kitchen hacks

Witch Tip:

Save the water you use to boil eggs!! It’s good for plants! Not only does the calcium in the shells infuse into the water making the plants stronger, but eggshells are often associated with protection. I like to charge water i use for my plants with moss agate under the waxing moon because it is associated with growth. This works especially well if the plant is associated with protection, for example, I water my fern with it.


Find out which kitchen hacks actually works.


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My mom discovered the infinite celery hack and does this to all the celery we buy!

Seriously it’s super easy, you cut the celery off the base (leaving 3 inches or so) and put it in a little bowl with water. Give it fresh water every other day, and don’t fill the bowl all the way! After that, just wait and it will start to grow from there :) 

We planted one recently and it’s not doing too well, but I think it’s just dealing with not having as much water as often. 

a web series over the hiatus of fitzsimmons trying to adjust to life in outerspace, including, but not limited to:

  • zero gravity sex
  • fitz’s atrocious cooking (”no jemma time dilation doesnt affect the oven’s clock oh wait the kitchen is on fire”)
  • hacking into a nearby satellite so they can watch trashy reality shows and smugly calling themselves space pirates
  • late night conversations (”fitz u up?” “hmmm?” “i believe in aliens but do aliens believe in me?” “…” ”also if i fart in space will it make a sound?” “jfc go to sleep jemma”)
  • too many goddamn stars for their nerdy lil hearts to hold
  • “It’s fitting we’re here together, fitz. this is where all life began.”