ellend-and-kings-and-queens  asked:

Hi. I was wondering if you know any good fanfics where Rhys is reunited with his inner circle post ACOTAR after he escapes he returns home from escaping under the mountain?

Hey! Sorry this took so long for me to reply to.

I’ve had a quick look through my list so far, and these are currently the closest I have to fulfil what you are looking for. Hope these help!

Through Eyes of Dreams and Deadly Grace by Kitashi

Mor’s POV of when Rhysand returns to the Night Court from Under the Mountain and Chapter 5 of A Court of Mist and Fury.

Mor hasn’t seen her cousin in fifty years, ever since the curse took hold of Prythian, and now he’s finally home… with a declaration that she never expected.

You Flee My Dream Come The Morning by hinotoriii

Five times Morrigan listened to Rhysand worry over Feyre (and the one time Morrigan met Feyre).

Set at the beginning of ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’, during the events of Rhysand’s return to the Night Court after his fifty years Under the Mountain.

None of Rhysand’s friends really know what their High Lord went through to protect them, but the last thing Morrigan expects upon his return is to realise that in his darkest hours Rhysand somehow found his mate.

Five short scenes of Morrigan (and other members of Rhysand’s Inner Circle) learning about Feyre, and one scene where Morrigan gets her first introduction onto the human painter that her cousin has lost his heart to.

The Nature of Bargains by eleanorjoy 

Rhysand’s POV before, during, and after he called in his bargain with Feyre. Taken from chapters 5, 10, and 12 of ACOMAF.