kitchen daydreams

can someone give me a desperate-for-a-relationship kent? like he swore he’d never fall in love again with someone who didn’t think it was a relationship in the first place, but whenever there are fingers tangled in his hair and when his hookup kisses him on his forehead in the morning, it gets hard. Kent would whip up eggs and bacon in the kitchen, letting himself daydream that this must be what it’d be like to be in a long-term relationship. maybe they’d argue about the furniture or who’d take out their non-existent dog, but when the guy leaves after breakfast, the hollow feeling in his heart would settle back in like a blanket and it’d just be him again, and Kit, and hockey, and that’s all he’s ever needed, and that’s all he can ever have. 

Keep it or Leave it (Part 10)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing
*If you do feel triggered by something else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 566

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 9 Part 10 Final

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You woke up with a horrible headache and then the events of the past night came to you all at once “oh… fuck fuck fuck!”

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Request: I wanted a jk scenario where he is on we got married or something similar to the show where his ideal girl is paired with him so his gf who not necessarily hid type Start to wonder if he will lose feeling for her so she and him end up getting in a fight that pretty bad );

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.301

♛ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

You were standing in front of the oven, cooking dinner for you and your boyfriend, happily humming along to the songs playing from the stereo. All lost in your own world, you didn’t notice how Jungkook had gotten home and was now creeping up behind you. 

His cold hands slung around your body, quickly moving your shirt up and placing his icy fingers on your tummy, making you squeal. You jumped away, turning around in shock but sighing in defeat when you hear Jungkook’s laugh. 

“Hey babe”, he laughed while gently pulling you back onto his chest, kissing your head. “I see you didn’t even hear me throw my shoes around in the hallway, huh?”

You hit his chest and grabbed his hands, interlacing your fingers with his. “Yah, I was daydreaming!”, you laughed and pecked his lips, turning back to the sink to wash your hands quickly before serving dinner.

Turning the water on, you heard him coming closer again. He pressed his body against your back and you tried to ignore it, slightly smirking to yourself as you dried your hands off with a kitchen towel.

“Daydreaming, you say? About what?”, he whispered into your ear, his hot breath making goosebumps appear on your arms. “Or should I rather say, about who?”

Cockiness was already dripping from these words, so you simply turned around and wiggled your eyebrows at him, still with the same smirk on your face. He laughingly stepped back and let you open the oven to get dinner, as he started to set the table.

You followed Jungkook to the living room and you two sat in front of each other, enjoying the food and each other’s presence. Your eyes wandered over Jungkook and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. He was everything you ever asked for, never failing to make you the happiest you could be.

“Are we daydreaming again (Y/N)?”, Jungkook asked with a huge grin on his face, raising one eyebrow at you. His plate was already empty while you hadn’t even touched your food yet. It was amazing how a fast he could eat.

“Shut up”, you giggled and hid your face behind your hands, feeling a blush creeping up your cheeks.

“Awww no need to be embarrassed babe, I know I’m handsome”, he joked and flexed his arms in self-display to underline his words. You rolled your eyes at him and laughed. “Whatever you say.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”, he burst out laughing. “They don’t call me “The Golden Maknae” for nothing!”

“Oh by the way”, he looked at you with sparkling eyes. “I have news.”

You stuffed your mouth with food and looked at him with puppy eyes. “What is it?”, you mumbled.

Jungkook grinned at you, eyeing you while you swallowed your food and waited for his reply. “You know how Army always wanted one of us to be in a reality show? Like a guest appearance at “The Return of Superman” or be part of “We Got Married”?”

You nodded and kept eating, while Jungkook’s grin got wider and wider. “Why are you grinning like that?”, you asked as you swallowed again, tilting your head to the side.

Jungkook leaned forward and placed his thumb on the corner of your mouth, gently wiping something away before softly pressing his lips onto yours. “You’re so cute (Y/N), I love you”, he chuckled and sat back down. “Oh and you had some rice on your face.”

“I love you too Jungkook”, you chuckled back and your heart beating increased when you heard his words. “So what were the news you wanted to share?”

“Oh right”, he seemed to get back to reality. “The producers of “We Got Married” asked me to join the show. Isn’t that cool?”

You placed your chop sticks next to your plate. “Jungkook that’s amazing! When are they planning to start filming? And who’s going to be your partner?”, you asked genuinely interested. Since you knew the boys, they always wanted to be part of that show at some point, so obviously you would be happy for your boyfriend to finally get the chance.

“You will not believe it”, a huge smile spread on his face. “IU is going to be my partner and filming starts in a week.”

Your jaw dropped and your eyes grew wide. What did he just say? “IU?”, you repeated. “The IU? The one you always fanboy about?”

His head frantically nodded and his eyes started to sparkle. “I can’t believe it either! I didn’t even think I’d meet her one day and now we’ll be married!”, his whole body screamed pure joy and excitement while your thoughts were a complete mess. On the one hand you were extremely happy for Jungkook. You knew how much he adored IU and her music, so being paired with her was a dream coming true for him. But on the other hand, the insecure part of yourself couldn’t help but be scared. While you were Jungkook’s girlfriend, you never had been his ideal type. He loved you and you knew that. Yet, he had confessed to you that in the beginning, he never thought he would fall in love with you because you weren’t the typical girl, he’d get attracted to. Jungkook didn’t mean to be rude while saying that, he just wanted to be honest but deep down it still hurt. Since the first time you had laid eyes on him, you knew that you’d fall in love with him. Knowing that he didn’t feel the same way had bumped you a little bit. He had also told you multiple times before you started dating who his ideal type was - no other than IU herself. He had adored her for years, her looks, her character, her talent, her everything. Just like you had adored him. 

“Did she- uhm- did she accept the offer already?”, you asked hesitantly, not looking into his eyes but faking a smile. You didn’t want Jungkook to know that you worried. 

“Yeah apparently she immediately agreed as soon as she heard that I’d be her partner”, he chuckled and his cheeks flushed as he ran a hand through his hair. It was like a knife being slammed into your heart. He was flustered because she didn’t even think twice before accepting him as her partner. It was like all his dreams were coming true at once while yours were being destroyed.

You simply nodded, unable to say word and kept a fake smile on your lips while you stood up to put the plates away. You hadn’t touched your food again after you had placed your chop sticks down and now after hearing the news, your hunger was gone.

Jungkook looked at you surprised. “Aren’t you going to finish that?”, his index finger signaled towards your plate. Shaking your head slightly, you still avoided his gaze. “No, I’m not hungry, I’ll safe it for tomorrow.”

His eyes stayed on you for a moment before he got up and placed his hands over yours, stopping you from putting the plates away. “(Y/N) what’s wrong?”, he asked concerned, letting his thumb stroke over your hand.

“Nothing”, you managed to say while looking at his face and squeezing his hand. “I’m just tired so I’ll clean this up and go to bed.” You kissed his cheek and moved on to the kitchen, placing the plates in the sink. As you turned around, Jungkook was so close to you that you crashed into his chest and let out a small huff. His hands cupped your face and made you look at him.

“(Y/N) we’ve been dating for 2 years now. I know when something’s up”, he pressed his soft lips against yours, supporting his words. You closed your eyes and left them closed even when he had parted already. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

A sigh escaped your lips and you looked down at your feet. “It’s nothing Jungkook, really.”

His hands dropped and now he was the one sighing but his seemed more out of frustration. “Listen, if you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help you okay? I can’t read freaking minds.”

His tone was getting harsh and you realized he was getting mad at your stubbornness. He only wanted to help you. But how could he help when the reason you were being like this was pure jealousy and insecurity?

“I don’t need you to read my mind, Jungkook. I’m fine”, you answered grumpily and crossed your arms in front of your chest.

He rolled his eyes at you which made your blood start boiling. You hated it when people rolled their eyes at you and Jungkook knew that. “Then why are you being like this? Are you on your period or something like that?”

Clenching your fists together, you tried to stay calm at his comment. “Being like what? Am I not allowed to be tired and not hungry if I’m not on my period?”, you asked sarcastically through gritted teeth. You were both staring at each other dangerously.

“Goddamnit (Y/N), you know exactly how you’re being. What is it? Did I say something?”, he stopped for a second and a light bulb seemed to be clicked on in his head. “Or are you jealous?”

You slightly flinched, upset that he had found out so fast. Furrowing your eyebrows you lifted your chin up and now you were the one rolling your eyes at him.  “Jealous? Why should I be jealous?”

Jungkook raised one eyebrow. “Oh I don’t know, you tell me. I saw you flinch (Y/N), so don’t lie to me”, his tone was harsh and his face was stone cold. He knew you too well, not even something small like this could be hidden from him.

“Okay yes I’m jealous. So what? Can’t you just let me go to sleep and forget about this? It’s not like this is the first time that I’m jealous”, you mumbled the last part more to yourself than to him.

“No, I cannot. You do realize that I will spend almost 24 hours with IU right? For several weeks, maybe even months. So you better say whatever you feel like saying now before the show starts”, he spat.

You flinched again at his tone and you were getting mad at his attitude. “What the fuck Jungkook? You better say whatever you feel like saying now before the show starts. Or else what? Are you threatening me?”

He shrugged arrogantly. “Well, you’re obviously jealous but you’re not telling me why. Fact is that no matter what the actual reason is, I bet it’ll get worse as soon as I start spending time with IU. Especially because I’ll be spending more time with her than you. I don’t know if I want to handle your jealous self during the whole filming time. It might even get worse when the show airs because fans might start shipping me and her. They don’t know about us, so they wouldn’t know that it’s inappropriate to ship me with her.”

He was right. He was right with everything. You were already jealous and the show hadn’t even started. You were scared to lose him to that woman and already imagined how good they would look together and how much fun they’d have, while you sat at home, waiting for him to come back and he’d only be disappointed because he had to leave his dream girl behind and come back to you. You imagined all the fans being happy about IU and Jungkook finally spending time together, preparing shipping names and making baby edits. Your lips started trembling and tears welled up in your eyes.

“So what? What do you expect me to say Jungkook?”, your voice started trembling but his facial expression didn’t show any kind of concern.

“I expect you to tell me why you’re jealous”, was all he said as he stared at you, crossing his arms.

Closing your eyes, you thought about his words. If you told him, he might always see you as an insecure little girl from now on. Maybe he would even agree to your concerns and finally realize that you were not worth his love and attention, that IU was the one for him and not you. You were scared that your words might influence his feelings and thoughts, maybe even future decisions.

“Isn’t it obvious?”, you stepped closer to him. “She’s everything you ever wanted. You’ve adored her for years. She has the perfect styling, the perfect makeup, the perfect body. She’s talented just like you and works in the same industry, creating an instant bonding between you two that I don’t have. She’s funny and sweet but also sexy and sassy, just like you like it. She’s everything that I’m not. She’s your ideal girl. I’m not.”

Tears had started to fall down your cheeks and you quickly wiped them away. Jungkook just stared at you, thinking about your words. Deep down you had hoped that he would immediately deny all your words and comfort you. You had hoped that he would have wiped away your tears, holding you close and telling you how much he loves you, that he would never leave you for someone like her. Instead, there he was, standing still and seemingly in deep thoughts.

When he spoke, you swore you felt your heart break into million pieces. “You know what else she is that you’re not?”, he didn’t even wait for your answer before responding himself.


He turned around and grabbed his bag he had laid down beside the couch when he entered your apartment earlier. 

“I think we should take a break”, he mumbled, giving you one last glance before leaving out of your front door.


Animals | Chapter Thirty-Six

In a swirl of golden honey and russet red, the wolves acknowledged one another. Noses twitched and rubbed together, inhaling the decadent scents of their mate. The female stepped closer, whining softly for more contact, and her mate was all too eager to comply, stroking her neck with his own.

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I have these dreams, sometimes.

They’re not always the same, but they have one recurring element:

You’re in all of these dreams.

I have dreams of laying next to you in a bed, room, place that we call our own. I have dreams of waking up next to you with an arm thrown haphazardly across my chest and your hair in my face. I have dreams, great, wonderful dreams, of making breakfast with you, bumping hips and laughing as we dance throughout the kitchen.

These dreams are daydreams, really. They almost always occur when I’m with you.

I have daydreams about going to visit family with you, because they know that we come as a package, and they accept it. I have daydreams about coming home to you and greeting you with a kiss and a hug because when the world is overwhelming, we tether each other. I have daydreams about travelling with you by my side, stopping just to take cheesy pictures.

And sure, I dream about the big things, but honestly, it’s the little things that excite me the most.

I have these crazy simple daydreams about brushing my teeth while you take a shower, because the mundane things are the ones that end up mattering the most. I have these daydreams about ridiculously ordinary things like dozing off next to you while you write, because I know that if we can live ordinary lives then we will be extraordinary together. I have these beautifully plain daydreams about going grocery shopping with you, because I know that we’ll know exactly what each other wants without having to ask and somehow that just conveys an amazing knowledge of each other.

I have these dreams, sometimes.

They’re not always the same, but they have two recurring elements:
You and me.




As It Seems || Samchel

Rachel had plans to sleep in the next morning, owing her fatigue to her constant late nights with Sam at the bar.  She remembered that she had to make Steve muffins and she fully intended to do so, but did not think that he would mind if they were delivered a little later than she had initially promised.  This was why, when her radio went off the next morning, she opted to roll back over and go back to sleep, at least for a couple more hours.  Plans that did not pan out, because the next thing she heard was the door being opened and Brittany’s voice calling out a hello.  

“Am I dreaming?” she muttered, getting out of bed and running her hands through her hair.  It seemed like a hell of a coincidence that the very morning after she had been talking to Sam about Britt, the girl herself would appear in her living room, a bag slung over her shoulder and a grin on her face.  And yet, there she was.  Rachel smiled and waved at her, but it paled in comparison to Santana’s response; the girl shrieked excitedly and ran forward, wrapping Brittany up in her arms and hugging her tightly.  Rachel smiled at the sight and exchanged a glance with Kurt, who had poked his head out of his room long enough to tell Brittany hello, but then promptly went back inside.

“What are you doing here?” Rachel asked, stepping forward and taking her turn to hug the blonde.  She caught sight of the clock over Britt’s shoulder and realized with a gasp that it was a lot later than she had originally thought it to be; already, it was 1:00 and she still had to take a shower, bake the muffins and get ready for when Sam and Blaine arrived in a few hours.  It had taken a lot of juggling around of their schedules, but everyone had cleared their day so that the group could spend all afternoon and night together, just hanging around.  As much as Santana did not like to admit it, Rachel knew that she liked the two guys.  And it was obvious that Kurt did as well – almost as obvious as her own feelings were.  Stepping back, Rachel held Brittany’s face between her hands and squished in her cheeks.  "It’s so good to see you!  And of course I want to hear all about your flight but first I need to go and bathe.  And then make some blueberry muffins but I promise I’ll be back soon!“

With that, the brunette dashed off.  She managed to get in and out of the bathroom in record time, quickly pulling her hair up into a bun as she rushed into the kitchen.  After having made these very same muffins time and time again, Rachel was a pro; she managed to have them in the oven and kitchen spotless in a little under ten minutes.  The others were lounging in the living room, making small talk and laughing at something that Brittany had said and as much as Rachel ached to join them, she thought that it would be best to stay in the kitchen for the last five minutes that the muffins would be in the oven.  She busied herself with letting her hair down and finger-combing it, humming softly to herself as the whole apartment started to smell like blueberries.  She was undoubtedly excited about today; anyone could tell just by looking at her.  There was a faint flush on her cheeks and excitement was making her eyes sparkle, not to mention the fact that the girl just could not stop grinning.  She had woken up with a smile on her face and nothing was making it go away.

The oven timer dinged, signalling that it was time to take the muffins out.  Hands protected by oven mitts, Rachel pulled out the tray and let it on top of the stove burners to cool, still humming.  In a few minutes she’d remove them from the pan and pile them on a plate to take downstairs, but for now, she was content to just lean against the counter and take a break.  Her thoughts flew to last night and the amazing drink that Sam had made her.  And how much fun she had had, even though nothing especially important had happened.  And how much she was looking forward to seeing him again today, and how she missed him even though - by her count - it was less than 12 hours since she’d seen him last.

She was startled out of her thoughts by Santana’s voice calling sharply into the kitchen, "Berry!  Stop daydreaming about Trouty and get out here!  Britt’s dying to tell you this hilarious story about a squirrel that ate her hair tie.”  As much as Rachel wanted to hear the story, she wanted to get these downstairs first.  Once that was sorted, then she would be free and clear of responsibilities until later – was it really too much to ask to just get her agenda cleared?

“In a minute, Santana,” she answered, emerging from the kitchen with the plate of muffins in her hands.  "And for the record, I was not daydreaming about Sam, I was getting these ready for Steve.  Let me just go and deliver them and then I promise that I want to hear all about this squirrel with the questioning eating habits.“  She smiled at Brittany’s thumbs up and then left the apartment to go downstairs, holding the plate of muffins carefully so that her carefully constructed pyramid would not fall over.  The last thing that she needed at this moment was all of that hard work going to waste.

The elevator ride had minimal random bumps, and she stepped out carefully, thankful that every muffin was in place.  The look on Steve’s face when he saw her coming, hands full of sweets, was enough to make her hasty morning worth it and she beamed back at him.  "Ta-daa!” she sang, presenting him with the plate and setting it on the counter in front of him.  "Now remember what I said, no more winking.  But other than that, enjoy!“

She had just turned around to get back to the apartment when she caught sight through the glass door of Sam and Blaine walking up towards the building.  It really made no sense to go up ahead of them when they could all take the elevator together, so instead of heading back upstairs, she skipped over to the main doors and threw them open, waving at the pair wildly until they were right in front of her.  Without warning, she threw her arms around Sam and hugged him tight before stepping back and grabbing his hand, pulling him towards the elevators and beckoning for Blaine to follow.  "You will never guess the morning I had; Brittany surprised us with a visit, which I know is such a coincidence seeing as we were talking about her last night.  But she’s upstairs and I promise you, Santana is already mellowing out.”  Rachel pushed the button and leaned against the wall as they waited for the elevator, finally letting go of Sam’s hand and trying to ignore the look that Blaine was already sending her way.