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19 Awesome Baking Hacks You Must Know!

From slicing cheesecake with an unexpected household item to quickly ripening bananas on command and even making DIY buttermilk to order, these tips will help assist you in creating recipes in sometimes unexpected, but always delightful ways.

1. Cut cheesecake with dental floss.

For perfect cheesecake slices, every time, just reach into your…medicine cabinet? Yep: unflavored dental floss, held tautly and drawn back and forth in a gentle sawing motion, will yield clean cheesecake slices and doubles as a droll conversation starter.

2. Turn granulated sugar into confectioners’ sugar.

If you’ve run out of confectioner’s sugar, you can make more easily by putting granulated sugar in a blender, blending until it has reached a powdery consistency, and then use as specified in your recipe. This post details the process in a step-by-step tutorial.

3. Soften brown sugar with an apple slice.

If your brown sugar has turned hard as a rock, there’s still hope. Place a slice of apple with the brown sugar for several hours in an airtight container, and it will soften the sugar. For more methods, of softening brown sugar, check out this post on how to soften brown sugar.

4. Use non-stick spray to release hard to measure ingredients.

When measuring sticky ingredients such as honey or molasses, make sure you get all of the ingredient out of the measuring cup by spraying it with non-stick spray before measuring. You’ll release every bit of the sticky stuff, making for a happy recipe and less cleanup.

5. Heat the knife for perfect brownies, bars, and cakes every time.

Curious about how to get picture-perfect presentation for cake slices or bars? Run the knife under hot water for several seconds, dry off, then slice. The residual heat on the knife will make for clean, easy slices. Repeat the process for each slice.

6. Heat citrus to release the most juice.

Warm citrus releases more juice than its chilly counterparts. Heat citrus fruits for 5-10 seconds in the microwave before juicing for best results.

7. Combine vinegar and milk for instant buttermilk.

Who has buttermilk around when you need it? A trip to the store is not necessary–all you have to do is combine milk with a little vinegar. This method and more can be found in our post on how to make DIY buttermilk substitutes.

8. Store your cake in the microwave.

Looking for a spot to stow your cake at room temperature? Use the microwave. It’s sealed, it’s free of dust, and it will keep your cake fresher longer. It’s an easy way to store your cake for optimal freshness.

9. Remove eggshell easily

Got a bit of excess eggshell in the bowl when you cracked an egg? Simply wet your finger and reach it in, and the eggshell bit will magnetically be attracted. Seriously amazing!

10. Make your own brown sugar

All you need to make DIY brown sugar is granulated sugar and a little molasses. Here’s our simple recipe.

11. Easily remove the skins from hazelnuts

Once heated in the oven, roll the hazelnuts between a folded over kitchen towel. You’ll effectively remove the majority of the skins. A little bit of skin may still hang on, but rest assured, this is the grunt work. This is a perfect way to prep your nuts for homemade nutella.

12. Shave off the burnt portion of cakes or muffins

Using a vegetable peeler, shave off the burnt part of cakes or muffins that baked a little too long. This way you can shave away only the burnt bits but preserve as much cake as you can! This method works for toast, too.

13. Stabilize whipped cream with marshmallow fluff

Make your whipped cream last and hold its shape longer by adding a little fluff to the mix. It will give your whipped cream the structure it needs to avoid wilting. This and other helpful methods of stabilizing whipped cream are detailed in this post on stabilizing whipped cream.

14. Make a paper plate a DIY spatter guard on your stand mixer

Here’s a nifty tip: remove the blade or beaters from your mixture, and perforate a paper plate on the top portion of the beater. Secure it back in place, and you’ve got yourself an instant spatter guard for your next recipe.

15. Warm eggs in water to make them baking-ready

Do you have a recipe which calls for room temperature eggs? Place eggs from the fridge in warm water for a few minutes to bring them to room temperature, and fast.

16. Use cookie cutters as a sprinkle stencil

Use a cookie cutter as an impromptu stencil: gently pour sprinkles inside of its lines directly on top of a cake. Lift the cutter and you’ll have a clear outline. This works best with recognizable shapes, such as hearts or stars, and numbers or letters.

17. Ripen your bananas, fast

Want to make banana bread but only have green bananas? Make ‘em soft by roasting the whole bananas in a 300 degree oven until soft and dark brown. It’s as if you’ve got old bananas! Perfect for cakes and breads. Turn cake mix into pancake batter Save stale cake by putting it in a steam bath. Got stale cake? Bring it back to life with a steam bath. Placing a slice or entire cake over simmering water will reduce dryness directly before serving, ensuring a moist cake eating experience.

18. Use leftover yogurt…to make more yogurt

Using the dregs of your yogurt container, you can create a starter to make your own homemade yogurt, which is cheaper and far tastier than store bought varieties. Here’s an easy 4 step method for making yogurt at home.

19. Use bubble wrap for an instant chocolate garnish

Photo via CakeSpy

Here’s an easy idea for an impressive chocolate garnish: spread melted chocolate on top of impeccably clean bubble wrap. Let it set, peel off the bubble wrap, and you have a very cool-looking piece of chocolate, ideal for decorating the top of a cake.

25 Awesome Kitchen Hacks That’ll Make You a Better Cook

1. Crush Garlic With Side Of Knife

2. Revive Stale Bread Fast

If your bread is a bit stale, you don’t necessarily have to relegate it to bread pudding territory quite yet. You can revive it by putting it in in your microwave on top of a moist (not sopping) paper towel and microwaving in 15-second blasts until it feels soft. Or, you can also place the bread in a 350 degree F oven, suspended over a pan of water on a lower rack, for 5-10 minutes, or until soft.

3. Vinegar + Milk = Easy Buttermilk Substitute

If you’re making fried chicken or biscuits and realize that you’re out of buttermilk, don’t panic (or run to the store!). Instead, make your own buttermilk substitute in a jiffy. Add vinegar to milk for an easy substitute that will mimic buttermilk’s acidic role in recipes.

Get the full tutorial for making buttermilk at home plus four other ways to substitute it here.

4. Poach Salmon In A Sandwich Bag

You don’t need fancy tools to create restaurant-quality poached salmon. Simply place your salmon in a heavy duty, BPA-free bag, and you can place it directly in simmering water. This allows the salmon to poach cleanly and evenly with minimal cleanup. The full tutorial can be viewed here.

5. Froth Milk In The Microwave

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The best thing that can be said about that technique is only that it works. It makes me feel like a dainty idiot. Oreo-dunking didn’t need to be optimized for maximum drunk efficiency. The process didn’t need to be streamlined. The clunky messiness of dunking Oreos is part of the experience. It’s like when people eat a slice of pizza with a fork and knife. I want to ask them if there’s some kind of physical or mental ailment that prevents them from holding the fucking slice in their fucking hands and just eating the fucking thing like a normal fucking human. Do you have a doctor’s note that excuses your insolence? If not, use your fucking hands. If you do have a doctor’s note, I’m so sorry, and I hope you’re managing well with whatever ails you. God bless you and good luck in all of your endeavors.

8 Stupid Kitchen Hacks (Tested for Usefulness)

23 More Kitchen Hacks!

Last week Ben showed off a few chefy hacks that he uses at home, but we asked you guys for your own hacks too! This might be THE definitive list of kitchen hacks! Got any more for us? :)

  • Melissa - When making cakes that need a tablespoon or teaspoon of golden syrup or honey, I push my tablespoon measure into the flour then fill with the syrup no wash up, lovely
  • Sarita - Bathe fresh berries in vinegar water to prevent insta-mold (also helps remove pesticide residue)
  • Stephanie - I chop up leftover herbs and place in ice cube trays with a bit of water. I use the herbs when making sauces.
  • Billy Joe - When peeling a TON of garlic put the pieces in between two metal bowls and shaking them vigorously until all the peels have come off.
  • Megan - I’m the chef and the others are my dishwashers
  • Luke - When making curry, stew etc make 2-3 times the recipe and freeze it for lazy night dinner. Cheaper and better then takeaway.
  • Mira - Clean mussels by soaking them in flour and cold water…they will get dizzy and spit all the sand out
  • Lacey - We would soak them in water and put oatmeal in the bowl and they would eat that and get rid of the gunk that they originally had.
  • Navya - Immersing almonds in hot water to peel the skin off easliy
  • Victoria - Clean your bowl And whisk with vinegar when you’re making meringues. It will prevent egg whites not whipping up. And use lemon juice if you don’t have cream of tartar to stabilize the egg whites.
  • Diana - pour a cup of water with half cup baking soda in a burnt pan. Bring to boil, swish around so baking soda is distributed evenly. Put cover on and take off stove, let cool and couple of hours later clean pan. It works.
  • Ana - In case of missing rolling pin use ordinary 1L bottle. Saved my life
  • Jess - cake in a mug. 10000%
  • Taren - When in doubt call mom
  • Sam - soaking a knife in hot water before cutting a chocolate cake 
  • Grace - If you shake your egg, the yolk will always be in the middle
  • JoleNe - Lemon juice is like the elixir of life. I use it for my recipes and for cleaning 
  • Kara - Putting a damp cloth under a cutting board to keep it from sliding around
  • Asmita - Don’t throw the tea leaves, give it a quick rinse and dump it in plant pot. Works as fertilizer.
  • Lisa - Freeze white grapes to add to your white wine…keeps it nice & cold without diluting. Wait…my wine never gets the chance to get warm!
  • man - To open a stuck jar lid, wrap the lid with a rubber band and open with ease….
  • Pete - Grate your cold butter with a cheese grater!
  • Søren - Use the back of your knife when scraping things off your cutting board - This will keep your knives sharp longer.

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