seemed to mind when he locked himself away for hours at a time when he was working on a new novel, she supported him endlessly and even when she got her job as a first grade teacher at Riverdale Elementary she always had time to help him write his stories. There was also the way she was slowly bringing his family back together, he couldn’t forget the way she had barged into his fathers trailer sat him down and told him she had gotten him an interview for a job at the local mechanics shop. F.P had been hesitant but Betty left no room for saying no. And when F.P got the job Betty was their a tray of brownies and her cellphone held out to the older man.

“Your wife is on the phone, tell her about your new job, I’ll make dinner.”

That had been the kick F.P had needed, slowly but surely his mother and father were working out their issues.

Closing his eyes and leaning back against the refrigerator he sighed. He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He didn’t want to even think of a day where she wasn’t there. He knew what all of this meant, but was he strong enough to do it? Could he really propose to the love of his life? He had been holding the ring in his pant pocket for the past three weeks, carefully weighing the heavy decision.

His thoughts were cut short by the smell of pizza and the clicking of the lock

“I hope your hungry, ya know how moose just bought the new pizza place in town? Well he decided one pizza wasn’t enough so he gave us three! And then when I tried to pay he actually slapped my hand! He told me all I had to do to repay him was say hi to Kevin for him. Insane this town I’m telling you.” She came in giggling, her face covered in motor oil, balancing the large pizza boxes and her purse. She really was a vision.

Jughead stared at her for what seemed like hours. She was still in her yellow teachers sundress, but her bun was a mess and she was covered in oil, placing the pizzas down she pushed a strand of hair from her face

“What?” She asked, smiling lopsidedly

Before Jughead even knew what he had said he was asking

“Marry me?”

The faint sound of keys on the tile barely registered as he stared into her sea green eyes.

“What?” She whispered.

Moving to take both of her hands Jughead held her close

“Marry me. Be with me forever. Share the rest of my life with me.” He pulled the ring from his pocket and got down on one knee, he never imagined he would be asking her like this. It was too traditional yet too casual, but the way her eyes lit up he knew he had done something right.

“Yes” she whispered before tears stared rolling down her face and she smiled wildly “yes! Of course!” She jumped on him tackling him to the ground as he placed the ring on her finger laughing loudly getting another whiff of the pizza as his stomach grumbled , he pulled away from her attack of kisses and smiled “now that that’s been decided can we eat? I’m starving.”

She was staring at her ring, the light blue diamond settling beautifully on the gold band resting comfortably on her finger. Blue and Gold. It was perfect.

“Hmm?” She sighed happily

“Never mind Juliet.” He stared at her adoringly, they were both criss cross on the floor, wrapped up in each other’s arms. It wasn’t the perfect proposal, he was sure other people had hearts and flowers but to Betty and Jughead, it was everything