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Want to get a lot done today, so I made @honeycoyote ‘s Productivi-Tea andI also made @witchy-woman ‘s “I Can Do This!” motivation bottle, adding some extra kinds of peppers in there as well cause I need allllllll the energy, and sealing with orange wax for endurance, vitality, passion, and strength (it also smells like mangos, so double awesome). I feel great and am on my way to getting lots done!

Comforting His Kitten

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,650
Warnings: Fluff. Cuss word or two. OOC Crowley.
Request: (Anonymous) I wish you would write a fic where Crowley is trying to cheer the reader up but he’s kind of fumbling at it cause hes not used to stuff like that
Request: (Anonymous) do have a fic where crowley comforts the reader, or any requests for one? Ive had a shitty past couple of weeks and im just stressed to the max and it would really be great to read one
Request:( @soinlovewithbandguys ) Toni, you know what sounds amazing? Crowley trying to comfort you when you’re just emotionally overwhelmed like you wanna scream and cry and punch something all at the same time and you just wanna hide in your room and be done with the world, and maybe it happened cause you messed up on a hunt and dean flipped out on you so also some protective crowley? Idk man 😭 I just need some fluffy comforting Crowley

Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @lunybird Prompt: Slow Dancing / Quote: “Elvis is still alive”

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anonymous asked:

How about some headcanons on how the straw hat crew & law would react watching their first child do adorable moments (baby's first words,beginning to walk,ect.)? Please and thank you


Monkey D. Luffy:

  • He grins really wide when they start trying to walk and laughs if they fall over
  • But he’s there picking them back up off their feet and telling them to not give up
  • When they start saying their first words he instantly tries teaching them random words he likes rather than actually teaching them helpful words and sentences.
  • He really wants to teach them how to fight, even before they’re crawling

Roronoa Zoro:

  • He’s more responsible than Luffy in knowing how old they should be before they start earning fighting techniques they want to learn, but is mostly clueless in mostly everything else when raising a baby.
  • He gets happy hearing them talk and seeing them walk for the first time and tries to help them along when they need it.
  • He feels so proud seeing them trying to imitate his fighting style though
  • If they’re really honest and serious about learning he will sit down with them one day and explain what being a swordsman really means and fight techniques.
  • Until then, he prefers them watching his train rather than getting themselves hurt without proper training


  • They call her ‘Mama’ for the first time and she gets so happy. She absolutely smothers them with kisses all over their face, even more so if it’s their first word. If she has a S/O she’ll playfully talk about being the favourite parent.
  • She’ll sit her child across from her and encourage them to walk over. They stumble a little at the end but Nami catches them and coos over how well they did. She’ll probably spoil them a tad with some cute clothes for doing such a good job.
  • The first time they steal something is an accident. They kind of just picked something up and forgot they were holding it while walking out of the shop with Nami. She only notices they have a small toy that she doesn’t remember buying when they get half-way through town and she points it out.
  • The kid looks at it. realises they accidentally stole and they get very evasive, not wanting to get into trouble “Where did you get that, Sweetie?” “ I dunno.”
  • She eventually gets them to confess and she can’t help but laugh, gently scolding them for not telling the truth sooner. 


  • He is so excited to see them walk and talk for the first time omg
  • But his favourite thing is when they start trying to read bedtime stories to him, even better, making up their own stories. He’s so happy to listen and encourage them. He still loves telling them stories though, and they end up swapping little nonsensical stories that are absolutely absurd but are so endearing
  • He’s happy to see them walking and crawling around but when they get near something remotely dangerous for them (everything in his minds) he gets a little finicky and gently lifts them onto his shoulder to keep them close
  • He once nearly dropped them over the rail of the ship because they wanted to see the fished jumping out of the water and he still hasn’t emotionally recovered.


  • He cries so much dude. He gets so emotional seeing them talking and walking for the first time. He cuddles them up close and for weeks after mentions how proud he is of them.
  • He excitedly blabbers about it to the crew, and he looks so happy that no ones wants to tell him to stop. Even Zoro lets him go off about it without provoking a fight.
  • After teaching them to walk he will likely teach them how to dance. He loves gently having their little feet on his and they get so giggly when he spins them and lifts them up, it’s so wholesome.
  • He doesn’t want them handling kitchen stuff till they’re a bit older, but if he needs to cook while keeping an eye on them he’ll let them watch him and he’ll just gently narrate what he’s doing. It actually keeps them both calm, him especially because he doesn’t want to smoke too much around his baby, and talking to them keeps him a bit more distracted from wanting to smoke.

Tony tony Chopper:

  • He reads a ton of books about baby development to make sure he’s prepared and what will be good for the baby’s learning. He gently eases them into a small learning schedule 
  • When they manage their first words he gets so excited and he praises them for ages, and tries getting them to say it over and over, especially if it’s ‘papa’
  • When they get a little older he starts teaching them a few medical tips that could help them out if they got injured and separated from help. He gets so worried that they’ll get injured when he’s not around so he teaches them as many safety things as possbile.

Nico Robin:

  • She’s so happy when they start learning to walk and talk. I feel like they’d start learning pretty early tbh. Robin just loves talking to them a lot and responding to their little nonsensical babble. She know’s they’re trying to communicate and she’s eager to indulge.
  • She helps them with walking using her devil fruit. When they start swaying over to one side a hand will just come up and gently nudge them back.
  • Same goes for when they’re about to topple down the stairs. A few hands will just gently turn them around and nudge them in a safter direction.
  • There will likely also be a comment such as “Whoops. There we are, sweetie… We don’t want you falling and snapping your neck, now, do we?” Que oblivious baby giggles.


  • He cries when they call him anything related to ‘dada’ for the first time. He’s holding them close and promising them that he’ll always look after them
  • He doesn’t hold them too much because he’s so scared he’ll injure them some way, but he’s still so affectionate, gently rubbing their head, reading to them ect.
  • One day his kid kind of just ? Get’s up and waddles over to his leg and clings to him. He’s watching them the whole time speechless and when they grab his leg he just sobs and lifts them up and nuzzles them, crying the whole time.
  • They grow up their whole life being trolled by his inevitable dad jokes, so they kind of pick up on his sense of humour and his embarrassing nature They end up being one of those kids that get really fussy about wearing clothes and try removing clothes when ever they can.


  • Watching his lill kiddos growing up and learning is so fascinating to him and he’s always in awe when they do anything for the first time. Heck, he gets excited when they hiccup for the first time
  • He’s so scared to handle them because of his boney appearance, but he does his absolute best to be gentle when holding them up or talking to them. It calms him more to teach them through song, making up little catchy verses and rhymes and it’s so cute ImAGINE he sits across from them and teaches them little rhymes along with little hands dances to go along with the song and their both giggling and having fun.
  • Hearing them trying to imitate his laugh makes him cry a lot. He’s so happy and he gently presses his forehead against this and hes sobbing and his baby is just babbling happily
  • He sees them trying to learn how to do the 90 degree trick and they end up falling over and he’s instantly picking them up and checking over them, trying to distract them from crying. He teaches them how to do it but is cautious of making sure they don’t hurt themselves
  • I like to imagine his kid is one of those kids that are so quiet and shy for a long time and no one thinks they can actually talk until one day they  just come out with their first sentence.

Trafalgar Law:

  • He smiles when they first walk and is encouraging, but he doesn’t over react or anything. He’s definitely proud of them, but it’s something that most kid learn so he’s not too fazed.
  • He’s actually really excited for when he can sit down and tutor them in whatever their interested in learning, especially anything medical.
  • He’s a bit more blunt and a tad bit distant, but he always makes sure his kid knows that he is proud of them

so robert got the completely white kitchen cupboards with no handles he wanted I’m laughing

it’s actually incredible?? the stairs and the snooker balls and the colour scheme and the random ass vespa and the cushions and the industrial theme, it’s just such a beautiful mix of robron I’m in love

they have robron FAMILY photos cos they’re a FAMILY

and there’s a triceratops on the shelf in the mill and I’m deffo saying that aaron picked it out because of his love of fossils 

and there’s also a bedroom set 😏😏😏

the mill is ridiculous and beautiful and I love it so much oh my god

Downfall [Prologue]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1,681

Genre: Assassin AU

Warning: Violence. Lots of violence.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18

“Honey, go to your brother.”

The doorbell had rung just a moment ago, and your mother took one look through the viewing hole of the front door before she spun around to lift your toddler body from the couch where you were coloring away on a notepad.

“Why, mommy? What’s wrong?” you squeaked as your mother set you down onto the wooden floor, pushing you hurriedly to the rear end of the house.

You knew your older sibling, Namjoon, didn’t like to be bothered when listening to music in his room, so you were unsure of her request. The doorbell rang a second time and you could tell that it made your mother anxious with each second you didn’t listen to her command.

“Just go get your brother and stay inside your room, okay?”

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mysme-trashcan  asked:

Ohohoho it's this trash coming in your asks ( that didn't sound right ) How about- RFA+Saeran&V (after eye surgery ) react to MCs sister, who was staying at they're house, goes to use a blender, doesn't lock the top down, what ever was in the blender flies out and there's a mess everywhere and they hear MC freaking out at the scene of all of this and they go to see what was going on?

ayeee I finally got to this! It’s a hilarious request and I think it’s what made me message you in the first place lmao but I hope you like it, ems! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (ah yes, the ams and ems duo(¬‿¬))💛 

…thinking of 8 things to put in a blender is hard


  • it was hot outside and literally no one in the house wanted to go out
  • mc’s sister was also in town and decided to visit (she met zen before its chill)
  • the three of them were supposed to go out that day, but it was..too hot
  • so mc and their sister decided to make smoothies instead
  • zen got a phonecall halfway through, however, and excused himself before walking into another room
  • “ready for some smoothies, my dear sibling?” mc’s sister says with a grin
  • “ready, dear sister” mc answers
  • she turns on the blender, ready for the ice, berries, and liquid to mix together
  • instead, the top flies off and so does everything else in the blender
  • mc’s sister is covered with cold berry juice, too shocked to scream, but tenses up
  • mc starts yelling going for the blender to turn it off before grabbing a towel
  • zen runs back in, thinking something dangerous happened, but instead sees mc wiping their sister’s eyes so she can see again
  • and he can’t help but laugh
  • his kitchen is a mess, yes, but seeing this was totally worth it
  • now mc’s sister can talk again and starts yelling, “wHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?”
  • mc’s sister turns to mc, giving them a ‘look i am going to punch your boyfriend’ look
  • mc just shrugs, “at least…you’re not that hot anymore…?”
  • zen laughs harder. mc’s sister slaps both of them in the arm


  • movie night!
  • yoosung is setting up the living room with pillows and blankets while mc and their sister gets snacks in the living room
  • mc was on popcorn duty and mc’s sister was in charge of chips and dip
  • but she wanted to make homemade dip, so they had to take out the blender
  • “how are the snacks coming?” yoosung calls out
  • “popcorn, done! mc says. “dip is about to be blended!” their sister says
  • the blender is turned on
  • disaster strikes
  • “AH DIDN’T- LID-” mc’s sister yells while getting splashed with the contents of the blender
  • mc gets hit, too. so does the popcorn. it’s a travesty.
  • “tURN OFF THE BLENDER” mc yells
  • but she can’t. she’s being attacked
  • yoosung runs in like the hero he is and manages to turn it off, despite getting messy as well
  • they all stare at each other, horrified
  • “..I think we need to take a shower first…” mc says. the other two agree
  • it turns into cleaning night instead of movie night


  • did someone say ‘iced coffee’?
  • mc’s sister said ice coffee!
  • and they want mc to show off their skills they learned from the cafe so they could make it at home as well
  • so here we go
  • ice, coffee, flavorings, syrup
  • aaaand blend!
  • mc gets covered in the stuff, mc’s sister - who was idly observing from behind - gets half covered
  • she’s the one who yells, but mc turns off the blender
  • jaehee runs in and looks at them, shocked
  • “why…?”
  • “…iced coffee…” mc weakly says
  • she actually walks up to the both of them and kisses mc’s cheek
  • wh y
  • “hmm…at least it tastes good” jaehee says with a smile 
  • mc could probably die on the spot
  • now mc’s sister is yelling


  • mc was playing around in the kitchen with their sister, going through recipes they found online
  • jumin offered just to let the chefs prepare something, but mc’s sister insisted
  • and since jumin can’t cook that much, he stays out of their way 
  • they were baking a cake that had this filling in between the layers
  • and they needed the blender to make the filling, crushing things and all that
  • “ready, mc?” their sister says, grinning. “yeah, the cakes are in the oven already”
  • “alright, blender time!” she turns on the blender
  • and both of them are now covered in sugary dust
  • mc’s sister yelps out of shock 
  • mc yells out, “yOU DIDN’T-;;;” 
  • jumin runs in, very concerned
  • he sees them covered in this sugar dust. 
  • can’t help but laugh, just a little
  • “should i call the chefs now?” he asks. the two of them nod
  • “…and a change of clothes” mc’s sister says

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • they were going to make milkshakes! 
  • all three different kind of flavors for the three of them 
  • so far they made a vanilla one for mc, a chocolate one for saeyoung, and were going to make a strawberry one for mc’s sister
  • saeyoung was out of the kitchen, knowing they could handle it 
  • mc stayed in the kitchen for moral support
  • “i can’t believe you passed up strawberry for vanilla. even your dork boyfriend got chocolate” mc’s sister said
  • “i hope your milkshake goes up your nose” mc responded
  • “ha ha” she rolls her eyes and turns the blender on
  • ….it went up her nose alright  
  • mc’s sister yells and mc literally bursts out laughing
  • until they realize that the kitchen is a mess
  • saeyoung runs in and looks around, also kind of devastated at first
  • and then he looks at mc’s sister
  • …he’s laughing, he can’t handle it 
  • “it actually went up your nose, oh my god-” “saeyoung-” “yeah, yeah, i’ll get a towel but this is GOLD mc” 

v / jijhyun

  • you know those liquid soups you can make in a blender? like pea soup?
  • jihyun wanted to try one of those!
  • and so did mc’s sister, yay! 
  • they were all in the kitchen, but v realized it was time to water his plants, so he excuses himself for a bit
  • “that’s it?” mc asks, looking at the blender “I feel like it’s too easy”
  • “oh hush, mc. all we have to do is blend it!” their sister says and goes to turn on the blender
  • gosh, they’re so lucky it was cold soup 
  • mc’s sister managed to turn off the blender, but she just put her head down on the counter in shame
  • mc yelled, getting splattered before the blender was turned off. “oh my gosh- the kitchen!” 
  • jihyun comes running in, looking at the kitchen then at both of them
  •  “…i have one question, for you.” he says to mc’s sister
  • “…yes?” she says 
  • “are you that jealous of our kitchen?” 
  • mc’s sister blinks “why would i-”
  • “you’re green with envy, I can see it”
  • mc starts cracking up because that was so ridiculous 
  • mc’s sister puts her face back on the counter 


  • mc and sister were making pasta for dinner!
  • it was one of those pesto pastas 
  • so now they had to make pesto 
  • saeran was watching them from the living room
  • “alright, let’s get this pesto done!” mc’s sister said 
  • and turns on the blender
  • “wAIT” mc tries to warn her
  • its too late. 
  • the pesto flies everywhere
  • mc’s sister is his directly in the nose first
  • mc can’t save themselves 
  • saeran literally facepalms
  • the other two are too shocked to do much, so he has to stand up and turn it off for them 
  • “i’m- so sorry-” mc’s sister says.
  • mc lowkey wants to lay on the floor and accept death 
  • saeran just shakes his head and puts his hands on both of their shoulders
  • “..that was pretty funny”
  • forget what mc said about accepting death, saeran thought that was funny 
  • they still have to clean up the kitchen though 

vanderwood (i remembered u wanted him ayee)

  • look, vanderwood was gonna let them do their thing, they were going to calmly sit and read this book
  • mc’s sister was making some kind of fancy recipe and it involved putting things in a blender
  • listen….i still dont have a blender and food network only tells me so much
  • and mc was helping! they poured it into the blender for her
  • “alright mc. i know this is weird, but we put it in a blender to smooth it out. and then it’ll be done!”
  • *turn on blender*
  • *sees life flash before both of their eyes*
  • they are both covered in this supposedly fancy liquid 
  • and they both just..stand there for a second
  • until mc yells, “w HY”
  • vanderwood just sighs and gets up to check the damage
  • the floor and counter is a mess 
  • it got on some of the cabinets
  • both mc and sister are preparing for the worst 
  • “aw, i don’t get that fancy dinner?” vanderwood said, pouting
  • they’re both kind of surprised
  • “we’d…have to restart..” mc’s sister says
  • “oh no, you two need to clean up this kitchen. i’m ordering us a pizza” 
  • “vanderwood-” mc tries
  • “and im not helping!”
Clingy Bucky.


“Bucky, what are you doing?” you asked as the big hulking man tried to scoot closer to you. “I’m sorry baby, I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” he said. “Buck, we’re sitting on the couch at Headquarters.” you told him. He sighed and scooted back over, but kept his eyes on you the entire time.

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Waking up to Astro


  • he always wakes up before you
  • the short amount of time he has between his waking up and yours he spends as well as he can
  • by watching you while you sleep
  • not creepily hes not a sparkly vampire it is ok
  • MJ likes to press kisses to your temple and wrap his arms around you and pull you into him
  • so y’all are spooning while he’s sort of awake and you’re still in the “delirious incoherent mumbling” state
  • He nuzzles his nose into your neck omfg
  • MJ would smile a lot tbh even in the mornings as long as he’s beside you
  • so he would smile into your neck and press a gentle kiss into your collarbone
  • and he would be super sweet and soft and cute
  • until he slides out from behind you 
  • strategically places himself so he’s kneeling at your side
  • lifts up your shirt ever so slightly
  • and starts blowing raspberries into the soft skin of your stomach like his life depends on it
  • which needless to say wakes you up pretty fast
  • he’ll laugh when you squeak in protest
  • will come up and press his lips to your forehead, and then he’ll drag you out of bed and into the bathroom bc he’s hungry and while its his turn to make breakfast he refuses to eat without you
  • you guys brush and he watches you in the mirror making sure you dont go back to sleep
  • when yall are done brushing he’ll wrap his arms around his waist and finally mumble a Good Morning and while you really aren’t awake yet you find yourself saying it back because you know that, with MJ, it’s always a good morning


  • his normal voice is p low and already has like a back of throat lowkey growl esp when he raps
  • so i’ll be damned if his “just woke up and still really groggy” voice isn’t husky and god even lower than usual
  • he wakes up before you 99% of the time 
  • usually sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes while trying not to wake you
  • then he’ll lie back down and throw an arm and a leg over you, running one hand all over your body lightly while the other hand is behind his head
  • eventually he’ll get tired of being up while you’re not but decide against waking up
  • instead he’ll just pull you in very close so your head is in his chest
  • and his lips are just barely, barely touching the junction between your neck and your shoulder
  • him accidentally sighing into your neck and you mumble because it tickles and move in closer to him
  • jinjin’s eyes just roaming your body 
  • him taking in every bit of you
  • jinjin gets up and opens the blinds slightly
  • partially because he wants you awake and partially because you look even more like a goddess when your sleeping form is bathed in the early morning light
  • he really wants to write a song for you when you’re like this
  • however you’ve gotta wake up eventually so he hovers over you
  • presses his face to the part of your neck right underneath your jaw
  • and starts mumbling into your neck about how much he loves you
  • it has the effect he wants because
  • you wake up, moaning about how you really dont want to get out of bed, until jinwoo just gives up and carries you to the bathroom
  • the two of you brush and go to eat but not before jinwoo comments on how great you look when you wear his oversized shirts to sleep 


  • he’s up about an hour before you every day
  • because of this you usually wake up to a sweet sticky note placed strategically on his side of the bed, and the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen
  • what you dont know is how it takes literally forever for eunwoo to actually get out of bed
  • not because he’s groggy or anything because he isnt 
  • when hes awake hes awake and gorgeous and ready to take on the day
  • its ridiculous and unfair you believe hes some kind of wizard because of it
  • but he just takes like twenty minutes to physically leave the bed
  • its because he really, really loves the feel of your legs entangled with his and your face (and lips) pressed to the area of his chest right underneath his collar bone
  • and hearing your soft breathing
  • feeling it reverberating in his chest
  • this is when Dongmin feels the happiest and lightest and most carefree
  • eventually though he does disentangle himself from you
  • you always whine in protest at your arms feeling empty but don’t wake up
  • Dongmin brushes his teeth quickly
  • while looking like an angel tbh
  • then he quickly writes an “I love you so much beautiful” or “breakfast is your favorite today” or “you gave me inspiration for some song lyrics, they’re on my desk if you want to read them <3″ on a sticky note and places it in the middle of his side of the bed
  • he makes breakfast because he knows you wont be awake enough to handle kitchen utensils when you awaken
  • when you finally come out in your zombie state you’re always clutching the sticky note in your hands, and you make sure to whisper how much you love him back into his shoulder while he cooks


  • he sounds like a kitten when he yawns it is your favorite sound in the world
  • y’all always end up in some weird ass sleeping position it’s actually hilarious bc sometimes his hyungs and even the two youngest members pop in to take pictures of you two while you’re both sleeping and like you’ll be sleeping like diagonally with your head on Bin’s chest and your feel hanging off the bed and he’s sleeping like a wooden plank
  • that picture is Minhyuk’s lockscreen
  • but when he wakes up before you he always straightens you up if you’re sleeping in a weird position
  • and kisses your forehead
  • probably takes like 7 million pictures of you 
  • and tries not to text them to everyone because you just look so cute
  • after putting his phone away Bin likes to hug you
  • he’s just a really huggy person he loves your warmth and the feeling of you in his arms 
  • you’re always fast asleep so he traces circles onto your hip bones and draws things on your thighs with his fingers
  • eventually you’ll roll over in your sleep so you’re on top of him
  • he loves it
  • that’s when you, still asleep, straddle him and rest your head on top of his chest and he holds you tight against him
  • every morning he realizes that he loves you a lot because of this
  • when he thinks you both should get out of bed he just calls your name over and over until you open your eyes
  • the two of you brush side by side while watching each other in the mirror because even in the morning Moon Bin looks amazing
  • and you look gorgeous even with your hair sticking out everywhere
  • you always make breakfast because you’re afraid Bin will burn himself or something but his chest is perpetually pressed against your back and his arms are around your waist while you make food for the two of you


  • Minhyuk prefers your stomach over a pillow, any day
  • he just loves how soft and beautiful the skin on your stomach is and loves to rest your head on it
  • the two of you almost always fall asleep that way
  • whenever Minhyuk wakes up he can hear your breathing through your stomach/chest
  • its so calming it almost puts him back to sleep
  • almost
  • he pretty much groans and sits up in bed and gets out  as quickly as possible because he knows the longer he stays listening to your soft breaths the more he’ll fall into the void that is you
  • Minhyuk pulls the covers over you so you don’t get cold
  • he watches you snuggle into them and let out a sigh when you feel comfortable and honestly it is the cutest thing he has ever seen
  • before he knows it he’s smiling uncontrollably 
  • he can’t control himself
  • the poor boy just really wants to talk to you and be with you and spend the day with you
  • so yes
  • he lowkey jumps on top of you while screaming something along the lines of “wake up, wake up, wake up”
  • obviously you
  • wake up 
  • your immediate reaction is to groan and lightly hit his chest because in an unfortunate turn of events you are now awake
  • and have to actually
  • do things
  • but Minhyuk isn’t having any of it and he takes yours hands and pulls you up so you’re sitting up in bed and pushes you off and shoves you into the bathroom and puts toothpaste on your toothbrush
  • you finish brushing before him because he just watches you brush your teeth and then starts to brush after
  • he loves you so much god
  • so you go out into the kitchen to start making breakfast but you just give up because you have no idea how to use anything and in the end Minhyuk ends up making it for you but that’s all right because your morning is better than it could ever be


  • you don’t actually share a bed
  • but whenever he sleeps over you two end up going to sleep at like 4 in the morning because y’all are watching animated movies 
  • so you guys wake up at like noon the next morning on the couch 
  • you originally wake up before him
  • you find that you’re lying on top of him which you weren’t when you went to sleep but that’s ok
  • however you’re very very tired so you just go back to sleep
  • sanha wakes up not long after however 
  • he’s actually p surprised to find you on top of him too
  • but its not like he dislike it in fact sanha finds himself awkwardly wrapping his arms around your waist so you dont roll off on to the floor 
  • he cant help himself
  • i mean you’re close enough for him to so the boy just
  • does it
  • he presses his lips to your forehead and then once more to your temple, smiling shyly at the second kiss
  • its not like you guys haven’t kissed before but it seems more… intimate, in a way, he guesses, when you’re being kissed somewhere that’s not the lips
  • you stir a little bit but just mumble and burrow into his chest and you wrap your arms around him the best you can in his sleep
  • he has to keep from squealing and it is very difficult
  • he’s on his way to nodding off again when he feels his phone vibrating in his pocket and pulls it out
  • his parents are texting him asking if the two of you have had lunch yet and that they’re coming to get him soon
  • crap it’s 1 pm
  • so sanha shakes you awake as best he can while you’re on top of him and the two of you brush really really quickly and throw together a quick lunch
  • you promise to have a sleepover like the one you just had again and the two of you know without saying it that you really, really like sleeping cuddled up together

“Please, don’t leave.” Old list, for Lams? from @sleep-deprived-system (I think you changed your url since this was sent? I hope you see this! <333)

Guess who finished her last assignment for the semester?! THE ANGST QUEEN!!! So enjoy some classic angst, bbys, and get ready for MANY lil fics! Welcome to summer with the Angst Queen! ;D <333

John Laurens could not believe this was actually happening.

“Alex,” he cried.

John rushed after his boyfriend as the smaller boy darted between rooms in their cramped apartment, tossing random books and papers into his backpack. There was practically steam coming from Alexander’s ears, and John was to blame.

This is all my fault, he thought. He didn’t have time for self-pity, though. Right now he needed to focus on his boyfriend.

“I’m sorry,” John said as Alex passed him in the hallway, backpack now slung over one shoulder. John wanted to make Alex stop and properly wear his backpack; to tell him he needed to take better care of himself, and that included his back. But instead he stayed silent as Alexander turned to face him, his owlish eyes made larger by the chunky black-rimmed glasses he was sporting.

“Wow,” Alexander said, voice flat. “You’re sorry. Amazing.” He turned quickly. His hand was on the doorknob in a flash.

John lunged toward him, throwing his own hand over Alex’s. “Please, don’t leave,” he begged, tears pooling in the corners of his eyes. “Stay and talk this out with me, please, Alex, please.”

Alex faltered for a moment. His face softened, his grip on the knob slackened just a bit. He bit his lip, a nervous habit that followed him from childhood and stayed with him even now, in his third year of college.

“You really hurt me, John,” he said in the saddest voice John had ever heard. Somehow his large eyes grew larger and his voice became softer, something like fear slipping into it.

John winced, but he nodded. “I know, Alex. And I am so, so sorry.”

It’d been stupid, really. John could hardly believe he’d ever thought it’d been worth a blowout fight with his boyfriend, but when he came home to glitter covering the kitchen counter, table, fridge handle, stove, microwave, and of course the coffee bean grinder, he lost his patience. He lost all semblance of patience.

“ALEXANDER!” he bellowed from the kitchen doorway. It was a small apartment. The entire building probably heard him.

Alex poked his head out of their bedroom, glitter in his hair, some even covering his glasses. “Yeah?” he said meekly.

John was so angry that all he could do was gesture to the kitchen then glare at his boyfriend.

“That, oh, right! I was getting to that. It was for a project for my ethics class. I was going to clean it, but then I, uh, got caught up in another Twitter debate.”

“There’s glitter everywhere,” John said. He couldn’t think of a better reply.

“Yeah, I know, I’ll get to it, I swear, just––”

“Just what? Give you a minute? I always give you a minute, Alex, and then another, and another. Remember the flour incident? And the bath bomb explosion? You always say you’ll do it, then you promptly get caught up in a Twitter debate, or an essay, or decide to read the dictionary backwards or some shit and never do what you said you would! I always get stuck with your messes, Alex. Always!”

Alex stared at John, his mouth in a little ‘o,’ the tips of his ears a scarlet red.

“I didn’t realize that all I do is leave messes for you, John,” he said. “Sounds like you’re dating one big mess.”

“Alex, no, I never said––”

Alex sprang into action. He grabbed a rag off his desk and ran into the kitchen. “Let me clean this one up and then be out of your hair, huh? No more messes! No more messy, messy boyfriend!”

“Alex, no, please––”

And it continued as Alex cleaned the kitchen, and then his laptop, which was so covered in glitter some of the keys were unreadable, and finally himself. That was when he began gathering books and throwing them into his backpack. That was when John flung himself at his boyfriend, begged him not to go.

Now they were staring at each other, tense and uncertain silence hanging between them.

“I was literally talking about the mess, I promise,” John said gently. “I had a long day and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry, Alex. Can you ever forgive me?”

Alex looked down at the untied shoelaces of his converses. “I do always leave messes. And add meaning into, uh, literal things.”

“You’d be an awful English major if you didn’t,” John said with a small smile.

“I’m sorry, too. I’ll try to be more, uh, clean?”

Both boys laughed, then laughed harder and harder until they were doubled over. Alex let his backpack drop to the floor, and John swept him off his feet. He leaned down and kissed him. When he pulled away, an odd look came over his face.

“What is it?” Alex asked anxiously.

“Why do I feel like I just swallowed glitter?”

Alex chuckled and pulled John’s face close to his own. “Let’s make your insides sparkle,” he whispered with a wink before his lips were on John’s again.

And sparkle they did.

Humility and Cooking Lessons [SidLink] [Oneshot]

“Being a hero was an exercise in humility. Fulfilling the needs of the citizens sometimes demands you to lower yourself, put your pride on the back-burner for a moment to help someone in need.”

I haven’t written a fanfiction in about 5 or 6 years? But BotW got me feeling some type of way so here we go***

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Wake up! - Yoongi (Suga)

Gender: Fluff 

Reader x Yoongi 

Word Count: 1,825 

I know I didn’t post anything in a long time and I’m so sorry for that. I hope you like this imagine! Feel free to give this post some love and share it if you want. A follow is always welcome since we are waiting to post a BTS mafia series when we reach 2K in the blog! Thank you for all the support you give all of us in the blog, we love yooou!!


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The incessant clink of the alarm in the bureau on the side of your bed did that you reluctantly extended the arm to press sharply the button, making the boring noise cease. Moaning a “humpf” in the pillow, turning your belly upwards and pushing your arms and legs to all around the bed made your muscles stretch. You sat in the bed rubbing your eyes, after your head directed to the body, yet dormant of Ho-seok in the bed to the side of yours. The blanket extending until the height of his pectoral, showing a calm and soft expression. Slowly you exited the bed, feeling the shock of temperature in the ground of wood of the room, directing your body to the bathroom for the daily procedure, you brushed your teeth and went back to the room. Approaching on the bed where Ho-seok was, you sat in the rim and passed the hand gently in his hair.
“Hobi, good morning … we need to wake up, if not we can’t  go to the park” you said while continued the affection on him.
“Good morning” a hoarse voice of morning echoed in the room. He caught your hand and intertwined with his, soon after sitting in the bed.
“Better I go wake up the others boys” you stood up while he agreed in answer. Getting out of the bedroom, and directing yourself to the kitchen, you faced the strong luminosity coming of the sky on this beginning of morning, the light coming from the glass door on the living room. Opening the door of the cabinet above the range cooker, you caught the pot of coffee, and soon the strong smell coming from the crushed grains inside the pot fulfilled the aroma captured by your nostrils, making a small smile exit of your face. Soon after pressing the button, and turning in the machine, you went in the direction of the rooms on the opposite side to yours.
You already were used to wake up the boys. After all, tomorrow would be a year that you all met, then all agreed to do something fun to celebrate the date. A smile escaped of the your face, while you passed the hands thought your hair. The memory yet recent of the fright that you felt when your mother told who would be the new roommates that would share the loft with you. A wave of despair in know that, the son of your mother’s friend was an idol, and that not only he, but all the members of the band would be coming to live in the apartment, took account of you. Yet more, when the door opened and a tall Namjoon appeared, and soon, behind him others six boys.
In the beginning it was strange, you had to be always going to dress up in the bathroom and had to know how to act casual in your own home! But while the time passed, you could see that the affinity between all of you was really big, resulting in an awesome friendship. Today you do not live without them, neither they without you. Arriving in front of the white door, two quick beats were given in the door as a sign of warning, did that soon after that, you opened the door in a small gap to check the state wherein the boys were found. After stare at two bodies, one covered and the other in pajamas, you opened more the door, giving space for your body pass inside of the room.
“Good morning Jin” you gave a light kiss in his left cheek, making his eyes open.
“Good morning” he got out the bed and stretched his body right after.
“Help me wake up the boys? I already woke Hobi, I’m missing the others”
“Of course I help. I let you wake Suga, he always prefers to hear your voice in the morning” he gave you a bear hug, and kissed your forehead gently before exiting the room. Between all the boys, the only one that you had caution to act with was Yoongi, not because you two don’t get along, but because you are completely in love with him. Usually, when they arrived home to rest after hours of training, you and he didn’t leave each other’s side, always seating or playing together. This changed when you started to feel the famous “butterflies in the stomach”. Suddenly, stay near him was agonizing. He always touched your hands and hugged you. The will to kiss him, banging on your heart, while your head soared red alarms. But, could you do that? Could you really kiss him? Of course NOT. It was clear that he didn’t like you the same way, and plus, you didn’t want to change the relationship you both created. The best option was move away from him, only until this feeling depart completely from you. If he realized or not about it, you didn’t know, but he never said anything until now so why bring this subject up, right? The best way is act normal, and wait until you get back to your true self.
But the major problem is that you just couldn’t stop liking him. Every time that you had any contact with him you felt your heart beat increase. You noticed that it was almost impossible discard the feeling in a trash. Of course you wanted it to be like that but life just don’t play easy with people. With all that battle in your head, you tried act normal around him, like you always did, and that means being touchy. Even not spending that much time around him, every time you needed to talk to him, you needed to touch him.
“Suga… time to wake up” you touched his shoulder gently, giving a light push. Receiving in exchange no reaction of the body lying there.
“Please Yoongi! We need to go to the park before the activities we signed close.”
“Humm” the sound exited of his voice as result. You knew he prefers when you call him by his actual name. He turned from his previous position, now facing you, still with closed eyes.
“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” you tilted and put a arm in the bed for support, staying front to front with his sleepy face. “I’m not leaving the room until you open your eyes” your voice was calm. The realization of the closeness between your faces came to you like a reminder from your head. In reply, his eyebrows arched, showing a sign of annoyance. Suddenly you felt an arm pull you, it made you fall atop of Yoongi’s warm body. He pulled you to lay in the bed with him. You fell with your body resting on his pectoral, and legs on each side of him. With your heart beating without any control inside your body, your eyes opened up in total surprise and your head was in total alert.
“Why you are so distant from me this weeks?” a thick and hoarse morning voice echoed in your ears. Yoongi’s eyes were still closed, but you knew he was just trying to gain some time to stay in bed. Your surprised face fadded, and you tried to control your nerves.
“I-I’m not distant” it was the only thing you could think to say. You didn’t get that close to him in a long time, so your nervousness was taking your whole body.
“You’re not a good liar” his hands met my back, embracing me, and one of your hands rested under your chin while the other, as a unconscious manner, went in direction of his hair, playing with it. A mortal silence took place in the room. You didn’t stopped yourself, as you kept feeling his hair in your hands, and he was calmly accepting it.
“Y/N…” the clear sound of his voice took you out of trance.
“Hum?” you responded him as you were looking down at his white shirt, then noticing his open eyes while you looked up at him.
“I’m in love with you" a gasp followed by a huge smile came out of you. Is this a dream? Are you imagining stuff?
“I don’t want to stay far from you" Your heart beat a hundred times per minute, a mix of excitement and fear on your head. Yoongi raised abruptly, bringing you also, making you both sit looking at each other.
“I like your touch …” you felt his hands holding yours, and placing one of then in his cheek. “I like your perfume” he got closer. Now, leaving your hand and putting his on the back of your neck. You were inches apart, and you felt so close, but so far at the same time. “To hear your voice, and to look into your beautiful eyes” he got so closer, so close you could almost feel the touch of his lips into yours. “But the only think I’de like to do right know is kiss you” you felt his lips touching yours as he spoke, and without think twice, you advanced and kissed him. After so many time, you could really feel what your thoughts couldn’t imagine. The feeling of his soft lips on yours were like heaven. It was calm and soft, both of you wanting to enjoy every second of it, until you broke the kiss.
“This was really good, but we have to go to the park with the other boys" Your lips continued inches apart, and both eyes were closed. A light smile came out of you, and of his lips soon after.
“I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling it” a giggle left him as you separated completely. Getting up from his bed and heading to the door you stopped holding the doorknob.
“I did not want to risk lost” looking at him behind you and opening the door to get out you said.
“Miss what?” confusion spread in his face.
“We” as you opened the door completely, the view of six boys in front of you captured your attention. “You were hearing us all this time?!” Tae and Hobi were laughing uncontrollably. You were running behind them all, while laughs spread around the living room, and kitchen.
“We couldn’t handle ourselves” Jimin said running to the sofa.
“Yeah! He told us he was going to tell you soon.” Jungkook looked at Jimin while saying it, turning to you right after.
You weren’t running anymore, but you stopped in front of them, now sitting in the coach, with heavy breaths for running around.
“And when you took long to get out, we thought it was happening. So everybody came to listen you two behind the door.” Tae came with a cup of water and fitted on the couch with the others.
“Okay, okay. Now that everybody knows everything, can we please go to the park?” You said in defeat. Thinking this happened in the best way possible, throwing yourself in the armchair and letting a smirk get of your face in relief.

@clarz​: “don’t leave me, you’re too warm.”

The line’s ringing before Niall thinks twice about it. It doesn’t even register until Bressie answers with a curious, “’ullo?”, and Niall has to look at the screen of his phone to figure out what’s going on.

Bressie’s contact picture is staring back at him – the one Niall took while they were in bed nearly six months ago, Bressie all sleep-soft around his eyes, cuddled up in Niall’s blanket – the one Niall desperately needs to change.

Anyway… Right, he called Bressie. ‘Course he did.

“Niall?” Bressie asks, when Niall doesn’t say anything right away.

“Hi, hey, Bressie,” Niall says, wincing at the way his voice gets all polite. That superficial voice he uses when he’s dealing with his boss. This is off to a great start, isn’t it.

“You rang?” Bressie prompts. Niall’s cheeks get warm. Right.

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so i was just reminded of one of the best teachers I had in high school and I want to share this story because it’s stuck with me for ten years now

so high school biology, right?

we had this youngish guy as our teacher, who was just all around great. he kept us engaged, taught everything really well, and had enough labs and interesting projects scheduled that a bunch of 16 year olds wouldn’t get too bored

(also, he kept his pet snake in a huge enclosure in the back of class and anyone who wanted could come after school and hold it under his supervision)

(ALSO, he habitually brought chocolate bar order forms for his kids’ school fundraiser and made bank off all us high schoolers when he allowed us to eat them in class)

not that these are super relevant to the story, I just want to impress on you how awesome of a person this guy was, because he was

fast forward to spring semester, where we got to do animal dissections. everyone was really excited, and we did an earthworm first before progressing to (GIGANTIC) crickets

this was a problem for me, who is deathly terrified of bugs of pretty much all kinds, no matter if they’re dead or alive. it was a group project and my friends were totally cool with letting me sit on the other end of the bench and watch from a safe distance, but Mr. Tracey noticed me not participating (I was a straight-A student, always engaging in class, so this was strange), so he came over to see what was going on

a lot of teachers probably would have forced me to participate in the dissection anyway, or docked my grade if I refused. but when I told him i had tried to touch the cricket, even with the dissection tools, but couldn’t handle it, he immediately said it was no problem as long as I paid attention and filled out the worksheet for the lab

which meant a lot, and helped me approach him when he assigned us an insect collection project at the end of the semester

we went to the creek across the street from our school to collect bugs, because there were a ton that time of year. i could get stuff like ladybugs and flies and butterflies without too much trouble, but there were bigger flying insects and grasshoppers and shit like that that i was 100% not able to deal with

my angel of a friend Jeremiah caught me a few other things and i tried not to panic on the way back to school, listening to other kids’ gigantic bees and hornets and grasshoppers audibly banging around in their jars

i talked to Mr Tracey after class and he immediately said that I didn’t have to catch and pin the bugs myself as long as I ID’ed them properly on the board, that it wasn’t a problem at all. and back then i was just really grateful, because i honestly probably would have just taken a fail on the project if he made me handle the bugs myself, but now i realize exactly how great of a teacher he was, that he let me do that

arguably, it made the project easier for me and it was unfair to the other kids (although they all seemed to enjoy the collection part of it, at least). it might have been considered favoritism, and maybe he could have gotten in trouble for it. he also could have wondered whether i was taking advantage of him and his kindness (if he hadn’t known I was so obsessed with my grades and was too straight-laced to lie about something like this)

and like. there isn’t much to this story i guess but the fact that he could have screwed me over on my grade for that semester (which a lot of teachers at our school would have) and didn’t because he recognized exactly how scared I was of bugs? it’s stuck with me and means a lot, even years on

my shift from hell (feb 1)

tl;dr: we were swamped, understaffed and my coworker was belittling me throughout my whole shift (was supposed to be four hours, ended up being almost five and i don’t even get paid for working overtime)

i had the worst day yesterday (feb 1). we were understaffed because one waiter is in croatia at his grandma’s funeral (bless her) and the woman who washes dirty dishes in the evening had the day off, so we were two people short in a rather small restaurant. originally i was supposed to be in the kitchen, but my boss decided to put me in the dining room instead. when i got there at 6 pm it was all fine, nothing we couldn’t handle but at 6:15 we had a huge reservation for 10-15 people and just shortly before that a group of 7 came in (they hadn’t made a reservation). so my coworker (W) takes orders (i’m not allowed to unless i get special permission while my coworkers are taking smoke breaks) and starts preparing their drinks, meanwhile i’m running back and forth trying to get the food out to the remaining tables. at one point W told me to put bread in the oven because it comes with specific meals but we were exactly one short in the kitchen so i had to go to the storage room which is in a different building (idk it’s so dumb) and as soon as I’m leaving the kitchen with the storage key in my hand W almost yells at me about what I’m doing. i explain the bread situation to him and he goes “well then go get it” like..i was about to and you stopped me, do you think i’m just running around for fun? anyways, so that got done and i served the table that had the bread - their ticket said two cheese platters, and one of them tells me that he didn’t order that. i help him figure out what he had ordered (he had forgotten the name, nbd, he was really nice about it) and told W about it. he just goes “oh yeah, that’s true” and didn’t even apologise to the guy for messing up his order, it was all on me.
now, because our dish washer had the day off and it was so busy, the kitchen staff couldn’t handle both food and dishes at the same time, so i was sent to help them, at that point it was two hours into my shift, i had just been running back and forth trying to stay on top of everything so it was actually really pleasant to just stand into the kitchen for a little while, i joked around with my coworkers a lot.
when we had that under control again i went back out into the dining room and at that point we were still swamped but everybody had their food so it quieted down a bit until i started running back and forth again with empty plates.
now, i need to talk a bit more about W. out of all employees he’s been in the industry the longest and he’s so cocky about it. there are certain tasks that he will just refuse to do (polishing cutlery and wine glasses, for example) because he thinks he’s too good for that. at some point i helped him prepare drinks, i started with one beer and then had to bring food to a table (don’t know what that’s like elsewhere but for us, hot food is the number one priority over everything) so after that i went back to help W, read over the ticket to see what he hadn’t prepared yet and he came up to me and went “do [name of drinks], i can’t do everything on my own” like?? i get that he’s more experienced than i am, he’s probably twice my age (i’m only 18) but that doesn’t mean that he’s hot shit and he certainly was not doing everything on his own, considering i had been getting so much food out while he was sometimes just standing around as i was doing that. also at some point i got a bit confused with a new meal on our menu that has rarely been ordered while i was there and if it had been ordered, i was never the one to serve it (and i was never in the kitchen while someone ordered it) so i asked W if it comes with salad or anything and he told me “you should know this, you work in the kitchen”. buddy you were out sick last week (which is when it was put on the menu) and i had to cover for you all week so don’t give me the “you work in the kitchen” crap because no, at the moment i don’t. also how DARE i ask for clarification and inconvenience you for literally five seconds
btw, i was supposed to work until 10 but because we were so busy and it didn’t clear up at all until 10:30-ish i couldn’t go home earlier and had to work at 8:30 am the next day, fml

I'm A Slave For You

Based off of this prompt sent in to phanfic

I love Phil. I love everything about him. I love his smile and the way he looks at me when I’m the cause of it. I love his laugh and when he leans into me because he doesn’t have enough strength to stay sitting up. I love when he sticks his hands in the cereal box and walks around in mismatched socks leaving a sugary trail behind him as he moves and I love his morning hair when he sleeps in and his good morning kisses he gives me and the way his hands gently travel down my sides when we fully give ourselves to each other. There’s only one thing I don’t like and that’s when Phil is upset.

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