Tuesday 25th April 2017. 06:30 Kyoto Japan.

Yesterday evening my friend Tom, his brother James and their pal Fraser all crashed at my house. They’re all in Japan for 2 weeks but have based themselves in Tokyo and using the Shinkansen from their to explore Japan. I offered them the spare room in our house for when they came to Kyoto so they could have a place to crash. It was nice to see a familiar face but just a shame I wasn’t feeling too good again. Been feeling pretty bad since last week so I wasn’t on top form lol. The guys went out and explored Kyoto by night in Sanjo and Gion but I stayed in and got an early night.

We woke up super early and headed to Kitano Tenmangu shrine, directly west across from my house in the north east. We left the house just before 6am and cycled to the shrine. We arrived maybe about 6:40′ish to find that even the market stalls were still setting up haha. We wandered through into the shrine and it was awesome to see it so empty. The last time I came here in February it was full of people, so I’m glad I got to see it without, it was beautiful. 

We wandered around the flea market for maybe 3+ hours and we bought so much cool stuff between us all! I got loads of gifts for my family and friend which I will be taking back home with me in less than 2 weeks! 


Japan Aesthetic Images

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