kitchen blackboard

I made a great crafty discovery and I want to share

Sister (and Brother) Witches!

Did you know that you can buy adhesive paper that has the qualities of a chalk blackboard?

I think it’s meant for kids - you stick it onto any flat surface like the wardrobe door or whatever, and the kid draws on it until it reaches the age where it doesn’t like messing about with chalk drawings anymore, and then you take it off.

However, this is a really great tool for anyone doing witchcraft or any kind of ceremonial magic or rituals! You can stick it onto the surface you do rituals on, and draw anything you like - your sigils, whatever-grams, symbols of your deity, your intention, anything - on it, in chalk, and afterwards you can wipe it clean off. Better yet, don’t even stick it, just unroll when you want to and roll up again when you don’t!

And for closeted witches, you can put it on a table that normally has a tablecloth on, or - like I did - stick it onto the back of a cutting board that normally stays mundane side up. Then just flip it for rituals and bam, instant altar. Just add chalk.

The one I found comes in black and green, too, so basically perfection.

Advent Drabble 19 - Blackboard (requested by anonymous)

John thought it would be a good idea to paint a wall of their kitchen with blackboard paint. He lived with two mad scientist geniuses who were constantly scribbling data into notebooks; he thought they would appreciate it.

They thought he was mad.

“But it’s ephemeral,” said Oliver. “When data is forever!” He lifted his notebook.

Sherlock didn’t even deign to make a comment about it.

John sighed and mainly used the blackboard to write deliberately incorrect facts and equations, just to see if they would get corrected.

Mainly they were.

Even the astronomical facts.

Because Oliver helped on those.