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Quick and Simple Spells

Maybe we have not the energy or psychic resources to complete something complex. Maybe we cannot wait for the full moon. Maybe we need something in the moment. Simple spells can give us a boost or help us through trying moments.

Ease Anxiety
With a small object in your hand (exempli gratia: a pen, a small stone, a charm, an eraser). Run your thumb lightly over the surface of the object either away from you or in a diurnal (anti-clockwise) motion. Repeat slowly in your mind calma anois síos (now calm down).

Confidence Boost
Using your compact or standing in front of the mirror say the following three times: Tá mé neart (I am strength).

Beauty Charm
Hold a necklace, ring, earrings, or bracelet you can comfortably wear in your left hand and place your right hand over them. Repeat three times: áilleacht agus cairde (beauty and grace). Move through your day with confidence.

If you have trouble pronouncing the Irish, the English will work just as well.

Self-Confidence Spell Jar

So I just made a spell jar and it is probably one of the best spell jars that I have ever made. I’m not going to post a picture because I can’t get a good view of it and also I’m really self conscious of everything that I take a picture of. Anyways you can change it however you like to make it suit your needs.

What I used:

- A tiny Jar
-Sage Powder: Self Confidence
-Chamomile: Relief of Anxiety and Stress
-Lavender Buds: Relief of Anxiety and Stress
-Crushed Bay Leaf: Self Confidence
-Black Salt: Confidence
-Rose Petals: Self Love and Confidence
-Orange Essential Oil: Self Confidence
-Lavender Essential Oil: Relief of Anxiety and Stress
-Peppermint Essential Oil: Confidence and Relief of Anxiety
-Dragon’s Blood Incense Shavings: Confidence
-White and Yellow wax to Seal it off: White for just a sealant Yellow for Self Confidence

Prosperity Spell

Prosperity is not simply the attraction of wealth or the accumulation of fortune. Prosperity is the increase of inner resources: character, vitality, charisma, determination. Prosperity is a spell provided by the universe, by the Divine, that gives you the spiritual ingredients to be successful. It is the knowledge that you deserve wonderful things and you possess the power to attain them. Here is a spell to open your potential for prosperity.

You will need:
1. Peppermint oil
2. A green candle (in a safe candle holder)
3. A tiger’s eye stone (you can substitute with a quartz crystal)


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


To begin, dress the candle with the peppermint oil. This is done by placing three drops on the center of the candle’s shaft and then spreading that oil out to the ends and around the candle. Then place the candle in the candle holder and light it. Focus your intent. Pay attention to the colour of the candle, the flicker of its flame, and smell of the peppermint. Consider the idea of inner prosperity. What does it mean to you? What inner resources can you draw on and which do you want to develop? Visualise these strengths growing within you like a sprouting seed.

When you feel confident in yourself and your strength, rub a single drop of the peppermint oil onto the tiger’s eye stone. Hold it in your hand and repeat aloud and with intent:

     Strength from within
     Stone symmetry
     Bring to the fore

Feel the connection between you and the stone, knowing that when you see it, you see your strengths and your successes. Extinguish the candle. Carry the stone in your purse or pocket.


Peppermint: associated with Venus and the element of air, a healing herb, the scent stimulates the mind and creativity
Green candle: associated with Jupiter, Mars, and Venus and the element of earth, it is grounding and draws prosperity and luck
Tiger’s eye: associated with insight and clear thinking

No Trial Shall Overcome You - Spell

We all have moments where we are exhausted, fearful, and feel like giving up. It can feel like everyone is dangerous and the universe is set against us. Perhaps fate has destined us to walk a difficult path or tasked us with a daunting journey. But no matter how quixotic our quest may feel, we have within us the strength to match what comes; we need simply to remember our strengths and trust in who we are.

Before you begin:

This spell is more intense than other spells I have shared. Although it can be done at any time on any day, it is best performed at a beginning (exempla gratis - the New Moon, first day of the week, beginning of the month, start of a new journey/project, or start of your fertile period).

You Will Need:
1. A purple candle in a safe candle holder (may substitute with a red candle)
2. A green candle in a safe candle holder
3. A blue candle in a safe candle holder
4. A yellow candle in a safe candle holder

Note: you can replace all the candles with a single, large, white candle or individual candles with a small, white, tea light candle. As always, take appropriate precautions when using open flames (tie back long hair, avoid flowing sleeves).

Optional: Salt for laying a circle, sage for burning or sage incense (use a safe holder or bowl)


Step 1: If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. For this spell, I recommend casting a circle because you will be drawing on multiple sources of power and opening yourself. (You can find an explanation of casting circles here.)

Step 2: Optionally, this is when you would add protective salt (consider the salt’s impact on your casting environment before incorporating it; placing a teaspoon of salt in a circular bowl can stand in for a salt circle and is better for the environment).

Step 3: Place the purple candle before you, the green candle to your right, the blue candle behind you, and the yellow candle to your left. Leave enough room that you can safely and comfortably turn in a circle. If substituting the four candles with a single, large, white candle, place it before you.

As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


Light the purple candle; repeat with intention:

Element of Psyche
Grant me insight
Grant me wisdom
Grant me truth

Turn to the green candle; light it and repeat with intention:

Element of Earth
Grant me strength
Grant me fertility
Grant me ambition

Turns to the blue candle; light it and repeat with intention:

Element of Sea
Grant me health
Grant me adaptability
Grant me tranquillity

Turn to the yellow candle; light it and repeat with intention:

Element of Air
Grant me joy
Grant me openness
Grant me comfort

Continuing to move in a deocil (sunwise/clockwise) direction, face the element you feel the strongest connection with or the element you seek to draw on most. Focus on flame and breath. Monitor your breath, inhaling in through the nose for a count of five, hold it for five, release the breath through pursed lips for seven, hold for five and repeat. With your mind’s eye, picture each element radiating its energy. Watch as that flows from the representative candle and into you. The purple aura of Psyche, the green aura of Earth, the blue aura of Sea, and yellow aura of Air. These elements fill you, they warm you from the inside out. They spark the strength you already possess and fan it into a blazing, white fire. This is your flame, it is your power, and you may draw on it whenever you are in need.

Repeat with conviction:

No trouble can o’ertake me
No pain can douse my flame
No trial can o’erwhelm me
Tribulation I shall tame

Feel the strength inside you. Know this is your truth: you are greater than your challenge, you have the stamina for your journey, you can fulfil your quest. Extinguish your candles, open your circle, and move forward with quiet confidence.

Purple: power, spirit, wisdom
Red: strength, courage
Green: earth, grounding, fertility, abundance
Blue: sea/water, tranquillity, adaptability, patience
Yellow: air, learning, comfort, confidence, joy
Celtic Elements: consist of the trinity of earth, sea, and air
Sage and Salt: associated with protection and are boon when performing powerful or intense spellcraft

Requested by a lovely anon: “We aren’t married?” + jungkook?

“Hmm what else was I supposed to get…. Ahh I think we’re out of this” you mumble to yourself as you walk down the aisle​ of the store. Picking up the necessities that have been more than overdue. 

Now standing in the middle of the path you mentally facepalm yourself at your forgetfulness. You made a list of all the items that were need a week ago; but of course your forgetful self leaves it at home, tucked away neatly in a drawer, never to see the light.

A groan escapses your lips and you are ready to actually drive back home and get the damn list, when a cough alerts you. Whipping your head back, you find a lady looking at you, part curious and part annoyed. 

Sheepishly you smile and move to the side. As she walks past you, you whisper a soft sorry which she acknowledges with a slight nod. 

“_____ , are you alright?” Jungkook’s concerned voice comes out from behind.

You look over at him, his eyebrows raised in concern and a frown on his lips.

“Yeah, Jungkook” you mutter. The look he’s giving you says he doesn’t take the lousy lie. 

“I think we need to go get the list” you sigh. 

“I told you before, when we were halfway here that we could turn back at get it” Jungkook smirks. 

“Yeah, well I thought I could remember the stuff we needed” you blush in embarrassment, knowing that he was right. 

“Well then you can stay here and I’ll go get it quickly” Jungkook offers, pushing the cart over to you. 

Before you can protest, he’s already sprinting off towards the exit. You stare after him in disbelief and then your mind suddenly registers.

“Jungkook, you don’t know where the list is!” you yell over the people who are walking past you. They look at you with annoyance, probably thinking along the lines of youngsters​-these-day. But frankly you don’t care.

Jungkook halts and turns to you.

“It’s in the third drawer from the right in the blue kitchen cupboard" he says, confidence radiating. 

“How do you know?” you gape at him. Jungkook half turns towards the exit, ready to take off again. He looks at you one last time, grinning. 

“We aren’t married?” he teases and rushes out.

a/n: This is the level of cheesiness that takes place in my head *blushes wildy* I’m sorry this is so short and also if this isn’t good enough T.T

Thank you for requesting anon! I hope you like it❤

The Death of an Original (The Vampire Diaries x Reader)

Imagine you are Damon and Stefan’s younger sister, and you just witnessed the death of your boyfriend, Kol Mikaelson.

You ran towards the Gilbert house, already hearing the commotion going on inside. Damon told you that Kol had to die, but Stefan promised that he’d find a way for him to live.

You didn’t need their words though, because you knew that Kol could defend himself, and kill anyone that he wanted to with little effort.

Elena and Jeremy were shouting at each other, seemingly struggling with keeping Kol controlled. You took to no time to get to the door, turning the knob only to find that it was locked. That didn’t stop you though, and with one swift kick you were inside the Gilbert house.

“Jeremy, get the stake!” Elena screamed at her brother as she held Kol against the counter next to the sink. Her little brother quickly reached for the piece of wood on the floor, and positioned it at your boyfriend’s heart.

You used your vampire speed to get behind Jeremy, and you grabbed the wood to keep him from moving it. He struggled to pull it away from you, but it was no use. You were stronger than he was.

“Kol!” You yelled, “Get out-”

Before you could finish your sentence, you were quickly plummeted to the floor.

“Kill him already, Jeremy!” Damon yelled, sitting on your stomach. You wriggled under him, freeing one of your hands to punch your oldest brother in the face. Damon scowled at you as another pair of hands grabbed your shoulders and pulled you away.

Stefan wrapped his arms around you, “I’m so sorry Y/N. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.”

You could still hear Elena, Jeremy, and now Damon yelling at each other in attempt to grab Kol in a way to expose his chest. You roughly bit your lip as you saw Damon and Elena step aside with Kol’s arms in their hands, and Jeremy migrate to the middle of his chest. Within seconds, Jeremy plunged the white oak stake into your boyfriend’s heart.

He looked at you as his skin turned a pale grey, and you felt your heart break into small pieces.

Damon, Elena, and Jeremy stepped back as Kol’s dying body suddenly erupted into flames.

You freed yourself from Stefan and ran over to his flaming corpse, which was now on the floor. You wrapped your arms around him, not caring that you were getting severely burned all over your body.

Nobody spoke as your loud sobs filled the room, but you didn’t want them to anyways. They did this to him, even though you begged for them not to.

A hand was placed on your shoulder, but you didn’t look up from the burned corpse that was on your lap. “Y/N, we should really go.” Stefan spoke

You shook your head, “I need him, Stefan. I can’t go on without him, not like this.”

“I don’t know what good he’d do for you, Y/N. He’s just a burned corpse now.” Damon retorted from the other side of the room.

You grabbed your knife from your boot and sped over to him, putting the piece of metal right into his stomach. “I can’t wait to see what good you’ll be to Elena when Klaus finds out that this was your idea.” I said calmly, “Wait, that won’t matter because you’ll all be dead anyways.”

“Y/N?” A British voice came from behind you.

You closed your eyes, breathing deeply before turning around to face Niklaus. He was going to be furious once he saw your face, because he knew of this plan that your brothers had weeks before this point, but he didn’t expect them to succeed.

His eyes turned a dark shade of yellow as his glance trailed from your face to the burned corpse on the floor. He let out a low growl as a tear rolled down his cheek.

He did what you had done minutes ago, and leaned down to Kol’s burned body. You could hear him whispering things, but you couldn’t make them out due to how upset you were.

“Niklaus,” You said shakily. Even though you knew that Klaus would never hurt you, he still created an uncontrollable fear inside you.

“We must go and find Elijah. We need him.”

Just when you thought everyone had fled the scene, Damon spoke up, “I’m sorry, what do you mean by ‘we’?”

Klaus stood up, facing in the direction that your bold brother was standing in, “This doesn’t concern you, Salvatore.”

Damon walked to the doorway of the kitchen, “If my baby sister is involved it does.”

“Ah yes, and you just care for her enough to kill her boyfriend right in front of her eyes. ”

You furrow your eyebrows together as you notice that everyone is now out of the kitchen, standing confidently next to the stairs. Your heart pumped heavily as you noticed that Bonnie was in the small group of people now. They’re up to something, and it seems that you’re not going to be left out of it.

“If I didn’t have the chance of dying, I’d kill you right here, and rid all of us of you and your bullshit ultra-breed.” Damon growled.

Niklaus was immediately at the doorway of the kitchen, just centimeters away from Damon’s face. “What a shame that I can’t say the same to you.” He reached his hand out towards your brother’s chest, but it was stopped but an outside force that you knew all too well; magic.

Damon flashed a smirk at him, “Have fun finding Elijah.”

With those simple words, your brothers and their friends left you in the kitchen of the Gilbert house, trapped like an animal in a zoo.

Blooms of Confidence

To develop your full power you must have confidence in who you are. You must learn to care for your body and spirit, to treat yourself with love, gentleness, and respect.

You Will Need:
1. A bowl of water
2. A flower (preferably a lilac but any flower you feel a connection with will do)

Place the bowl of water in front of you. Breathe deeply and slowly; feel your body relax. Chant with confidence

“I know who I am
I know what I can become

I love who I am
I respect my true self

I control what I can
I am not controlled by others”

Offer yourself words of encouragement. Speak to yourself in a positive and loving way. Think of things you have accomplished and give yourself credit for what you have achieved. Do not sell yourself short; recognise you strengths and power.

Dip the bloom of the flower into the water and touch it to your forehead, saying

“May all the things I think …”

Dip the bloom in the water and touch it to your heart, saying

“… and all the thing I believe …”

Dip the bloom into the water and touch it to the plam of your left hand, saying

“… and all the things I hold …”

Dip the bloom into the water and touch it to the back of your right hand, saying

“… and all the things I do reflect my confidence in me.”

Let the bloom float on the water as you reflect on your strengths until you feel your confidence bloom.

BadBoy!Luke || part 5

“Something about the bad boys is just so intriguing”

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Lukes body was tense, his mind was jumbled with different emotions. He couldn’t keep himself focused on one thing, he would jump from thinking about (y/n) to thinking about drinking until he couldn’t remember his own god damn name. Anger would flash through his head as he tried to suppress the anger and keep his fist bottled to his side. Sadness would prick his face, causing his features to droop in ways he wasn’t used too. He wasn’t used to this feeling, the feeling of being lost over someone. Never once did Luke let feelings like this take over his body, he didn’t know how to adapt to this. All he knew was he wanted you, and only you. 

His breathing was yet again uneven and his eyes were clouded with all the different emotions, he felt like he was going to pass out. But that didn’t stop him from getting in the car and driving straight to the party he was supposed to take you too. He needed a distraction, a way to get his mind off of you; which he seemed to think was impossible. Luke mind was buzzing with anger caused by himself, his already damaged fists banged against the steering wheel of his car. “Fuck!” he screamed as his hands retracted to his messy blond hair. His hands tugged at the roots of his hair in frustration. “fuck” he mumbled once again, not even bothering to stop the money tear trailing down his cheek. 

Once he somewhat gained his composure back he set his eyes onto the road and pulled out of Ashtons driveway not giving one look back. 

“Ive got to talk to him” you trailed off. “I care about him, thats why I was so upset” you looked up at ashton to see his soft eyes looking into yours. 

“He needs someone like you” He stated giving you a small smile. You tilted your head in confusion hoping Ashton would get the hint and explain. Thankfully he did, “Im sure he’s told you, or you know since everyone in the schools knows about his drinking and drug use.” He paused looking up at you once gain, and you nodded for him to continue. “I guess I’m just worried about him, same goes to Calum and Michael. Once Luke told me he wanted to settle down because he met you, I got this wash of relief. Since I’m the only one that realized drugs and alcohol won’t keep me happy and that it was only destroying my body, I limited myself and stopped getting so wasted to the point where i couldn’t even stand every weekend, Im just happy Luke is actually having some type of real human feeling like this. He’s basically a robot, he doesn’t show emotion often” he chuckled sadly. Your eyes soften and you felt your heart pang with sadness, hearing about not only Lukes emotions, but also Ashton talking about his past and about how much he cares for the boys filled your heart with sadness and some type of comfort. 

“I care about him a lot Ashton, Im just scared of getting hurt I guess” you admitted while raising your hand to awkwardly rub at your arm. 

“I know Luke has that reputation, you know.. The one where he only sleeps around and leaves girls hurt. But he wouldn’t do that to you, I know that for a fact.” Ashton placed his hand on your shoulder giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Come on, Lukes at my place.” 

He lead you over to his car and opened the door for you, you thanked him softly hopping in. Ashton jogged over to the drivers seat and started the car as he sat down bucking up. You looked out the window not exactly knowing what to say, you kept quiet and let the comfortable silence consume you. The only noise being the passing cars and the soft humming of Ashton. You foot tapped with anxiety as you patients was wearing thin, you just wanted to see the tall blonde boy. 

Although it only took about 5 minutes to actually drive to Ashtons place, it seemed like an hour. You jumped out of the car faster than Ashton, you looked at his facial expression to see it was filled with worry and anger at the same time. “Shit, shit, shit, this is not good” his hand reached up to his hair as he switched the part to the other side, only to fix it a few seconds later. “Fuck, no” 

“Ashton, what happened?” you walked over to him cautiously. He started pacing back and forth and his head snapped up at your voice. 

“What time is it?”

You pulled out your phone to check the time. “Almost 8ish, why?” 

Ashton didn’t even answer your question as his long legs started taking him back to his car.  You stood in the same place watching him, once he noticed you not following he quickly tuned and motioned for you to get in the car. “Get in, were going to the party”

Luke made his way to the back of the house, pushing his lanky body through the many people grinding and dancing. He scoffed at the once couple making out against the wall, their hands groping and touching each other excessively. His large hand reached up and rubbed his tired face, he knew he looked like shit but at this point he didn’t care. 

“Hemmings! Glad you could make it, but I know you’d never miss the party” Calum slurred at he walked over to Luke, a blond bimbo wrapped around his waist. Luke face twisted in disgust, usually he’d be smirking towards Calum and giving him the thumbs up. Calum smirked down at the girl and attached his lips to her neck as he pushed her head back and closed her eyes. Luke couldn’t stand the sight anymore and made his way further into the house. All he wanted right now was the alcohol and drugs.

He finally came to find the specific group of people he was looking for, he walked over to them casually and tapped on one guys shoulder. “Hemmings! Good to see you again” The guy turned and smiled at him. 

“Im not in the mood for small talk today Daniel” He scoffed trying to get straight to the point. He raised his hands in defense and chucked lightly. 

“Alright I get it, you need a distraction” He smirked while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small bag full of white powder. Once Luke saw the substance his mind went blank and he suddenly forgot about everything. He snatched the bag from Daniel and muttered something about paying him back later. He hurriedly walked over to find some type of open area where he could lay the drug down and inhale it into his body. He picked up the pace and stared to light jog, not bothering to apologize when he bumped into other people. 

Once he found an open table with no one there and only a few bottles littering the small space, he look a seat and slid in until his body hit the wall. He pushed all the beer cans and bottles to the ground making a loud clanking noise. He pulled the small bag from his hands and opened in lightly sprinkling it onto the table. Once he divided the harmful substance into 3 separate this lines, he pulled a dollar bill from his back pocked and rolled it. He jumped out of his thoughts when the felt the buzzing of his phone against his leg, he pulled it out to see your name on the screen. For a split second he debated answering and trashing the drug and never looking back. His forehead creased and his eyes narrowed as all the thoughts from today flooded his mind again. He laughed dryly and ignore the call putting his nose up against the dollar bill and sniffing each line of cocaine. Lukes eyes rolled to the back os his head in satisfaction of the familiar feeling. He reached his arm up to his nose to wipe it with his sleeve, he smiled proudly as his eyes darkened. He felt his heart pick up in pace and every trace of guilt and anger washed away with pure satisfaction. 

He didn’t plan on stopping here, he made sure to walk into the kitchen confidently. He was met with a group of people taking body shots off of each other, Luke smiled to himself and walked over to get a closer look. He pushed through the small group to make his way to the front. His eyes were met with a small brunette laying on the counter with her fully body exposed. Confidence took over Lukes body as the shot laid on her body. He dipped his head down, lips coming in contact with her stomach causing the small girl to squirm at the cool contact of his lip ring. Luke smirked at the reaction and took the shot into his mouth, tipping his head back to feel the liquid burn the back of his throat. 

Luke fun was ruined when he heard the familiar voice of his best friend calling his name over the loud blaring of the music. He drowned another shot by himself and turned around to be met with Ashton and you. Your eyes met his, only you couldn’t recognize them.  His eyes a deep shade of blue, looking almost black. He had a crooked smile on his face, and his body was leaning from side to side. You looked behind him to see the almost naked girl sitting there as the shot glass lay in his hand. Your heart broke slightly of the idea of his hands on someone else but you quickly shook it off. 

“Luke, come on lets go home” You spoke softy, trying to keep your voice from breaking. He shook his head no as the twisted smirk spread further across his face. You desperately looked at Ashton already knowing you wouldn’t be able to fight Luke. Ashton quickly walked towards him and man handled him by throwing the boy over his shoulders. 

“Put me the fuck down” He screamed at Ashton. He didn’t even flinch as Lukes fists connected with his back. 

“Im not letting you mess up the only good thing in your life, Im sorry Luke but I’m not” Ashton stated with a serious expression across his face. 

“I don’t care about my life, leave me alone asshole!” He screamed, causing you to jump slightly. The words broke your heart ‘I don’t care about my life’ 

Ashton didn’t answer he only held on tighter as he walked right out the front door. You quickly followed behind, shutting the door on your way out. Luke was still pounding his fists against Ashton, but he knew he had no chance. Ashton threw Luke against the car lightly pinning him against it. A small bag fell out of his pocket and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Ashton didn’t seem to notice, so you walked over carefully and picked it up walking back over to your previous place. 

“I am not letting you do this to yourself again, Im not going to watch you destroy yourself. I won’t Luke, and (Y/n) won’t either. Im not going to let you throw her around, I know you don’t want to do that and I won’t let you.”

Your eyes focused on the small bag full of white powder. You brought it closer to get a better look, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as realization took over your body. Your breath quickened and your hands started shaking. 

“Oh my god” your voice came out small and horse. Luke and Ashtons eyes both diverted over to yours. 

“What the fuck is this” you cried. 

I FINNALLY FINISHED, I’m so happy i finally got this part up. I hope this doesn’t seem rushed.

I really hope you guys like it and i hope this isn’t crap it took me two full hours to write it all.

Please request for a part 6, if you want a part 6.


As A Boyfriend; Jeon Jungkook

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this is late af but its here and i hope you enjoy 

First meeting;

• Shy af
• Cheesy but truthful complements and comments.
• Small awkward silences
• Bunny smiles
• He gives you his jacket and suffers in the cold because he cares more about your well -being than his.
• Getting your phone number and snapchat so that he can send you cute selcas to make you swoon but then wild and crazy one to makes you laugh.
• Shyly checks you out.

First date;

• Dressed like a God
• Shy smiles
• Hand holding or more like wrist holding
• Cheeky smiling
• Cute giggling
• Paying for the date
• Hearty honest laughter
• He just stares at you while you talk with a happy glimmer in his eyes
• Pokes your cheek and then hides from embarrassment
• Back hugs
• Gives you his hat to wear
• Cute things like blushing when you catch him staring
• Rehearses what he will say to you
• Kisses the back of your hand
• His funny side shows


• HELLA AF thighs defined by the skinny jeans
• Sexy eyes
• Flirting
• Sexy laughs
• Winking
• Confidence

First Kiss;

• Soft
• Gentle
• Caring
• Kind
• Elegant
• Tenderly holding your hand to draw you closer
• Possibly start off with a slight peck at first


• Passionate af
• Hot
• Sexy
• Hands in hair
• Waist grabbing
• Tongue tying
• Breath taking

First week;

• Ultimate shyness
• Texting 24/ 7
• Snapchatting cutely to each other
• Good night and good morning texts
• Cuddling
• More dates
• Constantly around each other
• Fluff
• Forehead kissing
• Cheek kissing
• Nose kissing
• Wrist holding since kookie is shy at first
• Playing around
• Gives you his jacket


• Innuendos
• Sexy
• Very manly walk
• Hella thighs on point
• Skinship
• Any excuse to touch you
• Showing off his muscles
• Rough housing with the boys to assert dominance
• Always buying you things
• Discovering new territories
• Innocent butt touching
• Running his hands down your arms

First Month;

• More comfortable around each other
• Meet his family
• Meet bangtan
• Weekly dates
• Competitions on who can eat the fastest without getting a belly ache
• Peeing in front of each other
• Burping competitions
• Pillow fights
• Back hugging cuddling when he stays over on a night
• Back hugging when cooking
• Leaving cute notes for you to wake up to when he goes to practice
• Making dinner for him at practice


• Neck kissing
• Thigh touching
• More smirking
• Intentional non innocent butt touching
• Accidental boob touching
• Sexy dancing
• Showering together
• Bathing together
• Feeding you
• Teasing you in front of the boys

First time;

• Tender
• Gentle
• Caring
• Always asking you if you’re ok
• Asking you if what he is doing is ok
• Letting you lead the way
• Showering you in complements all the time
• Loving your entire body
• Tender caressing
• Mind blowing
• Easing
• Wild
• Passionate
• Invigorating
• Enlightening
• Breath taking
• Hickeys, leaving his mark on you for the world to see.

First year;

• Sex everywhere, practice room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
• Confident jungkook
• Thigh riding
• Sexy time
• Date night every week
• Paintballing
• Joining in on bts shows
• Wearing his clothes, making suga jealous
• Trying new things like bungee jumping or paragliding
• Theme parks are usually monthly

Jimin - Stress Relief

A/N: I had school work to do but this happened instead, no wonder it turned out shitty.

word count: 1,407

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The night wind howls past the window, a whining sound seeps through the slightly cracked window. Jimin carelessly flips through channels, nothing peaking his interest. At least nothing on the television.

“Jagi….” He groans, rolling his head off the couch, looking at you sitting at the counter. “Are you done yet?”

“Does it look like I’m done?” You mumble, biting the pen as you re-read the same pages over again for almost the tenth time. Jimin continues to stare at you, his eyes glued to your concentrated gaze.

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Hi! Captain Canary prompt: Leonard's not dead, and Sara starts wearing one of his sweaters on the Waverider. I'd love to see the team's reactions! Fluff please!

(Finally thought of something for this. Sorry it’s taken a while to get up)

The reason she’d put on his sweater was mostly because she hadn’t been able to find her shirt in the morning. Also, she’d really needed her coffee. Besides, his sweater was nice and warm, and it got cold on the ship.

She had just lifted the mug to her lips in the kitchen when Nate and Ray entered, chattering away about something. Sara nodded at them as she took a sip of her coffee. When half the mug was gone, she became aware that both Nate and Ray were staring at her.

“What?” she muttered.

“Is that Snart’s sweater?” Ray asked bluntly. 

Sara peered down at the garment and nodded. “Yep.”

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Only If For A Night [Pt. 2]

Hi all, so I’ve finished Part 2 (a lot earlier than I expected tbh and here is the link to pt. 1: and this one focuses a lot more on Stefan’s pain and emphasizes the angst and the connection between Stefan and Elena and what it means. I wanted to contrast fluff with heartbreak this time and raise the stakes so hopefully I did that and hopefully you all enjoy it because I did have a lot of fun writing this and I really like giving you guys things to read that you find interesting so here we go, people to tag: @thewitchandlonerdiaries @stefan4president @theeverlarkfamily @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @savagetore @emjo029 @demetrias-stelena @melissasbamonromantictales @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @christinaelena-1 @stelena-forever-and-always @stelenamagic @stelena-lover-forever @youareatypo @everythingdobsley @tvtaughtmehowtofeel @fiftyshadesofstelena @nor-20 @girlmeetsbamonsdescendants @denisa-diana @1000-to-1 @tea-moonn @sunnydrive92

And I heard your voice
As clear as day
And you told me I should concentrate
It was all so strange
And so surreal
That a ghost should be so practical
Only if for a night

– Florence & the Machine, Only If For A Night

The pain was constant. It didn’t come in waves. His body never gave up fighting, never tired into acceptance that he was in fact drowning, never allowed him to drift away into death. No, instead Stefan struggled to break free of the lock box, shaking his head frantically, coughing and inhaling at the same time, snorting in water that blocked his nostrils, gasping in water that flooded his airway. He banged his fists against the metal, cutting open his knuckles; his arms were cramped and sore, his legs were stiff from being unable to move them, his chest was heavy from the feeling like it was going to cave in or combust. Agony was his state of being. Agony was beginning to drive him mad; he could feel it. Feel his mind begin to splinter, fragment into oblivion. And he wanted to let it; he wanted to give up fighting so desperately so he could find some sort of peace in insanity. But every time he tried he instantly remembered when he’d yearned for the same defeat two years earlier. Every time he tried, he instantly heard her voice echo in his head, reverberate through his chest:

           You can fight it, you just have to want it bad enough.

           Why? Because I love you?

           That’s right, Stefan, because you love me. You’ll fight because after everything we’ve been through, you owe me that!

           He couldn’t. He couldn’t stop waiting. He couldn’t disappoint her like that, he couldn’t disappoint himself like that. He’d have to hold on.

           More water.

           Stefan felt like his entire body was on the verge of shattering and yet would never actually break; his throat was swollen and raw. He had to do something other than struggle. He had to do something other than drown. And even though it took everything he had in him, even though it felt like he was wringing his very brain painfully tight, Stefan squeezed his eyes shut and forced his mind into a different place, a different time.

           The Salvatore Manor. His manor. His kitchen.

           There was steam everywhere. The smell of garlic and onions. The sizzling of ground beef. The innocuous bubbling of boiling water. Copper pots. Copper frying pans. A wine bottle. A wine glass. Music in the background. Stefan was in front of the stove, moving quickly but gracefully, stirring here, seasoning there. He picked up a spoon and dipped it in the largest pot, moving it upward toward his mouth and then —

           Darkness. He couldn’t see. The feel of a palm against his eyes. He grinned.

           “This is how accidents happen.”

           “C’mon, Stefan. I wouldn’t let anything happen to this kitchen. Don’t you trust me?”

           “The words ‘Elena Gilbert’ and ‘kitchen’ don’t exactly inspire confidence.”


           Elena moved her hand away from Stefan’s eyes and he craned his neck back to see her head rested on his shoulder; his grin widened as she slipped her arms around his middle.

           “What’re you cooking anyway?” she said. “It smells incredible.”

           “Spaghetti Bolognese. A Salvatore Family recipe. I’m just worried that the sauce doesn’t have enough garlic.”

           Elena put her hand on Stefan’s and moved his wrist so that he guided the spoon into her mouth.

           “Mm,” she groaned as she sampled the sauce. “Tastes perfectly good to me.”

           “You could be lying.”

           Elena leaned forward and kissed Stefan hard on the mouth, her hand on the back of his head; she grinned at the surprised moan in his throat and pulled away.

           “There. You tasted it. What do you think? Enough garlic?”

           “You know,” said Stefan. “I don’t think I could tell just from that.”

           And Stefan kissed her again, causing Elena to giggle. He dropped the spoon onto the counter and put his hand on the side of her face, turning around completely to intensify their embrace. Elena stood on tiptoe, running her fingers through his hair and Stefan began guiding her to the counter on the wall opposite the oven so that her back bumped against it. He held her tightly, smiling at the taste of his sauce, the taste of her lips on his tongue.

           Whoosh. Hiss. Sizzle.

           Stefan broke away and looked behind him to the stove. The pot with the spaghetti was overflowing. He rushed back over and lifted it off the burner, draining the pasta in the strainer.

           “You’re distracting me. You can’t be in the kitchen,” he said.

           “But I like watching you cook.”

           “Then you have to watch. Stay there.”

           “But I can’t see from over here. Let me help.”

           “Remember the last time?”

           “The fire extinguisher was right there! Come on, I can do something.”

           Stefan turned his head to look at her, she looked back.

           “Fine. Come here.”

           Elena grinned and skipped over to the counter by the stove.

           “You can start on dessert. Work the dough with your hands.”

           Elena shifted over to the sink and rinsed her hands beneath the faucet, wiping them off on a tea towel, and then she dug her hands into the silver bowl in front of her, kneading the dough.

           “Like this?”

           Stefan glanced over to what she was doing then turned the heat down on all of the burners and moved from the stove to the counter. He stood behind Elena, his front pressed against her back and he put his hands in the bowl with hers, their fingers entwining as they both massaged the dough. After a while, Elena hooked some on her index finger then turned around slightly to smear it beneath Stefan’s nose, giving him a moustache.

           “There,” she said, barely containing her laughter. “Much better. You look so much more sophisticated with a moustache.”

           Stefan stared seriously at her for a minute and then abruptly grabbed fistfuls of dough and slathered it in her hair.

           Laughing, he used his speed to zoom away from her as Elena reached for the cutting board and hurtled diced onions and tomatoes and parsley at him by the handful. Quickly, she opened the fridge, taking out a bottle of Heinz and raced toward Stefan, squeezing all of the ketchup onto his head. Stefan retaliated by grabbing clumps of the spaghetti and throwing it at her. They continued to run around the kitchen, their bodies a blur of speed, chucking fruits at each other, spraying condiments on one another, dumping juices and sodas on each other until they were grimed and slicked with food. Breathless and exhilarated, Elena hid behind the breakfast counter, stooped low as Stefan stood in the kitchen.

           “Surrender!” he said.

           “Why should I have to surrender? You surrender!”

           “I don’t want to!”

           “Neither do I!”

“OK how about no one surrenders. How about a truce?”

           A pause.

           “Agreed,” said Stefan.

           “So if I come out, that means you can’t throw anything!”

           “I won’t.”


           “How could you even ask that, you trust me, right?”

           Elena pushed her mouth to the side. “OK I’m coming out!”

           Before she could fully stand up, Stefan was at her side. They gazed at each other for a minute, smiling widely, and then Stefan lunged forward and kissed her. Elena threw her arms around his neck in response.

           “Dinner’s ruined,” she said between kisses.

           “That’s why they invented pizza delivery,” said Stefan.

           Elena kissed him deeply then pulled back. “Feel so gross. I need a shower.”

           “Love it,” said Stefan. He picked her up without warning, making her cry out in surprise. “Let’s go.”

           Stefan felt his body move, felt it speed out of the kitchen and up the stairs. And yet he was stuck. Yet he, his presence, his mind, didn’t go along with his body but stayed where it was —

           It was like the earth turned on its axis. For a brief second everything was beyond space, beyond time, or maybe between it. Stefan felt weightless. Then cold. Then bodiless.

           Suddenly, everything clicked back but he was no longer in the Salvatore Mansion; he was no longer in a living memory. He was in a … motel room? But he wasn’t really there, everything was grey and muted and removed. This was purgatory. This was death. He’d finally died. And that meant —

           There was the sound of a key turning in a lock and Elena walked into the room, her cell phone between her ear and shoulder.

           Everything within Stefan shifted. He was nervous yet relieved, calm but excited; like always, the sight of Elena anchored Stefan yet sent him into a free-fall and he moved to rush over to her, to hug her, to kiss her, but then re-remembered that he couldn’t and suffered excruciating disappointment that devoured him; consumed him with sadness. He suffered through this cycle every time he died, every time he saw her because holding Elena had become more than a habit to Stefan, it’d become instinct, and instinct was something that could seldom ever be unlearned if at all.  

           “I didn’t find anything here. What about you?” Elena walked further into the room, tossing the keys onto a tiny nightstand table. “Well, did you find anymore leads when you were there?”

           Elena nearly brushed Stefan’s shoulder as she paced the length of the room and Stefan took a deep breath in as she passed him, feeling only the tension of a near-touch that suffocated him with longing. His entire body screamed with it — longing, desire, screamed with desperation for her to know that he was there, for her to know how unbearable it was to not be able to feel her, for her to know how painful it was to see her in pain and that if he could, he’d have cured her of that pain in an instant, cured her of her want for him.    

“OK well I’ll get the next flight out to South Carolina and then you and I — yes, I am coming, Damon. Are you giving up on looking for him?” Elena paused and then whirled around in frustration so that her back was facing Stefan. “So then why should I? You’re not the only one entitled to finding him! You’re not the only one who loves him!” She stood where she was, clenching her hair in her free hand. “How can you talk to me about school right now? You didn’t care about me going to school when you thought I’d be spending the entire summer with y — of course I want a regular college life but I won’t be able to have one if Stefan isn’t back!”

Stefan walked toward Elena, an expression of sheer anguish contorting his face. He stood directly behind her as he’d done in the kitchen all those months ago and slowly, he moved his hands across her shoulders, sliding them down her arms, wanting nothing more than to soothe her. Elena arched her back and quickly reached around with her free hand, spinning on the spot only to come face to face with nothing.

“But I felt …” she whispered. Then she shook her head and spoke into the phone. “Nothing, Damon. I’m just talking to myself. Look, it isn’t about whether or not I trust you, it’s about — Damon, I am not waiting on you to bring him back to me, if we’re both looking there’s a better chance of him being found, this isn’t up for discussion.”

It was cruel that Stefan could feel the panic in Elena’s words, feel it so deeply that her anxiety trilled in his veins but he was unable to experience her body next to his, she was unable to know just how much he wanted to trail his thumb across her bottom lip. His eyes were red with unshed tears, his forehead creased. He had to do it. He had to try. Like every time he saw her.

Stefan reached forward and then —

That familiar hook behind his navel. No. No. This wasn’t enough time! He’d barely been here five minutes! This wasn’t fair. He wasn’t ready! NO! NO! NO! Stefan looked around frantically, as if there were a door or a passage he could escape through so he wouldn’t have to return, so he wouldn’t have to leave. He couldn’t go back!

“No!” he yelled as he felt himself lose grips, lose his hold on his purgatory. “NO! I’M NOT READY TO GO! NO!”

Elena flinched.


Elena flinched and looked frantically around the motel room. She’d heard it. Not an echo but almost. There were traces of it bouncing off the walls. And it felt like Stefan. She’d be afraid that she was going crazy if she wasn’t so sure, if she didn’t know without a doubt what Stefan’s presence felt like, if she didn’t have such resolute hope, such stubborn faith that Stefan would hold on, that he would trust her to find him.  

“Damon, I’ll call you back.”

She hung up the phone and dialled Bonnie’s number immediately afterward.  The other end picked up.


“Bonnie? Hi. How are you? How’s Jer? Is everyone OK?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. Worried about you. Caroline wants me to let you know that registration is on Monday.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Elena. “Listen. I need to ask you a question. A magic question.”

“Uh yeah. OK. Shoot.”

“Is it possible for me and Stefan to be linked somehow? Like is it possible that when I say I feel him, I’m literally feeling his pain? Or that he’s literally calling out to me and I can feel that call? That it’s not just an expression?”

“Well, Grams did talk about certain connections,” said Bonnie. “Like this is old magic, natural magic, beyond spells and incantations and it’s not love, it’s bigger than that. It’s life. When two people find life in each other, it’s a bond that’s able to transcend even space and time — it creates a sort of tether. It’s like the definition of a rare occurrence but it can happen. I mean, that’s what a soulmate is.” Bonnie paused. “And if any two people could find that, I believe it’d be you and Stefan.”

“I feel him, Bonnie,” said Elena quietly. “I swear, sometimes I feel like he’s in the room with me. Like he’s trying to … it’s like he’s touching me.”

“Elena, that sounds way too specific,” said Bonnie. “That sounds like … it sounds like me when I was on the Other Side. When I wanted to touch Jeremy. It sounds like Stefan’s —”

“He’s not dead, Bonnie,” said Elena emphatically. “I’m telling you, I’m not being delusional, I know he isn’t dead.”

“Maybe not permanently,” said Bonnie slowly, as if she were thinking her idea through as she said it. “Maybe he’s dying over and over again because he’s a vampire and … you two are tethered so his spirit goes wherever you go. He’s literally trying to touch you and call out to you, like you said.”

Elena held the phone to her ear, not speaking, as she contemplated the horror of that situation; the frantic need to find Stefan turning reckless in her.  


“OK,” said Elena. “OK, I have a plan. I need to pack, get ready for the drive home.”

“Wait, you’re leaving now?”

“Yes now. Right now!”

“Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, what’s the plan?”

“Well, it really boils down to this,”  said Elena as she opened her travel bag and started shoving her clothes in it. “I’m going to die.”

Imagine a kitchen maid having a crush on Loki. She comes to you, since you are lokis chambermaid/confidant, and asks for help in finding out what he finds attractive in a women. Since you and Loki are close friends you are able to ask him without feeling embarrassed. Loki lists off traits he finds sexy in a women and you scribble them down on a piece paper to give to the kitchen maid. It isn’t until he finishes listing off the traits you notice something. He’s describing your traits. Before you can respond he pulls you close to his body and whispers in your ear, “you don’t have to lie and say this is for a friend. I have wanted you ever since you arrived outside my chamber doors, ready to clean my mess.” There is only one thought going through your head during his confession, how are you going to explain this to the kitchen maid.