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Mama Gretchen’s Beginners’ Guide to Offering and Sacrifice

“Knowest how one shall write, knowest how one shall rede?
Knowest how one shall tint, knowest how one makes trial?
Knowest how one shall ask, knowest how one shall offer?
Knowest how one shall send, knowest how one shall sacrifice?”

–The Havamol (Bellows)

One of the most common sources of frustration for people who are new to Heathenry or who are resuming active practice after a long break is the act of sacrifice.  What makes an appropriate offering?  Which gods prefer which observations?  How should the act be performed?  Why would a god want anything that I have?

Now, in my opinion, the most important thing to remember here is that an offering establishes a very personal sort of connection between the person or group giving the offering and whatever wight (god, nature spirit, ancestor, et cetera) it’s being given to.  As such, the wight is going to be the final authority on what is and isn’t appropriate.  If you don’t have that kind of relationship, or aren’t receiving any signals, here are my tips:

A great place to start is to read up on whatever wight you want to build communion with, what sorts of items and deeds they’re associated with, how they may have been honored historically, and how contemporary devotees are honoring them now.  Thor, as one good example, is strongly associated with drinking alcohol, both in the extant lore and in a lot of people’s modern conceptions of him, so a bowl or horn (or can, bottle, cup, etc.) of your favorite adult beverage is something you can’t go wrong with.  Likewise we’re told quite explicitly in the stories that Odin enjoys wine; and just as a general thing, the sharing of drink as a way to build relationships is a very common motif throughout modern Heathenry.

There are a lot of wights about whom we don’t have a lot of that direct information, so you’ll have to divine or contrive the associations based on stories about the things they’ve done–and that’s just fine!  Whatever you end up doing is only “wrong” if it doesn’t work.

And about that:  A lot of folks will ask why the gods “need” this or that thing in sacrifice.  Well, they don’t.  But that’s not the point.  The act of sacrifice is meant to express love, devotion, and respect for the target by demonstrating your willingness to give of yourself–as such, as long as whatever you’re giving is something of value to you (even if that value is entirely sentimental), the intent is far more important than the thing.  The idea here is to build community and establish relationships, not material enrichment.

You really can’t go wrong with consumables–food, drink, sweets, even cigarettes.  I’ve always had best results with offerings that seem in some way appropriate, but really, “appropriate” is a relative term; that’s up to the wight of the hour, so trust your intuition.  I’ve been told by devotees of Loki that he’s a fan of sponge cake.

But an offering doesn’t have to be something like that, or even a tangible item at all.  The target of your devotion will appreciate anything made by your hand or craft, or anything you hold dear yourself or that you think they’d like.  I’ve done well writing devotional poetry for Woden, for one thing.  Whatever you’re giving, you need only approach your focus, whatever that might be–an altar with a picture or statue, or a plain altar, or anyplace that feels sacred to you—with a sense of reverence and respect, and give up your sacrifice with appropriate words. Again, “appropriate” is a funny word; most of the time, just something along the lines of, “Here, this is for you, I thought you might like it” will be plenty.

Now, a point of order:  Whatever you’ve offered up in sacrifice belongs to the wight of the occasion, it’s no longer yours, and it must be got rid of.

That doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds, though; you certainly *can* ritually break something and throw it into a bog, if you *want* to, but you don’t have to.  There are a lot of ways to do that.

With offerings of food or drink, my favorite thing to do is return it to the earth in some way, by pouring out, burying, or exposing–If you like historical precedents, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan reported that the Kievan Rus would rejoice when dogs came to eat the food offered to the gods, because they saw it as a sign that the offering had been well received.

Burning is also a good option; not only is the offered thing got rid of, but also the act of burning can be seen as symbolizing a transmutation from the physical to the spiritual.

If none of these are an option, there’s nothing wrong with putting offerings in the trash or down the drain; that’s what you do with your own leftovers you aren’t going to finish, yeah?  Just make sure it’s done with the same respect and reverence as the act of offering was; try viewing it as a separation or disavowal rather than disposal.

And you *can* eat the food or drink the beverage yourself, but that’s a different sort of sacrifice; call that sharing a communal meal, rather than giving a gift.

For less tangible things, I consider my devotional poetry to be “got rid of” when I’ve posted and shared them, sending them out into the aether.  And a devotional deed is “gone” once you’re done doing it.

If you’re giving an object that you’re hesitant to break or throw away, that’s okay, too; you can “get rid of it” by considering it a sacred object that you’re now borrowing, and so shouldn’t be used for mundane purposes.  A statue or some other kind of focus is a good offering; it can sit right on your altar, and depending on your spiritual tradition you might’ve just given your wight a nice place to live when they’re visiting.  Knives make good athames.  Tarot decks, kitchen implements, anything else “witchy”; it’s a great way to build spiritual relationships and consecrate your tools at the same time.  And you can come up with a special new purpose for just about any item, if you think about it.

You can generally expect to get some benefit from your offering, but you shouldn’t expect anything specific unless you have a very, very close relationship with the target of your offering, and you should never treat it as a quid-pro-quo relationship.  The idea here is to build a mutual relationship, and whether that means a friendship or the relationship of client and patron, demanding one thing in exchange for another like a financial transaction is pretty friggin rude.

Ultimately, gift-giving and sacrifice are fundamentally personal things; in individual practice, it’s between the wight and the practitioner; in communal practice, it’s between the wight and whatever in-group.  So, what you should or shouldn’t do depends on a lot of things–the particulars of your spiritual path or tradition, the nature of whichever wight you’re offering to, the relationship you may or may not have with them, your living situation, and so on.  All I have to offer are tips and suggestions; at the end of the day, the best advice I can give you is to trust your instincts.  If it feels right, it probably is.

N̸̶o̕r̛͠͞m͝͠a̛l̡̨ ͏̧H̛or̶o̧s̕c͠o̧̕͝pe҉̷:

Aries: Tomorrow is another day! Rest your head little thing.

Aries: Tomorrow is another day! Rest your head little thing.

Taurus: The stars see diagrams of ships. They go back centuries. Computer made, hand copied. Intricate labeled drawings of sails and engines and things you don’t recognize. Study these and learn.

Gemini: She was broken and repaired with kitchen implements. Her fingernails debone fish. Her stomach is a blast furnace. An urban legend to scare the rapists.

Cancer: What do bees know of circuitry? What do you know of circuitry? What is circuitry? What are bees? How many credits do you have left for your computer engineering degree.

Aries: Tomorrow is another day! Rest your head little thing.

Leo: The great mystery mines have not run dry. They are so deep you cant see the bottom, which is itself an excellent source of mystery. Bring a light if you want but I would advise against it.

Virgo: Ground finches have evolved to feed off of human trash. Consider what else has adapted to feed off of what you don’t need. This is beautiful.

Libra: How dare the world try to remember you? This perverted image of you cannot stand. Find the places that honor you, every book that references you. Burn them all and rest.

Scorpio: We must remember our roots. You had a d̛̲̱͙ŗ̴̥̙̗̦̣͔̕e̥͇̖̥̫̖̟̩a̷̬͓̼̲̤̫̳m̫͙̼͞ dear. To be the greatest DDR player the world has ever seen just to spite that dickhead who laughed at you in the arcade once.

Ophiuchus: To learn why your destiny is recursive, check today’s Ophiuchus horoscope.

Sagittarius: They walk along with the carnival but know they are not wearing stilts. Do not follow them under any circumstances. Enjoy your funnel cake.

A͍͓̮̳͝ṛ͍̠͕͖̠i̶̗̬͉̦̤̪̱e͏͖s̡͚̦̻: ̵͍͇̼T̟̰͉o͔̦͘m̯̺͚̕o̦̜̖̱̜͍̟r҉͍r͕̻̬o̩͕͕̞̰͈̣w̟͎̫̳̝ ̣̝̹ͅi̯̲̯s̲͚̜͔͚̞̫͞ ҉a͓͞ņ̻o͎̲͖t̺̞͈̞̜̤̼h͏̩̞̮̥̮e̱͙̪̦͔͞ͅr̝̹̳̥ ̙̮̙͖͔̳d̫͍̫̲͖̮͍a̪̻̭ͅy̩̗̣̪͙͚!͏̣̥̯̬̯ ̰̲̩R̻̼ḛ̴̤s̸̺̣̦̘̖t̻̣̪̺͎̟̰ ͔͔̹̣̟̠y̨o̶u̼̟͕r͓̬̩͚͖̖̕ͅ ̷̣̠͚h̗̘͙e͚̦̯͇̺̰á̫̤͍͕͍̤d̬͈̫̖́ ̰̰͕͙̭͔li̥̗̖͢ţ͕̮̣̱̟t͖̮̰͕̞͕l̜̤͇̫̟̀e̼̥̙̼͔ ̣̭̺͇̩͢t̲͜hi̟͡n̺͍͠g̶̭͔̞̗ͅ.̧̥͎̰͚

Capricorn: You are not being watched, but there is a possibility something will see you today. Something that values physical appearances. Wear your favorite outfit today.

Aquarius: Someone has misplaced their day. Be on the lookout for any loose days, the owner will pay dearly for its return.

Pisces: The force of a human bite is about 120 lbs. This may become relevant.

A̜rì͉̤̟̦̜͓͙e̮̝̰̝ͅs:̘̝͠ ͔̮͔T҉̤͙̹óm̛̯̤o̪̘r̶r̲̘͝o̴͍̦̭̻w͍̳͔̩͇ ̩̗̥͝i̛̹͙̮̞s͇̻͙͞ ̛̥͉̘̰̼̜a̜̣͙̘n̷̠͙̳o̳̺͇̻t̸̞͎̱̙̥̫he̠̺̩̩r̤͔̥̙͔̀ ̞̱̭͓͙͔͡d͈͈͇̱͔̗a̛͖͍̬̠̤͎͙y̟͇̠̮!̲̱̬͎̪ ̡̼͉̞͓̻̤͚R̤̹̩͉e̦̰̫s͢t̯̳͡ ̮͟y̻̟͈̗͖̬o҉̭u͢r͕ ͜h͔͚̣̠̯̣̯e̘̫̲͉̱̼͚a̗̘͉̩̮̼̫͟d̨͚̱̯̘͉ ̴̭̭͉̟ͅĺ̝̺͍̖i̴t̹̺̗t̻̮l̠͎̖͜e͏͕̥͈̫͕ͅ ̻̟̞̬͇t̤̦h͘ͅi͏͔͓̪̲͚n͈̬̩̭g̶̭̬̫̹͇̜.͍̗̦̹

͈̝̥͚an҉̳̮̹̗̣o̵͚̜̜͈̙̮th̜̲͔͕̹̕ḙ́r̳̝̕ͅ ͇d͘ay̗̥̳̣̞͘

ŕ̖̮̞͓̮̭e̢̡̦̤̦ş͍̘̪͕͕́ͅt̼̘̟͇͓̗͙̳͝ ͇̝̪̲̰͕͝y̨̛̟͎͚͍̥o͎̻̟͟ų̢̱͇̯́r̨̖̜̠͜ ̼̖̹̟̰̳̥̹͝h̢͏͉e̛̞̜̦̥͍̥̮͟a̴̘͇̲͕͘d̸̬̙͓̗

Re: hunger pangs and other cravings

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+ “Are you trying to turn me on right now? Because it’s working.”
+ "I bet I can make you cum before they return.”

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut
Words: 1011
Requested by: anon

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event (requests closed!)

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some neko atsume fact

  • haishiro(lexy) likes goods which were purchased with gold fish especially(but they are not picky about food)
  • haihachi(rascal) only comes for expensive food(ie gold fish)
  • cream(peaches) uses all the goodies. it’s hard to tell since they rarely appear but they do have preferences.
  • haisabi(spooky) usually comes when there’s only few cats in the yard.(thus it’s hard to meet them when you put out expensive food)
  • kijitora(bolt) likes especially food-related goodies(ie goodies with food shape and kitchen implements etc)
  • creamtora(apricot) is the one who does the face down pose( ごめん寝 ) most often
  • choco(ganache) isn’t picky about colors and shapes of the goodies.(they focus on the function mostly)
  • ‘glass vase’ is the only good that all of the cat use so far

one of my fav thign about neko atsume is that each of cats get their own behavior/personality and as time passes you get to know more about each of them. not to mention i only listed the most obvious ones here. a lot of cats also have color preference and there’re goodies they like and never use.

one time i had the idea of staging a lord of the rings production with a budget of £20 and a cast of four people (kind of like “potted potter”, but for tolkien) and i still occasionally wish i’d got the chance to see it enacted on stage

highlights from the script included:

  • a japanese screen with paintings of ornamental gardens that served as fangorn forest, mirkwood, and lothlorien, depending on which scene it was being used in
  • people putting on different hats (or fake beards, or terrible accents) to signify which character they were meant to be playing
  • a moment of silence for the gifted and high-profile cast, who supposedly couldn’t make it because their helicopter got caught in a tornado 
  • another moment of silence for christopher tolkien, who was apparently brutally murdered in order to avoid copyright claims
  • a toy car used diversely to represent gandalf’s carriage, aragorn’s horse, a giant eagle, and the raft sam and frodo use to cross the river
  • gollum as a squeaky dog toy on a string
  • swords being replaced with random kitchen implements like corkscrews and spatulas
  • instead of putting the one ring on and disappearing, frodo would just shout “LOOK OUT SAM IT’S A DRAGON” and dive offstage
  • pretending to phone up stephen colbert every time someone couldn’t remember what happened next
  • stephen colbert getting increasingly annoyed and finally hanging up mid-call, leaving the actors to improvise the rest of the scene
  • saruman dramatically throwing himself off a stepladder
things i’ve stimmed with that were definitely not meant for stimming
  • a block of wood
  • cats
  • my partner’s face
  • my own face
  • the seams around the edges of clothing
  • ungodly expensive paintbrushes (on my face) 
  • scarf tassels
  • clicky pens/pencils (but who hasn’t)
  • lightswitches
  • a rock
  • a bucket of rocks
  • rocks in the wall
  • an unidentifiable kitchen implement that was handed to me to “hold for a second” 
  • ornamental grasses
  • receipt rolls 
  • automatic doors
  • succulents (mine and in greenhouses, not mine) 
  • my partner’s spine
  • numerous books
  • dandelions
  • a date stamp
  • car alarms
  • dishes in a sink
Fanfic: As If You’re Never Down

Okay this one might take a little explaining for people who aren’t as hopeless as myself lol. In Japanese, Iggy’s voice actor is also decently popular as a pop singer (fun fact: Prompto’s seiyuu also has a few solo mini-albums, and Noct’s seiyuu is the singer of a rock band), so I was like ‘man Iggy would have such a nice singing voice’. Then I realised that meant I had to make Iggy sing, and this is what I ended up with.

The title is a hint as to what Iggy is singing, due to all previous FF soundtracks being canon in the XV game lmao, even if halfway through I realised it kind of sounded like a cruel joke. I was gonna change it, but I’m weirdly attached to that song and it’s about singing to someone you love sooooo…

Final Fantasy XV
Gladnis | Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia
SFW -> sappy bullshit omfg
Word Count: 1,343

“Hey, you seen Iggy?”

“Who?” The hunter in front of Gladio asked, not bothering to look up from where he was cleaning his gun.

Ignis,” Gladio clarified, managing to mostly resist the urge to roll his eyes. “About yea tall, wears a lot of black, prettier than he has any right to be…”

“Oh!” The hunter said, finally looking up. “The blind guy, yeah? Big scars on his face?”

“…Yes,” Gladio said tightly, knowing that they weren’t exactly incorrect descriptors but not wanting them to be Ignis’ defining traits. “Do you know where he is or not?”

“Ease up, buddy,” the hunter said dismissively as he looked back down at his gun, and Gladio’s fists clenched. He was better than that, though, and he forced himself to relax. It was hard enough to survive through the endless night without in-fighting.

Plus Ignis would frown at him if he got word of Gladio fighting with another hunter, and Gladio didn’t want that.

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Hey tumblr I need a help. There was this CBC show that came on…? a channel ? when I was little kid that showcased a bunch of viewer-made short films. I distinctly remember watching it after school. There was this one bit called “The Silverware War” which was a stop-motion film about kitchen implements getting in a fight. I remember this very clearly, but I’ve punched everything I can recall into Google and turned up diddly shit, so I’d really like to be reassured that this was a real show and I’m not just on some Candle Cove shit.

anonymous asked:

Do you think John has any sort of comfort food, like Alex has Carribean food, that reminds him of his mom or home? Or anything to reminds him of that?

The sort of home cooked thanksgiving shit that he did with Marta. I think his mom generally cooked white American things because of his dad but there are definitely some things tossed in there that are Not White and that he doesn’t really realize aren’t because they weren’t presented that way. He’ll figure it out sometime and be very pleased—every day he finds out that a particular brand or seasoning or half-forgotten kitchen implement is stereotypically Hispanic will be a good day for him. 

Long, long list of Frozen headcanons

-All the castle guards had a betting pool going on how long it’ll take Kristoff to propose.

-Anna teaches herself how to sew and recreates the sisters dolls she and Elsa had when they were little.

-Both sisters can speak several languages: Elsa because it was part of being groomed to be queen, Anna because she was bored and lonely.

-Both of them hate English with all their hearts. 

-Kristoff learns how to read out of Anna’s collection of romance novels (“So that’s how you spell orgasm”).

-Since he’s a snowman, it’s impossible for Olaf to sleep. Everyone has now gotten used to him wandering the castle at night, pretending to be a phantom or trying to play music with kitchen implements.

-The entire kitchen staff are hardcore Elsanna shippers.

-But the guards and maids root for Kristanna.

-Snow-statue contests, all year round. Elsa always wins.

-There are multiple souvenir shops around Arendelle that sell little dolls and figurines of the royal family (for the 19th-century predecessors of the Frozen fandom).

-Elsa’s ice-clothing melts when she gets aroused. Luckily or unluckily, that only happened once in public.

-Anna goes to visit the little kids all the time at the local schools and orphanage. She often brings Kristoff or Elsa with her; the first because he (for some reason) gets all adorably awkward and blushy when he sees her with kids, the second because she loves kids but probably won’t have any of her own.

-Speaking of kids, Anna and Kristoff eventually have two: a boy and a girl. The girl becomes a boss-ass ice harvester when she gets older.

-Since she’s no longer scared she’ll kill everything she touches, Elsa gets a crapton of pets.

-Sven lives unusually long for a reindeer: long enough to see his best friend marry Anna and her have both of his babies.

-Elsa has her snowgies play pranks on everyone when she wants revenge; and they happily oblige. They have stolen clothing, put salt in cakes, dive-bombed sleds, and hidden Marshmallow’s tiara in people’s bedrooms.

-Because of the tiara incident, Marshmallow nearly went on a rampage just to get it back.

-Anna makes all her family dance with her at least once at all the royal balls.

-Whenever they have family sleepovers, it’s always in Anna’s room, where they eat ice cream and talk smack about other royalty.

-After balls, Elsa and Anna arguing about which prince was ogling who, and Kristoff pouting enviously.

-Olaf is the. Worst. Babysitter. EVER. He lets the kids get away with EVERYTHING. Elsa’s always the disciplinarian. 

-Kristoff’s wedding ring is engraved with “May we?” in runes, and Anna’s is engraved with “We may.”

-The trolls spoil the kids rotten, and always keep giving advice for all the adults. The most recurring one is that Elsa needs to get out and socialize more.

-Elsa and Kristoff have a mutual agreement: if they need to, they’ll work together to protect Anna, even if they both know she can protect herself.

-Elsa and Kristoff spend the royal balls and parties discreetly trying to hide from everyone else, at least until Anna finds them.

-Flagendorfer-eating contests. Anna always wins.

-Their family portraits are their most precious possessions.

-When they’re all really old, Elsa and Anna and Kristoff all write down the story of the freeze and thaw to always remind their family of the power of true love. Over a hundred years later, a woman accidentally finds it while traveling to Norway to do research for a possible movie. Her name is Jennifer Lee.

In his own house everything was as it had been, though seeming to have just hurried into place seconds before he arrived, and looking a little harried and disordered; he thought he heard a faint settling rattle from the crowded drawers of kitchen implements, a rustle from his papers in their piles.

John Crowley, Dæmonomania (The Ægypt Cycle series)

herburningfootsteps  asked:

I've heard the terms 'kitchen witch' and 'garden witch' before but I've always wanted to know about these types of witchery. Could you tell me more?


The key to both terms is in their names, which makes understanding them a little easier.

Kitchen witchery deals largely with cooking and baking and the magic that can be done with food and herbs and kitchen implements. Wooden spoons, for example, make surprisingly good wands, and soup pots can pull double duty as cauldrons. It’s an easy kind of witchcraft for practitioners on a budget, or those without a lot of space to swing a broom in, if you take my meaning.

Garden witchery mostly happens out-of-doors and includes your standard planting, weeding, and lots and lots of dirt. Whether it’s in pots or plots, the magic revolves around plants and growing things. Green thumbs are a prerequisite and this type of witchcraft is going to require a lot of time and effort, between planting, pruning, and harvesting whatever you decide to grow. (Garden witchery is sometimes lumped in under “green” witchcraft, but it also stands by itself for those who feel less affinity to wild plants or animals.)

Both of these types of witchery fall under the large umbrella of “cottage witchcraft,” which is pretty much anything to do with the home, the occupants of the home, and the land surrounding it. Other types of witchery under the cottage moniker include hearthcraft, greencraft, and hedgecraft (to a point, since this deals a lot with border magic).

[In addition, I’m side-eying your url a bit, dear. I’m going to assume you know that “g*psy” is a racial slur and spare you the lecture in the hopes that you are of some type of Roma descent, but it’s something you should take care about and you really ought to change it.]

picking your battles: an unauthorized los santos survival guide [part 3]

Part 3/3 [Part 1] [Part 2]
On AO3
Raywood, rated M
Warning for drugs/canon-typical violence/general narrative stupidity

Ray gets to know Ryan better, which is weird and great and confusing. He learns things.

(Such as: Ryan doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but he’ll eat the green apple Skittles from Ray’s bag without complaining.

Such as: Ryan doesn’t talk about his family, but he’s from the South, and he gets a wistful expression on his face whenever Ray talks about his mom.

Such as: Ray calls them the “R ‘n’ R Connection” once, but Ryan only rolls his eyes about it when Ray suggests they get matching t-shirts.

Such as: Ryan constantly does things that are terrifying without realizing that they are terrifying, like staring for long periods of time, or holding kitchen implements in a ‘I will gut you like a fish with this spatula, don’t test me, don’t question it, I can make it happen’ way, or humming things while he murders people—cheerful things, usually, which doesn’t make it better; one time Ray recognizes ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ and has to leave, just leaves, right in the middle of the gun fight.

Such as: They can’t be like Hot Fuzz, Ray finds out, because one night Ryan actually humors him and does the worst British accent ever and Ray nearly chokes on his tongue.)

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anonymous asked:

stuff the team lost cause Firestorm is practicing transmutation?

A Probably Incomplete List of Things Lost in Firestorm’s Transmutation Practice:

  • approx. 682 pens - mostly Martin’s, but also a few of Ray’s favorite clicking pens*. Losing them really hurt his feelings. 
  • A variety of kitchen implements - a potato masher, a pink colander, and a soup ladle - that Rip couldn’t remember buying and gave Jax and Martin free reign to destroy.
    • Note: said kitchen implements turned out to have been bought on board by Kendra, who was Not Happy when she noticed they were missing.
  • Jax’s old running shoes, since he wanted to motivate himself to get a new pair anyway.
  • A  painting that Snart picked up in 1788 that turned out to be a forgery. He wanted it destroyed immediately, since he was pissed that a fake fooled him.
    • “In 1788. Who was forging art in 1788?”
    • “You didn’t invent crime, dude.” 
    • “Eat me, Jax.”
  • Some empty pints of ice cream that Sara was too lazy to throw away.
  • One deck of Uno cards, after a Waverider Game Night nearly turned into a homicide. 

*Clicking pens is Ray’s #1 stim. The team spent most of a weekend trying to find the right Office Max on the exact right year and day to replace his clicky pens. 


Name: Raúl Jiménez
Team: Mexico
Number/Position: 9/Supporting striker
Birthplace: Tepeji, Hidalgo, Mexico
Age/Birthday: 23/5 May 1991
Smokeshow Qualification: Cheekbones for days. I swear, slap some blush on this boy and he could walk the runways tomorrow. Taller, stretched out, but not skinny–plenty of muscle here.
Why We Love Him: Great Twitter account. Really appreciate the adorable baby, Raúl. His profile picture is adorable and he clearly does not know how to choose the correct pixel size for the header. Selfys. So many photos of him were him grinning.
What Fictional Character I Think He Looks Like: Peter Pan.
What Kitchen Implement Would He Be: A fork.
Anything Else: European teams have started to express interest in him so future star? Posiblemente.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for those who are still in the broom closet? (ie how to do spells with things commonly found around the house)

(Without additional information I’m going to assume you mean spells of the kind often found in spaces like neo-Wicca and other common forms of paganism and witchcraft, which are very different from practices like hoodoo.)

One characteristic of contemporary Western witchcraft is how much room for improvisation it allows.  It can operate on both common associations, such as a rose representing romantic love, and personal ones, like my using a particular herb as self-representation because its name is similar to mine.  If you need a chalice, use a regular glass, mug, shotglass, or bowl.  If you need a cauldron, use a pot, though be careful not to damage any nonstick coating with metal implements.  Kitchen knives and scissors work for an athame.  Chopsticks become wands.  Spice racks hold a wide variety of mundane herbs that are useful both for cooking and for spells.  Warm oven tops become a hearth.  If you can’t burn a candle, you can substitute with a particularly strong spice, an unlit match, something with an electric current, or anything else that calls to mind heat or the potential for heat.  Password-protected laptops and cell phones can be your Book of Shadows, magical journal, grimoire, or other text; the wallpaper or desktop can be your religious icon.  Altars can be kept in shoeboxes, drawers, masqueraded as a ‘curio’ shelf, or only assembled when you need to use one.

As for actually doing a spell, that depends more on your personal preference.  If you’re the type to cast a circle every time, you might disguise it by pretending to dance and sing while using the kitchen or doing chores.  You can establish spaces using music, sweeping or vacuuming, or flicking a little water from a cup with your fingertips.  Incantations you might use don’t necessarily have to be said aloud, especially if there are people around who might be discomfited, or can be adapted to fit a popular tune.  If you like to do visualization, that’s a powerful and invisible tool as well.  Practicality and creativity are your greatest tools of all.

- Mountain Hound