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Kadeem I am really going to punch you. I am going to punch you so hard you'll be picking teeth out of your throat for weeks. I am going to light all your anim posters on fire. I am going to break all your skateboards and throw all your clothes in the trash. And at the end im going to staple all your blankets to the mattress so when you try to go to bed because you're exhausted from crying you can't. The blankets are stapled down. Publish this so everyone knows how much I hate you. (Jk love you)

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are you sure you are straight then?

Yes, totally! I’m just not much about the whole macho front or reaffirming gender roles. But im comfortable w/ my sexuality, and would be even if I weren’t a cis male. Idk i’m just me and I try not to discriminate any specific group the best of my knowledge! 

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25 38 36 8

25: What is an anime you regret watching?

elfen lied

38: Name a popular anime you hate


36: In your opinion, what makes a good anime?

if it makes you think very hard about something in particular, or if it can literally make your stomach clench from an emotional scene, or if you can literally laugh out loud at any given scene. If the ending is meant to be sad and you cry. The animation being unique. Not a lot of fanservice or references to mainstream popculture as opposed to making not so blatant references to more precious obscure things that make you feel cool to be in the know about (trying to not sound snobby but failing). this was kind of vague, scattered and all over the place.

Who is your favorite anime character?

check the url fool

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ok. so. I literally just finished evangelion like 5 minutes ago, but I torrented it so I dont know if I got all of it. so How many episodes are there in all? and whats the ending like? is it like Shinji in a room talking to himself and then theres like a cool alternate reality where he bumps into rei and his mom is still alive and masato is the school teacher... am I correct? lol

Yes that is the full series, BUT you HAVE to watch the movie ‘End of Evangelion’ to get what most everyone calls “the true ending” it basically starts of where episode 24 ends (episodes 25 and 26 can kind of considered an alternate ending, EoE being the canon one). It may be one of the best endings to an anime i’ve ever seen. Also after you watch that you can watch the other movie series out called rebuild of evangelion it’s 4 parts with parts 1, 2, and a camrip of 3 already out so look into that as well duder!

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ty so much. i love seeing posts like that. i work in dog rescue (particularly with pit bulls) and really appreciate your post. :)

Bless you. I know it’s got to be hard working at rescues sometimes, i’ve volunteered at them for a few years now. It can be very depressing when you see all of the dogs that dont ever find a home, especially when you turn around and see that pet stores are still alive and well (I know b/c I used to work for one too) I just really want people to open their eyes to some of these things sommmeeetimeees