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Want to get a lot done today, so I made @honeycoyote ‘s Productivi-Tea andI also made @witchy-woman ‘s “I Can Do This!” motivation bottle, adding some extra kinds of peppers in there as well cause I need allllllll the energy, and sealing with orange wax for endurance, vitality, passion, and strength (it also smells like mangos, so double awesome). I feel great and am on my way to getting lots done!


Niki Nakayama is my new hero. She’s a badass lady chef who shows that you can be sensitive, people-pleasing and artistic and make it in the chef world!

this whole series is blowing my mind so far, but this episode features the only woman chef (1 out of 6). the episode addresses the subject of women in professional kitchens, and handles it very well. the existing prejudices or difficulties that one is presented with as a woman - in general, in Asian culture, and in the culinary world - affects the way that Nakayama cooks and presents herself to her customer, but seemingly to her benefit. she uses food as a method of self-expression, connecting herself to the customer in an authentic way.


also, new favorite documentary series. 

ewwwwww,, so i was in the bathroom at work (just standing in the stall, chilling on my phone), when this lady from the other food department came in and went into the stall right beside me. i knew exactly who it was bc of her shoes and bc of her loud ass voice, anyway,,, i heard an object hit the water. in fact it was several objects – if u catch my meaning– and then the bathroom started to fucking stink so i evacuated the stall and went to wash my hands… so she came out of the stall and was there talking to me about some random stuff… internally i was just like… omg, im not tryna have a convo w you rn…. but anyway, i finished washing my hands and she wrapped up the conversation, said bye and just walked out of bathroom. …… SHE DID NOT WASH HER HANDS. SHE WORKS IN A KITCHEN, HANDLING FOOD.. and then ppl ask me why i dont buy the food here…………….. well, kind sir, ppl here are fucking naaaasty, and im not about that e.coli life lol

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Skylie was deeply asleep. Which was all fine and dandy. Except for one thing.

She was sleeping in the strangest place imaginable. And in the most bizarre position. Skylie had chosen to pass out in the kitchen, on the handle for the oven! Her arms and legs hung over the sides of the handle while her chin rested on it. And she was OUT. She was not going to wake up unless it was for good reason. 

10 Reasons I'm Having More Clint Feels than Anyone Else in Civil War

1. Everyone else knew about the Accords. Had them right in front of them to read and decide on. Clint was not in this decision-making inner circle. Clint was retired. He was minding his own business out on the farm, outside the crazy world of superheroes that just got politicked. He wasn’t on the team anymore, so no one asked him to weigh in. He literally had no say.

2. Steve called Clint in and Clint just came. Did he say “Tony’s being a jerk and I need you to punch him” or was it more like “hey they’re gonna kill Bucky” because which one was more important to Steve, really? How did that conversation go?
Steve: I’m sorry, Clint but I need your help.
Clint: *sets screwdriver and faucet handle on kitchen counter* What’s wrong.
Steve: I…my friend is in trouble. It’s bad, Clint.
Clint: *glances at “camping trip with dad” circled on fridge calendar* *does that thing where he lowers his head, inhales and psychs himself up, and nods* I’ll grab my gear.

3. He’s so protective and takes so much responsibility for these kiddos. Remember: “They’re a mess. But they’re my mess.” Like, Clint, you didn’t even start this, why do you feel accountable and why are you so perfect honestly.

4. Him and Nat fighting and I’m sure she’s probably “pulling her punches” too. But the fact that he is - that they BOTH are, that neither one of them are in this fight to actually fight, just breaks me because of their best ever bromance. (Platonic Clintasha forever) Also the part where Wanda seems to know he could be beating Nat -better than Black Widow herself - if he was trying, although again Clint obviously believes his opponent has the obvious upperhand: “Depends on how hard you hit me.”

5. Just basically daddy!hawking around Wanda so much because GUYS HE FEELS RESPONSIBLE FOR PIETRO CUZ PIETRO SAVED HIM SO HE HAS TO PROTECT HER NOW CUZ PIETRO ISN’T THERE CUZ OF HIM GUYS. Like, she wouldn’t be alone and vulnerable if her brother hadn’t done that okay, and to Clint they really are just kids, and remember he’s already been raising a daughter and son of his own and just all this, I need more mentor/protege stuff between these two.

6. “If we’re gonna win this battle, some of us might have to lose it.”


8. On the Raft, Sam is mostly feeling guilt because of what happened to Rhodey, and Scott is probably mostly thinking “cowboy with the good guys and you’re back where you started” (which, hey, we can meta the heck out of all that too). But Clint. Clint is the one who lashes out at Tony. He feels so betrayed. He doesn’t hide it. He can’t put it away like Steve and most of the others have. These are his friends. His partners. He trusts them. And Tony let them know they’d be okay, that this was good, that it was /right/. And here they are. Max security. Wanda is in a straightjacket for crying out loud. And Clint is calling foul and on one hand I’m thinking “Clint don’t be the hot-headed punk” and on the other hand he’s totally right and asdfghjkljdksnslssjs so much pain.

9. The part where he attacks Vision to get Wanda to go with him, because you almost believe this is Clint in every single fight: He knows he can’t win, but he’s gonna go do it anyway. Because, as he said in AoU, it’s his job. His responsibility, so he’s gonna wade into a war even if he doesn’t believe in or it, or doesn’t believe he can win it, because he knows it just has to be done and he doesn’t waste time doubting anything. Like when Wanda shoves Vision down into the sublevels of Avengers Mansion and Clint’s just like “right then, mission accomplished, let’s go.”

10. “You gotta watch your back with this guy. There’s a chance he’s gonna break it!”

Woooo bouta get up close and personal! Not gonna add any tags to this so maybe my amazing 4 followers will read this but whatever. Hey.
So last night I cast the “Spell to attract a lover” by witchtips with a few modifications. Here’s my steps for this same spell!

⋆ a white rose petal
⋆ red ink
⋆ rose quartz
⋆ a red crayon
⋆ a pink crayon
⋆ two bottle caps
⋆ about two inches of candle wick
⋆ small metal kitchen strainer with a handle
⋆ a boiling mug of your favorite tea (I used chamomile)

1. Make your candles! If you have a pink candle and a red candle already, you can skip this step and you don’t need the crayons, bottle caps, candle wick, or tea.
- break up a crayon into little pieces and place them in a bottle cap
- put the cap in the strainer
- hold the strainer over the tea as close as you can without getting the water in the cap. This should melt the crayons. If you need to reheat the mug a few times to keep it hot enough do so!
- once the crayon bits are melted, stick about an inch of candle wick in there and let cool
- repeat for the other candle

2. Using whatever writing utensil you have that has red ink (I had a quill), write the sigil version of the person you’re trying to attract’s name on the rose petal. I had three people in mind, so I made a sigil that combined all three.
3. Perform any pre-spell rituals you normally do. For me, this is casting a circle and lighting a white candle.
4. Light the pink and red candles and use their flames to burn maybe half of the petal.
5. Place the rose quartz in the unburned portion of the petal, and rub the ashes on both wrists and over your heart.
6. Blow out the two candles and place the rose quartz on your forehead, leaving the remains of the petal by the candles.
6. So this is where I majorly differed from the original, and if you’re uncomfortable with what I did, simply focus all your energy on the desired outcomes of the spell, your improved sexual relationship with your person.
Me? Well, as this is a sexual spell, I wanted to invoke the most sexual feeling I could into the spell, so I brought myself to orgasm 3 times, thinking of each person individually as I went along. In this sense, I knew I had put the most energy into it as possible.

So that’s that! More for me as a record than anything else but hey that’s what this blog is for ⋆


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STEAL OF THE WEEK: speckled mug duo // stoneware with white glaze by storicaboutique

this little pottery mug duo is calling my name … probably because the black-and-white speckled glaze reminds me of cookies ’n cream ice cream <3 nom nom nom. they’re a steal at just under $19!

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Breed size differences are fun. They should be discussed more.

Snapdragon Steppe, for example, sized some key areas to be accessible to everyone – the front entrance and main hall, some guest chambers, and treatment rooms. Because there are so few Ridgebacks and Imps around, though, most of the clan ended up digging/building things to suit small-to-mid-size breeds. The kitchen handles high-volume cooking, since meals are usually communal, but the knives and ranges are all sized to suit Snappers and Spirals, not Imps, for instance. Anything larger than a Guardian will probably eventually feel a little cramped living in the lair proper, hence some will carve out their own lairs outside instead. 

(One small perk to this general size range, at least, is that most Beastclans fall within it, so they can welcome visiting ambassadors comfortably.)

(And, of course, the Boundless, being crewed exclusively by beasts that don’t get much bigger than 7M, couldn’t feasibly cart an Imperial passenger around, and would probably get dwarfed by an airship crewed by them. This has actually worked to their advantage before, as it makes them a comparatively hard target to hit.)


imagine Skittle on diplomatic visits to allying clans where everyone in charge is an Imp/Guardian/etc

a formal meeting at a table big enough to be a football field for him and someone tactfully tries to bring out the Visiting Dignitary Booster Seat with as much dignity as possible