My Build - Kiwi Kitchen (nocc)

I wanted a big kitchen where my Sims could cook, bake, make cupcakes, ice cream, expressos and popcorn, as well as have buffets, lemonade, fizzy drinks - and eat all together. It ended up very green (hence the name), kitschy and fun. No CC, but I used items from lots of packs, mainly Get Together (expresso bar), Cool Kitchen (ice cream maker, furniture) and Dine Out (décor, lights) as well as Luxury Party (buffet table and fountain of Mirth)

Some less important items are from Spa Day (juice tray), Movie Hangout (popcorn machine), Backyard Stuff (lemonade tray, frog rugs), Get to Work (snack fridge, décor) and a poster or two from Kids Room Stuff.

I tested all appliances in game, but let me know if you have problems.

You can get it HERE (just unzip and put in your tray folder) or download it from the gallery online (my Origin ID is tallyx90). You will need to activate the MOO cheat before placing it. I also put some hidden items - food Simstagram snaps, levelling baking book, etc as I thought they would be useful/cool.

TOU: Please do not reupload or claim as your own. If you want to make my day, you can tag @theafricansim. Enjoy!