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Kissing, Interrupted.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the reader are getting pretty steamy and someone decides it’s the perfect time to interrupt. Talk about cockblock, amiright?

Warnings: language, kissing, fluff, Star Wars, makeout sesh (holla). (Let me know if I missed any).

Word Count: 1,479

A/N: For the amazing @literallyrozie812, thanks for the request! I hope this fic gives you guys all the Peter feels. Also, I apologize if it sucks ass lol. I’m not experienced in this part of writing, so bear with me as I slowly dig my way into it! Let’s hope I did at least a 4/10. Thanks for all the never ending support, guys! As always, feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Being raised as a Stark definitely has its perks, but let’s not forget about the downsides.

For instance, not being able to try out the Iron Man suit because of one accidental mistake of you blowing one up. 

Hey, it happens… right?

Or not being able to join the team on missions because it’s “too intense” or “not safe.”

Like, hello? I’m an Avenger? I deserve to participate, Dad.

And don’t even get started on boys.

Oh, lord. If he knew about Peter and you, well, let’s just say Tony’s suit isn’t the only thing that would be blown up.

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I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed—

I, too, am America.

- Langston Hughes (born: 1 February 1902)

Public Service Announcement

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Pairing: Gaston x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Gaston x reader smut.

Warning: smut (obviously), public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, insecurity

A/N: I’m sure this is a new level of sin. Like, never did I imagine I’d be writing smut about a Disney character…


Being a relationship with Gaston had its ups and downs. Ups: he showered you with gifts, compliments, and love. Downs: other women would always talk down on you for not being good enough for him.

“She’s too plain and simple.”

“She probably doesn’t even satisfy him in bed.”

“I don’t understand how he can be with someone like her. It’s probably out of pity.”

It really came down on you enough to change how you were around Gaston. He noticed immediately your endless excuses to not see him. He noticed your kisses were no longer passionate. He’d always see you turn and walk away from him once you spotted him. He wanted to know what was going on.

“Y/N, love, may I please come in?” He heard nothing coming from the other side. He knocked on your door again, “Y/N, I know you’re home. Please, tell me what’s wrong.”

On the other side, you couldn’t help the tears that freely flowed from your eyes. You opened your door a little and peeked out the door, “What do you want, Gaston?” Your voice cracked and Gaston’s heart broke.

He pushed the door open and strode in, you stumbled back. He stepped closer to you and heald your face in his hands, “What’s wrong, my love? Who hurt you?”

“I think we should break this off.” You mumbled avoiding his eyes.

Gaston looked at you confused, “Why? Do you not love me?”

“I do, bu-”

“Did someone say something to you?”

You gulped and nodded, “Not someone. Some people. Not directly, but they say things loud enough for me to hear.”

Gaston pulled you to your kitchen table and pulled out a chair. You sat down and he sat in front of you, holding your hands, “What have people said? Who? Tell me their names and I’ll deal with them.”

“Please, Gaston. I don’t want to start any trouble.”

“Y/N, trouble started immediately when people began to speak ill of you. So tell me, what did those people say?”

You sighed, “They say I’m not good enough for you. That I’m not beautiful enough. That I’m plain. That I don’t satisfy your needs.”

“Lies. All lies!” Gaston and stood up and began to pace arund your kitchen, “They dare speak of you as if they know you? As if they know us?”


“They don’t know what they’re talking about. The villagers, they talk because they’re jealous. They are all well aware of your beauty, your worth. They’re all jealous because they can’t have me or you.” Gaston sat back down looking into your eyes, “Y/N, I love you wholeheartedly. Your beauty sweeps me off my feet. Your laugh sends butterflies in my stomach. And when we lay together, I feel like I’m in Heaven. You exceed my satisfactions.” Gaston immediately stood up and pulled you to your feet, “Come.” He pulled you out your door and shut it.

“Where are we going?” You asked briskly walking to keep up with Gaston’s stride.

“The tavern. I’m going to show everyone that you’re enough and more for me.”

You two made it to the tavern. The door slammed loud and hard and everyone stopped their drinking and laughing. There wasn’t much people as usual. Probably 20-25 people. That amount would do.

Gaston walked with you to his side, “Carry on.” He said and everyone did. Gaston strode to his claimed chair and sat down. He pulled you down so you were straddling him. He brought your lips to his. He roughly kissed you. His hands travelled from your neck to your hips to your behind. He gave your ass a squeeze and you moaned into his lips. He pulled away, “I believe you once told me that you liked the idea of people watching as we made love.”

Your eyes widened, “Gaston, I-”

“Do you trust me?” You nodded, “Just focus on me. Okay, love?”

“O-Okay.” You keaned forward and continued to kiss him. You began to geind and rock over Gaston’s clothed erection. Gaston pulled away and began to kiss and nibble your neck. His eyes open as he looked around to see people watching you two. He smirked. He lifted your dress skirt revealing your clothed ass. He kneaded the flesh then gave a rough slap causing you to moan.

Gaston then stood and carried you by your thighs. He set you on the table, “Lay back, love.” You did so and Gaston sunk to his knees. He hitched your dress skirt up again. Your legs dangled off the edge of the table. He pulled down your underwear and spread your legs. Gaston looked to see that everyone was watching him. He dove forward capturing your pussy lips with his.

Your back arched as you felt his tongue lick you up and down, “Oh, Gaston.”

Gaston smirked to himself, “That’s it, ket everyone hear who loves you. Who adores you.”

Gaston slowly inserted two fingers into your wet core. You shut your eyes and your nails dug into the wooden table, “Mmmm yes, Gaston!”

Gaston pumped his fingers into your quick as his other hand made quick circles around your hardened nub. Gaston looked to his right to see the Bimbettes staring in horror. Serves them right. They probably contributed to you getting hurt.

Gaston could feel your walls clenching around his fingers. He immediately pulled out and you whined. He smirked, “Don’t want you cumming without me in you, love.” He quickly unbuckled his pants and slid them down. He ran his hardened length along your slit collecting your juices.

“My love, please.” You pleaded.

Gaston nodded and slowly entered you. His head fell back and your back arched, “You always feel so good, Y/N.” He began to thrust into you desperately. He began to unlace your corset to reveal your breasts. He bent over and began to suck at your breast.

“Yes, right there, Gaston!”

Gaston let go of you nipple with a ‘pop’, “You like me taking you in front of all these people, Y/N? Do you love everyone knowing who you belong to?”

“Yes! I belong to you, Gaston!”

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N. My love. I love you. I’m yours and yours only.” He began to thrust into you harder. You fekt his balls hitting against your ass. The wood table creaking underneath you, “No one else can have you. You’re mine!”

You gripped onto Gaston’s arms as he balanced himself onto the table, “Yes! I’m yours! All yours!”

Gaston grunted as he began to slow his thrusts thus signalling that he was ready to cum. He began to thumb over you clit fast and hard. You pulled him by the shirt and captured his lips moaning as your walls tightened against him, cumming hard. Gaston groaned and his hips stilled. He pulled up and came all over your dress skirt.

He pulled your skirt down and pulled his pants up. He wiped the sweat off his head and face, “I hope you all took this as a message: Y/N has my heart and body. And I have hers. You speak ill of her or our relationship, I will not hesitate to make your life here Hell. Is that understood?” The men and women in the tavern all nodded.

Gaston scooped your tired form into his arms, “Time to go home, love.” He kissed your head and you smiled. Being with Gaston definitely had its perks.

Obi Wan, unfolding a hard-won piece of paper as he continues making Anakin’s birthday cake: ah yes, let’s see what’s next

recipe: chill in fridge for four hours

Obi Wan: well, alright, if that’s what Dooku’s favorite chef says

Anakin, dragging Obi Wan out of his fridge three hours later: OBI WAN WHAT THE FUCK

Obi, teeth chattering, holding onto his latest copy of The Journal of Sentient and Carnivorous Plants with icy fingers: r-really, Ahhnakin, I w-was almost d-done with this—

Sirius x Reader: Pureblood

Warnings: argument with mum

Requested: yes (it’s so late I’m so sorry)

A/N: THIS IS SO LONG I HOPE YOU LIKE IT- GOOD TO BE BACK!!! Thank you all so much for the support! (Also 1,600 followers?! I love y’all) I hope you enjoy reading this my loves and that it was worth the wait!!xx

I posted ‘pictures’ of the dresses described which you can check out HERE or a few posts down on my blog!

“MOTHER! I AM NOT WEARING THIS!” You yelled, looking at yourself in the mirror. A dark green gown with silver ruffles- Slytherin much? “When I walk in, roll your eyes to my mum- she won’t scream at you next mistake you make.” You whisper to the stylist stood behind you.

“Oh- Miss- I’m not sure what you mean.” She stuttered.

You winked at her and smiled before hiking your dress up and walking into the main room.

“Y/N, it’s the perfect colours.” Your mother said, smiling sourly at you.

“Mother, I’m not wearing it. Unless you want me to spend the party reminding everyone I’m a half blood.” You taunted.

“Find something.” She ordered, turning to the brown haired stylist behind you.

Your mother, Adia, had been ‘tricked’ by your father. When they first met, your dad thought she was joking about being a witch and ‘joked’ that he was also a pureblood from the North. So, long story short, she got pregnant and soon after found out your father was a muggle- quickly allowing him full care of you (the disgrace) once you were born and only seeing you when there were ‘purebloods and family’ parties. Like now.

You looked at the Slytherin green fabric hopelessly, not the best choice for a Gryffindor.

“Here.” The stylist said sheepishly, holding out mint green fabric.

You smiled and took it thankfully, turning into the small room to change.


“Calm down, it’s just a party.” You called, knowing it would irritate her.

You turned to the mirror one last time and took in your appearance. The stylist had given you a mint green, floor length gown, the beaded chiffon hanging elegantly from one shouler.

Your mother roughly grabbed your arm and immediately apparated to the party, “Tell anyone you’re a half blood, I’ll curse you.” She whispered in your ear before turning into the party, emerald cape trailing behind her.

You stood for a moment, looking at the purebloods before you and smiled- time for some good old pranks.

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Exo Reacting to their angry S/O baking after an argument and the kitchen being full of sweets.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Xiumin - He wouldn’t say anything but quietly sit near you and eat each cupcake you take out from the oven. He’d be more than pleased to see you not stopping making sweets, but after a few minutes his stomach wouldn’t say so.

“Jagi, what about you take a break?” 

Luhan - He’d be purely disgusted at the amount of sweets in your kitchen, but would also be amazed at such a capacity you have of making so many. He’d just continue doing his work and hope you stop being mad soon.

“Baobei, do we have anything that’s less sugar…y?”

Kris - He’d be so confused and taken aback and amazed at what you’ve done all at the same time. He’d probably circle round and stare in disbelief at the cupcakes you’ve planted all over the room.

“What have you done to the kitchen?”

Suho - He wouldn’t dare comment on what you’re doing knowing he’s the one at fault, and simply sit at the back of the kitchen and try some of the sweets you’ve made, concluding that you really should apply for a cooking show.

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Lay - He’d be over the moon when he sees all the cookies you’ve baked. He could swear you’ve never made anything this quick, but would promise never to be so stubborn again.

“Baobei, I love these, but let’s not argue anymore?”

Baekhyun - He’d be so suspicious of every little action of yours and would actually be anxious on how to react and what to say, so he’d carefully approach you and compliment how your cupcakes look pretty, hoping you’d forget about the argument that was clearly his fault.

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Chen - Chen would whine, and would whine loudly at the sight of all the cupcakes lying all over the kitchen. He’d try to eat as many as he can, but would probably give up after the third one and call your friends for a visit so you eat them all together, while he goes to the bathroom to recover.

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Chanyeol - It’s safe to say he’d be speechless when he first encounters numerous cupcakes lying wherever there was space left in the kitchen, but would muster up enough courage to leave a muffled comment.

“Jagiya, I do like sweets but this is… a lot.”

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D.O - He’d probably forget you’ve had an argument the moment he sees everything you’ve made and approach you with a grin on his face, discreetly proposing a conciliation.

“How about we make some dinner first and then eat these while watching some nice film?”

Tao - He’d be disgusted just at the amount of sweets he finds in the kitchen when he comes to reconcile and would probably have to rethink whether he really wants a person capable of making so many cupcakes at once or not. 

“I think I’ve already gotten diabetes just from looking at all these sweets.”

Kai - He’d challenge himself to eat all of the sweets you’ve made if that’d make you forgive him after the argument you’ve had. If that doesn’t work, he’ll challenge you on an eating battle, but make sure he loses so you feel a bit better.

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Sehun - To be honest, Sehun would probably wait for you to apologise after an argument, but when he sees what you’ve done to the kitchen, he’d try to strike up a conversation and call his hyungs to help him distribute the cupcakes to others, so you feel nice knowing people enjoyed your baking skills.

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- Admin Lene

Happier. // C.H

hiii!! it’s been forever since i last posted anything!! i’m sorry i’ve had a Little writers block but i’ve also had to deal with a lot of mental issues buuuuuut i feel better and am finally back! this is a Little something i’ve started writing a whiiile ago but just finished and i kinda like it kinda don’t…anyways i hope you enjoy it and if you have any requests feel free to send them in!! ily :)

Her smile fell the second she spotted him across the room. She held tightly onto her red solo cup as she watched Calum and his new girlfriend. She groaned, cursing at herself for coming to this stupid party. Her eyes wandered from the sight of him back to her cup, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she realized that there wasn’t any alcohol at all in her cup. She quickly gulped down the rest of her drink as her friend watched her intensely.

Woah there, didn’t know you love apple juice that much.”

Shut up.”

Her friend sent her a confused look.

What’s wrong?”

He’s here. And he seems happy.”

Her friend’s eyes searched the room, trying to find the person she was talking about.

Dude, I’m talking about Calum. He’s here and he brought his new girlfriend.”

Her friend made a soft ‘Ahh’ noise as if something clicked in her head.

Right! I would’ve told you but I knew you wouldn’t have showed up if I did.”

You’re right. I’m gonna get a drink, you want one too?”

Her friend shook her head.

Thought you were going to stay sober tonight?”

I thought so too but then I saw him.”

She pushed through the crowd the best she could, praying he wouldn’t see her, but he did. He noticed her slim figure fighting it’s way through the dancing, sweating bodies and disappearing in the kitchen.

Cal? Are you even listening?”

Huh? Sorry baby, what were you saying?

I said, you look good tonight.”

Calum looked down at his girlfriend, flashing her a smile.


She smirked, her hands cupping his cheeks as she leaned in for a kiss. He pressed a quick kiss to her lips, pulled away and held up his cup.

I’m gonna get another drink, I’ll be right back.”

He made his way into the kitchen to find her sitting on the kitchen counter, cup between her lips, sipping on whatever drink she made herself. But she almost choked when their eyes met. She set her drink down, eyes immediately focused on the ground.


His voice was quite, a sudden wave of anxiety overcame his body.


Mind if I join you for a bit?”

She shrugged, scooting over a little. He smiled softly as he lifted himself up and sat down next to her. Her eyes were still focused on the kitchen floor, she didn’t dare to look at him. She didn’t want to break down in front of him.

It’s been a while.”

His voice was soft, soft and rough at the same time. Laced with sadness. His voice was music in her ears, sad music. She took a deep breath.

Yeah, it’s been a while.”

I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

She looks nice. What’s her name?”




She nodded, rubbing her eyes carefully. She tried her best not to cry but the thought of Calum loving someone other than her hurt. A single tear ran down her cheek.

Are you crying?”

She shook her head, lifting her cup to down the rest of her drink. She wasn’t going to make a fool out of herself. Not this time, not again.

No. I’m happy you found someone.”

She took another deep breath, her eyes finally finding his.

You look happier.”

Her voice sounded stronger this time. He smiled a shy smile, the one he always smiled whenever she complimented him. He still looked as good as he did six months ago, if not even better. He was wearing a black Tee, black skinny jeans. His hear was messy and his eyes were red, cheeks flushed and lips swollen. She could’ve melted right then and there but she tried her best to keep it together. He was no longer hers. She hopped off the counter, grabbed her cup and made her way over to the bottles filled with liquor.

I thought you don’t drink?”

He watched her intensely. She picked up the bottle of vodka as she chuckled quietly, pouring the white liquid into her cup. She mixed the vodka with orange juice before she took a sip of her drink.

I have no reason not to drink.”

Listen, maybe we should talk about what happened between us.”

She shook her head, her eyes getting teary again.

I don’t want to talk about it. Not now.”

He opened his mouth but before he could say something, she flashed him a smile.

It was nice to see you again but I think I’ll go back to Emily. She’s probably looking for me. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

And with that she disappeared between sweaty, grinding bodies.

A few hours later she found herself sitting in the grass of the big backyard, her eyes as red as ever, her body exhausted and her heart aching. She lifted her cup up once more, mumbling a soft “I’m happier, I am” but before she could take another sip, the plastic cup was taken out of her hand, the liquid poured into the grass in front of her. A body set down next to her but it was too dark and she was too drunk to notice who it was, until the far too familiar voice sent shivers down her spine.

You shouldn’t be drinking anymore.”

Why do you care?”

Because I do.”

You shouldn’t.

But I do.”

But why?”


He groaned, his fingers running through his hair.

Because I love you.”

You don’t

I do.”

You love her.”

Yeah, I do.”

See, you don’t love me.”

I’ll always love you.”

Quiet sobs were passing her lips. She’s a mess, he thought, a beautiful mess. He missed her, he knew that but he didn’t know how much he actually missed her till he saw her again. He opened his arms and pulled her into his body, his arms wrapping around her fragile body tightly.

Why didn’t we work out?”

Her voice was nothing but a whisper. He sighed as he stroked her back.

I don’t know, baby. I wish I knew.”

She wished they could stay like this forever. Just her and him, nobody else.

Do you think we could try again? I know I made mistakes, we both did, but nothing was ever as bad as being without you. I can’t live without you, Cal. I can’t.”

He sat up, his arms loosening their grip around her, his hands cupping her face. Their eyes met and for just a brief second he forgot about everything that happened between them.

I wish it was that easy, babe. I really wish it was, but it’s not. I promise you’ll find someone, I promise you’ll be happier one day. The happiest you’ve ever been, even. I’m not the one for you and you’re not the one for me. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

His thumbs brushed over her cheeks, catching her tears. She was just about to say something when a tiny figure appeared in the distance.

Calum, is that you?”

Yes, baby.”

Can we go home? I’m tired.”

Yes of course. Will you wait inside? I’ll be there in a second.”

His head turned to look at her, once more.

“I’m sorry. I promise it will all work out for you. I love you, (Y/N).”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead, before he stood up and started walking back towards the house. She watched him, until he disappeared into the building and she could no longer see him. Sobs took over her. Her body was shaking. She loved him. So much it broke her.

I love you.”

And just after those three words left her mouth, everything turned black.

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hoo boy here we go: 52, 101, 110, 125, 338 all for drarry because I love you :P

This took me wayyyy too long, sorry! 

52. “Go then, leave! See if I care!

101. “I guess I was wrong about you. You’re not so bad after all.” 

110. “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.” 

125. “I need you to forgive me.”

338. “Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!”

Harry fully expected to be met with broken dishes and cracked up photo frames when he entered his apartment that night. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d felt this awful. He and Draco usually made up not more than half an hour after a fight, restraining themselves from physical contact had never been their strong suit, but this time was different. This time Draco had left. Left and not come back.

A soft crack under his auror boots proved he was right about finding the remnants of their argument still littered around his flat. Their torn portrait on the floor, a six months anniversary gift from Dean, proved him right again. He closed his eyes as he walked into the living room. He didn’t want to be right.

It hadn’t been his first proper fight with Draco, far from it even, but it had been their last. He wouldn’t come back. Not after everything Harry had thrown at his head, the insults hurting much more than the plates or mugs. Harry didn’t deserve him coming back.

Another crack under his foot brought him back to the moment just before Draco had stormed out.

“Go on then, leave! See if I care!”

“Don’t think for one second that I will see you caring about anything if I walk out of this hellhole.” His voice was cold and Harry could feel Draco’s eyes burn a hole in his jumper. Even turning his back on the man didn’t work against the Malfoy stare. “I don’t half-ass do things and then quit.”

“Oh no? Then what about half dead Katie Bell? Or half poisoned  Ron? Or your half-ass attempt to murder Dumbledore?” Harry was shaking all over now, and his knuckles turned white from gripping the kitchen counter. How dare he. How dare he say anything about commitment. Bloody coward.

“And then I’m not even mentioning-” He continued.

But Harry never would mention whatever it was he wanted to mention, because right at that moment the unnaturally loud bang of Draco slamming the door shut behind him obliterated all other sounds. When the last of his footsteps died away, Harry could still only think about how that fucking ponce had probably taken the effort to magically amplify the bang.

“Arsehole.” He muttered to no one.

It wasn’t until eleven that morning that the impact of his words fully hit home.

It wasn’t until three that afternoon that Harry knew in every fiber of his being that he regretted what he’d done.

It wasn’t until seven that night that Harry realised he let Draco Malfoy walk out of his life, for good. When the familiar sting of tears behind his eyes hit him, he didn’t even try to hold back. Fuck, he’d screwed up.

Continue reading on Ao3, and thanks to my lovely beta @selectivegeekwithstandards

Send me a number (or numbers)+pairing and I’ll write you a thing! Said thing will probably take wayyyy to long to write since I don’t really do drabbles, only +/- 1000 words one-shots, but I will do all of them!

Bubs || Conor Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Word Count: 900+

Summary: As far as nicknames go, (Y/N) didn’t quite mind hers. 

Dedicated too: How gorgeous Conor Maynard is.

“Bubs has been here for literally five minutes and she’s already taken over my kitchen.”

“Bubs, truth or dare?”

“Bubs, think fast!”

As far as nicknames went, (Y/N)’s wasn’t the strangest out there. She’d only ever been referred to as a shortened version of her name before, and was never given any truly sought after nicknames; but the day she met the boys, that all changed.

She’d been dating Conor for around three months, and after a series of totally spontaneous and unplanned events, she’d managed to meet every single member of the buttercream squad within the space of five hours.

It was crazy, really. You went from being strangers one day to acting as if you’d known each other for years the next. It was as if you all just instantly clicked, like you were the missing piece to their puzzle.

Back to the nickname fiasco, the first time you were ever referred to as ‘bubs’, was when Joe heard it on a TV show and immediately thought of you: for some unknown reason. The boys were all watching TV in Joe’s house and seeing as the kitchen and the living room were joined, (Y/N) had volunteered to make dinner whilst also watching the show from across the room.

It started off with just Joe calling her it, until it slowly but surely spread infectiously to the rest of the group, from Joe to Conor, to Jack and then Josh and Oli; eventually Caspar and Mikey caught on too. Within two months of knowing her, they’d already found a solid nickname that just eliminated any need for her actual name.

After you and Conor decided to go public with your relationship, the boys began to catch you in more of their vlogs, have you feature in their videos and help them with their setups. You were a huge part of the buttercream squad, and you meant alot to each and every member.

The viewers didn’t exactly know how to react to the nickname, they were still getting used to seeing you so often and the fact that the boys seemed so attached to you just made things a little more easy. There was never much hate sent towards her, though she was constantly spammed with comments that just said 'bubs’.

Everyone wanted an explanation for the nickname, but there really wasn’t one to give. Instead, when asked the question during Q&A videos or anything like that, the boys would just shrug and move on; which raised suspicion.

There was a period of speculation from the fans, a whole bunch of wild theories being thrown out into the open. In the end, Jack featured (Y/N) in a video and they gave the most honest answer the could, that Joe had simply heard it on the TV and it’d just clicked.

Tonight was a Friday night, and you and Conor had decided against going out with the boys and instead planned on staying home, streaming the new season of Game Of Thrones and eating takeout food. It was the perfect plan, until Mikey decided that he wanted to join in on the action too.

It’d been a long week for the majority of the boys, but they were all willing to plough through the exhaustion and enjoy their longly awaited night out; all except Mikey.

He was like a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe, once he’d made himself at home there was no getting rid of him. God, they loved Mikey to bits, but sometimes they needed their alone time.

But (Y/N) didn’t have the heart to tell the man to leave, so instead she found ways to include Mikey in their festivities, from playing a cut throat game of shot scrabble to having competitions to see who could eat their noodles fastest without using their hands.

Now though, (Y/N) and Conor had cuddled up on the loveseat and Mikey’d made himself comfortable on the one seater. They were watching some trashy comedy show that actually wasn’t so bad, and the takeout containers were abandoned on the coffee table, ready to be cleaned up at a moments notice.

“You tired, baby?” Conor murmured as you snuggle further into his chest, nodding slowly and yawning into his black shirt. Conor looks up and narrows his eyes at the guy in the leather jacket. “Mikey, out.”

He looks up in shock. “Wait, what? It’s only like,” he glances down at his watch. “Ten pm.”

“My girlfriend is tired, therefor you are leaving. So, shoo.” He says, a serious tone in his voice but even as tired she was (Y/N) could tell that he was only kidding. “I’ll pop over to Jack’s tomorrow, you’re filming, right?”

Mikey nods as he stands up and begins to gather together his things. “Bubs, can you bake some brownies and bring them?”

(Y/N) hums and glances up at him from Conor’s chest with another yawn. “Yeah, be safe getting home.”

“Always.” He grins widely as he opens the front door and leaves before slamming it way more aggressively than necessary.

Conor rolls his eyes, but they soften when he looks back down at his sleepy girlfriend. “Come on you, let’s get you into bed.”

As he stands up with her in his arms, she rests her head on his shoulder and breathes against his neck softly, causing the hairs on his arms to raise. “Hey, Con?”

“Yeah, bubs?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Hotel Books - Nicole

I think I’m losing you, but I will never regret choosing you
Because I am in love, and for now that will be enough
And the ones around me convince me that I was the only person who was dumb enough to believe that you and I had hope.
But now I know even after you began to let your emotions slow the only reason I stood alone was because I was the only one who knew our love was never going to let go.

Everyone wanted me to see that we could not thrive, so gouge out my eyes.
Because if this is reality then I guess I’m not alive,
Because I don’t know a life in where I can’t make things right.
And when life teaches you to drive and you finally say goodbye
And you won’t let me stand by your side
Ill know that though some feelings are hurt, none will have died.
Cause I used to stay up at night and picture myself looking into your eyes
Shouting as you would sigh “how dare you think you can fall asleep with water dripping from the kitchen sink, how dare you think you can fall asleep with all these little leaks in this home we built in our dreams”

A picture is worth a thousand words or whatever people say to me.
It’s hard to believe when your mind is lost and in need,
And all you can picture is a memory inside of someone else’s sheets.
A prayer that nothing will keep,
A hope that light will seek before the dark sinks too deep.
Or at least the sinking feeling inside of me will decrease when the release of perceived dreams burn in the flame of feeling free.
So feel free to be free if that’s what you need.

And if someday you feel alone and everything caves in when you try to breathe,
Know that you are not alone as far as I can see,
Because you were everything to me.
Through this I have realized that if I were God we would have all just died,
Because darling you were mine and now I feel so dead inside,
And what good am I if all I can create is a projection of my own mind.
A dream of finding time to remind you that I’m still here and I’m not fine.
And darling if you’re going to leave just remember who you are,
And do what you can to remember me.

Maybe someday we can talk about our past and we can talk about the weather.
Whenever you leave I don’t care what I’m remembered for,
I just want to be remembered.
Because even if I failed you at least I tried,
And maybe our lives don’t add up now but someday our graves will look the same when we both die.
And if I had a chance I’d give you one last kiss and I’d bite down on your lip
And I’d try to puncture it so you’ll never forget that time,
But you’ll always regret.
And darling I know sometimes life will take a turn for the worst,
And sometimes life will even hurt.
And I know some days, some days you’ll be afraid of the lessons you’ll have to learn
And some days you’ll even feel burned,
And I want to let you know that I want to love you through them.

But I always get what I deserve.

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Wait (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Request:  Hi!! I am in love with your blog like oh my gosh. Can you write me a fan fiction where you just start dating Zach and he’s a couple years older than you (like he’s a senior and you’re a sophomore) and he wants to be your first? if not it’s alright. Thanks beautiful 😘

Word Count: 889


Warnings: Slightly smutt maybe? I don’t even know what this is ! 

A/N: So I write this and I really hope I didn’t disappoint anyone, or just i hope you like it. Let me know :) 

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Royally Screwed

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration.

(gifs aren’t mine)

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader x Chadwick Boseman

Summary: A playful banter turned into one of the most horrifying moments of your life.   

A/N: Third one of the series! And I don’t care what anybody says, Chadwick Boseman is a beautiful human being and anyone who disagrees can fight me. 


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poly defenders + florist reader hc’s

ask: anon “Poly defenders where the reader is a florist headcanons?”

a/n: i am so tired from our soccer tournament,.. lmao we came in dead last w one point total i;m crying

  • they’ll be gone out to work pretty often, but expect them to drop in every so often. it’s rare that the four of them come in together of course, but every once in a while they’ll surprise their s/o.
  • the ones who visit the most often are luke and danny, both seperately and together. they have the most free time, so they’ll come in and flirt. 
       + well, luke will flirt. danny will try to flirt, but he gets frustrated when he can’t charm them like luke can. luke will laugh and flirt for danny, like “you know, [name], those pants look great on you. but they would look even better on mine and danny’s floor.” danny is speechless like, “did you just hit on [name] for me?”
  • matt will usually sneak in a few minutes before closing, coming in through a window and sneaking up behind them, kissing them on the cheek. he’ll hand them a flower he picked out of a display and walk them home.
  • jess is the least frequent visitor, only because she’s the most busy, but when she does, she stays almost all day. she helps [name] sort things, complaining about the menial tasks but doing them nonetheless. [name] knows jess loves her when she starts doing things like helping them put together bouquets. 
  • even though the place is in hell’s kitchen, no one dares to bother the store, lest they face the wrath of 4 very pissed off vigilantes.

Ship: Hunk/Keith

Words: 1630

A/N: Remember when I said I would personally make Heith content well here you go. 

Keith Kogane prided himself for keeping a level head most of the time. When times got tough, he knew he could trust himself to not get into a panic and think of a way forward. It was just who he was.

But not now.

To be fair, the entire situation kind of threw him off a little bit. There he was, brooding as he normally did, when a certain yellow paladin came bursting into his room with a bright smile on his face, telling him that he needed an assistant chef and apparently it was Keith’s (un)lucky day.

He normally rotated ‘assistants’ between Pidge and Lance. Apparently he’d had Shiro once but that ended up as a disaster. As much as the paladins admired Shiro as a leader, he was terrible in the kitchen. Hunk never asked Allura or Coran, not that Keith could blame him; Altean food was really weird so he tended to avoid them like the plague, even though they offered to help on many occasions:

But he’d never asked Keith before. Not once. And Keith had to admit that though he knew he shouldn’t have been bothered by it, he kind of was. Every time Hunk would go into the common room, declaring his assistant for the day, a bit of Keith got…hopeful. Though he knew he would ultimately turn him down in that suave, cool way he adopted, at least he would have been acknowledged.

But he never was. At least, not until today.

“Keith, please help me out today?”

It was so out of the blue that, though Keith had initially planned to decline, he found himself stuttering out a “Yeah, sure,” and was whisked away by the incredibly happy yellow paladin.

Though Keith had ventured throughout the ship plenty of times, he hardly went into the kitchen unless it was for water or a snack. Usually when Hunk was cooking, Keith was in another room, so he was surprised when Hunk turned back to him in the kitchen with…a yellow apron?

Keith couldn’t stop staring.

“Okay, so I was doing a bit of experimenting earlier and I think I can make the Altean equivalent of cupcakes.”

The red paladin’s eyes shot up. When was the last time he’d ever had a cupcake? Back when he was still in the garrison? Before? It had been so long. There was a bakery close to his home that sold the best ones he’d ever had. He’d gone there every Saturday as a kid with his dad and he’d always get the chocolate one with the strawberry on top. The entire place just smelled of good food and comfort and home.

“Just don’t get your hopes up, okay? Last time I tried to bake, well…”

“Your cookies saved us in the end, so don’t worry about,” Keith said matter-of-factly. “If they’re inedible maybe Coran could use them to jumpstart the engines.”

Hunk chuckled as he went to fetch the ingredients. “Okay, that was a good one. Let’s get started.”

“I’ve never made cupcakes before.”

Hunk paused and looked back him. “I’ll guide you through it. Don’t worry about it.”

And then he smiled and, quiznak, it was like his joy practically radiated from him and Keith, well, he couldn’t help but smile back, albeit softly. It’s not like he could help it. Hunk’s joy was practically contagious. He was like a bright sunny day, and though they were in the middle of space and Earth’s sun was a ton of lightyears away…Hunk was becoming more and more like the paladin’s sun.

Sweet Maker, that sounded like something out of one of those terrible teen romance movies.

Keith was forced out of his thoughts when Hunk placed a large bag of…whatever in his hands. It nearly knocked the wind out of him and he almost stumbled, but Hunk steadied him.

“Whoa, you okay there Keith?”

His touch was like electricity. Keith rushed out of it as soon as he could, not expecting it, not knowing what else to do.

Hunk looked slightly taken aback and, disappointed? Keith couldn’t tell. Usually Hunk was an open book, but at that exact moment he was difficult to read. Like he didn’t want Keith to know how exactly he was feeling.

Awkwardness heavily settled in. Red and yellow were on opposite sides of the kitchen, not daring to say or do anything.

Keith cleared his throat. “So uh, what did you want me to do with this?” He gestured at the bag in his arms.

Relief washed over Hunk’s. “Um, yeah, there’re some jugs in the cabinet over there. Altean measurement is pretty weird, but just take the medium one and measure two of those.”

Keith nodded mechanically and set to work. The two of them soon relaxed into a routine. Hunk was doing most of the talking, he didn’t seem to mind it much either and any of the previous awkwardness was melted away.

The way they worked was pretty methodical. Hunk would ask Keith for a spoon or direct him to certain places for weird ingredients. Keith didn’t do any of the actual baking, which he was fine with. Hunk looked like he knew what he was doing.

But there was one thing Keith noticed over time. Throughout their time in the kitchen, after that one incident, Hunk never touched him. And it wasn’t coincidentally either. If the two of them were close, Keith noticed Hunk subtly adjust himself slightly so they were further apart.

He was doing everything in his power to make Keith feel comfortable. He was joking around and laughing so Keith was too busy enjoying himself to notice it at first, but Hunk was adapting himself to accommodate him. It hit Keith in waves. It made him feel grateful that he would go through such lengths for him. But at the same time…

At the same time he thought about Hunk’s relationship with the others. About how he’d ruffle Pidge’s hair, bump shoulders with Lance, sweep Allura up in a hug, high five Shiro, pat Coran’s back. Hunk was a tactile person. He was affectionate. It was just who he was. And now Keith yearned for the same. He wanted Hunk to touch him; ruffle his hair, bump his shoulder, be swept up in those arms which he knew probably felt safe—

“Dude, you okay?”


Hunk was looking at him in concern. “I said we need to put these in the oven, but you kind of zoned out there. Do you need to lie down? I can take it from here.”

“No, I’m fine.” He found that he said this almost too quickly. “I…”

I really like spending time with you.

The concerned look didn’t leave, but Hunk put the cupcakes in the oven anyway and set the timer for fifteen dobashes.

There was a comfortable silence as Hunk cleared away the supplies after taking off his apron. Keith stared after him contemplatively before finally asking him the question that was plaguing his mind the whole time.

“Why me?”

Hunk looked back at him in confusion.

“I mean…you always ask Pidge or Lance to help you out in the kitchen. Were they too busy for you or something?”

Hunk’s face thawed slightly. “You were the first one I asked today, actually. I thought it would be good for you to get out of whatever headspace you’ve been in the past few days.”

“But…you’ve never asked me before.”

The yellow paladin chuckled sheepishly. “Because I’d always assume you’d say no. And honestly I couldn’t really stand the thought of—”

He stopped speaking abruptly, as though he’d said too much.

“The thought of what?”

With a sigh, Hunk palmed his face. “Please don’t make me say it.”

Now Keith was curious. Whatever was going on was really bugging Hunk and making him uncomfortable and wasn’t one way of getting rid of discomfort talking about it?

“Hunk, talk to me. What’s going on?”

Hunk looked away, avoiding eye contact. In that moment, Keith couldn’t help but think that for someone so large he looked really small.

“Ththougofrejction,” he mumbled.


“The thought of rejection,” Hunk said slightly louder this time, still avoiding eye contact. And with the way he said it, Keith knew immediately that he wasn’t talking about cooking anymore.

There was a silence, but only externally. On the inside it was as if those words had opened the floodgates that contained Keith’s emotions. He was swamped, floored, he could barely stand up.

All this time. All this time.

“I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin the dynamic of the team. We work so well together. I just…” Hunk trailed off and scratched the back of his head. “I’m sorry.”

Was he…was he seriously apologising?

“I didn’t know…”

“Would it have changed anything?”

Would it? If Keith had known that Hunk felt that way about him…

“Look, we can act like this never happened. I don’t mind,” Hunk continued, taking Keith’s silence as a ‘no’.

But Keith knew, he could see that Hunk minded. That Hunk cared. That this was killing him.

Keith walked up to him, closing the gap between them. He reached out to touch his arm, hesitantly at first, before he placed it there completely.

“It would have changed everything.”

Hunk froze at his words, completely overwhelmed.

Then, something snapped and Keith was wrapped in his arms. And it was everything he thought it would be. It felt safe. It felt like how that bakery he went to smelt. It felt like home.

“Is…this okay?” Hunk asked after a moment, remembering how Keith reacted to his touch earlier.

Keith looked up at the yellow paladin before stretching up and pressing their lips together in a soft kiss.

“No. This is perfect.”

Breakfast - John Shelby

@johnsheiby  “Show me what’s behind your back.” With John please x
- John Shelby 24 plz ( “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” )
- Please do more like suit up, I’ve read part one and 2 and love them. Do more with the family please!! 

Despite the sun only recently rising, John and I have been awake for hours. A grizzly baby, a sick dog and six other children who never miss an opportunity to be out of bed means that our house has dissolved in chaos.

“Want me to have Dotty?” John asks, glancing at me from the floor as I cradle Dotty to my chest.

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House aesthetics
  • Griffindor: Summer. Day hikes. Song lyrics you wrote in permanent marker on your shoes during a road trip. Shots of Fireball whiskey. The sound of a late night basketball game in a driveway. Talking your friends into getting season passes to a theme park with you and going as many times as you can. Tickets to the warped tour. An epic pub crawl. Unfinished books and Facebook rants. Tried to start a fight club (as a joke but not really). A fridge light spilling out into a dark kitchen. Your friend dared you to jump off a neighbor's roof into their pool and you did it. Ring toss and shooting games on the boardwalk. Warm vanilla chai. Fallout boy. Video game controllers at 130am. Weapon of choice - nerf gun. The warm feeling of power and excitement when lighting something on fire. Clapping someone on the back. You used to make up all the super complicated secret handshakes that your friends used. Athletic wear. Drawing dragons in hyperrealistic detail and doodling anime. Joining a crossfit gym. Racking up speeding tickets. Running off your mouth and inadvertently hurting someone before you realize what you're doing.
  • Ravenclaw: Winter. Going to the bookstore. Scrawling your favourite quote on every card and letter before you sign your name. Vodka in a teacup. The sound of rain hitting a windowpane and rolling thunder. Flying out to a new country and staying in a super luxe hotel. Tickets to the philharmonic. A Shakespeare performance in the park. Your unfinished novel and subsequent blog complaints about the problems with said novel. Tried to start an online book club (which is still going). A collection of candles in mason jars lighting a living room. A Griffindor dared you to play a piano song in the middle of the night and you "did" - you just let your nails clack on the keys. Boggle on a sunlit kitchen table. Loose leaf earl grey with lemon. Cello recordings to read to. Knitting needles working. Weapon of choice - isolation. The thrill of getting every jeopardy question right before the contestant. Awkwardly waving. You used to use an old wwii code to send secret messages. Black tie. Drawing mazes of geometric shapes and experimenting with pointillism. Going for a run early while listening to an audiobook. Trying to balance friends and work and life and you and the world and somehow feeling like you've failed in spite of looking successful.
  • Hufflepuff: Spring. Baking cupcakes. Lettering original poetry on canvas with a fine marker to give to your mom. Chaucer's Mead. The sound of sand being shaken out of a blanket. Renting a beach house for a week to relax with friends. Tickets to Hamilton. A new exhibit at the zoo. Unfinished chores and pinning new recipes. Tried to start a YouTube channel (has one video set to private). Like 18 strands of fairy lights tacked up near the ceiling. A Griffindor dared you to propose to a stranger and you said no because that's awkward for both you and the stranger. Constructing a scavenger hunt for you and your friends. Green tea with mint or peach. Mumford and sons on vinyl. Organizing books (for the 800th time). Weapon of choice - kindness. The electric feeling of spotting constellations for the first time. A firm handshake. You used to find the perfect hiding places for secret clubs. Warm jumpers. Painting murals of seascapes in your living room. Taking walks through the park with your dog. Excessively watching food network. Being unsure and hypercritical of yourself but knowing exactly what to do for others in any situation.
  • Slytherin: Fall. Reading through the night. Scribbling fiction in messy green ink in a journal. Half drunk glasses of Bourbon in odd places. The sound of boots tossed onto a hardwood floor. Holing up in an old mansion for the weekend. Tickets to coachella. A special screening of a Hitchcock double feature. Unfinished Netflix movies and making 8tracks playlists. Tried to start a band (was successful enough to make it to iTunes; broke up because life happened). The soft glow of a heat lamp for your pet but also the harsh blue light from reading on your phone. A Griffindor dared you to vandalize property and you refused because you don't see a point for needless destruction. Monopoly - and it gets INTENSE. Darjeeling. The base turned up in your car for Lana del Rey. Rubix cubes being solved. Weapon of choice - honesty. The satisfying feeling of saying the perfect thing at exactly the right time. A strong hug. You used to pass secret notes in class and never get caught. Elaborate af Halloween costumes. Working with charcoal on thick paper or creating optical illusions with sidewalk chalk. Walking around a uni town in the middle of the night. Cigarettes and too many drinks and antiques and family history. Standing up for what is right and saying what you think every time - even if it hurts.