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The Brickery Food Market

The Brickery is an artisan food market that occupies a former brick foundry building which has been respectfully restored to preserve its industrial identity. With six merchants, including three food vendors (grill, farm-to-table, and fusion seafood), a bakery and coffee shop, a juice bar, and a craft cocktail bar, this food market is a gourmand’s dream.  After grabbing a bite to eat, shop for gourmet treats, check out a food photography exhibit in the gallery or listen to an up-and-coming DJ in the entertainment venue.  You’ll swear you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven!

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…And, things don’t go quite as expected, for anyone involved!

The moral of this story is: don’t try to suplex anything that’s at least partially liquid!

Next part will be along next weekend!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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the Glamourista Apartment

Perfect for a social media maven, fashionista, or beauty guru… only the best will do!  Built for 18 Culpepper House, this apartment may be small but it packs a lot of style.

For more pics - living room & kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.

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Boho Classic Apartment : 20 Culpepper House


Newly renovated, spacious yet cozy home is perfect for 3-4 sims. Outfitted with a boho inspired kitchen, perfect for the foodie sim, and a small, sleek office for the more studious family members. 


This room is available on the gallery!
Origin ID - TheSimkea

Walls have been removed in order to upload the apartment as a whole, those will simply need to be replaced. Make sure to turn on MOO before placing, otherwise some items may be lost.


City Living, Get Together, Kids Room Stuff, Get To Work, Vintage Glamour, Vampires, Movie Hangout, Dine Out, Cool Kitchen, Spa Day, Luxury Party, Backyard Stuff, Outdoor Retreat.

Remember, you can always replace missing items with ones from packs you do own.

EDIT/UPDATE: I am a stupid, and did not play test this before uploading. The office furniture is not all functional, and some items need to be moved around. I think everything else should work fine.


Blue Bungalow 

I said i’ve been in the mood to build

lot size: 30 x 20 

price: $41,741

packs needed: city living, kids room stuff, get together, get to work, cool kitchen stuff, backyard stuff, movie hangout stuff, vampires, bowling night stuff, perfect patio

origin ID: pixelplumbob4

its a old little place where now a teen lives trying to be a master baker and gamer. Cluttered with plants, pots, and random things.

A Broken Heart

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 2497
Summary: Young Jungkook finds out one weekend what a broken heart really feels like | #fluff #babysitter!au

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a/n: omg these babysitter stories are so fun to write! baby bts are so cute I can’t ;;w;;

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More Weird From The Land of Nina

A lot of people seemed to enjoy being genuinely creeped out by my mother’s experiences as regards the town of Bare Feet, Arizona. So I decided to share this, as well, because who doesn’t need a heaping helping of the creepiness that is my family history? 

Let me start by saying that although I’ve tagged this as “creepypasta” for the benefit of those on my dash who do not appreciate scary stories to tell in the dark, all sections involving me are true, and those for which I have only my family’s word are true to the best of my knowledge. I should further note that while I’m a hardnose skeptic about the vast majority of paranormal experiences–i.e., I don’t believe John Edward does anything but basic psychology, and 99.99999999999998% of the stuff on Ghost Hunters is bullshit made up for the camera–I have become that way due to my own unexplained experiences and those of my family, which during my teenage years increased to the point that the abnormal became practically commonplace. When I say that the story that follows is nonfiction, I mean that I trust the eyewitness accounts of those involved and truly believe that there is no explanation outside of the paranormal for the events described here.

We’ll begin in the Permanent Exhibit portion of the Washington, D.C. Holocaust Museum in the spring of 2002. The young Nina you’ll meet here is in eighth grade and is tagging along with her mother’s students on a field trip; I was being homeschooled due to my school’s inability to handle a student with autism, and her superiors allowed me to sit in on one or two classes daily as a way for me to transition back into a full classroom. In the Permanent Exhibit, there are large panels on the walls that describe different events leading up to the Holocaust–survivor accounts, the political landscape, photographs from the camps, etc. In front of one of these, my mother stopped and turned so pale I thought she might faint. I asked if she was okay, and she said “I need to leave this room. Now.”

I walked her into the next room, where there was a bench she could sit on, and asked what was wrong. She said, “Her name was Elisabeth. With an S. Nina, nobody spells Elizabeth with an S.”

We’ll leave these two on their bench in the museum and travel back to 1963 or so. At this point in time it’s not young Nina but young Cathy, still in footie pajamas and having a recurring dream. In the dream she wakes up in “her” bedroom, but it’s not actually her bedroom in her house on Fargo Street. She floats out of the room and down a long hall. On one side is a kitchen with a half-wall, a style that young Cathy had never seen, and on the other a living room. Through the kitchen, and so into the backyard: a jumble of rusted cars and tools, and a large trench full of used rubber tires. She turns to someone in the dream who she can’t actually see, and says, “I’ve been here before.” Then she wakes up. According to my mother, she has the dream no less than a dozen times in the course of about four months–possibly more–and the dream recurs until she’s about six. Then it suddenly stops.

It’s a house she’s never seen outside of this dream, but ten years later she runs away and, in Arizona, finds someone who asks if she’s met Mary Janini. The answer, of course, is no–she doesn’t know a soul in Arizona. And so the man she meets takes her to Mary Janini’s house. Mary lets runaways stay in her home as long as they don’t bring the police along with them or steal her food. Standing in the driveway, my mom says, “I’ve been here before.” When her companion says “you said you didn’t know her,” teenage Cathy explains that she doesn’t–then describes the house in full detail and says she’s seen it in a dream. So much of her story I’ve heard before–when I’ve woken up with strange dreams that later come true, this story is my mother’s way of comforting me and reminding me I’m not the only one who “remembers backward.” What follows this is new to me.

She’s at Mary Janini’s for only a few days before meeting my dad–teenage Wayne. She travels from Mary’s to Wayne’s, where she’s greeted graciously by his mother and offered a room. And in that room, she has another dream:

A little girl, standing in a gray place, holding out a yellow ribbon. Her hair is long and dark and tightly curled. She doesn’t speak English, but in the dream, my mother understands her perfectly: “Miss, can you put my ribbon in my hair? I asked my Mommy but they took her away and she died before she could.” Behind the girl, a tombstone with birth and death dates six years apart. Teenage Cathy is horrified for some reason she couldn’t put her finger on, and wakes up.

Then she starts screaming. Wayne’s mother comes running down the hall and tries to open the door, only to find it locked. She gets the key and opens it, because my mom is still in the bed, still screaming. Finally they get words out of the mess: “Get it out, get it out, whose is it? Whose is it, is that yours?”

Hanging from the locked doorknob was a yellow ribbon. My grandmother swore she’d never seen it before and, indeed, thought it belonged to my mom. My mom has never worn anything in her hair–she hates hairbands. They never discovered to whom the ribbon belonged; my Aunt Jan wasn’t living in the house at the time, and was the only other woman in the family, but both my dad and my grandmother, before her Alzheimer’s started getting bad, are and were willing to swear they’d seen the ribbon as my mother described it.

And now we’ll return to the museum, in 2002. I’m sitting with my mother on a bench, remember the bench? I give her some water as she tells me the story of the girl with the yellow ribbon, and how the tombstone in her dream said Elisabeth–a spelling she’d never seen anywhere else, until today.

There’s a picture in the Permanent Exhibit in Washington, DC. It’s of a little girl with a star on her chest and no smile on her face. The label on the picture gives her first name as Elisabeth. She died in a camp as a child during the Holocaust. As far as we know, there is no connection between her and my family.

There’s a light-colored ribbon tied crookedly in her hair, and not an adult in sight.

If You Only Knew





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Being Chris Evans girlfriend younger edition | part 2

⚫Chris supporting you no matter what

⚫Him being the one to tell to take a break when you’re clearly overworking yourself

⚫” Come love, let’s take a nap” “ Don’t look at me with those eyes, you know i am weak”

⚫Taking baths with him

⚫Him kissing the back of your neck and slowly rubbing your body with his hands

⚫Grabbing your face with both of his hands before he kisses you

⚫Him not really liking when you put on a full face of makeup

⚫(he’d rub his beard against your face because of it, cat-like, just so you’d take it all off)

⚫Showing you off for no particular reason on Twitter

⚫” Look at this smart gem !! How did I get so lucky ?? 😍😍” *insert cute picture of you as you are studying*

⚫You’re very friends with his siblings resulting in you being the new favorite one

⚫” We love you Chris but’ve got nothing on [Y/N]”

⚫You helping him with his anxiety

⚫Him sharing very personal things with you because he trusts you so much

⚫Winter aka let’s stay in bed  kissing and cuddling all day

⚫ Missing him when he’s away for a shoot

⚫Him missing you when you have to leave for your internship

⚫”Come home to me ,okay ?” “ Always”

⚫ You being together for years and people actually being surprised about it

⚫ “So Chris ,we heard you are single ?” “ Don’t know who told you that but they’re wrong ! I am very happy with the love of my life”

⚫ You two moving in your first house ( I Am talking 4 bedrooms, big kitchen ,backyard kind of house )

⚫ Sweet endless love making

⚫Fighting about stupid things

⚫Jealous Chris

⚫I mean “Kissing you roughly in front of people just to show them you’re taken” kind of jealous

⚫But you love it

⚫ “ i Am not going anywhere big bear” “ I know ,but they needed to know that”

Frat Boy Luke

quick note: you can probably guess where this goes in the first paragraph, and it’s really long and probably boring but i had fun writing it let me know what u think 💖

It was another Friday night and you found yourself at another frat party. Tau Kappa Epsilon was notorious for their parties; every campus had a frat like that and TKE was it for yours. You were accustomed to the faces of the frat boys by now, it being your second year here and still loving parties. And they were accustomed to your face as well, always enjoying your company, unless it was Luke because as far as you knew, he hated you.

You were in the kitchen, helping set up the kitchen as Ashton had asked you helped tonight. At least ten of the fraternity brothers were missing tonight due to a soccer game in another city; Calum was one of them. But you suspected he’d be here before the party ended anyway. He always found a way to party.

Only twenty minutes later the house was nearly full. Michael had convinced some friends to play beer pong-even though he always won-and Ashton was enjoying the conversation. A few other frat boys had arrived but Calum was still at his game. You didn’t know where Luke was but didn’t bother looking for him because he wouldn’t be entertained in talking to you.

It was nearing midnight when Calum came through the front door. You were tipsy, not drunk and intended to stay that way, thus the bottle of water in your hand. “Hi!” You said, throwing yourself in his open arms.

“Hey,” He said as he wrapped his arms around you, dropping his head to rest on the top of yours. The other players side stepped you and made jokes about how you two needed to get a room or just date already.

“Shut up, Jake.” You reached out and pushed his shoulder, Jake laughing it off. “You stink.” You giggled as Calum chuckled.


“Did you win?” You asked, stepping back and dropping his embrace.

“By two points!” He said excitedly, a bright smile appearing on his face. You liked to see him happy and easily congratulated him. “I’m going to change and freshen up a bit, see you back here in like ten minutes.” He said, stepping away to go to the stairs. You decided you needed more water as you drank the last of the bottle.

In the kitchen you saw Luke. He grabbed a beer bottle from the fridge, apparently making his first appearance for the night as another blonde eagerly said hello. He mumbled something back you thought was a greeting as he used the counter to get the cap off the bottle. You moved to the sink and turned on the water, filling the water bottle back up.

“Hey, Y/n.” You heard Luke’s hard voice and turned off the water. He usually said hi but never happily. You faced him while capping your bottle water and smiled up at him. If he wasn’t nice, you always prided yourself on being nice to him.

“Hi, Luke.” He took a sip of his beer. You saw the blonde give him a glance over her shoulder as she followed her friend out of the kitchen. You realized what he was doing. “She’s gone.” You said, losing your smile and moving back into the living room. Even though he didn’t like you, it kind of hurt that he’d just used you to get away from a girl he didn’t want to talk to.

You quickly brushed it off and found your friends in the crowd of people who were dancing, not surprised to see Georgia and Callie grinding against each other. “Get over here!” Georgia said as she saw you, pulling you over to the two of them. You laughed as you started dancing with them. You got lost in the moment and forgot about how you usually don’t do this.

A few minutes later of dancing and laughing and having a good time, you spotted Calum standing against a wall, nursing a beer bottle and talking to a few other frat brothers. His eyes were already caught on you as you looked up. From across the room you saw him mouth, “Sexy.” with a devilish grin on his face. You laughed to yourself, going back to dancing.

You were sweaty when you stepped out of the crowd, heading towards the bathroom. After all that water you really had to pee.

When you were finished, you returned to the kitchen. You found Ashton there, reaching up to a higher shelf to retrieve a more expensive bottle of whiskey. “Still hiding your good stuff?” You said as you threw the bottle into the trashcan. You were happy to say you were sober now.

“Always.” He said, pouring himself some into his cup. You watched as the brown liquid spilled into the cup. He capped the bottle and hid it away again, turning around to look at you. He brought his cup to his lips, taking a swig. You were impressed as his face didn’t twitch once. “What are you doing in here? Shouldn’t you be dancing?” He gave you a cocky smile as he saw you roll your eyes.

“Got boring.” You shrugged, looking past him through the window above the sink. An idea came into your mind as you saw Michael and his beer pong buddies, but more importantly: the pool.

“What?” Ashton said in a sarcastic voice as he saw your eyes widen at the thought.

“Let’s get in the pool.”

“Sure.” He took another sip of his drink and didn’t resist when you took his hand and lead him into the living room.

“Georgia!” You called for your friend and she looked up, smiling widely as she saw it was you. “Let’s get in the pool!” You said excitedly. Her eyes lit up. You left it to her to tell people of the new activity, going straight to the backyard.

“Hi, Mike.” You greeted. He smiled back before concentrating on his game. You watched as he expertly lifted his wrist and propelled the ball to the table. It bounced twice before landing in a cup and was met with cheers from Michael and his partner and groans from the opposing team. You went to a chair and sat down, removing your shoes and socks. It surprised you to see Georgia running full speed at the pool but it didn’t make it any less funny as she cannonballed. You took off your shirt leaving you in a black nike sports bra as you jumped in to join her.

You surfaced laughing, watching as others jumped in. You saw Calum and Luke come out, Ashton behind them. Calum locked eyes with you, laughing at you. You motioned for him to get in, swimming to the side to meet him. “You’re crazy, Y/n.” He said laughing. You heard Ashton agree with him and looked around him to see him laughing at your angry expression. Luke was staring blankly across the pool, but as you looked at him, his eyes flickered down to yours.

He looked good, in black skinny jeans and a blue and white striped t-shirt. He had leather boots on and an expressionless face. You tore your eyes away and looked back to Calum. “You like me for it.” You said to Calum, splashing him.

“You’re gonna get it now.” Calum said, taking off his shoes. You laughed as you swam as far as you could from the side of the pool. You looked back to see a shirtless Calum, diving into the pool. He was a fast swimmer, probably because he was also on the swim team. He was across the pool and in front of you in no time. “I’m pretty sure I ran into that guy.” He said as he caught his breath. He laughed with you as you looked at a confused guy glaring at Calum.

“I’m pretty sure you did too.” You hung against the wall, looking up at the starry night sky. The pool’s light was on, and most of the partygoers had drifted outside. A light conversation could be heard around the pool and in the pool. Luke was still with Ashton, smiling for the first time that night, you thought, as they spoke.

“Why does Luke hate me?” You suddenly asked. Calum looked at you from where he was next to you.

“What makes you say that?” He asked.

“He just doesn’t like me, you know that.” Calum looked back to his best friend and sighed.

“I don’t know. He’s pretty closed off in that sense and you’ve never come up in our conversations. You’ll have to ask him yourself.” You didn’t like the sound of that and quickly decided you would not be doing that.

“I’m okay. I can deal with not being liked.” He chuckled. You looked back to Luke, wondering what it was that set him against you. Everything about him made you want him. It was probably because he didn’t like you that made you want him even more, but you could ignore that. You’d have to ignore your other feelings for him too.

“If you say so, Y/n.” The night went on relatively fast and soon it was time to go. You were helping the boys clear everyone out of the house and cleaning up a little before you left. But you were sure you weren’t leaving. You’d probably crash on the floor of Calum’s room with a pillow and a blanket.

Your hair was wet as you pulled it into a ponytail, going back to throwing cups into a trashcan. You cleared a table and took a Clorox wipe to it. You went on this way with Ashton in the kitchen and Calum in the backyard with Michael helping him clean up from his beer pong matches. You didn’t know where Luke went, but decided it didn’t matter.

“You can shower if you want. Are you staying over?” Calum asked as he came into the living room and slumped onto the couch. You nodded.

“If that’s okay with you.” You said, looking up from the table to see his reaction. He nodded and rubbed his eyes.

“Of course it’s okay with me.” You smiled at your tired friend and finished cleaning before going upstairs to the bathroom you knew so well. Calum told you to grab one of his shirts and shorts if you wanted so you headed to his room first. You grabbed a shirt and basketball shorts from his dresser, yawning. On the way to the bathroom, you ran into Luke, quite literally. He turned the corner as you were coming to it and slammed right into you.

You maintained your balance, mumbling a sorry while moving around him. You thought you heard him say it back but weren’t sure as you went into the bathroom. You turned on the water and set the clothes down, finally looking at your phone. It was on 7% but Calum had a charger. It was 1:57 am and you were tired.

You stripped and got into the warm water, quickly washing your hair and face. You just wanted to sleep and you didn’t care if that was on the surprisingly uncomfortable couch downstairs. You got out and dried off before putting the same underwear and bra back on. They were still damp but you didn’t care at this point. You put on Calum’s shirt and shorts and took your phone and left the bathroom. You rubbed your eyes, yawning again as you went down the hall.

You were about to knock on Calum’s door when you heard him talking to somebody. You were going to turn around and just go downstairs but you heard your name. “Y/n asked why you hate her tonight.” You heard Calum say, sighing. He was probably in bed, rubbing his eyes and wishing he could sleep.

You heard another sigh in response. “I wish she didn’t think that.” You were confused now, too curious to find out what else he would say to leave. Even if eaves dropping was wrong.

“You could always tell her you don’t. Or better yet, act like it.” You agreed with Calum and wanted to say so but that’d have to wait.

“I don’t know.” Luke’s voice was closer now, like he was coming to the door to leave.


“Because if I let my guard down I know I’ll end up getting my shit wrecked.” You could Luke’s soft laugh and then the door handle was turning and you didn’t know what to do. You froze and he pulled the door open. “Y/n,” He said in utter disbelief, features instantly hardening. His eyes dropped to your clothing, looking like he didn’t like you wearing that. “How much of that did you hear?”

To lie or to not lie, that was the question. “None.” You faked confused. You decided it would make him feel better if you lied.

“Good.” If words could kill… He stepped by you and walked down the hall to his own bedroom. You stared wide-eyed at Calum.

“How much of that did you hear?”

“All of it.” You let go of a breath you were holding, coming into his room and shutting the door behind you. He was shirtless in bed, tired eyes staring up at you as you moved closer to him. “What did he mean he’d get his shit wrecked?” You didn’t even bother to laugh at the funny words, too concentrated on what they meant.

“I don’t know why don’t you ask him yourself?” You sighed. Of course he’d play that card.

“I don’t know. I think I can handle not knowing.”

“You said that about him not liking you and look, he doesn’t dislike you. Just go talk to him.” Calum suggested with a yawn.

“Right now? It’s almost 2 am.” You said and he shrugged.

“I doubt he’s asleep yet.” He laughed. You were silent for a moment, thinking of it.

“Okay.” You said, leaving your shirt and shorts by your shoes and leaving without another word. You thought you knew which room was his but you weren’t sure. You decided on the one with initials L.h. on a card next to the door. You knocked on the door lightly, wondering what the hell you were doing. You could turn back now, go back to Calum’s room and sleep on the floor. You wouldn’t go downstairs because Luke could run into you down there-

“What?” Luke cracked the door open, revealing his tired eyes staring blankly into yours.

“What did you mean by if you let your guard down you’ll get your shit wrecked.” You didn’t even hesitate and his eyes widened at how quickly you got to the point. “Look, I’m tired and you’re tired so if you’ll just tell me what you meant then we can both go to sleep.” You said when he didn’t answer.

He sighed, eyes dropping to your shirt that was too big. “Fine, but come in, I don’t want the other guys to hear.” He moved aside and you stepped into his room, looking around. It was clean, only a pair of shorts on the floor. He didn’t have any decorations up except for a few photos of him and what you assumed were his family above his desk. You heard the door click behind you and turned around to face him.

“I meant that I like you, a lot and if I let my guard down you’ll just break my heart. And I’ll get my shit wrecked, essentially.” He said it all in one breath, not meeting your eyes. You were shocked at his sudden affection.

“You like…me?” You questioned, not sure whether you heard him right.

“Yes. A lot.” He added the last part, finally looking at you.

“What is this?” You asked. “Some kind of sick joke?” You were ready to go to sleep in Calum’s bed. He’d let you if you just asked. But you always said it was fine to sleep on the couch. You didn’t like what his frat brothers said about you two dating. “Grow up, Luke.” You said as you moved to get to the door. He sidestepped in front of you, blocking your path.

“I’m not joking.” His voice was hard now, not willing to let you think he was kidding. “I like you, Y/n. I have a crush on you.” He looked at you with furrowed brows as he tried to understand why you’d think he was joking. The tone in his voice made you believe him. You could feel your face softening.

“Why didn’t you say that instead of ignoring me?” You wondered aloud.

“Because it was easier. You’re so close with Calum that I figured I didn’t have a chance.”

“Calum and I aren’t like that. You know that.”

“It seems like you are.”

“But I always say it isn’t that way.” You shot back, quickly becoming annoyed again.

“Okay, well sorry but I don’t like seeing you in his clothes when it should be mine. I wanted to get to know you last year but you quickly became good friends with Calum and then Ashton and Michael and they always talked about how cool you were but I always thought Calum meant it in a different way.”

You smiled at the thought of some of your closet friends saying that about you. “I’m sure he doesn’t. We’ve had several conversations about all the jokes and they piss us both off. We don’t think about each other like that.” You looked up at Luke’s eyes. He was biting his lip, thinking about something.

“Well, you know now so if there’s nothing else to say…” He left it hanging in the air and you realized that you’d completely forgotten that he confessed his feelings for you. You figured it was probably your turn to do the same.

“Luke, if I’m being honest, I don’t know why, but because you didn’t like me I liked you. I always thought you were super handsome and wished I could’ve gotten to know you better because I thought you’d probably be super cool too.” You felt vulnerable as you admitted what you’d been hiding from the other boys and your friends for so long. He looked at you with hopeful eyes.


“Really. See how much easier this could have been?” You laughed as he cracked a smile. You thought he had a beautiful smile.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well, I guess I better go so we can sleep now.” You said after a few seconds passed. He looked at you, to his bed and then back to you.

“Or you could…stay.” You looked at him quizzically. “But only if you want.”

“I’d love to.” You said and then he looked at your clothing again.

“But can you change or something?” He said while scratching the back of his neck. You looked down at Calum’s clothing on you and quickly nodded.

“I can go get my clothes but they’re kind of dirty, if you’re okay with that.”

“Don’t bother.” He moved to his dresser and pulled out his own t-shirt and adidas shorts for you to wear. You caught them as he tossed them to you. “I won’t look.” He said as he turned around and covered his eyes. You laughed. He’d already seen you in your bra tonight and you didn’t honestly care.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” You said as you pulled off Calum’s shirt and traded it for his. He didn’t turn around. A gentleman, you decided. You put on his shorts and folded Calum’s, setting them on his desk. “Okay, all done.”

He turned around, looking you up and down. “I always knew you’d look better in my clothes.” He smiled at you, moving to his bed with a yawn. He pulled his sheets back and slipped inside them. “Coming?” You nodded as you slid in next to him. He sat up to turn off the lamp and the room was bathing in darkness. Calum would wonder but you figured he’d figure it out. You closed your eyes, draping your arm over Luke’s stomach, hearing him sigh in contentedness.


Originally posted by hohbi

Member: Jungkook (BTS)

Genre: fluff

Word count: 320



You were in a situation of great irritation. Jungkook is there, sitting next to you on the couch just to provoke you while finishing your project on your laptop. He called your name once again, this being the time you gave up from ignoring.

“What Jungkook?” You growled. A cheeky smile grew on his lips. “Hi.”

You chased him. “FROM THE 5 MINUTES YOU WERE CALLING MY NAME, THAT’S WHAT YOU WANTED TO TELL ME?” You yelled running upstairs, back, around the kitchen, and into the backyard where the pool was.

Jungkook faced you, a look of pure fear on his face. You took a step forward. He took one back.

Another step.

And another.

He was now standing at the rim of the pool. You flashed him a mischievous grin. “Please. Don’t-” You pushed him into the pool, his arms flailing all over before his whole body reached the freezing water.

You laughed as he got out, his normal t-shirt and sweatpants turning into a wet and droopy mess.

“Was that really necessary?” He asked, trying his best to squeeze his shirt dry, but utterly failing. “I guess so.” You chuckled.

Him wringing his shirt still gave him no luck, so he decided to take it off. That’s when your eyes went wide and glued to his abdomen, finding defined abs that are very noticeable.

You didn’t even realize he was looking at you until he softly called your name again. You looked up to see a smug smirk on Jungkook’s face. “SHIT!” You screamed and ran away, which turned into some more chasing.

He tackled you down on the bed in the bedroom, his wet sweatpants making your legs cold. “Aww~ my baby can’t resist me.” he cooed embracing you. “Ugh. You disgust me.” You said making fake gagging noises. “But you know you love me.” “Or do I?”

Admin  🌹

You’re looking at houses together. You’d like someplace close to the water, with a nice kitchen, and a big backyard. She wants room for an art studio, a claw foot tub in the master bathroom, and a sunset view.

But you both know all you really need is eachother.

I can’t lose you - TEEN WOLF IMAGINE

requested: yes

“I love Aria and Stiles and I loooove drama between Stiles and Isaac! Imagine Stiles and Isaac get into a fight because of something Stiles did and involve Theo and Malia too, please?”

warnings: I found these pictures on google, I just made the collage. 

I’m sorry it took so long to put this up but I’ve been watching the previous seasons to feel inspired. I’m already thinking of a part2. 


You were with the pack in Lydia’s house for one more of those gatherings she loves to do but you don’t blame her, since you all get together and have so much fun. These little sleepovers are exactly what you need to relax since Beacon Hills is always in trouble and you’re all in such a big amount of stress. Lydia’s house was full of love and laughter while you were all completing the tasks she gave each of you. You were in charge of arranging the living room and choosing movies to watch with little Liam, Kira and Derek while Scott, Lydia and Isaac took care of dinner and Stiles and Malia were setting up the table outside. Although you were laughing a lot with Liam and Derek’s fight over the movies to pick, you had to put an end on it. Both you and Kira suggested a few ones but they ignored you. Finally, you all agreed on two movies and you decided to ask everyone which one they wanted first but before you got up, you heard someone shout from the other room in the house. You exchanged looks with Derek, Liam and Kira and you all got up and rushed towards the sound that came from the kitchen but moved towards Lydia’s backyard. When you got there you saw Isaac push Stiles to the ground and Scott trying to stop them.

“HEY!” Derek ran and grabbed Isaac, pulling him off of Stiles. Scott got in front of Stiles to protect him while Malia helped him get up, annoying you.

“What the hell?” You questioned staring at them.

“Isaac why did you do that?” Kira asked.

“Will you tell them or will I?” Isaac shouted looking at Stiles but pointing at you. Your heart started racing while your mind was already thinking the worst. Stiles had a frightened look as he tried to grasp for air.

“Tell us what?!” Lydia asked, curious but slightly annoyed.

“It’s not what you think, it’s a misunderstanding!” Stiles cried out trying to move towards you but Isaac threw himself at him again. This time Stiles reacted and threw himself at him too. Scott and Derek were in the middle of them and now little Liam also ran towards them.

“STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” Isaac yelled at Stiles as he tried to free himself from Derek to get his hands on him.

“YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE STAYING AWAY FROM HER, SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” He yelled back as he tried to do the exact same.


“What?” Your eyes widened as soon as you heard those words. You were so confused with what was happening.

“He was kissing Malia!” The whole pack stopped at stared at both Stiles and Malia in shock. Kira grabbed your hand, as a sign of support.

“It’s NOT like that!” Stiles was now is despair, bleeding from his upper lip and hand.

“I SAW YOU through the window!” Isaac pointed at the window. Derek was so in shock that he even let him go accidentaly.

“Did you really do that?” Lydia asked even more pissed than before, taking a few steps back to stand by you.

“It’s NOT like that! You saw us but you have no idea what was going on!” Stiles was shaking, trying to explain himself but only making it worse. Malia stood by his side, close to him, driving you insane.

“Are you fucking insane?” Scott questioned.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Now Derek was also questioning Stiles.

“You have a few seconds to explain what was going on.” You warned.

“We were just talking about random stuff and then Malia said she remembered when I used to do this thing and we joked about it and she just kissed me and –“ he rambled on, anxiously, but was cut short.

“And you didn’t push her away! I saw you!” Isaac yelled again.

“I asked you a bunch of times if you still had feelings for Stiles and you said you didn’t.” You were staring at Malia with your heart not only broken but filled with hatred.

“And I thought I didn’t. But I’ve realized recently that I still do and I tried avoiding it but it was just too much.” She excused herself. You couldn’t see or feel any type of regret or guilt from her. You turned around and walked towards the door to leave without saying a word, when Stiles called out for you. He tried running after you but Isaac got in the way again, breaking into another fight. You didn’t care to look back at all, you just wanted to leave.

“Aria! I can’t lose you, please! I love you! Get the fuck off me Isaac or I swear –“

“Or what? Get away from her, you’ve done enough. I knew you would screw her over!” Isaac continued to yell at Stiles and you could hear him, although you couldn’t really understand what they were saying, fight back. You felt your chest heavy and a sharp pain in your heart as you left Lydia’s house. You just wanted to disappear so you just ran away. You ran as fast as you could until your lungs and legs gave out. You were now so far into the woods, you were lost. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and you checked it out only to find that you already had 15 missed calls from Stiles, a bunch of texts and some calls from Lydia, Scott and Kira. You threw your phone as you started crying. You placed your hand in your heart as if all the pain came from there. You held on to your shirt as you sobbed, completely heartbroken.

“Aria!” You heard a shout and you tried running away but it was too late. “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?” You wiped away your tears and looked up. Theo was now kneeling in front of you, trying to help you in some way. You were so out of your mind that you didn’t even notice him coming.

“I’m ok, don’t touch me please.” You answered politely, shaking your hands and taking deep breaths.

“You are NOT ok, that is not ok. Let me help you.” He reached out and grabbed you but you resisted.

“Stop! Since when do you care? You’re only going to harm me even more!” You pushed him.

“Since I’ve been to hell and back and I realized I fucked up big time. I’ve told you that I’m trying, I don’t want to be that person.”

“There’s a difference between being a good person that made shitty mistakes and being a bad person. You are bad, you’ve always been bad.”

“I’m trying. I hope you can let me show you that.” He held your hand as he stared at your swollen, red and wet eyes. You had no more strength in you to fight, you just wanted to be gone, so you didn’t even push him away this time. You didn’t move. “Let me help you.”

“No.” You mumbled.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” His left hand shifted to your face as he caressed you and it felt nice. You went back to crying a lot and this time Theo pulled you gently towards his chest and held you. You felt your phone buzz again but you didn’t care anymore. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“No. I just it to stop hurting.” You cried out.

“Do you want me to take you to your house?”

“No. I don’t want my mom to see me like this plus she thinks I’m not sleeping there tonight.” You were slowly breathing and calming yourself down.

“I can take you to my place. You can drink some water, have something to eat. You can even crash there if you want. Whatever makes you feel safe.” He offered. You didn’t even know about Theo’s parents, you’ve never even saw them. Although you didn’t want to trust him, you needed an escape so desperately so you agreed. Moments later he helped you up and led you to his house, not very far from where you were. The walk to his house was short but silent, making you uncomfortable. It was very weird to you that you were there with him and going to his house, but life happens. His house was very close to school and still in the woods, like Derek’s house used to be. It was bigger than expected but, to be honest, you didn’t even know what to expect. Theo opened the door like a gentleman and let you go in first. He flashed a smile at you as you took a deep breath and set foot inside his place.

april showers bring may flowers


“Yeah, Niall?”

“‘April showers bring May flowers,’” yeah?” said the blonde.

“That’s the expression,” agreed Zayn, turning the page of his book and taking a sip of his coffee.

“We’ve had a quite dry spring so far, haven’t we?” asked Niall a few moments later. “Second driest April on record, I was reading.”

Zayn hummed his agreement and took another sip of coffee. “Bit unusual, yeah.”

“So if there’s not been much rain,” mused Niall, “how is it that our grass is so green and the garden’s all full up with flowers?”

“I think they’ve been getting a bit of help,” Zayn told him.

“Getting a bit of help?” repeated Niall, looking at Zayn with confusion on his face.

Zayn looked up from his book. “Yeah. Reckon that’s what Harry’s been doing when he leaves bed so early every morning.” He shrugged. “Watering the gardens.”

“I thought he was going jogging.” Niall gazed out the kitchen window to the backyard, the gardens bursting with beautiful flowers and the grass nearly as green as it was back in Ireland. “Why would he do that?” he asked finally, curious.

“Spring’s your favourite season,” said Zayn simply. That response clearly hadn’t answered Niall’s question, it seemed, so Zayn added softly, “Think he just wants to make you happy.”

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[Why I Love] - Chpt. 1

Negan x Addison

Summary: Addison finally meets the man who killed her friends, and he has an offer that she can’t refuse. 

A/N: Hi guys :3 so  this is chapter 1 of a story I’ve been working. I’ve never posted any of my writing before, but hey there’s a first time for everything right? Hope you like it ^.^ ** chapter 2 has a lot more of Negan :) 

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Nothing is the same, not anymore. The people of Alexandria were going about their daily activities but there is no denying the fear in their eyes. Those bastards, they did an excellent job rattling our cage and now we were vulnerable. I hated that we were vulnerable. Losing both Glenn and Abraham put everyone in a grey area. We’re all so disconnected with each other, it’s like everything we’ve been trying so hard to fight for just slipped from our reach.

“Hey” Daryl appeared by side as I made my way back to the house. “You look like you need this” He handed me a chocolate bar, my stomach grumbled at the sight of the purple colored wrapper.

“Thanks” I took it from his hand. A shock ran through my system as I fed my hunger. “Not much luck on the run I heard”

“Nah…but I’m headin’ back out myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to find what ya need” His voice sounded hoarse. I know he must be tired.  

“Take a breather before you do anything ok?”

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